Disposal of Computer and Computer Hardware

					Disposal of Computer and Computer Hardware:
1.) Requesting Department must complete a disposal request form identifying serial number and/or service tag for all hardware. Department signature required. 2.) ITS will complete an inventory tag for all hardware and attach it to the hardware. Equipment will then be stored i. Old Mail Room for equipment tagged for disposal ii. Tech room for equipment that will be redeployed, scavenged 3.) Equipment is stored for 30 day before disposed 4.) After 30 days drives are wiped and inventory tag is updated 5.) All equipment is evaluated to be considered for University re-deployment, usable hardware, donation to charity, or general disposal. 6.) Dell PDs going to charity or disposal must have ownership transferred through Dell. Transaction must be completed with a $1 check 7.) Donated PC will only include original OS * ITS only arranges disposal for computer equipment (computer hardware and accessories with circuit boards).

Gannon ITS Equipment Disposal Form
List all hardware for which you are requesting disposal. Attach pages as needed: (Please print clearly)
ITS only arranges disposal for computer equipment (computer hardware and accessories with circuit boards) Description Serial Number/ Dell Service Tag Dell Express Service Code Condition Wiped Y/N
ITS Usage Only

Final Destination (dispose, charity, parts)

Department: Authorized Signature: ITS Signature:

Requestor (please print): Date:

Disposal Notes - There is a possibility of a fee for disposing equipment which your department would be responsible for - You equipment will be stored for 30 days before disposal - Hard Drives will be wiped of data - Hardware will be: o Disposed of o Recycled for parts for general University support o And/Or, donated to Charity - If you have a Charity donation request, please forward that request to Dan Giannelli (x7460). - Old Hardware is not available for Faculty, Staff, or Student purchase