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									Record of purchase form template, warranty registration
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Dear The enclosed warranty for our product is as strong and effective as we can make it. We would appreciate your returning this record of purchase so that we will be able to assist you with any questions or problems in the use of our product. In our desire to constantly improve our products and service to you, we request that you answer as many questions as possible. Thank you. Please Detach Here ************************************************************ IMPORANT! RECORD OF PURCHASE

Name________________________Date Purchased__________________ Address_____________________________________________________ City_________________State__________________Zip_____________ 1.Purchaser_____Man_______Woman________Teenager________Youth 2.Age of users________ __________ _______ _______ 3.Name of store where purchased_____________________________ 4.Purchased for________Gift_________Personal Use 5.Price paid $_________ 6.Would you recommend this product to others?_______________ 7.Comments:_________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

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