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Anti Virus by vivi07


									Anti Virus
       Install antivirus software Update antivirus software Ensure it is running Install Anti-Spyware Update Anti-Spyware Run Anti-Spyware Scan Ensure real-time Anti-Spyware is turned on Install Firewall Update Firewall software Ensure it is running If an application requires access to the Internet, double check it is required and you want it to have access.

          Ensure you have auto-preview turned off. Check you know who the sender is. Does it look suspicious? Is there an attachment? Has it been virus scanned? Is it expected? If in doubt delete it. Never reply to Spam – delete it no matter how tempting the offer. Never click on a link in an email. If you think it is real, type the address into your Internet browser. If the subject is meaningless, delete the email as it is probably a Spammer trying to bypass the Spam filter.

Anti Spyware

   

Web Browsing
       Is the site secure? Look for https:// in the address bar. Look for the closed padlock in the status bar. Is the address in the address bar correct for the site? Whenever possible always type in the address, never trust links, as they may say one thing but lead you to another site without you realising. Do you trust the company? Anyone can set up a web site and “accept credit cards” – ensure they are a reputable company and they are who they say they are. If a website wants you to install software ensure you trust them and the software publisher e.g. Microsoft, Macromedia, Adobe etc. Never divulge personal information, passwords, credit card details etc unless you are 100% sure you trust the site and it is secure (https, padlocked). Disable ActiveX and Java scripting unless you trust the website you are on 100% Use strong passwords for all web based forms – ebay, banking, memberships etc. SYN-Systems Ltd – Helping you feel secure on the Internet. For more details visit us at

Where to find free Firewall software: ZoneAlarm: Kerio Personal Firewall 4: Sygate Personal Firewall 5.x: Outpost Firewall Free 1.0: Where to find free Anti-Virus software: AVG: Avast! 4 Home Edition: Anti-Vir Personal: Trend Micro Homecall (online scan): Where to find free Anti-Spyware software: Spybot - Search & Destroy: Microsoft Anti-Spyware: Ad-Aware SE: SpywareBlaster 3.4: PestPatrol (Free Online Scan): HiJackThis: PrevX: Where to find free Web Browser: Internet Explorer: Firefox: Where to find free Email clients: Outlook Express: Thunderbird:

SYN-Systems Ltd – Helping you feel secure on the Internet. For more details visit us at

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