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					                                         Upward Bound
                                         Summer 2011
Instructor: Mrs. Telsa Comunale

Location:      Stroud 306
Time:          8:00 – 9:20 a.m.

Class Website:         Throughout the semester you will need to access the class website at Here you will find our class lessons on a pencast and other
resources. Please be sure you can access this website before our next class.

Goals:         During this Pre-Algebra course, students will reach the following goals:

               1.   Prepare for a high school Pre-Algebra course;
               2.   Complete operations with integers, fractions, and decimals;
               3.   Solve equations and inequalities;
               4.   Solve word problems;
               5.   Calculate simple and compound probability.

Grading:        Your final grade in this class will be based on a total number of points. You will
receive points for in-class participation, homework, quizzes, and exams (midterm and final). It is
important that you take all assignments seriously and make up any missed work!

Classroom Etiquette:
   1. No food or drink should be visible during instructional time.
   2. Please be sure to take care of all personal grooming prior to entering the classroom.
   3. If you’re late to class or absent, it is your responsibility to contact your peers for the notes
       and assignments you missed. If you have contacted a peer and still have questions, please
       contact me as soon as possible. Do not wait until the next class to see me.
   4. I will not hunt you down for your homework. Upon entering classroom, place your
       homework in a neat pile on my desk. If you are tardy, be sure to hand your homework to
       me at the end of class. If you are absent, I expect your late homework and current
       homework upon your return.
   5. Cheating is taken very seriously in this classroom and will lead to failure in the course
       and possible expulsion from the program. It is your choice, so make it a good one! 
Tentative Schedule:

     M 6/20 Introduction to Course/Pretest
    Tu 6/21 Order of Operations/Multiplying and Dividing Integers
    W 6/22 Adding and Subtracting Integers/Rational Numbers
    Th 6/23 Operations with Decimals (Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing)
     M 6/27 Adding and Subtracting Like and Unlike Fractions/ Review for Quiz
    Tu 6/28 Quiz/ Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
    W 6/29 Solving One-Step Equations
    Th 6/30 Solving Two-Step Equations/Solving Equations with Variables on Each Side
      W 7/6 Review for Midterm
     Th 7/7 Midterm
      F 7/8 Review Midterm/Writing Two-Step Equations
     M 7/11 Solving Multi-Step Inequalities
    Tu 7/12 Permutations and Combinations
    W 7/13 Odds/Probability of Independent and Dependent Events
    Th 7/14 Probability of Ind/Dep Events (cont)/Review for Quiz
     M 7/18 Quiz/ Probability of Compound Events
    Tu 7/19 Probability of Compound Events (continued)
    Th 7/21 Circles and Circumference
     F 7/22 Angle Relationships and Parallel Lines
     M 7/25 Triangles/Congruent Triangles
    Tu 7/26 Review for Final
    W 7/27 Final
    Th 7/28 Review Final/Wrap-Up

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