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PROPOSED PROJECT NAME: Climate Change and Corresponding Strategies

SUMMARY / BRIEF DESCRIPTION ABOUT THE PROPOSED PROJECT As the climate change exerts more and more influence on our life, people are now putting more and more attention to this pressing issue. At present, measures have been taken to cope with the climate change both in Asia and Europe from the governmental and non-governmental level. It is no doubt that the measures taken have their merits and demerits. As a result, our project aims to provide a forum for all the countries both in Asia and Europe to communicate with each other in terms of measures coping with the climate changes and its achievements. At last, project group will do some analysis on measures collected, and the analysis result will be published on a website. With the project, we hope we can learn from each other and make their own contributions to the world.

RATIONALE FOR THE PROJECT: The causes of climate change are global, so is its influence. We think the countries around the world should work together to solve the problem. And if the young students both from Asia and Europe aware this, we will do better in coping with climate change in the future.

EXPECTED CONTRIBUTION FROM ASIAN SCHOOLS/STUDENTS: The attitudes and perceptions of Asian countries, especially those developing ones, are crucial to the climate change for the reason that on the one hand, they shoulder the responsibilities to develop. On the other hand, they also have to take on responsibilities to cope with the climate change. So the students in Asian countries are expected to realise their responsibilities and introduce measures taken by their governments to their peers in Europe. Hopefully they can learn some effective and advanced experience in this field.

EXPECTED CONTRIBUTION FROM EUROPEAN SCHOOLS/STUDENTS: As to European Countries, they have more advanced and effective theories and practice in dealing with the climate change. Consequently, students from these countries are expected to introduce their successful practice to Asian students with the hope that they can benefit from each other’s experience and make the Earth a better world.

MINIMUM NUMBER OF SCHOOLS/STUDENTS INVOLVED: No. of schools: 4 schools / 20 students Students Age Group: 14 – 19 years Level of English: – Basic

PROPOSED DURATION OF PROJECT (PLEASE STATE TENTATIVE START AND END DATE): Duration: 6-8 months Start Date: 1 November 2009 End Date: 1 May 2010 or 1 August 2010

ICT TOOLS / SOFTWARE REQUIRED:           Computers Videocamera Windows XP Flash Adobe PhotoShop Joomla! Adobe Premiere Internet connection DVD CD ROM etc.




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