Art by xuyuzhu


Course Number   Course Name                                   Semester(s) Offered
ART 100         Introduction to Art and Artist                All
ART 101         2-D Design                                    All
ART 102         3-D Design                                    All
ART 104         Introduction To Drawing                       All
ART 105         The Color Course                              Fall, odd years
ART 201         Basic Computer Graphics                       All
ART 204         Intermediate Drawing                          Spring, odd years
ART 206         Introduction To Ceramics                      All
ART 209         Illustration                                  Alternate fall/spring
ART 212         The Painting Studio                           Fall, odd years
ART 215         Digital Photography                           Spring
ART 217         Black and White Photography                   Fall
ART 220         Introduction To Museum Studies                E-term, occasionally
ART 232         Web Design X                                  Fall, odd years
ART 304         Advanced Drawing                              Spring, odd years
ART 306         Intermediate Ceramics                         All
ART 311         Drawing Heads, Hands & Feet                   Spring, Even year
ART 312         Intermediate Painting                         Fall, odd years
ART 317         Intermediate Photography                      Fall
ART 318         Introduction To Sculpture                     Spring, even years
ART 320         Ancient Through Medieval Art in History       Alternate Spring/Fall
ART 321         Renaissance to Impressionist Art in History   Alternate fall/spring
ART 322         Graphic Design: Print Media                   Alternate spring/fall
ART 324         Art For Children                              Alternate fall/spring
ART 325         Modern Art and the Twentieth Century          Alternate spring/fall
ART 328         Intermediate Sculpture                        Spring, even years
ART 332         Graphic Design: Typography & Logo Systems     Alternate fall/spring
ART 406         Advanced Ceramics                             All
ART 412         Advanced Painting                             Fall, odd years
ART 423         Advanced Sculpture                            Spring, even years
ART 450         Directed Study In Advanced Studio Problems    On Demand
ART 497         Senior Seminar                                Fall
ART 498         Senior Show                                   Spring
ART 499         Internship                                    On Demand

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