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									                               How You Can Use Wedding Koozies

Popular at baseball games and barbecues, koozies are starting to make their presence known at weddings as well.
When you think of people sipping wine at a fancy catering hall, perhaps these useful little tools are not the first ones
that come into mind. However, consider the following uses for wedding koozies.

Asking the Bridal Party

Yes, going up to someone and asking if he or she would like to be in your bridal party is the common way of going
about the process. Imagine doing something truly unique though to really surprise your family members and friends.
Since these koozies can be personalized, look into having a message written on them asking these individuals if they
would be a part of your bridal party.

Perfect for Casual Weddings

Upon thinking about a wedding, you might picture the most luxurious catering hall in town and people who are all
dressed in their finest attire. Not everyone wants this type of wedding nowadays, and many individuals are content
with a backyard affair. Having such a wedding means that you will need to keep the drinks nice and cold, and these
cool koozies do just the trick.

Koozies as Wedding Favors
It's always polite to give your guests wedding favors as a thank you for being part of your special day.
Unfortunately, many wedding favors just wind up getting thrown out because people do not have a use for them.
This is not the case when it comes to koozies. Most individuals drink beer, soda or other beverages that come in a
can, so they will be thrilled to have this favor. Of course, you need not only use the koozies for the wedding favors.
They can come in quite handy at an engagement party or a bridal shower as well.

Gifts for the Bridal Party

Another custom in the world of weddings is to give the bridal party members presents. These gifts are often
provided to all of the male and female members of the bridal party and to the parents of the bride and groom. Gifts
may also be awarded to the readers, eucharistic ministers or other individuals who take part in the special day.
Instead of giving a tired old gift that has probably been received many times, look into providing koozies for these
special people.

At The Bar

Sometimes, you just want to use wedding koozies for their intended purpose, and that is to be wrapped around an ice
cold beer or can of soda. When you are going to use them for your wedding, you should get a personalized message
written on them. It could be you and your new spouse's names, or you could have the date of your wedding written
on. Whatever the case may be, these koozies really provide the perfect opportunity to express your unique style.

When you are ready to order wedding koozies, so many options exist from which you can choose. Between that and
the option to personalize, you'll never be at a loss for the perfect koozie on your wedding day.

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