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   1) Is knowledge of graph theory required to participate?
       No, But it can be helpful to optimize the solution.
   2) Do we need to submit any abstract for this event?
      No, You don’t need to submit any abstract for city on fire event.
   3) Is it necessary to cover the entire city?
       No, It is not necessary for the bot to cover the entire city. In case of incomplete solution the
      participant will be charged extra cost for uncovered region.
   4) Do we have to give the best solution for each instance of the problem?
      Not necessary, Participant can give trivial solution like marking each node as fire station or
      similar.. which will eventually increase the total cost.
   5) How the ties will be broken?
      The total cost also includes the time as a factor which guarantees no ties. Although in case if
      there is a tie the judge’s decision will be final.
   6) Is it necessary to give the solution in single pass?
      No, The bot can use as many passes as required to give complete solution. That will add up in
      total time.
   7) How many tries at max will be given to a participant?
      As described in the rules, a participant will be given maximum 3 tries. Each try other than the
      first will add some extra cost as penalty.
   8) Can a participant change the code during the event?
      The participant can only change the code after 1st round (qualifying round). Once the problem
      instance is given to the participants, they are not allowed to change the code. (The code should
      be generic enough to give solution for all instances of the problem).
   9) Will the participants get certificate?
      Yes, All participants will be given certificates. The winners will get the special attractive prizes as

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