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					Thai Traditional massage

Thai Massage is a wonderful combination of energywork and bodywork. The acupressure along the energy lines of the body, manipulation and yogic stretching techniques combine to form a uniquely releasing and energising treatment! The massage is performed on a floor mat on the clothed body, with the Thai therapist using hands, feet, knees and elbows.

Traditional Thai Body massage:
Thai massage consists primarily of acupressure exerted on the energy lines and points as well as a large variety of exquisite yogic stretching movements. These are combined in a comprehensive strategy that may be performed in as little as an hour, or may be extended to three hours in length for a full program. The energy lines (called ‘Sen') in nuad – Bo Rarn Thai Massage are reminiscent of the meridians of Chinese acupuncture, and the theory of energy which lies behind this concept is similar. However, where the meridians follow the energy flow associated with specific organs, the Sen follow the form of the body. Thai tradition recognize 72000 Sen in theory, but in practice,

only 10 serve as the foundation.
The stretching movements in Thai Massage affect the entire body increasing flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, and helping the body's natural energy to flow more freely. The effect of these stretching movements, in which the client plays only a passive role, is similar to Yoga. This is sometimes referred to as passive yoga or Lazy mans Yoga! The result is an opening of the body, which leaves one feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time. The benefits of a Traditional Thai Massage
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Deep relaxation Stress relief Improved sleep Increased energy Relieves pain Increased range of motion of joints Assists posture and alignment Improved circulation and toxin removal. Stimulated lymphatic drainage and immune system boost. Reduced stiffness and improved flexibility. Changes body and time perceptions Strengthens internal organs Revitalizes chakra / endocrine system Resets the rhythms of the body Accelerated physical healing Reconnects the energy of the body, mind and spirit Creates a lasting feeling of well – being

Traditional Thai Foot Massage:

Thai foot Massage is an ancient and powerful therapy, which has been used for over 3000 years. This massage works on the energy channels on the soles of the feet and lower legs, stimulating smooth energy flow and improved circulation as well as encouraging balance and relaxation. Thai foot massage is done with the client lying on a floor mat, with the legs raised on a small foot - stool. The massage begins with the stimulation of energy flows in the feet and some foot and ankle stretches, which loosen and encourage flexibility. Thai foot massage differs from other forms of foot massage in that it focuses a great deal on stimulating healthy energy flow in the body, and also in the use of a specially shaped stick to stimulate reflex points. The massage is designed to balance the body and energy system and is effective in relieving pain and many health problems. It is used all over Thailand as a tool for maintaining good health and well – being. The benefits of a Thai Foot Massage
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Deep relaxation Improved circulation and toxin removal. Stimulated lymphatic drainage and immune system boost. Reduced stiffness and improved flexibility. Accelerated physical healing Stress relief Improved sleep Clarity of mind

Institute of Thai Massage, SA

ITMSA courses are recognized by the Institute of Thai Massage, Chiang Mai – Thailand, and approved certificates are issued to ITMSA students after each level.

Thai Traditional Massage:
Thai Traditional Massage: Practitioner Training The practitioner training teaches almost 100 different techniques, which can be combined to suite the individual client. A wide variety of different Yogic stretches are taught, as well as information on the Sen lines and methods of stimulating energy flow. The training is run in two levels. Level one is run as an 8 week training with classes once a week, or as a 4 day intensive, and level two is a twelve week training once a week, or a 6 day intensive. Students must complete case studies and a practical exam after this level and can begin working on clients once the exam is completed.

Thai Traditional Massage: Advanced Training On the advanced level many different and more difficult, high risk stretches are taught. Students learn to use specific pressure points to relieve injuries and ailments. Energy lines and the use of these to treat ailments are also explored. Students start to work with more intuitive bodywork, and focus on clearing blocks in the body. Students must have completed practitioner in order to do this more advanced level. It is run as a retreat and is not a compulsory level. We go away for 5 days of training and transformation!

Thai Foot Massage: A simple and effective routine is taught in two days The training equips students to perform a one - hour Thai Foot Massage. The movements taught are designed to balance the whole system.

Founder of ITMSA:
Jean Moore is probably South Africa's leading exponent and teacher of Thai Traditional Massage and manipulation. She is the founder of I.T.M. (Institute of Thai Massage) South Africa, which offers introductory and Therapist training in Thai Traditional Massage and Thai Foot Massage. Jean has an H.D.E (Higher Diploma in Education) and has taught for many years in both South Africa and Asia. She is a qualified and experienced therapist in Thai Traditional and Medical Massage, Sports Massage and Holistic Healing. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher. Jean first discovered Thai Massage some years ago whilst living and working in the East. During the years she spent there, much time was spent in Thailand studying Thai Traditional Massage and Thai Medical Massage at the Wat Po temple in Bangkok and at ITM in Chiang Mai, where she obtained her teacher's qualification in Nuad Bo – Rarn Thai Traditional Massage and assisted with the training of other students. Jean runs I.T.M. courses from a centres in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, as well as offering training packages to Spa's, schools and private groups all over South Africa. She delights in gently guiding and assisting her students to perfect the Thai techniques. She keeps her classes small and they are always practical and fun! Jean also offers individual treatments and training in Thai Traditional Massage, Thai Foot Massage, “Hot foot” hot stone foot massage, Deep Tissue Oil Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Sports Massage, Oriental Sports Massage, Hawaiian Hot stone, Holistic healing and Reiki. Jean's teaching and her attitude encourages the four divine states of Consciousness: Metta: The desire to make others happy and the ability to show loving kindness Karuna: Compassion for all those who suffer and a desire to ease their suffering Mudita: Rejoicing with those who have good fortune and never feeling envy Upekkha: Regarding one's fellows with out prejudice or preference

"Sawatdee" Go in peace...

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