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Hometown Hero

More than a Legend

Teaching children through
classical music

From Georgian to Retro: a
look at the evolving trends
of jewelry design

San Diego-Based race
team Autocon have the
heart & spirit it takes to win

                                   What’s New:    Introducing our latest watch line
                           An amazing 7.70ctw     Phillip Stein, new designs from
                             Van Cleef & Arpels   Hearts On Fire, Bertolucci, Omega,
                                                  and much more.
                           estate diamond ring

        32   06   Our Services
             08   The Gemological
                  Institute of America
             10   Diamond Cuts
             12   Jewelry Design:
                  Through the Eras
             15   Testimonials                      COVER STORY 18
                                                    Photography by Aimee Hargrove
             19   Watch Out: Philip Stein
             20   Estate Jewelry

             23   Classics 4 Kids                   Leo Hamel
             24   Sometimes the                     Executive Editor
                  Underdog Wins                     and Photographer
        36   27   Why Collect?                      Aimee Hargrove

             28   Impeccable Taste:                 Art Director and Designer
                  Ulysse Nardin Collector           Erny Castro
             30   Cover Story: Keeping it
                  Simple; Tony Gwynn                Dorian Hargrove
             32   What to Wear: The                 Robin Hart
                  Races                             Leo Hamel
             33   Events Calendar                   Contributing Writer’s
             34   The Concept and                   Cynthia Chaplin
                  Measurement of Time:              Bianca Ramirez
                  Part 1                            Kelsey Lamaun
                                                    Carly Park
             36   New from Omega &                  James M. Hart
        40        Bertolucci
                                                    Content Supervisor
             38   Birthstones
                                                    Maggie Scheuer
             39   New from
                  Marco Bicego                      Copy Editor
                                                    Robin Hart
             40   Van Cleef & Arpels

             41   The Psychic Jeweler               Old Town
                                                    1851 San Diego Ave.
             42   New from                          San Diego, Ca 92110
                  Hearts On Fire®                   619.299.1500
             43   A Love Story
                                                    Solana Beach
                                                    415 S. Cedros Ave.
                                                    Solana Beach, Ca 92075

                                                    Rancho Bernardo Buying Office
                                                    16909-A West Bernardo Dr.
                                                    San Diego, CA 92127

Maxi Marine Chronometer 43 mm - 266-67-3/43

Self-winding chronometer certified movement.

Water-resistant to 200 m. 18 ct rose gold case.

Available on gold bracelet or rubber strap.

W W W . U LY S S E - N A R D I N . C O M
                                                                                                                  Letters to the editor
   A MOMENT With Leo                                           Feedback
Hello Friends and Customers,

The feedback from our first issue of this new magazine, Leo    Hello Aimee,
Hamel Times, was quite satisfying and we incorporated
some of your suggestions in this current issue. I am           How are you doing? Hope all is well. My name is George
interested in any further input you may have on subjects       and I have been in the Marketing and Advertising
you’d like to see us cover. If you have a story or idea for
                                                               business for 21years and I wanted to let you know what
a story that you would like to submit, we’ll consider it. It
doesn’t have to be about jewelry or watches; any story         a great job you and your staff did on Leo Hamel Times
or article of interest may be appropriate. And you don’t       Vol. 1. I came home one evening to check my mail and
have to be a professional writer – just put your story into    found the magazine with Mayor Jerry Sanders on the
words and we can help you polish it up a bit. Send your        front cover and I said to myself I remember when we
stories and ideas to:                     interviewed him when I was at the radio station. I opened
                                                               it up and I said WOW! I didn’t know that Leo Hamel was in
I am pleased and honored that Tony Gwynn, an all-time          the publishing business. What a beautiful picture of him,
favorite of San Diego baseball fans, agreed to be the          his wife and the little ones. Let’s not forget Leo Hamel
subject of an article in this edition. Although there is no    Senior lifting weights with Leo Hamel Junior. Great Job!
question that Tony is an outstanding athlete, it is because
he and his wife, Alicia, generously give not only their
money but also their time to those in need that I call
them “heroes.”                                                 George R.

If you have visited either of my stores recently you may
have noticed that we are offering a larger variety of estate   Hi,
jewelry for sale than before. My company was founded
on this basic formula: a great selection of estate jewelry     I have just received your new effort, the Leo Hamel Times,
and pre-owned fine watches. You’ll be seeing more              and feel compelled to write some thoughts that it brings
of both as we expand our collection once again. And            to mind. I think this is a substantial step forward in the
we are always interested in buying your old jewelry and        marketing of your products and congratulate you and
watches or taking them in trade for something new. You         your team. Whereas before your catalog was looked at
can upgrade that plastic crystal Submariner for the latest
                                                               only if there was time on my hands, now I’m compelled
sapphire crystal model now! Upgrade your diamond ring
to a bigger one or trade in your diamond earrings for          to read it because it contains stories and tidbits that I
some twice the size!                                           can relate to. Keep up the good work.

By the time this goes to press we will have opened a new       While I’m at it, I congratulate you on bringing the
buying office in Rancho Bernardo where my brother-in-law,      Glashütte Original line into your stores, which you had
Dano, will give you top dollar for your unwanted jewelry,      mentioned previously. This line is a much greater value
watches and other valuables. If it suits our customers         than its competitor A. Lange & Söhne. Indeed, German
we may even start doing a little selling there but we’re       brands in general are far better values than the Swiss,
starting out with a buying office as that is what is now in    whose prices have become beyond reason for causes
demand.                                                        too many to go into here. Nevertheless, I’d probably sell
                                                               my soul for an H. Moser & Cie. Such is the sickness of a
Enjoy perusing this issue and let me know if there is
anything I can help you with or anything in this magazine      watch-a-holic. By the way, it would do no harm if there
you’d like to see changed. You can always contact me           was a discreet little list somewhere of the lines you carry
directly at And thank you again to          (see list page 12). Right now I’m trying to compare the
all my loyal customers – this magazine is for YOU!             desirability of a Glashütte Pano versus a Perrelet jumping
                                                               hour and it’s hard to remember everything about a
Leo Hamel                                                      source.
President                                              Congratulations again on Volume 1 and good luck in the
Lisa Hamel
Vice President
                                                               Robert B.
W W W . U LY S S E - N A R D I N . C O M

                                                                               M      echanical watch movements are
                                                                                      like engines in luxury automobiles;
                                                                               they need to be maintained and
                                                                               serviced on a regular basis. Lubricating
                                                                               an automatic movement is similar to
                                                                               getting an oil change in your car. When
                                                                               an automatic watch is not serviced every
                                                                               3-5 years the oils dry out, timekeeping
                                                                               may lose accuracy, and parts can begin
                                                                               to wear. Old lubricants turn into a fine
                                                                               dust and can wear out the pivots of
                                                                               watch wheels if not replaced regularly.
                                                                                    A complete watch service at Leo
                                                                               Hamel Fine Jewelers consists of
                                                                               disassembling the watch movement,
                                                                               cleaning every part of any old lubricant,
                                                                               relubricating all necessary points, re-
                                                                               assembling the movement, and adjusting
                                                                               the timing to standard (plus or minus
                                                                               2-9 seconds per day) specifications.
                                                                               The exterior of the watch is then fully
                                                                               refinished, removing all scratches and
                                                                               restoring the factory finish to the
                                                                               exterior case and bracelet, and timing
                                                                               is checked for accuracy over a period
                                                                               of 72 hours. A service from Leo Hamel
                                                                               Fine Jewelers also includes a one-year
                                                                               warranty on timekeeping and a 90-day
                                                                               warranty on parts.
                                                                                    It is a common misconception that
                                                                               if a watch has not been worn for years
                                                                               it does not need to be serviced. An
                                                                               automatic movement works best when
                                                                               it is in use; the rotation of the winding
                                                                               rotor and motion of the various gears

                                                                               and parts allow oils to distribute evenly
                                                                               throughout the movement; when it is
                                                                               not being worn these oils disperse and
                                                                               dry out.

                                                                                    Sometimes watches can run for
                                                                               many years without being serviced, but
                                                                               doing so wears down the movement
                                                                               parts, eventually causing very costly
                                                                               repairs and can dramatically reduce the
                                                                               accuracy of the timekeeping. If you wish

                                    cut here
                                                                               to keep your timepiece in optimum
                                                      •Ring sizing             working condition and perhaps some
                                                      •Cleaning and overhaul   day pass it on to a loved one it is crucial
                                                      •Pearl restringing       to have regular maintenance performed.

10% OFF
                                                      •Jewelry polishing       Fine watches can continue to perform
                                                      •Prong re-tipping        flawlessly for decades and even centuries
                                                      •Any other repair        as long as they are properly maintained.
          Not valid with any other coupon or discounts. One per customer.
                                   Expires 9/30/08

                                                                  I s your jewelry in disrepair? When we
                                                                    love our jewelry, we wear it every day
                                                                  and it really takes a beating, getting
                                                                  scratched and dented along the way.
                                                                  Maybe your wedding ring is a bit tight;
                                                                  that favorite chain is broken; the backs
                                                                  are missing from a pair of earrings;
                                                                  and the string on grandma’s pearls has
                                                                  stretched to twice its former length.
                                                                  Maybe you found a lovely vintage piece
                                                                  of jewelry at an estate sale that needs
                                                                  restoration, or the setting is outdated.
                                                                  Perhaps your favorite pieces are just
                                                                  not as shiny and sparkling as they were
                                                                  the day you bought them. These are
                                                                  all problems that we at Leo Hamel Fine
                                                                  Jewelers can solve!
                                                                       The highly-trained jewelers in our
                                                                  repair department can evaluate your
                                                                  jewelry and give you an estimate for any

                                                                  repairs or changes that you would like
                                                                  to have made. Our professional jewelers
                                                                  can do it all: size rings, retip prongs,
                                                                  tighten loose stones, restring pearls,

                                                                  polish jewelry, rhodium plate and replace
                                                                  clasps. We do it all and for less money
                                                                  than you might think.
                                                                       Why buy new when you can repair or
                                                                  restore what you already own and make
                                                                  it look like new again?! We have four full
                                                                  time jewelers and can do some items
                                                                  same day or within 24 hours. Come in for
                                                                  a free estimate today!

          Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers announces a
 New Buying Location
We are proud to announce the opening of our new Rancho Bernardo Estate Buying
Office. We are paying top dollar for the following items:
•Gold, silver or platinum jewelry; new or old, even damaged
•Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier and any fine Swiss watches
                                                                 Rancho Bernardo
•Diamonds & precious gems                                     16909-A West Bernardo Dr.
•Designer jewelry                                                San Diego, CA 92127
•Antique & vintage jewelry
•Coins and precious metal
•Antique firearms, ivory carvings, fine art, vases
•Colored gems and more                                                 #3711-1889                                                                    LEO HAMEL TIMES 7
       The School of Hard

  The Gemological Institute of America
                                                  Written by Cynthia Chaplin, G.G.

D    id you know that synthetic rubies
     have been around since the 1880’s?
What about the fact that tanzanite gets its
                                                    Gemological Institute of America, or
                                                    GIA, has set the standards in the field of
                                                    gemology for the entire jewelry industry.
intense blue-purple color only after heat           Many people are familiar with GIA’s system
treatment? Were you aware that although             of grading and certifying diamonds, but
diamond is the hardest substance on earth,          might not realize that GIA is every bit as
that jade is actually tougher?                      much invested in education as in laboratory
    Having a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.)             science. The Graduate Gemologist program
in the jewelry store that you patronize is          is an intensive course in diamond grading
peace of mind for you and assurance of              and colored stone identification with an
quality for the jeweler. A trained G.G. is able     emphasis on the jewelry industry which
to accurately identify natural diamonds             takes a minimum of six months to complete.
versus diamond simulants, determine the             Students are trained in the use of very
“grade” of a diamond (typically thought of          specialized equipment; the microscope is
as the color and clarity) and estimate carat        standard, but there is also the refractometer,
weight on a mounted stone. Carat “weight”           the polariscope, the spectroscope, the
is actually that – how much the diamond             dichrosope, and many more.
weighs in a measurement called “carats.”                In addition to the laboratory training,
To estimate weight when the diamond                 GIA requires all of its teachers to have at
can’t be weighed on a scale                         least three years of retail experience in the
is done by measuring                                          jewelry industry in order to provide
the dimensions of the                                             students with the maximum
stone and performing                                              amount of applicable training.
mathematical calculations                                         Seminars are held regularly on
from those measurements.                                          campus by industry leaders in
    A Graduate Gemologist is                                       order to further the education
also a colored stone expert                                            experience. The student
who can identify and                                                     comes away with not
determine the quality                                                     only a quality scientific
of over 250 colored                                                       education, but also
gems, differentiate                                                        advice from insiders in
between natural,                                                          the trade and tips from
synthetics         and                                                    the field.
simulants, and spot treated and                                               Whether you need
assembled stones. Many different kinds of           to identify the stones in the jewelry your
gemstones are subjected to some kind of             grandmother passed down, decide which
color-enhancing treatment these days and            gemstone will work in the custom design
that can affect their value. Assembled stones       you’ve been dreaming of, or simply want
are made from a less valuable stone that is         more information on choosing the right
glued to a more valuable one to enhance             diamond for your soon-to-be fiancée, five
the color or increase the size. We can even         Graduate Gemologists are available at Leo
give you some background information and            Hamel Fine Jewelers to help with a wealth
history of many gemstones, tell you which           of knowledge to share.
locales produce the highest quality, and
help you to judge the more elusive aspects
of value.
    Since its inception in 1931, the
                                                       H    ow much jewelry do you have in your jewelry box that
                                                            you don’t wear because it’s out of style or just isn’t
                                                       your style? Why not recycle that jewelry into something
                                                       new that you can actually enjoy wearing?
                                                            Our expert jewelers can take your existing piece
                                                       and redesign it to change the look a little or a lot. White
                                                       gold can be made yellow, or yellow gold made white.

                                                       Shiny finishes can become matte, or satin finishes can
                                                       be polished to a high shine. Gemstones can be added
                                                       or swapped for different colors or for diamonds to add
                                                            Diamond earring studs can be converted into sexy
                                                       dangles. A diamond pendant can be reset in a slide or
                                                       enhancer, or add a diamond or two and create a Journey
                                                       pendant. Buy another diamond to match and make a pair
                                                       of earrings. Take the diamond from a ring and set it in a
                                                       pendant, and then set a bright colored stone in the ring.
                                                       The possibilities are endless and it doesn’t have to cost a
                                                       lot of money to get a whole new look.
                                                            And don’t forget your watch! We can add diamonds
                                                       to many watch brands, on the bezel that goes around
                                                       the dial, on the lugs that hold the bracelet to the case or
                                                       sometimes on the clasp too. Adding diamonds to a watch
                                                       dresses it up and adds a touch of luxury. Many watches
                                                       can be fitted with different straps in a variety of colors
                                                       and textures to make a dramatic change in the look.
                                                            Bring us your jewelry box and discover the

I magine possessing an incredible piece of
  custom-designed jewelry that no one else on

earth will ever own! Our Custom Jewelry Team
can make your dreams a reality and for less
money than you may think.
Our talented jewelry artisans skillfully unite the

best of old-world craftsmanship with state-of-
the-art Computer Aided Drafting techniques.
The resulting creations are both artistically
stunning and scientifically precise in design.
    Virtually any piece of jewelry that you
envision can be brought to life by our
Design Team. Bring in a picture or drawing of
something that caught your eye and we will
make it uniquely yours. Recreate the piece that
was lost or stolen so that it can once again be
enjoyed. See some bling on a Hollywood star
that you admired? It can be yours.
    We want the process of designing and
creating your unique piece to be a fun,
interesting and enjoyable one. You will approve
an exact wax model of your design before
work begins so that you are assured that
your finished custom jewelry will exceed your
    Come in and get started on your custom
designed jewelry today!                                                                      LEO HAMEL TIMES 9
                The History of
I t takes millions of years to transform carbon into
  diamond as the result of the extreme heat and
pressure that is exerted in the earth’s layers far under
                                                                    polished, the bigger it will look and the more brilliantly
                                                                    it will perform. Before the 1300’s diamond cutting was
                                                                    considered taboo, attributed mainly to the difficulty
the surface. Because of the complexity of diamond’s                 encountered when trying to cut the ultra-hard stones.
crystalline structure it has taken thousands of years
to perfect the art of cutting these precious gems to
release the maximum fire and brilliance. Cut deter-
mines how well a diamond will reflect and refract light.
The more precisely a diamond is proportioned and

     Old Single Cut
     By the end of the 14th century the taboo of cutting diamonds
                                                                    Up until the latter part of the century diamonds were
                                                                    worn or displayed in their natural octahedral shape,
                                                                    like two pyramids stacked base to base.

     had become obsolete. Yet due to primitive cutting techniques
     diamonds still had a dark and dull appearance. Due to this lack
     of beauty, the diamond was not as popular and highly coveted
     as its counterpart, the colored gemstone. Rubies, emeralds,
     sapphires and other precious stones were all the rage.

                                                                  Rose Cut
                                                                  Advancing the art of faceted gem cutting, Giacomo Tagliacarne
                                                                  and the Renaissance’s Giovanni delle Corniole refined the “Rose”
                                                                  or “Rosette” cut. The Rosette cut popularized the diamond by
                                                                  showcasing its ability to reflect and refract light. Unfortunately
                                                                  the thicker cuts used by this cutting technique to prevent light
                                                                  from leaking out through the bottom of the diamond rather than
                                                                  being reflected back out of the top, also reduced the fire and
                                                                  diamond’s potential to dazzle remained untapped.

    Old Mine Cut

    With time the cutting and shaping of diamonds became
    more refined. The earliest form of the “Modern Round
    Brilliant” cut is the “Old Mine” cut. This cut is round in
    shape, and the crown is taller in proportion to the smaller
    table of the gem, allowing the brilliance and fire to shine
    through the facets with ease.

    Old European Cut
    With a circular girdle, the “Old European” cut is the
    immediate precursor to the “Modern Round Brilliant” cut.
    With a hefty crown, a tall depth, and a small table, the “Old

    European” cut truly revealed the splendor of the diamond
    for the first time.

                                                              Modern Round Brilliant Cut
                                                              The Modern Round Brilliant Cut was developed in 1919
                                                              by renowned Belgian diamond-cutter Marcel Tolkowsky,
                                                              and used mathematical science to further refine the Old
                                                              European Cut and maximize the scintillation, fire and
                                                              brilliance of the cut diamond. The Modern Round Brilliant
                                                              cut when done to exact proportion is referred to as an
                                                              “ideal cut” diamond. Unfortunately most diamonds are not
                                                              cut to these exacting standards and although they have
                                                              the basic shape and form of the Modern Round Brilliant,
                                                              they do not exhibit the fire and brilliance that one could
                                                              expect from an ideal cut.

Hearts on Fire®
Super Ideal Cut
The Hearts On Fire® diamond has set the new standard for
diamond cutting with their Super Ideal Cut – far superior to
the average “ideal cut.” Hearts on Fire’s® name was inspired
by a natural phenomenon of light created by this perfect
cutting technique – each Hearts On Fire® round brilliant
diamond displays a perfect ring of eight hearts when viewed
from the bottom, and a perfectly formed symmetrical
fireburst when viewed from the top.

Only a select group of craftsmen have mastered the skills
necessary to cut these diamonds. The Hearts On Fire®

diamond is analyzed, hand-cut and polished using 100x
magnification, which is 10 times the grading standards used
by the world’s gemological labs. That’s why Hearts On Fire®
diamonds take up to four times longer to cut than other

It is also why a Hearts On Fire® diamond looks like no other
diamond of comparable color, clarity and carat weight. They
sparkle with the utmost brilliance and fire and less than one
in every million diamonds is cut to this extraordinary level of
perfection. It is affectionately called a “five-table” diamond,
as its cut and polish allows it to stand out from as far as five
restaurant tables away.

Hearts On Fire® diamonds – for a difference that you can
really see!                                                                                          LEO HAMEL TIMES 11
Offering our TIME

                                 A   t Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, we pride ourselves in having the most experienced and
                                     knowledgeable team of sales professionals in San Diego County, or maybe the
                                 world. Members of our sales team have owned as well as managed other jewelry stores
                                 and small businesses, and others are Graduate Gemologists. In combination they
                                 represent a vast amount of expertise in the jewelry industry.
                                     Our sales executives offer a personal shopping service that can cater to your
                                 jewelry and watch needs. Do you collect vintage Art Deco, or have a penchant for black
                                 diamonds? Looking for a particular model of IWC that is out of production? Let your
                                 sales professional know of your preferences and they will do the shopping for you.
                                 You’ll get the first shot at the most coveted goodies even before they go on display.
                                     We also cater to corporate accounts. Our corporate customers have rewarded
                                 their employees with such incentives as fine Swiss watches or jewelry gift certificates.
                                 We are happy to help their employees choose the perfect piece to celebrate that
                                 promotion or attained goal.


          But The

Here at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers we
carry only the finest watches and
jewelry from some of the world’s
most prestigious brands.

                                                                                                      Pre-owned Rolex
                                                                                                          Good TIMES

                                        Dear Mr. Hamel,
                    Last week I visited Leo Hamel’s in Solana Beach.
    I had the pleasure of being attended to by Evan Campbell whose friendly
    demeanor and thorough knowledge in responding to my many questions
    served to be very educational guaranteeing I will be a returning customer.
                                                 I look forward to visiting your store in the future
                                                 and will be recommending Evan to others.
                                                         Best Regards,
                                                         Catherine Besmehn
             Dear Leo Hamel,
 Ten years ago for my 30th birthday my husband made my dreams come
 true; he bought me a Rolex watch. During that time he met and worked with
 Yolanda and she helped find the perfect watch for me. I’ve worn it almost
 every day for ten years and it is by far my favorite piece of jewelry.
                         When my husband’s big 40th Birthday came around a few years later, Yolanda
                         helped me surprise him with the perfect watch. She helped me decide on just
                         the right gift, an Omega, and he appreciates the quality of such a fine watch.
           With both purchases Yolanda was outstanding in patience and guidance
           as well as assuring us that the price we were paying was appropriate. Her
           smile and warmth were amazing and to be quite honest I really consider
           her a friend. Whenever I hear one of your ads on TV or the radio, I think
           of Yolanda and her friendly smile. To me she is what makes Leo Hamel a
           warm comfortable place with such amazing customer service.
Thanks to Yolanda, we have always left Leo Hamel feeling satisfied that the work done was of the finest
quality. She makes us feel appreciated and valued, assuring that we are completely satisfied with our
service. It is evident that Yolanda is both experienced and competent and above all by her dedication she
proves that Leo Hamel is worthy of its reputation, that of being one of the finest Jewelers in all of San Diego.

                                                                        Monica Stepanof

                             Karen took care of me when I decided to mark my 40th birthday with a special watch.
    I thank her for her patience and help during the watch
    selection. I also want to thank her for her nice letter
    that she sent me not long after that purchase.
             If I need assistance in the future I know where to go. I will ask for Karen.
                                                Brindusa Ses

                                                                                                       LEO HAMEL TIMES 13
                                                                                     Circa 1714-1830

                           This jewelry style was named for the four Kings named George who ruled
                           England during this period. The designs are bold, ornate, and symmetrical.
                           Bows and swags were popular motifs, and the techniques of chasing
                           and repoussé were often used. Garnets, topaz, coral, and diamonds
                           were fashionable, set in high karat yellow gold and silver settings. The
                           diamonds in jewelry from this time were usually rose cut or table cut and

                           often foil backed to give them more shine.

The History

The Style                                                  Georgian

The Eras                                                   Art Nouveau

                     Written by Carly Park, G.G.           Art Deco

                                                                                         Victorian       1805
                                                                                     Circa 1837-1901

                           Victorian jewelry was named after Britain’s Queen Victoria, and includes
                           different styles that were popular during her reign. Sentimental jewelry
                           was in demand and many people had lockets, brooches or pendants made

                           with human hair from loved ones. After Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria
                           wanted to remain fashionable while in mourning and “mourning jewelry”
                           was created using jet and other black materials. Neo-Classical designs
                           based on archeological finds in Greece and Rome were also popular, as
                           well as Egyptian and Assyrian themes. Other recurrent designs included
                           crescent shapes, snakes, and cameos. The gemstones most commonly

                           used in Victorian jewelry were diamonds, jet, garnets, amethyst, coral,
                           turquoise, tortoise shell, and chalcedony, and were often set in silver and
                           yellow gold. Diamonds were usually rose cuts or early brilliant cuts.

1865   Art Nouveau
       Circa 1895-1915

       Art Nouveau is French for “new art.” This style was greatly influenced by
       the Japanese art that was being imported to Europe at the time. It is also
       seen as an artistic revolt against the mechanical themes and methods

       of manufacture that came out of the Industrial Revolution. Nouveau
       designs were more organic and asymmetrical. The jewelry incorporated
       sweeping and flowing lines with natural motifs such as flowers, insects,
       birds, and the female form. Diamonds were uncommon in this style and
       overshadowed by the use of colorful enamels and glass, and gemstones
       such as pearls, opals, amber, moonstone, tourmaline, amethyst, and

       chalcedony. Noted Art Nouveau designers were Rene Lalique, a glass
       designer renowned for his stunning creations of perfume bottles, vases,
       jewelry, chandeliers, clocks, and, in the latter part of his life, automobile
       hood ornaments, and Louis Comfort Tiffany, who designed stained glass
       windows and lamps (hence Tiffany lamps), glass mosaics, blown glass,
       ceramics, jewelry, enamels and metalwork.

       Circa 1901-1915

       This style of jewelry was named for England’s King Edward VII. During his
       reign, jewelry was flaunted as a statement of wealth. Edwardian jewelry was
       made using the finest gemstones and precious metals. Use of platinum
       in jewelry became widespread and was valued not just for its pure color,
       but for its strength as well. Platinum’s strength and durability allowed for
       more intricate designs and the use of delicate filigree. Edwardian jewelry

       is distinctive for its white-on-white look using fine platinum filigree set
       with top quality pearls and diamonds.

       Art Deco
       Circa 1915-1939

       Art Deco design came into vogue after the end of WWI. The forms were
       bolder and geometric compared to the delicate Edwardian and flowing
       Art Nouveau styles that predated Art Deco. Strong, contrasting colors
       were achieved using richly hued gemstones such as diamonds, black
       onyx, lapis lazuli, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, jade, turquoise, and coral.

       Platinum was the most common metal used, but jewelry was also crafted
       from white gold. Designs were streamlined, linear, and geometric.

       Circa 1940s

       During WWII, gemstones and platinum were in short supply so gold and
       enamel became very popular. Different colors of gold such as rose and
       green were used along with yellow gold to enhance the design and make
       up for the lack of color from gemstones. Retro jewelry is characterized
       by flowers and bows, animal figures, and industrial-inspired designs.

       Gemstones that were lighter in color such as citrines, aquamarines, and
       amethysts as well as smaller diamonds, sapphires, and rubies were used
       sparingly as accents.

       *Jewelry shown illustrates each era’s style and is not necessarily of that vintage.   LEO HAMEL TIMES 15
 Real TIMES, Real People

                             MY 60TH BIRTHDAY
                             As told by customer Joanie Murphy

T   urning 60 was not something I was looking forward to.
    How in the world could I have gotten to be that age? In
my mind’s eye I am still in my thirties; sure, I can see some
                                                                 a lovely birthday cake on the dining room table that read,
                                                                 “Happy Birthday – Grandma.” That’s my husband’s humor,
                                                                 and I do love being a grandma so I said to myself, “Suck it up
physical changes and feel a few aches here and there but 60      and have a good time.”
years old? It seemed unbelievable.                                   I was thrilled to greet old friends who I don’t see much
     I determined that one way to manage the whole ordeal        because we are all so busy with kids and grandchildren. It
was to schedule rotator cuff surgery 2 days before my            then came time to open presents. I saw all these lovely gold
birthday (I’d been putting it off for two years and really       bags with purple tissue paper and thought, “Isn’t that cute?
needed to get it done). I thought the surgery would be a         Helen must have bought all the bags to match.”
blessing; a party of one and being medicated I probably              My darling grandson Sonny was my helper and he
wouldn’t think about the impending birthday.                     brought me each bag. I opened the first gift from Tom and
     When my best friends Tom and Helen learned of my            Helen and inside was a Pandora bracelet with a charm that
plans, they said we were absolutely going to celebrate my        read “I LOVE YOU” with spacers added as a gift from Maggie
60th birthday and offered to have a gathering at their house     (my favorite Leo Hamel employee). Then it dawned on me
the weekend before my surgery. I couldn’t say no; we’ve          that all the bags were from Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers. In
been friends for almost 40 years. I noticed my husband           every bag was a Pandora charm that represented something
talking furtively with Helen over the next couple of weeks       meaningful about my relationship with the giver.
and I thought, “Oh there’s a surprise of some kind.” Helen           My husband gave me a queen bee charm, a gold snake
assured me that the party would be no big deal; just our         charm (I hate snakes - more of his humor) and three gold
children, grandchildren and dearest friends.                     ring spacers; my son and his girlfriend gave me a charm
     The fateful day arrived and I was feeling a bit reluctant   shaped like a suitcase that has Paris and the Eiffel tower
to attend the “happy event.” When we arrived I could see         on it (I teared up at that one – my mom was from Paris);

16 LEO HAMEL TIMES                                                                            
from my grandson Sonny there was a baby shoe charm;                Every time I wear this wonderful Pandora bracelet I get
from his mommy a gold cross; from my stepson Travis, wife          choked up. The entire bracelet is filled with charms that
Michelle and sons Elias and Owen a baby bootie charm;              mean so much to me and memories of each person who
from my stepdaughter Heather a snowman charm (I gave               gave one to me.
her a snowman at Christmas); from my grandson Alex a                   This was the best birthday present I could have ever
little boy charm. From my stepdaughter Melissa I received          received and such a thoughtful and loving surprise; thanks
a graduation cap charm, to memorialize her graduation              to my family and dearest friends and Maggie who helped
and how long it was in coming (inside joke). From various          everyone to purchase their gifts. How silly I feel now for not
friends I received charms in the shape of a high heel shoe,        wanting to turn 60 - it turned out to be one of the best days
a heart, an angel, a pineapple, a puppy, a silver ring with my     of my life.
birthstone, a gold and silver stack of rings, a silver ball with
hearts, a Journey ball, a letter ‘B’ ball and a beautiful Murano   My warmest regards,
blue glass charm. Each charm was added to my bracelet as           Joanie Murphy
each gift was opened. After all of my gifts had been given, I
had a complete Pandora charm bracelet!
     Helen had called everyone and told them about the idea
of the bracelet and the charms and each person went to
Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers in Old Town to select the perfect
charm for me. You can just imagine how overwhelming and                                  Because my husband
special that was for me.                                                                 knows who his queen is

Because my stepdaughter
appreciates what I do for her

                                                           Because they all have a
                                                           special reason that I am in
                                                           their lives, and why they are
                                                           here to celebrate mine

    Because my son
    appreciates our
    family history
              For men who still think
              of blackberries as a fruit.

   Not this one.

                Big Ingenieur. Ref. 5005: A device that tells you the battery’s empty isn’t   Mechanical IWC-manufactured movement |
                                                                                              Automatic Pellaton winding system
               much use out in the wilds. But the largest automatic movement made by          (figure) | Seven days’ continu-
               IWC goes on running continuously and reliably. And if you should decide        ous running | Power reserve
              to take a break between K2 and Mount Everest, it has a seven-day power          display | Date display | Anti-
                                                                                              reflective sapphire glass |
           reser ve. Thanks to its solid stainless steel case, its delicate mechanism         Sapphire glass back cover |
         will forgive you almost any thing. Even a beard. IWC. Engineered for men.            Water-resistant 12 bar | Stainless steel

                            Wearing a watch
                                                                                                          WATCH Out






P  HILIP STEIN® has become a leader in mind-body wellness
   by integrating frequency-based technologies into
luxury timepieces. The watches help to balance the body’s
                                                                Technology and Multiple Frequency Technology which both
                                                                emit natural well-being frequencies in the 7-9Hz range
                                                                helping the body’s energy flow.
flow of energy, sometimes referred to as “Chi.” Wearers of          As a company, PHILIP STEIN® is committed to
PHILIP STEIN® watches report better sleep, less stress and      researching technologies that work with the body’s subtle
an improved sense of well-being as some of the benefits         matter, or energy, to create positive effects for the wearer.
they feel.                                                      They create fashionable, functional products that people
    The Earth has a frequency, discovered by physicist          love and love to wear and Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers welcomes
Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952. The lowest frequency and        PHILIP STEIN® into our family of exquisite watches.
highest intensity of this Earth frequency occurs in the 7-9Hz
frequency range. This is considered by many researchers,        a. SS, LDS Mini Harmony, $830 / b. SS, LDS Small Harmony,
therapists, and healers to be the natural resonance of the      $1,895 / c. SS, Large Harmony, $695 / d. SS, LDS Small Double
Earth, and the frequency with which the human brain and         Diamond Model, $3,910 / e. SS, LDS Small Double Diamond
body function most efficiently. PHILIP STEIN® utilizes two      Model, $2,555 / f. SS, GTS Sport Chrono, $1,695
types of technology in their products: Single Frequency

*All prices subject to change                                                                         LEO HAMEL TIMES 19
                           b.                         c.          d.

a. 14ky, Oval Ruby Ring, 4.95ctw, $365 / b. 14ky, Oval Ruby Earrings, 9.55ctw, $495 / c. 14ky, Oval
Ruby Floral Necklace, 100ctw x 315, $3,850 / d. Platinum, Oval Ruby (4.35ct) and Marquise Diamond
(2.45ctw x 25) Cluster Ring, $16,000 / e. 14kw, Pear Shaped Diamond (1.10ctw x 2) and Marquise and
Baguette (2.40ctw) Cluster Dangle Earrings, $9,000 / f. Platinum, Diamond Vintage Ring with Filigree
and Leaf Engravings, 0.41.ctw, $995 / g. 14kw, Diamond & Two Pearl Bypass Ring, 0.30ctw, $450
h. 14kw, 331/2 inch, 7.88mm Pearl Necklace with Diamond Clasp, $995 / i. 14ky/w, Black Rhodium Plated White
& Champagne Diamond Tear Drop Shaped Dangle Earrings, 5.48ctw, $3,150 / j. Platinum, Marquise and Treated
Fancy Yellow, Orange, Blue, and White Diamond Cluster Ring, 3.71ctw, $8,000 / k. 14ky, Oval Blue Zircon, Rose
Cut Diamond & Blue Enamel Vintage Ring, 0.50ctw, $895 / l. 14kw, Diamond (0.55ctw x 20) Ring set with an Oval
Blue Sapphire (3.70ct), $6,975 / m. 18kw, Diamond & Oval Blue Sapphire Center Lever Back Earrings, 1.45ctw,
$1,950 / n. 14kw, Round Blue Sapphire (7.00ctw x 7) and Diamond (6.51ctw) Bracelet, $8,900 / o. Platinum,
Diamond (2.20ctw) and Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire (2.00ctw) Cluster Ring, $4,250 / p. 22ky/w, Diamond Milgrain
Wide Bracelet, 15.25ctw, $19,000




      f.                        g.


The latest in what you can find at
Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers


*All prices subject to change                       LEO HAMEL TIMES 21
Dr. Donnelly advertised in our first issue and coincidentally I needed
a dentist for the first time in a long while. Though reluctant to go I
ended up actually enjoying the process because of how friendly and
accommodating everyone was. The care was superb as well. I personally and
highly recommend them!
                                                                                          4        Kids
                                                                                                  Written by Dorian Hargrove
                                                                                          Photography by Aimee Hargrove

I n Ms. MacKenzie’s second grade
  class at Florence Elementary School
in Hillcrest, sixteen students sat
                                             witnessed increases in standards-based
                                             test scores, the most significant being
                                             in mathematics. For the Standard-based
                                                                                          organization experiencing that much
                                                                                          growth is no easy task, especially
                                                                                          considering that Classics-4-Kids is
cross-legged on padded mats in               Assessment on Mathematics Test (SAM)         completely independent, with over 50%
the front of the classroom. All were         students scored an average of fifteen        of their annual budget earned through
silently energetic as they stared at the     points higher after participating in the     private donations. The program consists
guest speaker, their little faces full of    Classics-4-Kids program.                     of three full-time paid employees and
curiosity. The speaker that day was Dana          “Also, the second-graders who           relies on nearly 200 volunteers.
Mambourg Zimbric, Music Director and         participated in the Classics program              To learn more about the program
Composer for the non-profit music            had an additional 40% increase in test       visit their website:
literacy program, Classics 4 Kids.           scores compared to other grades who
     “Hello everyone! The last time I saw    did not participate in the program,”
you was at the ‘Fairwell’ symphony in        said Laurie Sanderson, Director of
November,” said Mambourg Zimbric.            Resource Development.
“Does anyone remember what composer               With those kinds of results it’s hard
the symphony was about? Remember it          to believe that the program is only in its
started with Hay…”                           fourteenth year.
     “Haydyn,” four second-graders                It started in 1994, when Marion Scire
excitedly answer out loud.                   wanted nothing more than to give his
     “Yes, that’s right! Very good! Joseph   sixth grade daughter and her classmates
Haydyn was the composer. Well today          a chance to see a professional piano
I’m going to talk to you about another       recital. However the funds to pay for 600
symphony. This one’s about nature…”          sixth-graders to attend a professional
     The symphony Mambourg Zimbric           recital were just not in the budget,
referred to is one of the 40 child-          so Scire and his daughter had to get
friendly classical concerts that Classics-   creative. They sold homemade chocolate
4-Kids plays each year throughout San        lollipops shaped like music notes to pay
Diego County. The concerts teach             for the cost of admission. In the fourteen
classical music to Pre-Kindergarten          years since, the independent non-profit
through Sixth Grade students as well as      organization has grown immensely. In
educating them about the composers           2007, over 30,000 elementary school
and the different instruments used           students were given the opportunity to
in a symphony. The program sells the         see a live symphony perform, and 7,000
subsidized tickets for six dollars and       of those children attended the concerts
typically each class attends three           at no cost. The growth continues; in the
different symphonies per school year.        2008 school year over 15,000 tickets
     The results are clear. Schools that     were sold during the first week alone.
have participated in the program                  However, running a non-profit
                                                                                                         LEO HAMEL TIMES 23
Wins                                                                                      Written by Dorian Hargrove

                                                                                          Photo provided by Richard Prince

A   t the 31st annual Long Beach Grand Prix, fans lined
    up inside the gates for a chance to meet members
of the American LeMans Series race teams and ogle their
                                                                overalls. The paint on their V-10 Le Mans prototype race
                                                                car lacks the immaculate luster seen on the other race
race cars. Race car drivers passed out handshakes and               “Our budget is probably ten to fifteen percent of
autographed posters. Their fire-resistant overalls were         those of the factory teams we race against,” says Lewis.
covered shoulder to shoulder with patches from big              “In the spectrum of ALMS teams we are certainly the
name sponsors. Behind the tables, heavily polished race         smallest both in terms of personnel and budget. We do
cars crouched next to 45 foot-long transports.                  a lot with a little! It has always been our strategy to pour
    The lines in front of the tables of the Porsche, Ferrari,   everything possible into making the car the best it can
Flying Lizard, and Audi teams grew ever longer. While           be while letting some of the other ‘window dressing’
their drivers, dressed in expensive race suits and wearing      elements suffer. Our trailer is not new, we don’t have
designer sunglasses, signed autographs, Mike Lewis,             20-30 guys running around, we don’t have a big catering
owner and lead driver of Autocon Motorsports, relaxed           and entertaining capacity. But we do build a good race
and played with his young children.                             car that finishes races and is reasonably quick.”
    Unlike the bigger teams, the crew of San Diego-based            So quick in fact, that they are the only American
Autocon’s racing team consists mainly of volunteers and         prototype team from the United States that has been
interns. There are only three paid permanent members.           invited to race in The 24 Hours of Le Mans in France, the
Dano McCarthy, estate buyer for Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers         biggest race in the American Le Mans circuit.
and volunteer for the team says, “Only our air fare, hotel          Lewis and Crew Chief David Steele formed the team
and food are paid for. Like most of the other guys, I do it     over 20 years ago and it has grown year by year. “We
just to be close to the cars and the racing.”                   never had plans to grow, although every driver likes to
    The Autocon team is sponsored by JeanRichard, a             advance. We race because we love it. We have a passion
small fine Swiss watch company with a modest budget.            for the sport and the competition. And even though we
Their orange and grey trailer is noticeably older than          rarely have the speed of the mega-teams, we still fight
those parked around it. Worn spots compete for space            the good fight and manage to trip them up now and
with splotches of dried oil and fluids on the crew’s            then,” says Lewis.

                                                    As race fans shuffled from one table to the next at
                                               the Long Beach Grand Prix, the underdog Autocon team
                                               prepared themselves for what they thought would be an
                                               unrewarding race. All were feeling the effects of a crash
                                               that happened on the previous day, when one of their
                                               drivers was hospitalized with a broken vertebra in his
                                               spine. And on top of that, the car just didn’t seem to be
                                               performing well out on the track.
                                                    But as soon as the green flag was waved over the
                                               sun-filled straightaway that day in Long Beach, the crew
                                               brushed off the setbacks and put everything they had
                                               into running the race. Lewis and Chris McMurry, who
                                               flew down the night before to replace the injured driver,
                                               managed to stay in striking range of the other cars and
                                               ended up holding the third place trophy.
                                                    “Congrats to the team on its first podium of 2008,”
                                               wrote Lewis in an e-mail to the team the following day.
                                               “Just look at the competition we face: names like Penske,
                                               Audi, Andretti, Brabham, Acura, and Porsche, all with huge
                                               sponsors and budgets. To merely step onto the playing
                                               field with these guys and compete is a credit to you all.”
                                                    Now this courageous group is gearing up for the race
                                               at Le Mans on June 8th. For more information visit the
                                               Autocon’s website at

                          JeanRichard: The official
                          watch of Autocon Sports.

Photography by Aimee Hargrove                                                                   LEO HAMEL TIMES 25
 Why Collect
Wrist Watches?                                                                              Written by Leo Hamel

I have often been asked why a man would want more than
  one watch. This question often comes from someone
who has never owned a fine watch. Once you experience
                                                               divers watch, or the moon watch (just in case) all come to
                                                               mind. There are watches for doctors, nurses, pilots, race car
                                                               drivers, yachtsmen and even cave explorers!
the pleasure of wearing of a fine watch (Swiss or German)           So there you have three reasons why a man could have
you will feel a little differently about them. Most men do     at least three watches. But a strange thing happens at three.
not wear a lot of jewelry and their watch is sometimes         This number now makes you a collector and collecting
the only piece besides the wedding ring. So a watch can        becomes a hobby of sorts. Our watch collectors often know
mean different things to you and can substitute for the        more about the watches than we do. They become a study
collections of jewelry a woman may have. Pride of ownership    and no detail is too minute to be important. In the old days
and appreciation of craftsmanship are reasons to enjoy a       collecting meant vintage watches but now modern watches
second watch or even a third.                                  are collected with more intensity than even the older ones.
      After wearing a fine watch a person often finds          This is a new and exciting field which didn’t exist when I
themselves wanting another. If the first one was a sport       first started this business.
watch then a dress watch starts looking desirable or even           To collect, wear, show off or to treasure in private, the
“necessary.” So two becomes the irreducible minimum until      choice is yours.
another reason comes along and a specialized need often             Check out the amazing Ulysse Nardin collection on the
fills that bill. The two-time-zone watch for the traveler, a   next page (pg. 28).
chronograph to clock the horses, the 3000-foot waterproof                                                                                     LEO HAMEL TIMES 27
 Words from a Ulysse                                   Nardin Collector

      U   lysse Nardin doesn’t simply make some of the
          world’s most beautifully designed modern day
      mechanical wristwatches. They create them, one at
      a time, each piece expertly finished and individually
      numbered. From elegant divers to haute multi-
      complication timepieces, there is a U.N. for virtually
      everyone. The collection you see here is a testament
      to their innovation and creativity of the highest order.

          As a collector, purchasing any fine Swiss timepiece is
      more than just an investment in a watch. It’s an investment
      in the very people that stand behind it too. At Leo Hamel
      Fine Jewelers you’re not just a customer; you’re really part
      of a very special family, whose entire staff of dedicated
      and talented professionals is committed to your complete
      satisfaction top to bottom.

                                          Taste are subject to change.
Prices and availability                      29 LEO HAMEL TIMES
                                             LEO HAMEL TIMES 29

with Hometown Hero
                   Simple   Written by Dorian Hargrove

       Tony Gwynn
                            Photography by Aimee Hargrove
Once thebatting cages ofteenagers wiped theinside San
             private batting lessons ended,

Diego State University, two
                            Tony Gwynn Stadium at

                                             sweat off
                                                                   Gwynn’s style; no, the reason he accepted the job at his
                                                                   alma mater was so that he could continue having a positive
                                                                   impact on the lives of young people.
their brows. They were asked if they had any questions for              That selfless attitude was evident throughout his 20
their tutor, head coach of SDSU’s Aztecs and Hall of Fame          years in the major leagues where he learned early in his
baseball player, Tony Gwynn. “Um, sometimes I get into the         career that the game of baseball wasn’t the most important
batter’s box and feel like I lose all confidence. What was         thing in life.
your mind set when you stepped into the box?”                           “When I first got into the big leagues, I got so caught
     “It was always, ‘bring it,’ because I knew that they          up into what I was doing and how I was playing. After a few
couldn’t beat me. They might be                                                         years, I started thinking more about
able to get me out, but they couldn’t                                                   my family back home, and all that I was
beat me. Early on I realized that for                                                   missing. It grounded me and made me
me it wasn’t about hitting it out of                                                    realize what was important. It was Alicia
the park; it was about putting the                                                      and the kids; all of them,” Tony said,
ball in play and making them work                                                       playfully peering over his left shoulder
to try and get me out. I always told                                                    at Alicia, “and always remembering
myself, just keep it simple.”                                                           that life is easy; we are the ones who
     Keeping it simple is more than                                                     complicate it.”
just baseball lingo for Gwynn, much                                                          And while Tony spends most of
more. For Tony and his wife Alicia,                                                     his time on the field with his players,
whom he met during middle school                                                        Alicia spends much of her day working
in Long Beach, keeping it simple is a                                                   for their foundation. The Tony and
way of life and a motto by which to                                                     Alicia Gwynn Foundation (TAG), has
live. It’s a motto that they instilled                                                  been involved in the lives of San Diego’s
in their two children, Tony Jr. and                                                     youth since 1995. The program is
Anisha as well as over 20 troubled                                                      designed to instill practical principles
teens the Gwynn’s invited into their                                                    in today’s youth such as respect, honor
home over the past two decades. For                                                     and trust. Those principles, according
the Gwynn’s, keeping it simple means                                                    to Alicia, are crucial in building a strong
going back to the basics of life; for                                                   self-esteem, resolving conflicts through
those troubled teens it meant seeing                                                    communication, and setting life goals.
what the inside a loving home is like,                                                       Tony and Alicia Gwynn have had
the importance of sitting down at                                                       a positive impact on so many of San
the dinner table together, and the                                                      Diego’s youth, they deserve to be
need for communication.                                                                 called two of our community’s most
     You see, although the Gwynn’s                                                      appreciated humanitarians.
like to keep it simple, that doesn’t                                                         And apparently things had become
mean that they like to take the easy                                                    too simple in the Gwynn household as
way out. For instance, take Gwynn’s decision to coach San          of late, because there recently appeared a new addition
Diego State’s baseball team. For any other person, coaching        to the family: an eighteen-year-old looking to build a solid
at a college like SDSU would be the job of a lifetime, but         foundation for the rest of his life. He was fortunate indeed
when that person is a member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame, the       to find this place from which to start and these people to
recipient of eight National League batting titles (second to       show him the way.
Ty Cobb) and is considered to be among the top 50 greatest              More information on the Tony and Alicia Gwynn
players in the history of baseball, it’s hard to imagine why       Foundation can be obtained at
the meaning of the seventh inning stretch wouldn’t change
to a full body massage on a private island. But, that just isn’t

    Tony Gwynn gives batting
    tips to two teens.                                                                                           LEO HAMEL TIMES 31
What to wear:
A Day at the Races
                     Marco Bicego
                     18ky/w, Diamond Teatro
                     Earrings, 0.09ctw, $1,220

                     Marco Bicego
                     18ky, IL Cairo Textured
                     Multi-Strand Bracelet, $6,615

                     Marco Bicego
                     18ky/w, 1.45 ctw Diamond
                     Marrakech Multi-Strand
                     Necklace, $25,905

                     Jewelry worn by model Jordan Olive
                     Photography by Aimee Hargrove

                               July 4th - Independence Day

                               July 17th - September 3rd
                               Racing Season at Del Mar

                               July 25th - 26th
                               Leo Hamel’s Art Nouveau &
                               Deco Estate Show

                               July 26th - Parents Day

                               August 1st - August 24th

                               La Jolla Society SummerFest

                               August 2nd - Friendship Day

                               August 10th - Annual
                               Hillcrest Cityfest Street Fair

                               August 22nd - 23rd
                               Leo Hamel’s Colored
                               Diamond &
                               Gemstone Show

                               September 7th - Labor Day

                               September 9th
                               Coronado Art Walk

                               September 13th
                               Grandparents Day

                               September 25th - 28th
                               San Diego Film Festival

                               September 26th - 27th
                               Leo Hamel’s Spectacular
                               Mystery Show                                LEO HAMEL TIMES 33
     The Concept and
                                  of     Time           Part I
              Written by James M. Hart, PLS, CFedS

S   tudies suggest that we look at our watch, often
    subconsciously, every 8 seconds. It is commonplace for
someone to ask “What time is it?” That’s a pretty easy thing
to answer for most of us. But have you ever been in a room
and had several people respond with a different answer? Of
course our timepieces are all generally pretty close to each
other, but rarely are they all precisely in sync.
     What if we were to take the simple question, “What time
is it?” and rearrange the words to, “Time: What is it?” How
would you answer that question? In Book 11 of St. Augustine’s
Confessions, he ponders on the nature of time, asking, “What
then is time? If no one asks me, I know: if I wish to explain
it to one that asketh, I know not.” It seems simple, but try
refining your answer to a written sentence. It’s often found
to be more difficult than one first imagines.
     Try this on for size: Time is the occurrence of events,
one after another. So how much is time? The year is well
understood to us – in a general sense anyway. The concept
of one complete orbit of the Earth around the Sun being one
year and one complete rotation of the Earth being one day
is familiar. But, how do we end up with 365¼ days in a year?
How is it that the length of one day is actually 23 hours 59
minutes 47 seconds?
     There is a virtual universe of thought behind these
concepts – all pent up in fields such as astronomy, physics,
mathematics, and even land surveying. Historically the
concept of the year and the day was easily understandable
just by observing the sun and the stars. Pagan rituals were
attuned to the equinoxes and the solstices. We tend to think
of these events simply as the onset of Spring, Summer, Fall,
and Winter (the Vernal Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the
Autumnal Equinox, and the Winter Solstice, respectively).
These are not events that occur in a broad brush sense of
time but at very precise moments, each in an instant and
precisely timed.
     For example, the Vernal Equinox is that precise instant in
time when the Sun crosses the Earth’s equator on its trek into
the northern hemisphere to create Spring. At that instant in
time, the night is of exactly the same duration of time as
is the day. The Summer Solstice is that exact instant where
the Sun ceases its northerly motion and starts to head back
south. At the precise time that this Solstice occurs, daytime
is longer than nighttime and the difference is maximum.
     You’ve probably surmised that the Autumnal Equinox is
the same as the Vernal Equinox except the Sun is heading
across the equator into the Southern hemisphere and that the
Winter Solstice is when nighttime is longer than the daytime
and the difference is again maximum. With this repetition of
universal events, one after another, one can start to think in
terms of “time” as a clock of infinite proportions. So we enter
the measurement of time – to be future explored in Part II in
the next issue of Leo Hamel Times.

34 LEO HAMEL TIMES                                                Photography by Aimee Hargrove
                                  a.                                          b.
   WATCH Out

           c.                                       d.                                              e.

F  ounded in 1848, Omega remains one of the most recognized and prestigious watch companies in the world with their
   long history of improvements to the science of the measurement of time. Their recently introduced co-axial escapement*
movement has been heralded as one of the most significant horological advances of the last 100 years. It is this kind of
innovation that makes the Omega timepiece not only appealing to the serious collector but to anyone who wants to own a
sophisticated Swiss watch.

*The co-axial escapement functions with virtually no lubrication, thereby eliminating one of the shortcomings of the traditional lever
escapement. Through using radial friction instead of sliding friction at the impulse surfaces, the co-axial escapement significantly reduces
friction, theoretically resulting in longer service intervals and greater accuracy over time.

The Newest                                         a. SS, Ladies Constellation with Diamond Guilloche Dial and Diamond Bezel,
                                                   $3,200 / b. 18kr/SS, Ladies Constellatioin with Diamond Guilloche Dial and
Watches                                            Diamond Bezel, $5,700 / c. SS, Ladies Seamaster Aqua Terra, Diamond Tapestry
                                                   Dial, $3,200 / d. SS, Gents Seamaster James Bond 007, $2,500 / e. SS, Ladies
from                                               Seamaster Aqua Terra, $3,400

 36 LEO HAMEL TIMES                                                                                             *All prices subject to change
                                                                           The Newest



                                                                                               “This watch looks fantastic
                                                                                               in person. A must see!”
                                                                                                              -Leo Hamel

B   ertolucci, the most Italian of the Swiss brands, owns
    the Mediterranean magic. Unique with a crystal clear
DNA, Bertolucci is anchored in the marvellous world of the
Mediterranean. Confluence of civilizations, mystical source
of extraordinary tales, emblematic and evocative places, the
Bertolucci world naturally suggests the pleasure and the joy
of living from a timeless Riviera that fills us up with dreams.
Bertolucci is a strong blend of creativity and sensuality. Both men
and women purchasing a Bertolucci timepiece will find a pure
expression of the Bertolucci 4 C’s: Creativity, Curves, Comfort
and Construction.                                                                                      d.

a. 18kr/SS, Ladies Serena Garbo with Sapphire Crystals, 1.29ctw, $8,200 / b. SS, Ladies Doppia, $2,900
c. SS, Gents Serena Garbo, PVD*, $4,300 / d. SS, Ladies Stria with Sapphire Crystals, 0.70ctw x 162, $7,900

*PVD (Physical Vapor Deposit) - Very hard black coating                                            LEO HAMEL TIMES 37
       Birthstones        a.                         for the upcoming months
                                           The red glow of the ruby is said to have come from a flame
                                           within the gem that can never be extinguished. This symbol
                                           of an everlasting flame makes the ruby a perfect gift for
                      b.                   someone you will love forever. Ancient lore has it that
                                           wearing a ruby ring on your left hand will bring the wearer
                                           good fortune making it a perfect engagement ring with its
                                           strength and durability.

                                           a. 14ky, Diamond (0.10ctw x 6) and Ruby Bangle Bracelet, $335
                                           b. Kwiat, 18kw, Diamond (0.17ctw) & Ruby (0.19ctw) Channel
                                              Set Band, $850
                                           c. 14kw, Diamond & Ruby Hoop Earrings, 0.50ctw, $489
                                           d. Kwiat, 18kw, Ruby Milgrain Band, 0.40ctw, $850
  c.                 d.

Throughout history, August’s birthstone has been used as a means to connect
with nature. Peridot was also used by early Egyptian priests to makes cups
believing that drinking from peridot would draw them closer to Isis the goddess          f.
of nature. Tied to nature, the peridot is a symbol of vitality within a single person
or unifying relationship, promising growth just as nature intended.

e. 18kw, Small Oval Peridot Earrings with Diamond Frame, $595                                                           g.
f. Judy Mayfield, 18ky, Peridot (3.55ct) & Diamond (0.11ctw) Fancy Ring, $2,785
g. 14ky, Oval Peridot & Diamond Vintage Ring, $525

                                     Sincerity and faithfulness are associated with this gemstone. Because
                                     sapphires are second only to diamonds in hardness, a gift of sapphire
                i.                   says that your love will remain strong forever.

                                     h. Judy Mayfield, 18kw, Blue Sapphire Bangle Bracelet, $1,395
                                     i. 14kw, Emerald Cluster Ring, 0.80ctw, $1,650
                                     j. Judy Mayfield, 18ky, Oval Sapphire & Diamond Earrings, $1,705


                                                                                         Photo on pg. 32-33 taken at:
                                                                                            The River Valley Ranch
                                                                                          Premier Equestrian Center

                                                                                              (619) 977-8496

38 LEO HAMEL TIMES                                                                            *All prices subject to change
Italian Luxury
at its Finest                                             New from
                                                          Marco Bicego...
W     ith the genesis and growth of a new brand,
      there is a story worth telling; this is the story
of Marco Bicego. Marco Bicego has redefined                         a.
the phrase “everyday luxury” with sensuous,
extraordinarily beautiful jewelry that blends old
world Italian craftsmanship with tradition, passion,
and imagination; his uniquely crafted pieces are
exceptional enough to make a statement, yet
personal enough to wear everyday. This unique
combination has attracted many modern and
cosmopolitan women to this artisan’s work.
    Bicego began his training as a gold artisan
at his father’s fifty-year-old atelier in the Vento
region of Italy. His instincts were refined at the
workbench and led him to create unique, multi-
textured items that were both beautiful and
unexpected. This pure artisanship by Marco and
his team of craftsmen in Trissino, can be found
in the manipulation of gold; transforming this                 b.
luxurious element into spirals and hand-engraved
    The Marco Bicego brand has emerged as
a leader in the world of fine jewelry. Design,
marketing, sales, and customer service consistently
work together to achieve the organization’s
goals. Every individual who works for and with
Marco Bicego shares the same passion and vision.
Youth, effortless sophistication, and luxury are
the elements of Marco Bicego jewelry; Creating a
unique, accessible luxury experience that begins
with the team and resonates with the consumer.
    Should we be surprised that a revolution in                                   e.
style and passion stands on a solid foundation?
Absolutely not. To visualize a global image and
see it materialize we must first know our roots,
our families, and our communities. Marco sees
and appreciates the everyday life at home, small
gestures, friendly faces and precious moments.
These moments that change and inspire as                                                f.
the days go by; this is the foundation of
Marco Bicego.

a. Jiapur Double Strand Earrings w/ Amethyst,
Red Tourmaline & Citrine, $1,780 / b. Jiapur 47
1/4in. Mix Stone Necklace, $4,870 / c. Jiapur Gold
& Green Tourmaline Necklace, $9,370 / d. Jiapur
Large Lemon Citrine Ring, $1,970 / e. Jiapur Small
Red Tourmaline Ring, $1,090 / f. Jiapur Medium
Orange Citrine Ring, $1,390

*All prices subject to change                                               LEO HAMEL TIMES 39
              of the
       Written by Robin Hart   Stone
Presenting a spectacular diamond ring from the
extraordinary house of Van Cleef & Arpels

T   his magnificent 7.70 total carat weight oval diamond ring
    by legendary jewelers Van Cleef & Arpels is now available
for viewing at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers. Few are privileged to
own such a significant piece from this celebrated family; could
this be your opportunity? The chronicle of Van Cleef & Arpels
began with the 1896 marriage of Estelle Arpels, daughter of a
precious stone wholesaler, and Alfred Van Cleef, son of a Dutch
diamond merchant. In 1906, Alfred and his brother-in-law,
expert gemologist Charles Arpels founded Van Cleef & Arpels
and moved into the prestigious boutique at 22 Place Vendome.
Brothers Julian and Louis Arpels joined the fledgling firm soon
after, and what was to become a world renowned house of
jewelry had begun.                                                        Because only the premier quality becomes such a legend,
     Truly a family affair, Alfred’s daughter Renee Puissant and      Van Cleef & Arpels insists on setting only diamonds of IF to
Julian’s sons Claude, Jacques and Pierre all came on board in the     VVS2 (Internally Flawless to Very Very Small Inclusions) clarity
20s and 30s. In 1939, Van Cleef & Arpels became one of the first      and the highest color ratings in their jewelry. The diamond
European jewelers to venture into the New World when Claude           color scale ranges from D (totally colorless) down the alphabet
opened a Van Cleef & Arpels boutique in Rockefeller Center in         through Z (fancy yellow). The oval diamond at the center of this
New York. Soon after the move was made to the now famed               platinum ring weighs 6.51 carats and is of VVS2 clarity and D
address at 744 Fifth Avenue.                                          color. It is framed by two pear shaped diamonds on each side
     Van Cleef & Arpels has always been on the cutting edge of        weighing 1.19 carats total. The elegant minimalism of the
innovation in the jewelry world, while at the same time retaining     setting is typical of the understated chic of Van Cleef & Arpel
a timeless and classic sense of style. The Mystery Setting or Serti   bridal designs, allowing the diamonds to speak for themselves.
Mystérieux was invented in 1933, a technique by which square          The certificate of authenticity is included, indicating the piece’s
gemstones are set seamlessly side by side with no visible metal       individual serial number as recorded in the Van Cleef & Arpels
prongs holding them in place. The perfection of this process          Archives.
allows Van Cleef & Arpels to design what appears to be glittering         Call today for an appointment to view this exceptional
flowers of solid red ruby or stunning pure emerald leaves, with       piece of jewelry couture and become a part of the celebrated
flowing curves the like of which had never before been seen in        saga that is Van Cleef & Arpels.
gemstone design.
     In 1939 the Duchess of Windsor asked Renee to create a
zipper of platinum set with diamonds for one of her evening
dresses. The technique was perfected and patented, and in 1951
the Zip Necklace was unveiled, a variety of fully functioning
bejeweled zippers to be worn open or closed.
     Van Cleef & Arpels was commissioned in 1956 to design the
tiara worn by Grace Kelly when she became Princess of Monaco.
Her engagement gift from Prince Rainier the year before had
been a Van Cleef & Arpels diamond and pearl necklace.
     Other signature series include the Snowflake Collection
which debuted in 1940, dazzling diamonds capturing the fresh
shapes of nature, and the Alhambra Collection, reflecting in
its colors and design the pop culture of the 1970s. The family
was also accomplished in watch making and created some
exceptional time piece designs throughout the last century.

                                        Jeweler                                            Written by Leo Hamel

T   hings happen in a jewelry store that are very funny and
    I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I like
     telling these tales.
                                                                         later an old jalopy drove up and I knew it was him because
                                                                         his right hand was hovering over his front pocket as if he
                                                                         was protecting a 25 carat flawless ruby. As he entered the
                   About 15 years ago I received a call from             store, he looked around with the superior air of the recently
               a guy who said that a friend had given him a              rich. When we locked eyes his hand went for his pocket like
                   Rolex and he wanted to know if it was real.           a gunslinger. I threw up my hand and stopped him cold. He
                        I didn’t tell him what I was thinking: “If       froze. The air was crisp with excitement. He was sure he had
                            you have to ask, it isn’t!” Instead I told   struck gold and I knew he had not! Eyes still locked, I said,
                             him to come in and I would help him         “It’s not a Rolex!” Uncertainty crossed his face. “But... but…
                             make that determination. He was             how… you…” I stared him in the eye and emotionlessly said,
                             resistant, “No man, I don’t want to         “I know who you are. You have a watch in your right front
                             drive all that way. Just tell me how        pocket and it’s a cheap fake!” Anger replaced the confusion.
                            to tell if it’s real!” I repeated, “Sir, I   “No way, man! You can’t know it’s a fake without looking at
                           can’t tell you that without seeing it.        it!” I repeated, “It is!” He reached again for his treasure so
                          You’ll need to bring it in.” He whined,        I got a little bit naughty. “No! No! No need to take it out.
                         “Come on dude, it’ll cost me two bucks          It’s just a fake!” Skeptical and yet with a touch of fear he
                       in gas to drive to you. Just tell me what         thrust it at me. “Look! Look at it!” I turned slightly away and
                     to look for!” Once again I insisted, “I can’t       sniffed, “Fake, I say. Only a fake!”
                    tell you if it’s real without seeing it! I am              Dano, my brother-in-law took pity on him because
                   not a psychic jeweler!” He protested, “You            the poor guy was nearly blubbering and held out his hand
                  are just messing with me. You can tell me              to give a second opinion. After scrutinizing the watch in
                something…” I was getting exasperated so I               question for a long second, Dano pronounced, “Yep. It’s
             said, “Ok, ok. Hold it up to the phone.” I could            a rip off.” Dejected the recently “rich dude” turned away,
hear some rustling as he did. Then he asked, “Is it real,                mumbling, “Why didn’t I listen and not drive all
man?” I said, “Hold it closer and hold it still.” Apparently he          this way…” Just as he reached the door
did because I could hear some movement and then all was                  he turned back and said, “Hey really,
quiet. After a few moments he came back on to the phone.                 how did you know it was a fake
“Is it? Is it real?” I paused to build suspense and slowly               without looking?” I took a final
replied, “It… is… A FAKE!” Suddenly a light went on in his               jab. “Remember earlier on the
head which was so bright I nearly had to avert my eyes from              telephone when I told you I
the phone. He yelled, “Hey that’s bull! You can’t say it’s a             wasn’t a Psychic Jeweler?
fake, if you haven’t seen it.” Silently I muttered, “Duh!” Out           I lied!”
loud, I replied, “That’s what I’ve been telling you. You have to
bring it in!” “Ok… whatever.” And he ungratefully hung up.
     If you know me, you know that I am a kind, gentle and
considerate jeweler who kisses babies and wishes well to
all people. But I couldn’t help myself that day! A few hours
New from:


                                   A    rare standard of quality. Craftsmanship that borders on obsession. A diamond
                                        unlike any other in the world. The true beauty of a diamond lies in its uniqueness.
                                   Every diamond has its individual splendor and strengths.
                                        With its superior cut, a Hearts On Fire® diamond is further distinguished by a
                                   breathtaking brilliance, and an intensity that says what words cannot.
                                        Hearts On Fire® specializes in two exceptional diamond cuts: the classic
                                   brilliant Hearts On Fire® cut and the patented fancy-shaped Dream cut. Both are
                                   extraordinary in their own ways. A standard diamond with an inferior cut leaks
                                   light from the bottom and sides. Too deep or too shallow a cut, and the light that
                                   gives a diamond its brilliance is lost.
                                        Because of its perfectly symmetrical cut and increased surface area, a Hearts On
                                   Fire® diamond captures that light and reflects it from the top, creating maximum
                                   brilliance and fire.




  a.   18kw, Poise Drop Earrings, 1.40ctw, $9,800
  b.   18kw, Replendent Necklace, 3.94ctw, $18,500
  c.   18kw, Mythical Diamond Dangle Earrings, 3.40ctw, $14,500
  d.   18kw, Reflection Layered Earrings, 7.67ctw, $23,000
  e.   18kw, Reflection Layered Pendant, 5.57ctw, $18,000
  f.   18kw, Repertoire Select Diamond Shank Ring, 0.72ctw, from $4,000
  g.   18kw, Silk Pave Marquee Earring 9.34ctw, $28,000
  h.   18kw, Silk Pave Teardrop Earrings, 9.77ctw, $29,000

42 LEO HAMEL TIMES                                                                           
         It was a second wedding for both JJ and Eve. JJ was married to
          his former wife for 40 years and Eve spent 48 years with her first
         husband, until each was sadly widowed. They were fortunate to find
         each other, although their paths had crossed before. Their families
         had attended the same church for years. Eve was even a guest at the
         wedding of JJ’s daughter over 25 years ago where she remembers
         speaking with him briefly, never imagining that she would one day
         become his wife.
              After being blissfully wedded for nearly eleven years, JJ continues
         to express his love for Eve with thoughtful gifts on their special
         occasions. Often JJ would hunt for vintage perfume bottles for
         Eve’s treasured collection, but this year he wanted to do something
         unexpected. Three days before her birthday, JJ invited all of Eve’s
         girlfriends over for a luncheon that he prepared and served all on
         his own. After the food had been cleared, JJ presented Eve with the
         magnificent estate pendant that he had discovered among the
         unique selection of vintage jewelry at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers.
         Needless to say Eve was thrilled with JJ’s thoughtful and generous
         gift. Creating these special moments for each other is what keeps
         this second marriage going strong.

                                                        LEO HAMEL TIMES 43
                                                             PRSRT STD
                                                           U.S. Postage Paid
1851 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110 • 619.299.1500      San Diego, CA
                                                           Permit No. 1190

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