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					                                       Wayne State University
                                                 Plan of Work
                                         COLLEGE OF EDUCATION
                               Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies
DEGREE SOUGHT:              Masters of   Education         in Exercise and Sport Science
REQUIREMENTS:               A minimum 34 credit hours is required.

  Student is responsible for meeting prerequisites for courses on the Plan of Work. Courses taken in Post-Degree (Post
                                    Bachelor) status cannot be included on Plan of Work.

Name:      ____________________________________________________________________________________
           Last                     First                         Middle               Maiden                   I.D.

Address:   _____________________________________________________________________________________________
           Number                Street               City                  State                Zip

Phone:                                                            Email:

 University Semester/      Dept.   Course #    Course Title                                    Credit     Grade
            Year                                                                               Hours
                      EER     7630     Fundamentals of Statistics                                3
                      KHS     5523     Exercise Psychology                                       3
                      KHS     7500     Research Methods in KHS                                   4
           F,         KIN     6310     Physiology of Exercise II                                 3
           W,         KIN     7580     Biomechanical Analysis of Motor Activity                  3
           W,         KIN     8530     Motor learning                                            3
 ELECTIVE COURSES (Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits in the areas of Kinesiology, Health, and Sport

 CULMINATING EXPERIENCE (One of the following)
 WSU                KHS    8999      Master's Thesis Direction                                           8
 WSU                KHS    7999      Masters Essay and Project Direction                                 3
 WSU                KHS    8750      Internship in KHS (Cr. 1-4, Max. 8)
                                              TOTAL CREDIT HOURS (minimum of 34)

Consult current graduate catalog.
All degree requirements and coursework must be completed by: _________________________________________________
(Within six years following the date of the first recorded grade to be used for degree)

Petition for admission to candidacy:______________________________________________________________________
                                    Student’s Signature                                         Date
Plan of Work approved & candidacy recommended:________________________________________________________
                                                          Advisor’s Signature/Name              Date
Candidacy authorized by College of Education Admissions and Records Office

Checked by:___________________________________________________________________Date:__________________
Exercise and Sport Science
This specialization is designed to help prepare students for careers in areas such as exercise
physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, sport psychology, and motor control/development/learning,
and measurement and evaluation.
DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Thirty-four credits are required. Students selecting this program
will concentrate in one of five areas: biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor
control/development/learning, or exercise and sport psychology.
EER 7630 -- Fundamentals of Statistics: Cr. 3
KHS 5523 -- Exercise Psychology: Cr. 3
KHS 7500 -- Research Methods in KHS: Cr. 4
KIN 6310 -- Physiology of Exercise II: Cr. 3
KIN 7580 -- Biomechanical Analysis of Motor Activity: Cr. 3
KIN 8530 -- Motor Learning: Cr. 3

CULMINATING EXPERIENCE (one of the following)
KHS 7999/8999/8750 -- Master's Essay and Project, or Thesis,
     or Graduate Internship: Cr. 3-8

ELECTIVE COURSES: as approved by adviser, to complete the thirty-four credits required for

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