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2009_Prog-Final copy - University Center of Lake County by wangnianwu


Master of nonprofit
Administration (MNA)

This degree provides a comprehensive preparation in leadership and
management practices within the nonprofit sector. The 18 course               Contact Person(s):
curriculum responds directly to a recommended core curriculum as
outlined by the Nonprofit Academic Careers Council. The program               Chris Nicholson, Director of
focuses on practical application of core competencies that leading            Graduate Admissions
nonprofit executives have stated are critical for effective leadership in     Phone: (773) 244-5518
the nonprofit sector.                                                         FAX:    (773) 279-7996
Professionals who seek to expand        Courses are offered online, but       Kenneth E. Schaefle
their career options and scope of       some electives may be taken at        Director of Individual Recruitment
responsibility through advanced         the University Center in Grayslake.   School of Business and Nonprofit
management education in the                                                   Management
nonprofit sector.                       TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:                    Phone: (773)-244-5761
                                        Texts may be purchased online or      FAX: (773)-279-7996
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                 by phone from North Park’s            E-mail:
• A Bachelor’s degree from an           Bookstore, or from any online
  accredited institution                provider.                             ADDRESS:
• Completed application and                                                   North Park University
  current resume                        TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:                3225 West Foster
• Two completed recommendation          An applicant may transfer up to       Chicago IL 60625
  forms                                 four classes of applicable
• Official transcripts from all         coursework (8 sh) from another        WEBSITE:
  colleges attended                     accredited graduate program.
• GMAT or GRE required if
  cumulative GPA is below 3.0.          TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:                   Required Courses:
  Waived if applicant has a             36 semester hours.
                                                                              SBNM 5010 Organizational Behavior and
  graduate degree from an                                                                   Ethics
  accredited institution or             CERTIFICATES OFFERED:                 SBNM 5011 Ethical Leadership
  completes first 5 SBNM courses        See page 21.                          SBNM 5030 Human Resources
  with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or                                             SBNM 5350 Nonprofit Financial
  better as a nondegree student.        FINANCIAL AID INFO:                                 Management
                                        North Park offers one of the most     SBNM 5351 Nonprofit Financial Decision
COST:                                   comprehensive scholarship             SBNM 5680 Nonprofit Marketing Analysis
$1,850 per course (2 Semester           programs for part-time graduate                     and Consumer Behavior
                                                                              SBNM 5710 Principles of Nonprofit
Hours)                                  students in the United States. (See                 Management
                                        page 16.)                             SBNM 5720 Nonprofit Board Governance
REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                                                                     and Volunteer Management
Via Chris Nicholson or Ken Schaefle                                           SBNM 5730 Nonprofit Law, Policy, and
                                        SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS:                            Government Relations
                                        Graduates of the MNA are eligible     SBNM 5770 Fundraising Principles for
DELIVERY MODE:                          for the SBNM’s Lifetime Learning                    Nonprofit Organizations
Fully online                                                                  SBNM 5771 Annual and Major Gift
                                        program, which allows them to take                  Fundraising
                                        all further graduate management       SBNM 5780 Measuring Outcomes and
ACADEMIC CALENDAR:                                                                          Assessment
                                        courses in the SBNM at a 50%
Five 7-week quads per year,                                                   SBNM 5790 Nonprofit Strategic
                                        tuition discount. A minimum of 8                    Management
starting August, October, January,
                                        additional courses can result in a    Elective Courses:
March and May.                                                                In addition, students will take five elective
                                        second SBNM graduate degree.
                                                                              courses (total of 10 semester hours).

GRADUATE CertificateS

This array of online graduate certificates is designed to provide
managers and leaders of nonprofit organizations with a pragmatic              Contact Person(s):
education that addresses the special concerns and problems of
managing in the social sector. All coursework may be applied to any of       Chris Nicholson, Director of
North Park’s graduate management degrees, including the MBA which             Graduate Admissions
is offered in Lake County.                                                   Phone: (773) 244-5518
                                                                             FAX:    (773) 279-7996
Professionals seeking career         10 semester hours are required for
                                                                             Kenneth E. Schaefle, Director of
advancement in the nonprofit and     each certificate.
                                                                             Individual Recruitment
higher education sectors.
                                     FINANCIAL AID INFO:                     Phone: (773) 244-5761
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:              North Park offers one of the most       FAX:    (773) 379-7996
• A baccalaureate degree from        comprehensive scholarship               E-mail:
   an accredited institution         programs for part-time graduate
• Completed application and          students in the U.S. Eligibility for
                                                                             North Park University
   current resume                    scholarships does not require a
                                                                             3225 West Foster
• Official transcripts from all      separate application and you will
                                                                             Chicago IL 60625
   previous schools attended         automatically receive the highest
Students may begin courses in        scholarship for which you qualify.
August, October, January, March      Scholarships for high GMAT/GRE
and May.                             scores and/or high cumulative
                                     GPAs range from 10-30% of the
COST:                                cost per course, depending on          Required Courses:
$1,850 per course.                   score or GPA. An Armed Forces          Certificate in Conflict Management
                                     Scholarship reduces tuition by
REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:              20% for active duty military           Certificate in Church Administration
Contact Chris Nicholson or Ken       members, full-time National
Schaefle (see above).                                                       Certificate in Fundraising Management
                                     Guard, and their spouses. An
                                     Axelson Scholarship reduces            Certificate in Higher Education
ACADEMIC CALENDAR:                                                          Administration
                                     tuition by 35% for full-time
Five 7-week quads per year,
                                     employees of nonprofit                 Certificate in Nonprofit Finance
starting in August, October,
                                     organizations or those who
January, March, and May.                                                    Certificate in Nonprofit Governance
                                     completed a successful tour of
DELIVERY MODE:                       service with the Peace Corps or        Certificate in Nonprofit Management
Online only.                         AmeriCorps. A Married Couples
                                     Scholarship reduces each course        Certificate in Organizational Development

TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:                   by $100 when both spouses are          For a list of the required courses for each of
Online from North Park’s             registered in the same term.           these certificates, please visit
Bookstore, or from another online    Federal Stafford Loans and   
provider.                            convenient payment plans are
                                     also available.
Graduate transfer credit may be
used to obtain certificates.

                                                                                                                                 COMPUTER SCIENCE/INFORMATION SYSTEMS
Master of
Computer Science (MCS)                                                      Online

Earn your master’s degree from our top-ranked Department of
Computer Science without leaving home. Lectures captured as they are                  Contact Person(s):
presented in class are made available online for your convenience. Up
to 12 hours taken prior to admission will count toward the degree with                Laura A. Miller,
departmental approval.                                                                Director of Engineering Online
TARGET AUDIENCE:                             systems are options when taking          Office of Continuing Engineering
Computer scientists, software                I2CS courses.                             Education
engineers, and computer technicians        • Web browser (IE6+, Mozilla,              Phone: (800) 252-1360, x 6 or
with appropriate background in               Firefox)
                                                                                              (217) 333-6634
computer science.                          • News reader (e.g., Outlook
                                                                                      FAX:    (217) 333-0015
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                    • Lecture Media is distributed as          E-mail:
Application deadlines:                       Flash video and MP3 files. The
Summer or Fall – January 15                  Flash player is required to view         ADDRESS:
Spring – October 15                          lecture content.                         University of Illinois at
                                           Recommended Equipment                       Urbana-Champaign
Degree candidates:                         • Scanner                                  400 Engineering Hall MC-268
• Minimum GPA - 3.0/4.0
                                                                                      1308 West Green
• Three letters of recommendation          TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:
• Statement of purpose                     Required textbooks may be ordered by       Urbana, IL 61801
• Complete Graduate College                mail, phone, or fax through the Illini
  application with $60 fee for             Union Bookstore in Urbana-Champaign.       WEBSITE:
  domestic applicants or $75 fee for       Textbook purchases can be charged to
  international applicants.                MasterCard, VISA, DiscoverCard, or         edu/ucenter/
• TOEFL scores for international           American Express.
• Submit official transcripts from all                                                Required Courses:
  previous colleges attended (not          TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:
  just where degrees conferred).           Twelve hours of credit may be              Please visit
Non-degree candidates may enroll in        petitioned to transfer after the student and click on
CS courses on a credit or non-credit       is admitted to the degree program          “Degrees” for degree course
basis.                                     and has completed eight hours of           requirements.
                                           study from the University of Illinois.
REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                                                               Various graduate certificates in
Call (800) 252-1360, ext. 6 or visit the   TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:                        computer science are also available
website at      36 hours of course work and no             online. Visit                      thesis                            and click on
                                                                                      “Certificates” for details.
Semesters, starting August, January        American Express, MasterCard, and
and May.                                   Discover are accepted for tuition and
                                           fees. OCEE will accept Visa directly
DELIVERY MODE:                             for online computer science courses.
Fully online.
Required Equipment                         COST:
• Internet Connection (broadband is        Fees are the same for credit and
   highly recommended)                     non-credit. Tuition and fees for the
• “Fast” (any PC 4 years old or            2008-2009 academic year will be
   newer) computer, speakers, and          posted at
   sound card                     on the
• Windows OS, Mac, or Linux                “Registration” page when available.


                                                                     Online         Master of Science in
                                                                        Management Information Systems

                                                                                    Today’s organizations require a variety of new experts,and
                                       Contact Person(s):                           developments in the next few years will demand MIS expertise of any
                                                                                    professional administrator/manager who wishes to be competitive in
                                       Dr. Rassule Hadidi
                                                                                    his/her particular field. Although some positions necessitate more
                                       Management Information Systems
                                                                                    technical expertise than others, all require a balance between technical
                                       Phone: (217) 206-6067
                                                                                    knowledge and organizational knowledge. The management
                                       FAX:     (217) 206-7543
                                       E-mail:                       information systems degree at UIS is designed to provide this balance.

                                                                                    TARGET AUDIENCE:                          TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:
                                       ADDRESS:                                     • Individuals looking for a career in     Textbook information by course may
                                       University of Illinois at Springfield          MIS                                     be found at
                                       UHB 4021                                     • Professionals updating their
                                       One University Plaza                           theoretical knowledge and               TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:
                                       Springfield, IL 62703-5407                     applicable skills in MIS                With MIS program committee
                                                                                                                              approval, up to 12 sh of graduate
                                       WEBSITE:                                     ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                   level work earned within the past 3
                                                                                    • A GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale             years with a B or better.
                                                        • A baccalaureate degree
                                                                                    • Official transcripts                    TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:
                                                                                    • GMAT or GRE test results
                                                                                                                              44 sh (beyond any required
                                                                                    • A minimum of 550 TOEFL score
                                                                                      (International students)
                                                                                    • Completed application form
                                                                                                                              FINANCIAL AID INFO:
                                       required Courses:                                                                      For information, call (217) 206-6724
                                                                                    COST:                                     or visit the Web site at
                                       1) Two semesters of accounting, or ACC       UIS has a special “e-tuition” rate that
                                          311 Administrative Uses of                applies only to online courses:
                                          Accounting Information at UIS;            1) All Illinois residents automatically
                                                                                                                              SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS:
                                       2) one semester of production/                  qualify for the e-tuition rate.
                                                                                                                              The MIS curriculum is designed:
                                          operations management (e.g. BUS           2) Non-residents who have been
                                          322);                                                                               1) to provide students with the framework
                                                                                       admitted to an online degree              and methodology necessary to
                                       3) one semester of statistics (e.g. MAT
                                                                                       program and who take only online          analyze, design, implement, and
                                       4) one semester of college algebra or
                                                                                       classes also qualify.                     manage complex computer and tele-
                                          mathematics, or the equivalent;           Information pertaining to tuition/fee        com based information systems;
                                       5) competency in a structured high-level     amounts can be found at                   2) to demonstrate the principles
                                          programming language such as Java,             necessary for understanding basic
                                          C++, Visual Basic, COBOL, C, Fortran,                                                  computer and communication
                                          etc; either through course work or                                                     hardware and software systems and
                                                                                    REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                      packages to ensure the data quality,
                                          practical experience.
                                                                                    To register, contact the Office of           transmission, processing, and storage
                                       (Conditional admission may be granted
                                                                                    Admissions and Records at (800) 252-         necessary to facilitate organizational
                                       to students who will need to complete        8533 or                  decision-making and general
                                       some or all of their prerequisite courses.   admissions/apply.html                        operations; and
                                       Students may take their required                                                       3) to provide high-level competencies in
                                       prerequisite courses while they are                                                       applying systems analysis and design
                                                                                    ACADEMIC CALENDAR:
                                       waiting to submit the GMAT or GRE test                                                    strategies and techniques in
                                                                                    August and January semesters and a           marketplace environments, and
                                                                                    summer session beginning in June.            government and not-for-profit
                                       For the complete list of the required                                                     agencies.
                                       courses see our Web site at                  DELIVERY MODE:
                                                        Fully online. No on-campus meetings
                                                                                    are required, but students may be
                                                                                    required to arrange for a University
                                                                                    Center proctor for exams.

Master of Arts in Training
and Development          Online

The Graduate Program in Training and Development is designed to
meet the needs of those currently employed in training and                           Contact Person(s):
development as well as those wishing to enter this dynamic field. The
program balances a comprehensive examination of current industry                     Tara Hawkins
practices with relevant theory and hands-on experience. Students in the              Coordinator, Graduate Programs
program will be prepared to assume a variety of roles in needs                        in Training and Development
assessment, systematic instructional design, curriculum planning,                    Phone: (847) 619-8734
multimedia training and distance learning.                                           FAX:     (847) 619-8750
The MATD Program can be beneficial         6 graduate credit hours may be            WEBSITE:
for professionals in the Training and      transferred from an accredited  
Development or Organization                institution.                              ruonline
Development fields, workers in Lake
County who have training-related           TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:                       ADDRESS:
responsibilities, or career changers       36 graduate credit hours (includes
interested in entering the industry.                                                 Roosevelt University,
                                           Master’s Thesis or Project).
                                                                                     Evelyn T. Stone University College
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                    GRADUATE CERTIFICATES                     430 South Michigan Avenue
• A minimum undergraduate GPA of           OFFERED:                                  Chicago, IL 60605
  2.7                                      See page 50.
• Application for Graduate
  Admission, with $25 check for            FINANCIAL AID INFO:                       required CoursES:
  admission fee                            For matriculated degree-seeking           Core (8 courses)
• Brief written goal statement             students, financial aid may include       TRDV   400 Intro to Training & Development
• Official transcripts from all previous   some or all of the following:             TRDV   411 Instructional Methods and Delivery
  schools                                                                            TRDV   422 Adult Learning Theory & App
                                           scholarships, grants, loans. Employment
                                                                                     TRDV   434 Evaluation Research Methods
                                           opportunities are often available for     TRDV   435 Organization Development
COST:                                      students who need additional funds to     TRDV   450 Learning Technologies
Graduate tuition is $709 per credit        meet educational costs. The Offices of    TRDV   451 Instructional Systems Design
                                                                                     TRDV   490/499 Master’s Thesis or Project
hour. Each course is 3 credit hours and    Financial Aid and Career Services
costs $2,127.                              provide job postings to assist students   (Choose 2 courses in one Concentration)
                                           with locating employment.                 E-Learning
REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                                                              TRDV 432 E-Learning Strategy
                                                                                     TRDV 438 Blended Learning Solutions
Contact MATD advisor for orientation       SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS:                  TRDV 439 E-Learning Design
and course selection assistance.           The MATD curriculum blends theory         TRDV 453 E-Learning Platforms
Registration can be completed in           with practical application to prepare     Organization Development
                                                                                     TRDV 426 Organizational Communication
person or via the Internet.                graduates for the training and            TRDV 427 Organization Analysis and Design
                                           development industry. Courses are         TRDV 433 Managing Organizational Change
ACADEMIC CALENDAR:                         chosen, developed and reviewed            TRDV 441 Human Performance Technology
                                                                                     Instructional Design
Fall, spring and summer semesters.         based on the most current
                                                                                     TRDV 429 Curriculum Planning & Dev
                                           competencies defined by the               TRDV 439 E-Learning Course Design
DELIVERY MODE:                             American Society for Training and         TRDV 441 Human Performance Technology
                                           Development. The entire curriculum        Electives (2 courses lists aboveor below)
Fully online.                                                                        TRDV 401 Online Teaching Theory & App
                                           consists of 7 core courses, 2 courses     TRDV 420 Career Dev in Organizations
TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:                         from one concentration area (choose       TRDV 421 Facilitation and Presentation Skills
                                           between E-Learning, Organization          TRDV 423 Team Building and Leadership Skills
From any online bookstore or campus                                                  TRDV 424 Comm and Consulting Skills
bookstores in Chicago or Schaumburg.       Development, Instructional Design or      TRDV 425 Project Management
                                           Business), 2 elective courses and 1       TRDV 428 Workplace Diversity
                                           Master’s Thesis or Project course.        TRDV 431 Global Training
                                                                                     TRDV 437 Creativity in the Workplace


                                                             MASTER IN HIGHER EDUCATION
                                                                  ADMINISTRATION (MHEA)

                                                            The MHEA is delivered fully online, through North Park's interactive
            Contact Person(s):                              approach to online learning. The program offers exceptional
                                                            convenience and flexibility for working adults. The broad based
            Chris Nicholson                                 curriculum of the MHEA is a 18 course degree that consists of 13 core
            Director of Graduate Admissions                 courses and 5 electives. Students interested in certificate programs may
            Phone: (773) 244-5518                           complete a certificate as part of the MHEA program. The degree
            FAX:    (773) 279-7996                          combines courses specific to higher education administration with
            E-mail:                management coursework in leadership, finance, marketing, fundraising,
                                                            change management, and strategy.
            Kenneth E. Schaefle
            Director of Individual Recruitment              TARGET AUDIENCE:                           ACADEMIC CALENDAR:
                                                            Professionals who seek to expand           The School of Business and Nonprofit
            School of Business and Nonprofit
                                                            their career options and scope of          Management is on a quad system.
            Management                                      responsibility through advanced            Each quad is seven weeks and there
            Phone: (773)-244-5761                           management education. The degree           are five quads in a year:
            FAX:    (773)-279-7996                          is designed for administrators, faculty,
            Email:                  policy makers, and leaders in higher       DELIVERY MODE:
                                                            education who are interested in            All 18 classes are offered online.
            ADDRESS:                                        enhancing their leadership and
                                                            management capabilities.                   LOCATION(S) OF COURSES:
            North Park University
                                                                                                       All of the 18 courses required to
            3225 West Foster                                ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                    graduate are offered online, but some
            Chicago IL 60625                                Participants may enter the program         electives may be taken at the
                                                            five times a year starting in in August,   University Center of Lake County in a
            WEBSITE:                                        October, January, March and May.           traditional classroom format.
                                                            Admissions requirements:                   TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:
             Required Courses:                              • A Bachelor's degree from an              Texts may be purchased online or by
                                                              accredited institution                   phone from North Park’s Bookstore, or
            SBNM 5010 Organizational Behavior and           • Completed application and current        from any online provider.
                      Ethics                                  resume
            SBNM 5011 Ethical Leadership                    • Two completed recommendation
            SBNM 5350 Nonprofit Financial
                                                                                                       TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:
                                                              forms                                    An applicant may transfer up to four
            SBNM 5351 Nonprofit Financial Decision          • Official transcripts from all colleges   classes of applicable coursework
                      Making                                  attended                                 (8 semester hours) from another
            SBNM 5680 Nonprofit Marketing Analysis          • GMAT or GRE required if cumulative       regionally accredited graduate
                      and Consumer Behavior                   GPA is below 3.0. Waived if              program.
            SBNM 5740 Principles of Higher
                                                              applicant has a graduate degree
                      Education Administration
            SBNM 5741 Higher Education                        from an accredited institution or        TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:
                      Organization and Governance             completes first 5 SBNM courses           36 semester hours are needed to earn
            SBNM 5742 The Contemporary College                with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or
                                                                                                       the MHEA degree.
                                                              better as a nondegree student.
            SBNM 5745 Higher Education Curriculum
                      Development                                                                      FINANCIAL AID INFO:
            SBNM 5746 The Law of Higher Education           COST:                                      North Park offers one of the most
            SBNM 5770 Fundraising Principles for            $1,850 per course (2 Semester Hours)       comprehensive scholarship programs
                      Nonprofit Organizations
            SBNM 5780 Measuring Outcomes and                                                           for part-time graduate students in the
                      Assessment                            REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                    United States. (See page 16)
            SBNM 5790 Nonprofit Strategic                   Via Chris Nicholson or Ken Schaefle
                      Management                            (see above).                               CERTIFICATES OFFERED:
            Elective Courses:
                                                                                                       Several online certificates (See page
            In addition, students will take five elective                                              19).
            courses (total of 10 semester hours).


                                                                                        Master of Arts in
                                                       Online                         Teacher Leadership

                                                         Becoming a Master in Teacher Leadership (MTL) provides practicing educators
            Contact Person(s):                           in all fields the opportunity to earn a high quality education. Classroom teachers
                                                         may use this experience as a step toward state and/or National Board
            Rae Lynne Kynion,                            Certification. Educators outside the K-12 setting may use this experience to
             Coordinator of MTL Degree                   sharpen their leadership skills by learning about quality tools and practicing
            Phone: (217) 206-7516                        their skills within the workplace. Teacher Leadership graduates are eligible to
            FAX:    (217) 206-6494                       apply for a Teacher Leadership Endorsement to be added to their active Illinois
                                                         teaching certificate.
            E-mail: or
                                 TARGET AUDIENCE:                           DELIVERY MODE:
                                                         Teachers who want to become master         Totally online.
            ADDRESS:                                     teachers, not principals; educators
            University of Illinois at Springfield        who wish to be promoted to the next        TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:
                                                         level in their organization; and/or        Textbooks will be listed on the
            Teacher Leadership MS BRK 377
                                                         those working in a public setting who      website, You
            One University Plaza                         are responsible for the educational        may also call the UIS Bookstore at
            Springfield, IL 62703                        needs of others.                           (217) 206-6766. Some online classes
                                                                                                    do not require textbooks.
            WEBSITE:                                     ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:
                             1. Acceptance to UIS Graduate School       TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:
                                                         2. Undergraduate GPA of 3.0/4.0 for        Credit hours will be reviewed on a
                                                            full admission                          case-by-case basis by an MTL
                                                            Undergraduate GPA of 2.5/4.0 for        faculty/staff committee.
                                                            conditional admission
            Required Courses:                            Students should apply online at            TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:
                                                            20 hours of required coursework and
            EDL 585 Foundations of Teacher               applyNow.html by completing the            20 hours of elective coursework
                    Leadership                           Graduate Student application,              totaling 40 credit hours.
            EDL 541 Educational Research                 complete the personal data form at
            EDL 542 Teacher Leadership         ,     CERTIFICATES OFFERED:
            EDL 543 Instructional Design                                                            Graduate Certificate in the Legal
                                                         and have all transcripts sent to UIS.
            EDL 586 MTL Capstone
                                                                                                    Aspects of Education
            Sample Elective Courses:                     Students must be accepted as either
            EDL 547 Technology in the Curriculum         degree-seeking or non-degree-              NON-DEGREE COURSEWORK
            EDL 548 Reading and Literacy                 seeking. For more information,             OFFERED:
            EDL 551 Improving Strategies for                                                        Students may take up to 8 hours
                                                         contact Admissions & Records at (217)
                     Teaching Math and Science
                                                         206-6174 or (888) 977-4847.                offered through this program without
            EDL 560 Intro Illinois' Natural
                                                                                                    being enrolled in the Teacher
                     Resources (DNR's ENTICE
                     Program)                            COST:                                      Leadership program or the Graduate
            EDL 565 Addressing Quality in                For the most up-to-date information        Certificate Program. Beyond 8 hours,
                     Educational Settings                about UIS E-tuition and fees, please       they must petition the department for
            EDL 567 Learning Improvement                 visit:    approval.
                     Through Student                     tuition/index.html
                     Accountability                                                                 FINANCIAL AID INFO:
            EDL 571 NBPTS Certification
                                                         REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                    Please contact UIS's Financial
                                                         Contact Rae Lynne Kynion at (217)          Assistance Office at 217-206-6724.
            EDL 573 Survey of Exceptional Children
            EDL 574 Critical Issues in Education         206-7516 or to receive
            EDL 580 Teacher, Parent, and Student         permission to register.                    SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS:
                     Rights                                                                         Emphasis is placed on becoming
            EDL 581 Legal Responsibilities for the       ACADEMIC CALENDAR:                         leaders in the educational workplace.
                     Educational Workplace                                                          Students will be offered opportunities
                                                         Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.
            For a complete list of course offerings,                                                to network with other educators
            please visit                                                         across the United States, as well as
                                                                                                    other nations of the world.


                                                          Master of Education & CERTIFICATE –
                                                 Community College Teaching and Learning (CCTL)

                                                            The CCTL program is designed to increase the teaching effectiveness of
            Contact Person(s):                              community college faculty and build the instructional leadership of
                                                            supervisory personnel. This curriculum is focused on the effective design
            Jeanne Koehler                                  and implementation of quality instruction, contemporary instructional
            Phone: (217) 333-0807                           technologies, and other instruction using innovations such as peer-
            FAX:     (217) 244-5632                         based collaboration and active learning strategies.
                                                            Courses are highly interactive and provide participants with a foundation
            WEBSITE:                                        of instructional theories, skills, and practices to support existing
                    professional development efforts in community colleges.

            ADDRESS:                                        TARGET AUDIENCE:                      COST:
            University of Illinois at Urbana                This curriculum is designed for       $1280 (USD) and $640 for 2-hour
             Champaign                                      community college faculty and         course (2007-2008). Current tuition
            College of Education                            instructional leaders who desire to   available at: http://www.ed.uiuc.
            1310 S. 6th Street                              expand their knowledge and skills     edu/hre/online/cctl.htm#tuition
            Champaign, IL 61820                             in instructional strategies and
                                                            methods. The curriculum is also       REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:
                                                            appropriate for faculty supervisors   Online
                                                            who make decisions about
                                                            classroom instruction.                ACADEMIC CALENDAR:
                                                                                                  Courses are offered year round
            REQUIRED Courses:                               MASTER’S ADMISSION                    and offered in 10-week formats,
                                                            REQUIREMENTS:                         this schedule allows students to
            Master’s Courses:                               • 3.0/4.0 GPA for last 60 hours of    complete the master's program in
            HRE 501:      The Community College               undergraduate work                  two years, or the certificate
            HRE 412:      Instructional Techniques
            HRE 592:      The Community College
                                                            • Application to the Graduate         program in one year.
                          Student                             College
            HRE 495 I:    Research in Organizations and
                                                            • Letters of reference                DELIVERY MODE:
                          Institutions (2 hours)
            HRE 590:      Assessing Learning Outcomes       • Official transcripts                Internet based. (Includes live
            EPSY 407:     Adult Learning and                                                      online sessions one evening per
                          Development                       The certificate program does not
            HRE 472:      Learning Technologies in                                                week.)
                          Community Colleges
                                                            require formal admission to the
            HRE 517:      Community College Program         University. For complete
                          Development                                                             TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:
            EPS 500 CC:   Social Foundations of
                                                            admissions criteria and application
                                                                                                  Textbooks are shipped from the
                          Community Colleges                procedures, visit the HRD website
            HRE 495 II:   Capstone Project (2 hours)                                              University of Illinois bookstore.
            Graduate Certificate Courses:
                                                            Master’s Application Deadline:        TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:
            Choose four:
            HRE 501:      The Community College             March 1st for cohort beginning in     Master’s: 36 hours (10 courses)
            HRE 412:      Instructional Techniques          July.                                 Graduate Certificate: 16 hours (4
            HRE 592:      The Community College
            HRE 590:      Assessing Learning Outcomes       Certificate Application Deadline:
            EPSY 407:     Adult Learning and
                          Development                       Flexible. Courses begin in January,   FINANCIAL AID INFO:
            HRE 472:      Learning Technologies in          March, July, and September.           Master’s students are eligible to
                          Community Colleges                                                      apply for financial aid.
            HRE 517:      Community College Program
            EPS 500 CC:   Social Foundations of
                          Community Colleges

Master of Education
Online Degrees

Master of Education – Curriculum,
                                                                               Contact Person(s):
Technology, & Education Reform
                                                                               CURRICULUM, TECHNOLOGY,
(CTER)                                                                         & EDUCATION REFORM
The CTER degree program offered through the College of Education is            Doe Kim
designed for practicing teachers and administrators (K-12) who wish to         CTER Project Coordinator
upgrade their knowledge and skills in the areas of interdisciplinary           Phone: (217) 244-3315
curriculum design, technology integration, and education reform                E-mail:
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                 CTER website at              
• 3.0/4.0 GPA for last 60 hours of
  undergraduate work
• application to the Graduate           APPLICATION DEADLINE:
  College                               April and October
• support letter from principals
  (if applicable)                       DELIVERY MODE:
• GRE recommended if low GPA            Internet based (asynchronous and
                                        synchronous instruction).
For admission information and
online applications consult the

Master of Education –                                                          Contact Person(s):
Human Resource Development                                                     HUMAN RESOURCE
The HRD graduate program is designed for individuals currently working         DEVELOPMENT
in or aspiring to HRD positions in a variety of organizational sectors. This   Jeanne Koehler
program focuses on employee training and development, organizational           Phone: (217) 333-0807
development, and the application of technology to improve individual           FAX:     (217) 244-5632
and organizational performance. Emphasis on HRD leadership                     E-mail:
domestically and globally. Program is accredited by NCA.
• 3.0/4.0 GPA for last 60 hours of      March 1st for cohort beginning in
  undergraduate work                                                           ADDRESS:
• Application to the Graduate                                                  University of Illinois at Urbana
                                        September 1st for cohort
  College                                                                              Champaign
                                        beginning in January
• Letters of reference                                                         College of Education
• Official transcripts                  DELIVERY MODE:                         1310 S. 6th Street
                                        Internet based. (Includes live         Champaign, IL 61820
For complete admissions criteria        online sessions one evening per
and application procedures, visit       week.)
the HRD website at


                                                       Online                                            Certificates

                                                       Each certificate may transfer into the MA in Training and Development. Courses
            Contact Person(s):                         are chosen, developed and reviewed based on the most current competencies
                                                       defined by the American Society for Training and Development.
            Tara Hawkins
            Coordinator, Graduate Programs             E-Learning
             in Training and Development               Introduces students to distance learning as it applies to training and development,
                                                       this program will provide knowledge of training and development principles,
            Phone: (847) 619-8734
                                                       sound instructional design theory and practice, and an overview of distance
            FAX:     (847) 619-8750                    learning strategies and computer-based training software.

                                                       Instructional Design
                                                       Prepares future instructional designers or to sharpen the skills of existing
                                                       professionals. Provides sound instructional design theory and proven practice.

            Roosevelt University,                      Training and Development
            Evelyn T. Stone University College         Provides principles of effective training and development practices, an
            430 South Michigan Avenue                  introduction to the many uses of technology in training, and skills in the area of
                                                       instructional design.
            Chicago, IL 60605

                                                       Online Teaching
            required CoursES:                          Explores the pedagogy and provide skills and techniques needed to effectively
            (See corresponding course titles on Page   deliver learning through an online medium.
            49 describing Roosevelt’s MA in Training
            and Development.)
                                                       Performance Consulting
            E-Learning Certificate (5 courses):        Provides students with cutting edge skills needed by consultants to access
            TRDV 400, TRDV 450, TRDV 451               organizational needs, identify and implement solutions, and generate support.
            plus two courses from the following:
            TRDV 432, TRDV 438, TRDV 439,
                                                       TARGET AUDIENCE:                            ACADEMIC CALENDAR:
            TRDV 453
                                                       Beneficial for professionals in the T&D     Fall & spring semesters; summer term
            Instructional Design Certificate           for Organization Development fields,
            (5 courses):                               workers in Lake County who have             DELIVERY MODE:
            TRDV 400, TRDV 439, TRDV 434,              training-related responsibilities or        Fully online. Five interactive courses,
            TRDV 451                                   career changers who are interested in       each 12 weeks in length.
            plus one of the following                  entering the industry.
            TRDV 411, TRDV 422, TRDV 441
                                                                                                   TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:
            Training & Development Cert.               ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                     From any online bookstore, or campus
            (5 courses):                               • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.7        bookstores in Chicago or Schaumburg.
            TRDV 400, TRDV 411 or TRDV 451,            • Application for Graduate Admission,
            TRDV 450                                      with $25 check for admission fee
                                                       • Brief written goal statement
                                                                                                   TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:
            plus two courses from any
                                                       • Official transcripts from all schools
                                                                                                   6 graduate credit hours may be
                                                                                                   transferred from an accredited
            Online Teaching Certificate (3 courses):                                               institution.
            TRDV 401, TRDV 422, TRDV 451
                                                       Graduate tuition is $709 per credit
                                                       hour. Each course is 3 hours and costs      TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:
            Performance Consulting Cert.                                                           15 graduate credit hours
            (5 courses):                               $2,127.
            TRDV 400, TRDV 424, TRDV 435,
            TRDV 441                                   REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                     FINANCIAL AID INFO:
            plus one of the following:                                                             Visit website at: http://www.roosevelt.
                                                       Contact MATD advisor for orientation
            TRDV 423, TRDV 425, TRDV 426,                                                          edu/financialaid/default.htm or see
                                                       and course selection assistance.            financial information under MA in Training
            TRDV 427, TRDV 428, TRDV 433
                                                       Register in person or via the Internet.     and Development on page 49.

Master of Engineering

The University of Illinois at Chicago Master of Engineering (MEng) is a
professional degree program offered entirely online. The main objectives of the           Contact Person(s):
MEng online program are as follows:
1) To provide graduate training that is controlled by the employer's needs, and           Carolyn Cimon Williams,
   may respond to these changing needs in real time by creating new
                                                                                           Program Coordinator
   specializations with no delay;
2) To provide graduate engineering education to students in remote areas of the           MEng degree program (MC 171)
   state, the country and the world, and/or to students who can access                    813 Science and Engineering
   instruction only asynchronously;                                                        Offices
3) To provide interdisciplinary technical upgrading to engineers in small and             Phone: (312) 996-9806
   medium-sized industries; and                                                           FAX:    (312) 996-8664
4) To provide specialized technical training to a geographically dispersed group          E-mail:
   of students.
In addition to the general track, students may choose from three well-developed
   specialized tracks: Bioinformatics (BIOE), Electromagnetic Engineering (EME)           WEBSITE:
   and Wireless Communications and Signal Processing (WCSP).
TARGET AUDIENCE:                               ACADEMIC CALENDAR:
The MEng degree program is aimed               Fall and Spring Semesters.
at professionals who intend to
augment or update their knowledge in           DELIVERY MODE:
engineering and applied science.               All coursework is Internet-based,
                                               taken asynchronously (anytime) with
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                        the exception of group projects and
Criteria for admission to the program          proctored exams.                           Required Courses:
are the same as those for admission to                                                    Each student needs to complete thirty-
UIC on-campus programs:                        TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:                     six semester credit hours, which
• Students must have completed a               A maximum of three graduate courses        includes taking the following two
  baccalaureate or equivalent degree in        (for a maximum of 12 semester credit       required courses:
  an appropriate field of engineering or                                                  • Engineering Law (4 credit hours)
                                               hours) that have not been used toward
  in a closely related field (e.g., computer                                              • Engineering Management (4 credit
                                               another degree and in which grades of        hours)
  science, mathematics, or physics).
• A cumulative GPA of at least B in all        at least B have been received may be
  undergraduate study. (This requirement       transferred from another institution,      The complete list of courses offered as
  may be waived if applicant has               provided that the student has already      part of the Master of Engineering
  sufficiently meaningful professional         completed at least 3 engineering           program can be viewed on the MEng
  experience.)                                                                            Web site:
                                               courses toward the MEng.
• Students whose native language is not                                                   meng/courses.htm.
  English must demonstrate proficiency in
                                               NON-DEGREE COURSEWORK
  English. A minimum TOEFL score
  (current test) of 213 is required, or a      OFFERED:
  score of 550 on the earlier version.         Students may apply as non-degree          TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:
                                               and take individual courses or apply      36 semester credit hours
COST:                                          to any of the four certificate programs
All students admitted to online                within the Master of Engineering          SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS:
programs are assessed the eTuition.            program:                                  The MEng degree program offers
See UIC’s Office of Admission and              • Electromagnetics Technology             both on-campus and off-campus
Records Web site:            Certificate (12 credit hours)           students an opportunity to pursue
depts/oar/grad/tuition_grad.html and           • Wireless Communication Technology       their educational goals in an
choose the relevant academic year for            Certificate (12 credit hours)           asynchronous classroom (with the
the eTuition rate, which is found in the       • Engineering Law and Management          exception of exams), where students
“Notes” section below the tuition                Certificate (12 credit hours)           decide when to access their classes.
tables.                                        • Bioinformatics Certificate (12 credit   The MEng is a professional degree
                                                 hours)                                  based exclusively on coursework,
REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                                                                  without a research component.


                                                         Graduate Engineering programs
                                                        Online        Master of Science

                                                         Master of Science in Mechanical
               Contact Person(s):
                                                         Engineering (MSME)
               Laura A. Miller, Director
                                                         TARGET AUDIENCE:                              DELIVERY MODE:
                of Engineering Online Programs           Individuals interested in completing          Courses offered online.
               Office of Continuing Engineering          an MS degree in mechanical
                Education                                engineering or taking courses for             REQUIRED COURSES:
               Phone: (800) 252-1360, ext 6 or           professional development. Individuals         Thesis Option – 32 hours. 12 hours must
                        (217) 333-6634                   must have a BS degree in mechanical           be at the 500-level with two of the three
                                                         engineering from an ABET accredited           courses taken in mechanical engineering.
               FAX:     (217) 333-0015                                                                 Individuals may take up to eight hours of
                                                         institution. Both thesis and non-thesis
               E-mail:                                                      thesis credit.
                                                         options are available.
                                                                                                       Non-Thesis Option – 36 hours of credit
               ADDRESS:                                  ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                       required, including ME 597 - Independent
               University of Illinois at                 • Minimum GPA – 3.25/4.0 scale.               Study (non-thesis project). 12 hours of
                Urbana-Champaign                         • TOEFL scores for international              500-level courses, two of which must
                                                           applicants.                                 be in mechanical engineering.
               400 Engineering Hall MC-268
               1308 West Green                           • Complete Graduate College
               Urbana, IL 61801                            application with $60 fee for                edu/ucenter click on “Degrees”
                                                           domestic applicants and $75 for
                                                           international applicants.
                                                         Graduate Certificate in MATERIALS
                                                         TARGET AUDIENCE:                              DELIVERY MODE:
                                                         Professional engineers with a BS in           Courses offered via the Internet.
                                                         mechanical or materials engineering
                                                         from an ABET accredited institution.          CERTIFICATE
                                                         ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                       • Materials
                                                         • Minimum GPA – 3.0/4.0                       • Material Failure Analysis
                                                         • Complete application found at
              General Information                          edu/ucenter under “Certificates”
              for both:
              COST:                                      PAYMENT:                                         TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:
              Tuition and fees for 2008-09 academic      American Express, MasterCard and                 Individuals may transfer, with approval
              year will be posted at http://online.      Discover.*                                       from the graduate advisor, eight hours
     when                                                       of credit from another institution. Up to
              available.                                 LOCATION(S) OF COURSES:                          12 hours of UIUC credit taken prior to
                                                         Entirely online, but exams must be               admission may be applied to a degree.
              REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                    proctored. The University Center of Lake
              Contact the Office of Continuing           County is an approved testing center.            NON-DEGREE COURSEWORK
              Engineering Education at (800) 252-                                                         OFFERED:
              1360, ext. 6 or visit the website at       TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:                               Students may enroll as non-degree
        UIUC Illini Union Bookstore at                   students on a credit or non-credit basis
              ucenter and click on “Registration.”                without having to be admitted into the
                                                                                                          Graduate College.
              ACADEMIC CALENDAR:
              Regular UIUC semesters beginning            *OCEE will accept Visa directly for online
              August, January, and May.                    engineering courses.

Business Management for Engineers (BME)
Strategic Technology Management (STM)
Graduate CertificateS                                                            Online

These certificates are intended to provide a multiplier effect on the
value of an engineering degree by grounding engineers in business                      Contact Person(s):
concepts that will be encountered throughout their career. Up to 12
hours of credit may be transferred into a degree program with                          Laura A. Miller
departmental approval.                                                                 Director of Engineering Online
                                                                                       Office of Continuing Engineering
TARGET AUDIENCE:                             TEXTBOOK PURCHASE:                         Education
The certificate programs are geared          UIUC Illini Union Bookstore at
                                                                                       Phone: (800) 252-1360 ext. 6 or
toward engineers, but are open to  
anyone who holds a bachelor’s degree.        (some course materials available
                                                                                               (217) 333-6634
                                             through the Office of Continuing          FAX:    (217) 333-0015
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                      Engineering Education).                   E-mail:
Students must:
• Hold a bachelor’s degree                   TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:                    ADDRESS:
• Earn a B- or higher in all coursework      Only UIUC courses will count toward       University of Illinois at Urbana-
• Submit the following materials             the certificates.
   upon completion of coursework:
   • Application form                        TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:                       400 Engineering Hall MC-268
   • Transcript of the courses you’ve        6 semester hours                          1308 West Green Street
     completed toward the certificate.                                                 Urbana, IL 61801
     For information on ordering             FINANCIAL AID INFO:
     transcripts, see http://online.         Not available for certificate programs.   WEBSITE:                                      
     transcripts.htm                         SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS:
                                             The Business Management for               ucenter
   • Processing fee: $65 check made
     payable to the University of Illinois   Engineers (BME) certificate consists of
                                             a sequence of courses that                Required CoursES:
COST:                                        concentrate on the principles and
Tuition and fees for 2008-09 academic        practice in business concepts and
                                                                                       STM Course Requirements:
year will be posted at http://online.        management skills designed help to
                                                                              when        build the aptitude of engineers in this
available.                                   area; an expertise that is inherently
                                             necessary for successful managers and     BME Course Requirements:
REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                      leaders.                        
See                                                                                    ucenter/bme.htm      The Strategic Technology
registration.htm for details.                Management (STM) certificate
                                             program is designed for students with
ACADEMIC CALENDAR:                           an engineering background who
Regular UIUC semesters beginning             aspire to rise in management, make
August, January, and May.                    higher level strategic technology/
                                             business decisions, and develop
DELIVERY MODE:                               leadership skills.



                                                                                                    Master of Public Health in
                                                                                Online              Public Health Informatics

                                                                                   This program is focused on the study of the application of information
                               Contact Person(s):                                  management techniques to improve the practice of public health.
                                                                                   Graduates of the program will acquire the following skills and knowledge
                               External Education/UIC Online                       after completion of the program: A knowledge of the basic principles of
                               1333 South Halsted, Suite 205                       public health; the ability to specify the requirements for the development
                               Chicago, IL 60607                                   or adaptation of public health related information systems; knowledge of
                               Phone: (312) 355-0423                               health data definitions and standards, as well as privacy and confidentiality
                               FAX:    (312) 413-9730                              issues; ability to plan, specify and manage the implementation of public
                               E-mail:                                 health information systems projects; knowledge of the existence,
                                                                                   structure, and uses of public health and health databases and networks;
                               WEBSITE:                                            an understanding of the basic functions and operations of information
                                              technologies that have significant application in public health practice
                                                                                   such as geographic information systems, web-based information
                                                                                   dissemination, and data mining; skill in information technology planning
                                                                                   and procurement related to public health information systems.

                                                                                   ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                       See UIC’s Office of Admission and
                                                                                   A baccalaureate degree from an                Records Web site:
                                                                                   accredited school is the minimum              depts/oar/grad/tuition_grad.html and
                                                                                   requirement for admission. The                choose the relevant academic year for
                                                                                   admission process is highly competitive.      the eTuition rate, which is found in the
                               required CoursES:                                                                                 “Notes” section below the tuition tables.
                                                                                   Admitted students typically have a
                               Public Health Courses:                              combined undergraduate/graduate
                               BSTT 400     Biostatistics I (4)                    grade point of 4.00 (A = 5.00) and a          REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:
                               CHSC 400     Public Health Concepts and
                                                                                   combined GRE score of at least 1,000          PHI facilitates all registration for
                                            Practice (3)
                               CHSC 401     Behavioral Sciences in Public Health   (verbal plus quantitative). Applicants        students after confirming course
                                            (3)                                    educated primarily outside of a               selection.
                               EOHS 400     Principles of Environmental Health     country where English is the principal
                                            Sciences (3)
                               EPID 400     Principles of Epidemiology (3)         language must submit TOEFL scores.            ACADEMIC CALENDAR:
                               HPA 400      Principles of Management in Public     All MPH applicants must submit GRE            Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.
                                            Health (3)                             scores, EXCEPT:
                               Informatics Courses:                                *   MPH applicants with a graduate or         DELIVERY MODE:
                               HPA 465      Health Information and Decision            professional degree at the doctoral       Online
                                            Support Systems (4)                        level, e.g., PhD, ScD, MD, DDS, DO,
                               HPA 481      Development of Public Health               DVM, JD, from an accredited U.S. or
                                            Surveillance Information Systems (3)       Canadian school.                          NON-DEGREE COURSEWORK:
                               HPA 494      Legal and Ethical Issues in Public                                                   Students may apply to Public Health
                                            Health Informatics (3)
                                                                                   *   MPH applicants with the above-stated
                               HPA 494      Survey of Public Health Information        degrees from foreign schools whose        Informatics Certificate Program, which
                                            Systems (4)                                applications are sponsored by an          consists of five courses within the PHI
                               HPA 494      Management of Communication                accepted referral service, such as        curriculum.
                                            Systems for Public Health                  AFGRAD, AMIDEAST.
                                            Applications (4)                       *   Physicians who are licensed to practice
                               HPA 563      Web-Based Public Health                                                              TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:
                                                                                       in the United States.
                                            Information Systems (4)                                                              Possible for equivalent courses.
                               HPA 564      Geographic Information System          NOTE: The USMLE and ECFMG will not be
                                            Application in Public Health (3)
                                                                                   considered in lieu of the GRE. For            TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:
                               HPA 565      Datamining Applications in Public
                                            Health (3)                             information about seeking a waiver of the     51
                                                                                   GRE, contact program director. Non-
                               Field Praticum:
                                                                                   degree Coursework: See page 63.
                               IPHS 650     Field Experience in Public Health                                                    FINANCIAL AID INFO:
                                                                                                                                 Contact UIC Financial Aid Office at
                               Capstone Project:                                   COST:
                                                                                                                                 (312) 996-3126 or visit website.
                               IPHS 698     Master of Public Health Capstone       All students admitted to online
                                            Experience (1)
                                                                                   programs are assessed the eTuition.
                               Total Hours (51)


                                                                         Master of Science in Library and
                                                                      Online  Information Science (LEEP)

                                                                         The online LEEP Master of Science program equips individuals with the
                                 Contact Person(s):                      theories and practices of library and information science (LIS). Program
                                                                         objectives include: teaching graduates to anticipate and promote
                                 Penny Ames                              technological changes, fostering critical thinking about literature and
                                 Graduate School of Library &            research in LIS, and preparing for the evaluation and development of
                                  Information Science                    library services. Master’s students design their own program of study.
                                 Phone: (800) 982-0914                   Specializations include reference and information services, community
                                                                         information systems, design and evaluation of information systems, data
                                 ADDRESS:                                curation, and services for children and young adults. Graduates are
                                 University of Illinois at               qualified for posts as beginning librarians and information scientists.
                                 Graduate School of Library &            ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:                    LOCATION(S) OF COURSES:
                                  Information Science                    • A GPA of 3.0/4.0 for the junior and      The LEEP distance education program
                                                                           senior undergraduate years               brings students to campus for only brief
                                 501 East Daniel
                                                                         • Official transcripts                     periods of study each semester. Most
                                 Champaign, IL 61820-6211                • Letters of reference (3)                 classes require “live” Internet-based
                                 FAX:    (217) 244-3302                  • GRE test results                         interaction at regularly scheduled times.
                                                                           Note: GRE is required if GPA is less     Other class work can be completed per
                                 WEBSITE:                                  than 3.0/4.0 in last 2 years of          the student’s preferred time. Courses
                                         undergraduate work.                      involve approximately 15-20 hours per
                                 programs/leep                           • 2 Essays                                 week, including 10 hours of Internet
                                                                         • Resume                                   time per week.

                                                                         Contact the GSLIS admissions               TRANSFER HOURS POLICY:
                                 required CoursES:                       secretary with questions regarding the     4 credit hours of non LIS graduate
                                                                         admissions process (217) 333-7197.         level coursework may be transferred
                                 Two core courses:                       Applications are submitted                 into the program. Maximum hours
                                 LIS 501 Information, Organization       electronically from GSLIS website.         transferred from another university is 8
                                         and Access                                                                 hours. 4 credit hours of non-LIS
                                 LIS 502 Libraries, Information and      COST:                                      graduate level coursework from an
                                         Society                         LEEP students are billed per semester      accredited university may be transferred
                                                                         hour. Residency determines in-state or     into the program or 8 hours of LIS
                                                                         out-of-state rates.                        coursework from an ALA-accredited
                                                                                                                    school. The 8 hours cannot be courses
                                                                         REGISTRATION PROCEDURE:                    comparable to our 2 core courses.
                                                                         New and continuing students register
                                                                         at   TOTAL HOURS NEEDED:
                                                                         after receiving their Enterprise netID     40 credit hours
                                                                         and password.
                                                                                                                    FINANCIAL AID INFO:
                                                                         ACADEMIC CALENDAR:                         Student loans available for those
                                                                         New LEEP students begin the                accepted into degree program and
                                                                         program with a 10-day stay on              enrolled at least 6 hours in Fall and
                                                                         campus in July then continue with the      Spring, or 3 hours in Summer.
                                                                         regular UIUC semesters beginning
                                                                         August, January, & June.                   OTHER INFORMATION:
                                                                                                                    Visit the GSLIS website for detailed
                                                                         DELIVERY MODE:                             information on admission requirements,
                                                                         A majority of the coursework is            courseloads, scheduling options, and
                                                                         Internet based, completed at the site      their certificate of advanced study.
                                                                         chosen by the student.


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