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					The New Security Blueprint : Challenges & Opportunities
                  Ajay Goel , Managing Director, Symantec India & SAARC
                                                            Sept 1, 2011
                                             DATA GROWTH

       CLOUD                                                  CONSUMERISATION
                                                              SOCIAL MEDIA

VIRTUALISATION                                              THREAT LANDSCAPE

  The Mega Trends
 Challenges & Opportunities in Security – The BIG PICTURE                 2
           In 2010, Symantec identified more than   286 million distinct
                                                         new malicious programs
42% of Indian enterprises rate cyber security their top concern, more than
natural disasters, terrorism and traditional crime combined

 50% of critical infrastructure providers in India have fallen victim to cyber attacks
   India ranked 6th for overall malicious activity and 2nd for malicious code
                                                                      globally in 2010
  By 2011   1 billion mobile devices will access the internet
       IDC has predicted that information will grow six-fold by 2012, to
                                           exabytes, up from 281 exabytes in 2007

Corporations will spend   $6.4 billion on Cloud in 2014 up from $3.8
billion in 2010

 Indian e-commerce market to grow at   70% annually by the end of 2011
Everything Revolves Around People And Information

                   People                                          Information

    TRUST Identity                                    Protection        Context

Challenges & Opportunities in Security – The BIG PICTURE                          5
  Global Intelligence Network
  Identifies more threats, takes action faster & prevents impact

                  Calgary, Alberta                               Dublin, Ireland

                                                                                                                                                      Tokyo, Japan
     San Francisco, CA
      Mountain View, CA              Austin, TX                                                                            Chengdu, China
           Culver City, CA
                                                                                                                                            Taipei, Taiwan
                                                                                                                      Chennai, India
                                                                                                        Pune, India

               Worldwide Coverage                            Global Scope and Scale                              24x7 Event Logging

                                                                  Rapid Detection
Attack Activity                                   Malware Intelligence                 Vulnerabilities                                 Spam/Phishing
• 240,000 sensors                             • 133M client, server,               • 35,000+ vulnerabilities               • 5M decoy accounts
• 200+ countries                                gateways monitored                 • 11,000 vendors                        • 8B+ email messages/day
  and territories                             • Global coverage                    • 80,000 technologies                   • 1B+ web requests/day

           Preemptive Security Alerts                         Information Protection                           Threat Triggered Actions
  Challenges & Opportunities in Security – The BIG PICTURE                                                                                                   6
                    Protect Identities                       VeriSign Identity & Authentication

                      Protect Devices                        Symantec Protection Suite

                Protect Information                          Data Loss Prevention Suite

Develop & Enforce IT Policies                                Control Compliance Suite

                   Manage Systems                            IT Management Suite

   Information Centric Approach to Security
  Challenges & Opportunities in Security – The BIG PICTURE                                  7
Education Services:
•     Technical Training
•     Certification
•     Security Awareness Program

Symantec works with Government in furthering the
cause of IT skills education in Meghalaya to create a
viable pool of IT trained people

Security Awareness & Education
 Challenges & Opportunities in Security – The BIG PICTURE   8
    Thank You

Challenges & Opportunities in Security – The BIG PICTURE   9
• Symantec engineering centers - Pune, Chennai and
• Over 3000 employees and is one of Symantec’s largest R&D
  location across the globe.
• High-end product development across Security and Storage
• Global technical support to customers
• Significant IP and patent contribution
• Security Response Lab in Pune & Security Operations
  Centre in Chennai

17 Years of Innovation & Excellence in India
 Challenges & Opportunities in Security – The BIG PICTURE    10

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