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ASUWB Agenda - UW Bothell


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									ASUWB Agenda
1:35 PM   Call Meeting to Order
          Note Attendance: ASUWB, Hung, George, Sam
          Approve Minutes: Approved

1:35 PM   New Business
             SMA
                     Mike Kristalinski, Junior, MIS
                     Kristina Vinberg, Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies
                     Karan Chainani, Senior, Business VOTED/APPROVED
                     Alyssa Russell, Senior, IAS
             Ali will be increasing the amount of characters allowed to: 750 characters
             Provost Town Hall Meeting
                     May 11, 3:30 PM: Ali, Maryam, and Amira (u-car) will attend and invite the Husky Herald
                     Kane Hall, Room 120
                     Meeting notes: Relay to Students when return
              Bothell City Council meeting
                     May 18
                           o Wetland support? Waiting on more information- Amira will update team on

1:55 PM   Old Business
               Student Internships
                      Ali- this Thursday (4/29) @10-11 or 4-5
                      Ali and George follow up
               CRAM Nights
                      June 6-7, until 1:00am
                             o    Or June 1st, 6, 7th
                Bylaws
                       Doodle: Maryam
                Tech Fee
                       Needs approval by ASUWB (next meeting agenda item)
                       Bylaws
                SAF
                       Lauren & Hung presentation (Chancellor and Regents)
                Signature Event Debrief
                       Positive feedback
                       Next year:
                            o ASUWB talk w/students more
                            o Start planning earlier
                            o Secure chancellor funding
                            o More convenient food process
                            o More compost bins
                            o More man power
                            o Set up volunteers
                            o Have other committees (master plan) present
                20 Year Celebration
                       UWB!
                                                                              4/27/10 ASUWB Meeting Agenda
                             May 15 (5K, transfer fair, relay for life)
                             12PM-on: BBQ, students are invited
                             CEB will have a bouncy house
                             Holly will be present
                       Husky Huddles
                                        th       th
                             May 11 (730), 12 (315)
                             Women Health- Anna invite (Amira)
                       Transition Packet
                             Organization
                             Thumb Drive?
                             Public access account? (follow-up with Sam & IT)
                       Faculty & Staff Awards
                             Engrave at Mr. T’s (Maryam and George)
                                    o Take plaque in office to update
                             2009 (in office) has not yet been engraved
                             Committee: Winners from last year, Maryam, plus 3 students
                       Mascot
                             Paper work (Xheni drafting this up)
                                    o Employee
                                    o Guidelines (charges)
                                    o Bylaws
                                    o Student Life confidentially agreement
                       Rundown
                             Dragon’s Liar
                             SMA

2:15 PM         Update from Executive Council

>Amira- downtown bothell education/law students
>Ali- SMA, parking/transportation committee
>Maryam- plague, SACPAC, provost town hall, staff/faculty awards, seattle/bothell parking passes (John)
>Xheni- mascot, student regent
>Kendra- elections, end of year report, transition, regent lunch

2:35 PM         Close Meeting

Committee PR (highlighting) - SACPAC, Master Plan

Send all committees/concrete definitions to Kendra by this Friday
Nominate Staff
SMA achieve on website

                                                                                   4/27/10 ASUWB Meeting Agenda

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