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									       The United Brethren Association for Church Development
          MidAtlantic Foundation for Church Multiplication
                                    6112 Pine Street, Harrisburg, PA 17112
                                     (717) 545-2055, cell: (717) 645-0319
                       website: www.mafoundation.com     email: mafoundation@comcast.net
Dr. Lawrence G. Reinertsen, CLU, ChFC, CASL®

                           Change is Coming! Also 2013 Health Plans:
     On September 12th Bishop Whipple and Dr. Larry Reinertsen met to chart a new course for the
MidAtlantic Foundation that will bring it more in line with the direction and need of the National Office
of the United Brethren Church and our churches. What had been a regional ministry of administering the
Capital Blue Cross Health Plans for area pastors, and some who needed coverage from other areas, now
needs to adapt to the changing conditions that will be coming with President Obama’s Health Care
Reform plans. We need to help our churches and our denomination prepare for the major upheaval and
confusion that is sure to result with what is known as Obamacare.

      Leadership of both the United Brethren Church and the Board of Directors of the Foundation agreed
that our insurance programs would now be considered as the Voluntary Health Insurance Program of the
United Brethren Church. This coverage is provided by Capital Blue Cross and has proven to be excellent
in both coverage, and service. Our premiums have been holding steady with very minimum increases
over the years. The health insurance programs will continue to be administered in our current location
and Larry Reinertsen will now become a member of the staff of the National Office.

     We continue to explore ways of improving our program for the benefit of both the pastors and
employees who work at least 20 hours per week. This year we were delighted to learn that we can now
offer both dental and/or vision insurance with our high deductible health plan as well as an individual
plan for those who are covered elsewhere for the health insurance. Previously the dental and vision
coverage was only offered with the PPO 250 deductible plan. We all breathed a sigh of relief when the
new premiums were published with a 1% increase in our PPO High Deductible Health Plan and a 4%
increase in the PPO 250 Twin Deductible Plan. The medical trend rate for 2012 had between a 12% to
15% increase. So we are fortunate to have a select group of healthy individuals whose life style can be
clearly reflected in our premiums.

     We are entering an open enrollment period from now until December 15th for those who would like
to enroll in our plans or effect changes. If the programs outlined below are of interest we can provide
considerable additional information and instructions on making any changes.

      Another change is that the church multiplication efforts of the Foundation will not be turned over in
its entirety to the Church Multiplication Committee of the National Church.

    Finally, our Foundation lawyer is filing the name change to The United Brethren Association for
Church Development. There will be a transition period while we make the necessary changes with our
bank and also Capital Blue Cross. We ask for your patience and prayers while we make these changes.

                                               Faithfully in Christ,

         Bishop Phil Whipple                                           Lawrence G. Reinertsen
I.   2013 Core Health Plans
                        Option A: Blue Cross PPO $250 Twin Deductible Value Plan
                                                                 Parent and    Husband and
               Product Name                     Single                                          Family
                                                                 Child(ren)       Wife
2012                                               555.92           1,167.31       1,228.49       1,618.74

2013 PPO $250 Twin Deductible                      573.82           1,204.89       1,268.04       1,670.87
Value Plan with Rx Plan RC12

                                                         Ancillary Products:
                                                                 Parent and    Husband and
               Product Name                     Single                                          Family
                                                                 Child(ren)        Wife
Blue Cross Dental Plan 100/80/50/50             $27.47            $82.53         $82.53         $82.53
Vision Plan 4                                   $2.72              $8.47          $8.47         $8.47

                                      Required Ancillary Products Subject to Computation:

          $10,000 Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance ($4.90 per month)
          Long Term Disability, 60% of total salary and housing, 6 month waiting period. See computation below.

                                       Option B: Blue Cross PPO HSA 2000 Q
This is a High Deductible Health Plan with a $2000 individual deductible, or $4,000 family deductible, coupled with
a Health Saving Account. The power of this option is that the difference in the premium in the family coverage is
enough to fully fund the HSA. If medical costs do not reach the level of the $4,000 contribution to the HSA, that
money belongs to you and continues to grow tax free.
                                                                 Parent and    Husband and
               Product Name                     Single                                           Family
                                                                 Child(ren)       Wife
 2012                                              410.78             862.56         907.78        1,196.11
These do not include the HSA contribution

 2013 PPO HSA 2000Q                                414.81             871.02         916.68        1,207.86
 With Rx Plan

                          Required Ancillary Products on both Options Subject to Computation:

          $10,000 Group Term Life Insurance ($4.90 per month)
          Long Term Disability, 60% of total salary and housing, 6 month waiting period.

In order to compute the cost of the Long Term Disability premium follow the steps below.
          1.   Add all taxable income (salary, housing,)
          2.   Multiply that total by 60% to determine the maximum annual benefit
          3.   Example: 40,000 total salary x 60% = 24,000 max benefit /12 = 2,000 = monthly benefit
          4.   Multiply the total of all taxable income by .25 per hundred to determine the annual premium.
          5.   Example: 40,000 x .25 (400 x .25) = 100.00 /12 = 8.33 monthly premium.

II. Dental and Vision coverage may be elected without the health plans. The Life
    Insurance and Long Term Disability Insurance are required in all group plans.

III. Voluntary Coverages Based on Minister/Employee Election.
     These premiums are to be paid on an after tax basis to avoid taxation of the benefits.
     A. Group Term Life and ADD Insurance in units of $10,000 up to $500,000 maximum. Spouse and children
        can also be added to this coverage.
     B. Short Term Disability with a two week waiting period and a 6 month coverage period.
     C. AFLAC and USAble Company plans can be pretax except for the life and short term disability.
          MidAtlantic Foundation for Church Multiplication
                             6112 Pine Street, Harrisburg, PA 17112
                                  (717) 545-2055, cell: (717)645-0319

               .2013 Updated Salary Figures Needed
Dear Pastor and/or Treasurer,

In order to maintain current adequate levels of Long Term Disability Insurance, we need to have
the salary package (salary and housing) figures for 2013 for those insured in our program.
Please complete the blanks below and return the form to me in preparation for your January
premium notice.

Many thanks,

Name of Pastor/Staff         ___________________________________________________

Email address                ___________________________________________________

Name of Church               ___________________________________________________

2013 Salary                     ___________________

2013 Housing Allowance          ___________________

                   Total        ___________________

The premium rate for Long Term Disability is $0.25 per hundred/year of the total.

The benefit is 60% of the above total after six months of continuous disability until age 65.

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