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									English Through Literature

 台州电大英语组

      ACTIVITY 1 What we mean by ‘literature’
 The following five lectures will focus on the
  differences between literary language and non-
  literary language:
 Five excerpts related to London are collected, and
  detailed comparisons are to be made.
 We will find that the descriptions of the same object
  vary with genres.

   The purpose of intensive reading and comparison is
    to make sure the distinctions between literary
    language and non-literary language.
 Activity Two
 Text Analysis (1)
 Excerpt 1: Facts and Figures of London
   London, population 6,770,000. Capital city
    of England and the United Kingdom,
    situated on the River Thames in Southeast
    England. Includes within its boundaries the
    City of London, the sight of the original
    medieval city and present-day financial and
    business center; the City of Westminster,
    the administrative center which contains the
   House of Parliament,Buckingham Palace
    And government department; and the West
    End, the main shopping and entertainment
    area around Oxford Street, Regent Street,
    Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.
    London is a leading cultural center, with
    many theatres, museums, galleries, concert
    halls, opera houses, churches and cathedrals.
   Products include food and drink (especially
    brewing), instrument engineering, electrical
    and electronic engineering, clothing,
    furniture and printing.
 How many people are there in London?
 Where is London situated?
 What are the major parts of London?
 Why is London considered as a leading
  cultural center of England?
 What are the main products of London?
           Brief answers to the
   There are 6,770,000 people in London.
   It is located in the Southeast England.
   The major parts include The City of London, the
    City of Westminster, and the West End.
   Because it possesses many well-known theatres,
    museums, galleries, concert halls, opera
    houses,churches and cathedrals.
   The main products include food and drink,
    instrument engineering,etc.
           More Questions;
 What is the purpose of writing?
 What is the lexical feature of this excerpt?
 How is this excerpt structured?
 For whom is it written?
 What is it’s style like?
 What is the genre of this excerpt?
Brief answers to the questions:
 It is written to introduce London generally in a
  systematic way.
 Most words adopted are nouns, proper nouns and
  noun phrases, for the purpose of offering accurate
  facts and figures.
 The structure is well-generated, systematic,
  coherent and informative. It is suitable to depict
  all cities on earth by replacing some specific
  proper nouns and figures.
 It is written for the public.
 It is a matter-of-fact description, with an
  impersonal narrative tone, an overall body
  of information, and a coherent and formal
 It is an excerpt from an encyclopaedia.

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