Watermelon Lesson Plan Ideas by zhangsshaohui123


                   Lesson Plan Ideas
Content Area                     Description                         Supplies I Need

                       Read a book about watermelons

                            Watermelon Discussion

               Questions to promote discussion…
 Circle Time                                                                 Book
                       How does the watermelon feel?
                                                                       Small watermelon
                           Is the watermelon heavy?
                       What is inside the watermelon?
                   Where does the watermelon come from?
                    What do people do with watermelons?

                              Watermelon Words

               Have the children explore and compare real
               watermelons and invite them to describe what
               they see. Ask the children to tell you if the
               watermelon is….
                                                                          Word Cards
Language Art                                                           Seed and Seedless
               Heavy – Light
               Oval – Round
               Green – Red
               Seed - Seedless

                        Watermelon Tasting and Chart

                    Let children observe you cutting open a
                   watermelon. Invite each child to taste the          Real Watermelon
  Activity 1       watermelon then share with you words to             Large Chart Paper
                    describe the inside of the watermelon.                White paper
   Science                                                               Black marker
                On large chart paper - draw a large watermelon       Red and green crayons
                     Cut out seed shapes from white paper
               As the children use words to describe the inside of
                  the water melon, print each word on a seed

                 Let the children color the large shape with red
               crayons then glue the seeds with words they came
                up with inside the watermelon shape. Write on
                   the top of the shape “Watermelons are….”

                          Counting watermelon seeds

                  Place a number (1 – 10) on each index card

               Cut out several watermelon shapes from red felt.
 Activity 2     Cut out a large supply of black seeds from black               Red Felt
                                      felt.                                   Black Felt
   Math                                                                      Index Cards
                   Give each child a supply of seeds and a red
               watermelon. Place the number cards in the center
                 of the table. Have each child draw a card then
                place that number of black felt seeds on the red
                                felt watermelons.
                           Paper Plate Watermelons

 Activity 3      Invite the children to make a watermelon by                Paper plates,
                painting the inside of a paper plate with the red             Red Paint
Creative Art       paint. When the paint dries, encourage the                Black paint
               children glue real watermelon seeds in the center
                      of their painted “watermelon” plate.
                                Watermelon Patch

                Have the children make a circle. One child sits in
                               the center of the circle.
 Activity 4
               Play some lively music. While the music plays, the
 Music and      children pass the watermelon to the child in the
                                                                       Fun Music and CD Player
                center and the child passes it back to each child.
                 When the music stops, whoever is holding the
                 watermelon now sits in the middle of the circle
               (watermelon patch) and the other child sits in the
                 circle. Start the music and play the game again.
                                  Watermelon race

               Have the children make one single file line. Place a
 Activity 5     piece of tape at a distance away from the line of
                                                                          Real Watermelon
Large Motor    children. Have the first child roll the watermelon
               to the tape line then back to the next child in line.
               As each child takes a turn rolling the watermelon,
                encourage all the children to cheer for the child.
                            Watermelon Slices
Snack Time      Set out watermelon slices and clean cookie
                                                                  Cookie Cutters
              cutters. Let the children use the cutters to make
             shapes in the watermelon and then eat them up!

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