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Good work, Ron. Do you think the gambling debt was real? 98%

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Firewall: Movie Review and Implications to the security of the MHS. In the movie, a group of high tech criminals manipulates bank executive and Chief Security Officer (CSO) Jack Stanfield, played by Harrison Ford, to gain access to the financial resources of his bank. This is an excellent display of how a trusted employee, given the right kind of motivation, can breach elaborate security measures and potentially devastate a large financial corporation. Even more evident is how a company insider can undertake effective illegal subversive activity in almost complete obscurity. This dramatic portrayal supports our “Security 101” discussions in the classroom concerning computer attacks from within by a disgruntled employee. Granted, this is not the proverbial “Trojan Horse” that spreads malware, but rather the menace is able to walk in the front door with the keys to the kingdom and simply circumventing all external security measures. The premise of the movie revolves around the CSO, Jack Stanfield and how his life with a beautiful wife, two children, and a dog all living in a fabulous home, comes crashing down. The hook of this plot becomes Jacks’ $95,000 gambling dept. Without that imperfection in his life the story of Jack Stanfield dies. The world begins to crumble when the collection agent comes to Mr Stanfields’ office at the bank. From there things spiral out of control for the CSO, and get much worse when the crooks introduce themselves and lay their plan out for Jack. These thugs force Jack to access 100 million dollars by breaching simple security measures such as passwords, electronic “slurping” storage devises, and physical security measures. The CSO successfully

HMIS Movie Review: Firewall 3 delivers the cash and then pummels the crooks, saves his reputation, job, life, and great house on the water (and the dog). The movie does have a few lessons for the MHS concerning information security and a few parallels were visible between the movie and the MHS. As in the movie, the MHS utilizes multiple authentication protocols to safeguard information and just like the movie, certain individuals are able to influence other employees to utilize their passwords and even CAC cards for their own use. Even worse are the physical holes careless employees create by leaving their computer stations unattended with their Common Access Card (CAC) engaged. Another lesson pick-up while viewing the movie is the threat common household electronic devices pose a threat to security. One pivotal scene in the movie showed how Jack “slurped” customer information using an iPod and a commercial fax machine. The AMEDD C&S is way ahead of most MTF’s I have been assigned, by securing all USB ports on all government owned computers. Even the best of intentions by an employee to transfer information from work to home can end with horrible consequences as seen by the VA. Firewall is a stellar example of how any security system is at risk and that employees are the greatest barrier for or greatest risk to that security. The movie displays the precept that despite robust security precautions someone may find a way to subvert the security of information systems. While the security breach in this movie resulted in the theft of 100 million dollars, I believe the information our stakeholders entrust us with is far more valuable than any monetary sum could measure.

HMIS Movie Review: Firewall 4 References: Bernstein, A., Shestack, J., Burke, G., & Clifford, J. (Producers) & Loncraine, R. (Directive), 2006. Firewall [Motion Picture]. United States: Warner.

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