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					When we see someone with a good walk it is often enough to turn our heads. It is easy to develop bad habits

when walking so the following suggestions I hope will help you to improve your walk.

A good walk is a deliberate, movement of your legs, feet and arms appearing smooth and effortless.

When you walk your head should remain relaxed as though you have a string coming out of the crown of your

head with a balloon on the end holding your head up. Hold your chin parallel with the floor. Practice getting this

right as it will make a huge difference to how you look when you walk.

Notice that if you change the position of your head you look entirely different. Just dropping your head down by

an inch can make you look sad.

It can be helpful to practice walking with a book on your head to correct any problems. Make sure it is a hardback

book and not too heavy. A paperback book will bend to fit the shape of your head and will not serve the purpose.

Your upper torso should remain strong. It should not be swaying back and forth.

Your back should not be over-arched or bent forwards too far. This is so easy to do when out in cold weather.

Keep your shoulders relaxed, do not pull then forwards and upwards, allow them to go back naturally and drop


Stand tall with a slightly lifted chest, your chest should be out, but not forced.

Relax your arms at the elbow and slightly swing in time with the opposite leg, this keeps the body in balance.

Check your hips are level with your knees pointing forwards.

If you stand up, put your feet slightly apart, put your hands on your waist and move your hips forwards and
backwards then stop in the centre, you will get an idea of where the centre of your hips line is.

Move your leg from your hip joint in this centre position when walking.

Your heel should hit the ground first, then the balls of your feet. Push off with your toes.

Put each foot in front of the other, keeping them as close as possible as they pass each other and facing


The distance between each stride should be the length of your foot.

Never walk with your hands in your pockets. Let them swing gently by your side. Wear gloves in cold weather.

Visualize how you would like to see yourself walking and use this image. Walk towards the mirror, practicing

different ways of walking. Take note of how the different walks look and which one you like best.

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