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					Hardliner CD

Direct chairside hard relining material in cartridge system
chairside relining in one single session high adhesion to denture (see fig. 1) extremely low heat development (see fig. 2) good aesthetics high colour-stability (see fig. 3) methylmethacrylate-free comfortable fit

Now in cartridges:
easy, fast and economical application always right mixing ratio and consistency bubble free material guarantees smooth surface
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Hardliner CD
New cartridge system: improved application – higher quality
Fig. 1: Adhesion to denture after thermocycling*

High adhesion to denture
Hardliner CD is distinguished by an excellent adhesion to the denture (see fig. 1) and a hardness comparable to laboratory processed relinings.

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6 4 2 0

Fig. 2: Temperature of polymerization*
60 55 50 Hardliner CD GC Reline Tokuso Rebase

Hardliner CD

GC Reline

Tokuso Rebase

Triad Dualine

T [°C]

45 40 35 30 25 20 0,00

Low heat development (~ 37° C)
Hardliner CD cures without any significant heat development (see fig. 2). During polymerization the denture can stay in the mouth without any danger or inconvenience for the patient.






time (minutes) Fig. 3: Colour change after 1 week immersion in coffee* Tokuso Rebase GC Reline Hardliner CD Hardliner 0 1 2 3 value 4 5 6 7

High colour stability
Hardliner CD increases the aesthetic standards. Natural and stable colour (see fig. 3) as well as the perfect fit convince dentists and patients.

Excellent biocompatibility
Hardliner CD has a neutral odour and taste. It is free of methylmethacrylates thus excluding any risk of allergies or irritation of the mucosa.

hard, permanent relining adaptation layer by layer over years correction of new dentures total or partial relining
Set: Art. No. 2735 80 g cartridge, 10 ml adhesive, 10 x mixing tips Refill: Art. No. 2736 80 g cartridge, 10 mixing tips Art. No. 2737 10 ml adhesive Art. No. 2738 50 mixing tips

extension of denture margins repair and enlargement direct and indirect relining home care treatment
* Data on file.