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									 Oxbridge Briefing for Students

Supplementary Information to UCAS Apply 2013
(for entry in 2013 or deferred entry 2014)

College Admissions Counseling Office

     Oxbridge apps: additional components*
 In addition to your UCAS personal statement +
 academic reference + predicted grades +
 actual A level results, Oxford/ Cambridge requires:
1)     admissions tests** (TSA, LNAT, BMAT, Subject-
       specific Written Tests),
2)     and/ or written work* (Portfolios, samples of
       written work, etc.), as required for your subject
3)     interviews
* 1) & 2) may / may not be required, depending on your course choice
**In addition to your online UCAS submission; earlier deadlines may apply   14
  Admissions Tests & Entry Requirements

• Please check the entry requirements for the specific
  courses. Check to see if you need additional aptitude
  or entry tests prior to submitting your application.

• Law and Medicine applicants may be required to sit for
  the LNAT and BMAT respectively.

• Please be aware of test dates and plan accordingly –
  you may be required to sit for these tests or register for
  the tests in advance of beginning/ submitting your
  UCAS application.
     Course-specific Entry Requirements

• Check out entry requirements for Oxford courses

      Course-specific Entry Requirements
• Check out Cambridge entry requirements here:
• Check out Course-specific requirements here:
• http://www.study.cam.ac.uk/undergraduate/international/do

    BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT)

•   Test Date: 9.00am GMT, 7th November 2012 (Wed)
•   Registration: August 2012 - 1 Oct 2012
•   Cost: £72.50
•   BMAT Test centre: British Council Singapore

• Cambridge: A100 Medicine, D100 Veterinary

• Oxford: A100 Medicine, BC98 Biomedical Sciences

      Additional Tests for Law applicants

• Test Date: 1 Sept 2012 - 15 / 20 Jan 2013
• Registration: opens 1st August for the test cycle which
  runs from the following 1 September to 30 June

• Oxford: Register & book LNAT test slot by 5 Oct 2012
  Submit UCAS form by 15 Oct 2012
  Sit the LNAT by 20 October 2012 at the very latest

• Cambridge has its own Cambridge Law Test.

   Oxford-only Tests (Subject-specific)
• PAT (Physics Aptitude Test): University of Oxford
  • Physics (3 year course F300; 4 year course F303),
  • Physics and Philosophy (VF53),
  • Engineering Science (various course codes),
  • Engineering, Economics and Management (EEM)

• TSA Oxford (Thinking Skills Assessment):
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE),
  • Economics and Management (E&M),
  • Experimental Psychology (EP) and
  • Psychology, Physiology and Philosophy (PPP).
        Oxford-only Tests (Subject-specific)

•       HAT (History Aptitude Test):
    •    History (V100),
    •    History (Ancient and Modern) (V118),
    •    History and Economics (LV11),
    •    History and English (VQ13),
    •    all History and Modern Languages courses,
    •    History and Politics (LV21).

•     ELAT (English Literature Aptitude Test):
    • Eng lit courses at Oxford
             More Subject-specific Tests
•       TSA Cambridge:
    •   G400 Computer Science,
    •   L100 Economics,
    •   H100 Engineering,
    •   KL41 Land Economy,
    •   BCF0 Natural Sciences (Physical and Biological)

•     STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) *
    • Cambridge, G100 Mathematics

    *Runs in June every year.

                  Written Work
• Oxford & Cambridge require some applicants to
submit samples of written work as part of their

• At Oxford the deadline for the submission of this
work is 10 November. (Include the cover sheet found
on this page:

• Applicants to Cambridge will be advised by their
College when it needs to be submitted.
                        Written work
under Courses if any
are required for your
Course choice

OXFORD > check the following link
_apply/written_work/index.html                            12
      Interviews: Cambridge & Oxford

• Interviews will take place in early Dec 2012
• Skype interviews at Raffles

• 22 – 31 Oct
• Cambridge interviewing team in SG

Applying to Cambridge:
  the Technicalities
   Cambridge applications process
(for candidates interviewing overseas)

    Cambridge: documents & deadlines

1. Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA)
2. Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ)
3. Transcript Document Submission

•   20 Sept: COPA & UCAS due
•   20 Sept: Transcript Document upload
•   22 Oct: SAQ deadline for most colleges

Your COPA (for Cambridge applicants only)

Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA)
• The COPA is the required part of the application process
for applicants from outside the European Union, or for
anyone wishing to be considered for an Organ Scholarship.
The COPA replaces the hard-copy COAF Form.

• You don’t have to complete the COPA in one go.

• Not all questions may be applicable to you; however, you
cannot submit the COPA until you have completed the
necessary sections.

• You are allowed only one COPA application a year.
      Cambridge applications: a summary
•   You should already have created a UCAS account.
•   In order to apply to Cambridge, you will need a Cambridge
    Online Preliminary Application (COPA) account as well.
•   UCAS or COPA first? It does not matter which you
    complete application first.
•   Both COPA & UCAS are due latest by 20 Sept for
    applicants interviewing in Singapore (i.e. outside of
•   After the UCAS is submitted, you will receive via email
    details of the Supplementary Application Questionnaire
•   You will have to upload your Transcript by 20 Sept as well.
Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA)

 •   Register your COPA account here to begin your

 •   You can only make one COPA application a year.
     Making more than one application invalidates your
     application and you will no longer be considered for

  Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA)

• Use the Help Text on the right of
  your COPA screen.
• Cambridge Admissions Office
  contact for COPA matters:
  Helpline: Tel: +44(0)1223333308;
  Email: copahelp@admin.cam.ac.uk
• It is strongly recommended that
  you do not leave submitting the
  UCAS and COPA till the last minute
  in case you encounter difficulties.

Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA)
•   You are recommended to use the Firefox browser to
    complete your COPA.
•   Estimated time taken to complete the COPA: ~2hours
•   You have to complete the Application Type section to
    access the rest of the questionnaire.
•   Use the Navigation Bar to move between different
•   Any info will be auto-saved.

•   Refer to the Guide to Completing the COPA:
Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA)

• For the COPA to be valid, the following items
  have to arrive by the appropriate deadline:

  1)   COPA application
  2)   UCAS application
  3)   Application fee payment (COPA)
  4)   A copy of your UCAS reference
  5)   A copy of your high school transcript

          High School Transcript submission
  • Cambridge applicants will have to upload their
  transcripts to Cambridge’s Undergraduate Document
  Submission (UGDS) website.

  • Transcripts should comprise of Certified True Copies
  of the following documents (Bring original documents
  and photocopies to Student Affairs Centre):
For current students                For ex-students
O level or IP Year 4 summary grades O level or IP Year 4 summary grades
Promo Overall Grades                A level results

        High School Transcript submission

•   High school transcript submission weblink:
•   Visit this website for further instructions:

•   You will have to submit your transcript as a single
    multi-page PDF document.

•   Note also that only transcripts should be submitted
        High School Transcript submission

•   You are completing the Cambridge Online
    Preliminary Application (COPA) as part of your
    application; you have to wait until you receive your
    COPA reference number before uploading your
•   20 Sept: Deadline for transcript upload for
    Cambridge applicants interviewing in Singapore

     Important note on referee’s details –
               Cambridge only

Special note on the details of your UCAS referee:
Cambridge applicants

   You input your civics
      tutor’s details.

                              But the email must read:

Cambridge applicants only: COPA – final reminders

• You will not be prevented from submitting the COPA
after the deadline but you should observe the deadline
that applies to you (based on where you are
interviewing) or your application will not be valid.
• Once you have submitted the COPA, it will not be
possible to alter your answers.
• Remember to click on “Complete Payment” or there
may be a delay of up to 24 hours before you receive
the confirmation email that the COPA has been
        Cambridge applicants: the SAQ

•   Upon completion of the UCAS, you will receive a
    link to the Supplementary Application Questionnaire
    (SAQ). You will also need to submit your SAQ in
    order for your application to be valid.
•   Once your identity has been successfully
    confirmed, you should enter your COPA Reference
    Number and your UCAS ID in the boxes, and you
    will then be able to submit the SAQ (you do not
    need to answer the rest of the questions you
    have already answered in the COPA).
    Cambridge Applications: Additional Costs

•    UCAS: £23
•    (non-refundable) application fee for COPA
     submissions: £30
•    Shortlisted Cambridge applicants must pay an
     additional fee of £110 that goes toward the
     cost of the overseas interview scheme.

             Oxford Applications

•   Just the UCAS, no separate application etc.
    form needed

       Note to Oxbridge applicants

• All Oxford or Cambridge applicants are to
  register your details with us at the College
  Admissions Counseling office.
• This helps us track your UCAS application to
  ensure it arrives on time.

               Important Dates: for Oxbridge
 23 Aug 2012    Last day for student to request references from CTs for all UCAS with
                earlier deadlines: Cambridge (interviewing in SG)/ Oxford/ Medicine/
                Veterinary Science/ Dentistry
20 Sept 2012    Cambridge submissions (for interviews held in SG)
                Closing date for all online components: UCAS + COPA +Transcript
                Document Upload
12 Oct 2012     Deadline for students to request for teacher’s recommendations for
                UCAS Apply 2013
15 Oct 2012     UCAS Submission Deadline: all applications to Medicine/
                Vet Science/ Dentistry/ Oxford University / Camb (interview at Camb)
By 22 Oct 2012 Cambridge SAQ deadline
End Oct 2012    Cambridge interviews take place in Singapore
Early Dec 2012 Oxford Skype interviews take place

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