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									                            Techniques for Pest Control Milwaukee

Pests Control Milwaukee can be controlled in different ways. Hygiene is the best method for
controlling the pest at homes. When the surroundings of the house are clean then there is no
scope for the pest to live and breed. Good hygienic methods can be practiced for controlling the
same. After the meals, put the waste into the bin with lid, wash and dry the plates and clean the
table used for having dinner. Regularly clean the stoves, refrigerators and other house hold
appliances. Keep the remaining food which is kept outside, with tight lids. Toilets should be
clean and make sure that proper flushing is done after the use. Windows should be covered with
fly screen for preventing the entry of insects inside the house.
Biological pest control is the best and one of the safest pest control techniques available. This
type of control involves using the things pests naturally avoid in nature. Peppermint is one such
method which is used to control mice and ants. They dislike the smell of peppermint. This can be
considered as one of the safest methods of pest control. Another control technique is using pest
control mixture. This mixture is made using vinegar, soap parts, peppermint oil and water. This
is sprayed in homes, where there are chances of pest entering. This is not harmful to man but at
the same time repels mice and ants. Pest Control Milwaukee also use cotton balls which is
soaked in peppermint mixture and place it in the holes where mice are suspected to enter the

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