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									             Should Betta Fish have filters?

Betta fish are among the most famous fish kept by fish lovers. This particular fish is as delicate
as is tremendously beautiful. They need some special extensive care since these are quite
fragile. If you too are a Betta fish lover then there are certain Betta fish facts you need to know
about your adorable sweet fish.

One of the major Betta fish facts to be aware of is filters for your Betta fish tank. Mostly people
ask whether Betta fish should have filters or not? Well about the need, it is not that much
necessary but a filter in Betta fish tank is highly recommended by professionals.

A filter is technical equipment in the fish tank that cleans up, on regular basis, the waste as well
as uneaten fish food from the tank. Moreover this has carbon that apparently “polishes” the
tank water by clearing down the tank water.

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So should Betta fish have filters? Yes, they should. Obviously who would want to live in an
untidy muddled area? The same is with this adorable beatific fish. Filters not only clean the
water plus surroundings of the tank for your Betta fish, it also helps in increasing the longevity
as well as life quality of your cute Betta fish.

If still one wants to know whether you should have filters for your Betta or not then go
through below two points that explains what would happen if you do NOT use filter for your
Betta fish. Have a quick look at this critical Betta fish fact –

Clean water is definitely one of the most vital necessities for Betta fish life span. Clean water is
their utmost requirement which can be easily fulfilled by using a filter. Without a filter, you will
have to do water change (complete) on daily basis. Obviously that will be quite hectic & time
consuming. But with filters, you will have to do it once a week.

 Without a filter, you will have to properly clean the tank on daily basis, removing the uneaten
fish food, and work to balance the nitrate and ammonia level in your tank. Filters do it by
themselves. You need not do that by yourself.

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