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					Endian Firewall

Software Quick Start


What you have and what you need
With your Endian Firewall box you receive: a download link available for 2 weeks an Activation Key To install Endian Firewall and protect your network you need the following: A computer with at least 1 Ethernet, CD-ROM, CPU with 400 Mhz and 256 MbRAM, Hard Disk with 10 Gb Internet Connection a cd burner a blank cd


Endian Firewall Installation Procedure
1. Burn the Endian Firewall iso image and boot your computer from the CD 2. At the first Screen press “Enter” to start the installation 3. Choose your language 4. press Enter 5. insert the Activation Key 6. If you have 2 Hard Disk with the same capacity, you can set up a RAID 1 (mirroring) 7. If you have a Serial Port, you can enable the console over serial 8. At the end of the packages installation you have to set the internal IP for your Endian Firewall (GREEN interface) and the Net Mask 9. Now your Endian Firewall is installed.


Web interface
1. Open your internet browser (eg. Mozilla Firefox) and go to the GREEN IP address of your Endian Firewall that you have previously set up. 2. The system will redirect you to https://your-green-ip/10443/ and asks you for your preferred language, your timezone. After that you will have to accept the license agreement. 3. The system will now ask you to choose 2 passwords (admin for web interface and root for console).

Endian Firewall

Software Quick Start


Choose your Internet Connection Mode
1. Now it‘s time to configure your internet access: ADSL or ISDN (if you are using a modem) PPPoE You can check the “Do not automatically connect on boot” box if you don‘t want your Endian Firewall to connect to internet at startup
This product contains GNU GPL licensed code. | You can order a CD-ROM containing the source-code by contacting

Ethernet Static or DHCP (if your firewall is directly connected to the internet, for example to a router)


Network settings
1. Every network „area“ is assigned to a colour: GREEN local network (LAN). This is the safe area where your trusted computers are. RED external network (WAN). Usually this is the interface connected to the internet. BLUE wireless network. It is suggested to place the computers that use wireless connections in this area. This kind of network is usually not as safe as a wired one. ORANGE network for servers connected to the Internet (DMZ). It is meant for the server machines that have to provide services on RED. This way, even if the security of one of these servers has been compromised, the GREEN area will remain safe. 2. Choose your configuration and assign network interfaces to every zone (select one or more network interfaces for each zone) you want to use. Follow all the wizard steps to configure Endian Firewall and protect your network.


Endian Network Account
To activate your Endian Network subscription and keep your Endian Firewall always up-to-date with the latest features and security updates follow these steps: A. You already have an Endian Network Account 1. When the system asks you if you have an Endian Network account choose „yes” and go to the next step. 2. Now fill in the form using your data and the activation key. B. You don‘t have an Endian Network Account 1. When the system asks you if you have an Endian Network account choose “no” and go to next. 2. Go to and insert the activation key 3. Click on “Finish” Your Endian Firewall is now ready to use!

Your Activation Key: