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									Importance of Data Center Rack Integration Services – Extron

With the modern day computing landscape becoming mission critical and complex than ever, organizations are
required to integrate more devices into common racks. There is also need for efficient data management as that
would lead to smart decision making and comply with other important policies. This apart, an excellent
performance is the outcome of an improved operational efficiency, productivity and organized ability that relates
to storage movement and data retrieval with reduced risks.

Data centers gain maximum importance in this competitive business environment. With the bulk data that moves
across multiple networks it is essential that companies organize the same in appropriate racks. It is helpful if
companies can arrive at solutions that would reduce the footprint and enhance the equipment density by resorting
to cloud based solutions. Implementing this innovative network will help organizations to expand and attain higher
revenues from order fulfillment services. When an organization is equipped with an advanced and comprehensive
frame-level setup, the devices also help in systems integration with customized solutions, faster implementation
and a high quality that fulfills the ISO regulations.

As a supply chain solutions provider Extron offers world class rack and data center integration services for
integrating as less as ten servers in every rack or even set up thousands of supercomputing clusters. They have a
40,000 square facility that can build, configure, deliver, install and offer functional testing to offer you with an
effortless implementation of large-scale could base solutions. Some of the essential aspects of Extron’s data center
rack integration solutions are:

      Material planning and procurement
      Network cabling, server components, customer supplied materials or a mixed model
      Extensive, automated information captured including asset id's, MAC addresses, and serial numbers
      Complete rack and stack integration, imaging and testing
      Direct access to KnurrUSA’s ultra-strong, ultra-light rack lineup.

In addition to all these, Extron also provides network interface configuration and testing, campus installation & on-
site professional services, functional testing, cable management and custom detail labeling.

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