Applying for an ALSF Grant

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					               Applying for an ALSF Grant
                      A brief tutorial

Updated 9/10
Begin by going to the ALSF Website

 Click Our Research Grants on the Childhood Cancer
  Tab. There you will find an overview of the Grant
  Program as well as links to the Grant Guidelines,
        template forms and online applications.
                           Our Research Grants
                                                                 This page is an overview of ALSF Grant
                                                               Program. It also has a wealth of information
                                                               such as deadlines and what applications are
                                                                        currently being accepted.

On the Guidelines and Submission
  link you will find the templates
needed for the Cover Page and the
Budget/Budget Justification as well
as the Grant Guidelines and details
   on how to start and submit an
                                      Visit the respective links for specific information about:

                                      Medical Grants: Program Infrastructure, Innovation,
                                      Young Investigator, Epidemiology and ‘A’ Awards

                                      Nurse Researcher Grants: Mentored, Intermediate
                                      and Independent Nurse Researcher
                                                                      START A NEW APPLICATION: Choose the type of
                                                                     grant you are applying for, set up an account/login and
                                                                      start your application. You will only use this link the
                                                                             first time you work on your application.

Download Guidelines for respective grant categories
              and template forms.

                   CONTINUE YOUR APPLICATON:
          After you have started an application you may login
           via this link to work on it, submit it or print a copy.

                   Click LOGIN to get to your account.
                        Application Login Page

        Here you will either need to create
 a new account or if you have submitted/started an
          application online previously,
             use your existing login.

                                                     •Enter your E-mail
                                                     •Choose your option
                                                     -If you are a new
                                                     applicant, simply enter
                                                     your email address. You
                                                     will then be taken to a
This navigation bar will appear on every             registration form
                                                     -If you are returning
     page of the online application.
                                                     applicant enter your
 •Download the templates required (Cover Page        password
       and the Budget) for the application
 •Contact Us – will allow you to send an email to
                the Foundation.

                                                          If you want to print your
           If you want to return to
                                                           application, click here.
              the ALSF website
                                                          You will also be able to
             click on the Exit link
                                                            print your application
                                                                after you have
                                                                 submitted it.

  To navigate to different            At any time review your
parts of the application click              application
         on the page
       numbers here
Application Continued

               You can save your application and
                 continue at a another time by
                clicking the link “Save & Finish
                      Account Page

    By clicking on “Save & Finish Later”
    you will add your application to your
     account and be taken to this page.

When you log back in to work on the application
   you will also see this page. Click on the
 application you would like to work on or click
                   Attaching Your Application
  This is the final page of the application.
   Once you have completed the online
information and uploaded your application,
         click ‘Review and Submit’.

      Your application file can not be over the
             designated size (in MB).

                                                  Click on the Browse button to find and select
                                                  the respective document on your computer.
                                                               Then click upload.
Application Review

                     If any of the required fields
                  are missing when you click on the
                  “Review & Submit” button, you will
                        receive this message.

             The system will then indicate if there are
               required fields missing information.

              Enter necessary information and click
                   ‘Review and Submit’ again.
Application Completed

            Your application is complete and has been
            submitted when you reach this page. You
             will receive an email verification shortly
            after submission with a copy of the online

            Note: Once your application has been fully
             submitted you will not be able to make
  Application Submission
Once you have submitted your application
you may not make any changes.
You will be sent a confirmation email.
Your application will be scored by a panel
of reviewers. Notification letters will
include comments from these reviewers.
Awards usually are announced 4 months
after submission.
Questions & Inquiries
             If you have any questions
             about the online application or
             review process, please do not
             hesitate to contact the

             1-866-333-1213 (toll free)

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