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                           3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

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I know how you feel...
Over 90% of women deal with cellulite orange peel skin everyday. And almost of all
those women, would pay anything to find a solution to getting rid of it.

Its kills your confidence in your body, it doesn’t allow you to wear what you wanna wear
and it can certainly kill the mood when it comes to having a romantic night with your
significant other.

But today, as you read this you can relax and know that in this report. You will find the
solution to getting yourself smooth skin again. Like you had in your teens.

The problem with the cellulite treatment market today is that everybody claims to have
the magic bullet. When, in reality there is no such thing as a magic bullet.

You have to use a combinations of things over time. Not a long time, just 30 days can
show up to 100% improvement. Depending on how severe your cellulite is.

I find the majority of people if they follow my steps, all of their cellulite is gone. Without
expensive treatments or surgery, within a short 4 weeks.

What you will find inside is the step by step process, that I put women through when
they need help getting rid of their cellulite bumps fast.

If you are serious about getting smooth skin again, follow very closely and use the re-
sources I give you. They are essential to you seeing that smooth airbrushed skin again
and regaining your confidence back.

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                        3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

                                           Table of Contents

To Kill Cellulite You Have To Know What It Is!                                                                           iii

       What Causes Cellulite?!                                                                                           iii

To Kill Cellulite You Have To Know What It Is!                                                                           iv

It All Starts With Nourishing Your Skin Properly!                                                                         v

       Your Skin Needs Nutrients!                                                                                         v

Cellulite Killing Foods!!                                                                                                vi

       Foods Help Tons, Here’s How...!                                                                                   vi

       Other foods that do wonders for kicking cellulite...!                                                            vii

Why You Need An Anti-Cellulite Cream!                                                                                  viii

       What they will do for you!                                                                                      viii

Which Cellulite Treatment Cream Should You Trust?!                                                                        ix

       What to look for...!                                                                                              ix

Why Exercise Is Vital To Kicking Cellulite!                                                                                x

       What does exercise do?!                                                                                             x

How To Exercise Effectively For Cellulite Removal!                                                                        xi

       What to focus on...!                                                                                               xi

The 30 Day Cellulite Free Plan!                                                                                          xii
T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                       3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

       A step-by-step...!                                                                                 xii

       Step 3:!                                                                                         xiii

In closing...!                                                                                         xiv

       Take it serious...!                                                                             xiv

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!        3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

                         To Kill Cellulite You Have To Know What It Is
What Causes Cellulite?
Many women wonder, what causes cellulite? One day you woke up and you started no-
ticing scary dimples.

Maybe behind your thighs, around your arms, your lower stomach or other area’s.

For many years, it was believed that cellulite was known as the “fat-persons” disease.
But, if you look around enough you will notice that thin, in-shape and young people have
it too.

Here we are going to cover exactly why you have those ugly dimples, reduce how they
look and ultimately get rid of them all together.

So what exactly causes cellulite?

Well, in reality there are many things that cause cellulite, but if I were to tell you the
base reason why your seeing scaly orange peel dimples is because there are very small
clumps of fat tissue that push directly on your skin’s connective tissues.

Think about pushing play-do against a mold, some of it pushes through the mold and
some of it gets held back by the mold itself.

This is exactly whats happening underneath your skin and why you see dimples in cer-
tain places.

Knowing that, you are probably wondering what causes it to show up exactly?

Well, this is kind of a grey area in science because there are many factors done over
time that contribute to cellulite bumps showing up.

Cellulite Scaly Skin                                          Cured Smooth Skin Again

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                    3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

                         To Kill Cellulite You Have To Know What It Is
Here is a small list of what can be causing your cellulite, remember its not just one thing
that causes it. But a combination of them, done over time...

Lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, rest)
Genetics from your family
Free radicals and body waste
Hormonal problems and imbalances
Sedentary daily life
Foods you eat

It can be any or all of these that directly contribute to why you have cellulite. Genetics
and hormone imbalances are very prominent in cellulite problems.

You will often see even the healthy fit and young 26yr old girls with cellulite. This is be-
cause over 90% of women suffer from it.

So don’t kill yourself thinking you are the only one out there who suffers from cellulite.
The key is finding out the steps to getting rid of it, and taking action right away!

Here we go...

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                      3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

                     It All Starts With Nourishing Your Skin Properly
Your Skin Needs Nutrients
Depending on how serious you are about getting rid of your cellulite, will depend on if
you take this chapter seriously or not.

When you are staring at ugly cellulite, it looks as if your skin is damaged. Well, thats be-
cause it is, but not on the top layer. Deep down in all your tissues...

You see cellulite starts from the bottom of your skin tissue’s and works its way up, and
only then, do you start see the scaly bumps. When all the other skin layers have been

This makes nourishing your skin incredibly vital to you getting on the fast track to
smooth skin again.

There are 2 essential steps you needs to take to give your skin the vitamins it needs.
First, you are going to give it through natural foods and with a anti-cellulite nourishment

Many people will tell you that using a cellulite cream, doesn’t work.

Well, it doesn’t work, if thats all you do!

But in my professional opinion using a cellulite cream will accelerate your skin treat-
ment. I’ll explain that here in a little bit and why its essential...

First though, lets talk about the foods you need to be eating...

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                      3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

                                           Cellulite Killing Foods!
Foods Help Tons, Here’s How...
Let me be the first to tell you, its not easy to eat very health. I know, from personal expe-
rience. But, just because you eat healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your junk foods.

You just have to be smart in how often you eat them and decide that getting rid of your
cellulite is more important than having that fattening pasta or cake.

Once you make that decision, it will be really easy to move forward.

Improving your over all health will greatly improve your chances of kicking your cellulite
by reducing fat stores, cleansing your body and removing excess toxins that are stored
in between your skin layers.

Start of by eating organic fruits and veggies, this will hit your body with phytonutrient
compounds which will fight to get rid of stored toxins, that may directly be affecting the
way your skin looks.

The toxins in your system, are called free radicals. Free radicals accumulate over time
and cause serious problems. One of the only known ways to get rid of them is through
fruits and veggies, here are some of the most potent ones to choose from:

• Blueberries








T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                         3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

Other foods that do wonders for kicking cellulite...
Any foods that are high in good fats will also do wonders for kicking cellulite.

Fish like salmon and red snapper, seeds, nuts, avocados and olive oil. All these foods
help contribute to your skin and how it looks.

Most models you see walking on stage, have diets that are very high in these types of
fats. Its like lubricant, in helping your skin be smooth and shiny long term.

Now that we got the foods you should add to your diet. What foods should you take-
away from your diet that are directly impacting how much cellulite you have?

Anything highly processed, artificial sweeteners, juices, alcohol, soda. Or anything that
relates to these.

All these foods do is add extra bodyfat and shoot you full of free radicals that kill your
skin and your chances of ever having nice smooth skin long term.

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                      3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

                                Why You Need An Anti-Cellulite Cream
What they will do for you
With all the millions of women who suffer from cellulite, you would think that a effective
treatment cream would exist, right? Kinda, like the ones they have for your face...

Well in the last 6yrs, the cellulite cream industry has become huge!

And for good reason, the ones that work, work very well.

Plus unlike eye-creams, they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Here is what they will do for you and how they do it:

The effective creams on the market today are designed to go deep under your skin, the
very bottom layers and treat up.

Cellulite starts from deep within, so this type of process is vital. If a cream were to just
treat your visible layer of skin, it would be very short term. And once you stop using the
cream, your cellulite bumps would come right back.

The effective creams over whelm your skin directly with nutrients you can not get from
diet alone. And they also increase blood flow greatly, so you have nutrients and oxyen
flowing through your skin continuously.

This is why they are vital!

Diet is also necessary but its a much much slower process. If its the only thing you use
to combat cellulite

Some of the essential natural ingredients of the top creams include, caffeine, green tea,
and the most precious ingredient Retinol.

Retinol is a ingredient that is very well known in the skin community. Its very rich with
vitamin A, and its directly responsible for the airbrushed skin you see on many of to-
day’s top models.

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                      3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

           Which Cellulite Treatment Cream Should You Trust?
What to look for...
There are tons of creams on the market today, so choosing one that actually works can
become a little difficult.

This being the case, what exactly do you look for in a good cream and what stuff should
you stay away from...

You should always use creams that have natural ingredients, the less chemicals the bet-
ter. This way you can avoid any rashes or side effects.

The main ingredients a effective cream has are green tea, caffeine and Retinol. The rest
of the ingredients should support those and be natural as well.

Next, you want to make sure to find a cream that carries a free trial, along with a full sat-
isfaction guarantee.

This will assure you that the cream will work, before fully purchasing anything. Plus, if
the company really stands behind there product, they shouldn’t have a problem giving
away a free bottle.

There are only a handful of creams on the market that fit all these requirements. This is
the only cream that we recommend to people.

#1 Rated - Cellulean Cellulite Solution Cream

This cream has become incredibly popular because of its natural tropical blend. Making
it completely safe for anyone with sensitive skin. Plus, its backed with countless studies
from well known scientific communities.

They offer a free trial, so you can try it before you buy it. Making it perfectly convenient
for our 30 day plan...

Click here to get a free bottle of Cellulean Cellulite Solution Cream

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                      3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

                              Why Exercise Is Vital To Kicking Cellulite
What does exercise do?
There are many obvious reasons why you should exercise frequently, but did you know
that there are direct reasons why you should exercise when it comes to getting rid of
cellulite fast?

Here is what frequent exercise will do for your cellulite...

• It will increase blood flow immediately to your skin layers

• It will carry essential nutrients through your skin, allowing it to heal quicker

• It will produce more oxygen, which your skin needs

• It will also help in breaking down the excess fat you are carrying in those areas

Now, I will be right upfront with you...

I don’t believe you can spot treat a fat on your body. So doing endless amounts of
lunges and step ups won’t do anything for taking care of your one trouble spot.

When you exercise the best approach is working your body as whole, like it was meant
to do back in the stone age days.

This will allow you to lose the fat you want to lose and start seeing smooth skin again.
The next chapter will be devoted to getting your exercise right and on track...

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                        3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

              How To Exercise Effectively For Cellulite Removal
What to focus on...
For the purpose of kicking your cellulite to the curb, you just have to do a few vital things
right to see good results.

First, focus on compound exercises. Like squats, presses, pullups, chin-ups and varia-
tions of those.

By using those exercises you will use the most muscles, at one time. Which will build up
your metabolism to burn as much fat as possible.

Focus on doing workouts with those exercises 3 days a week.

On top of that get in some intense cardio, at least 1 to 2 times a week. It can be any-
thing from swimming, jump roping, dancing, running or rowing.

As long as your heart is pounding hard, you are doing a good job.

Now, I don’t want you to think that just exercising will get rid of your cellulite. I know
many in shape mid 20yr old girls who have cellulite bumps. Exercise is just another part
of the equation, that you do over time in the next 30 days.

In the next chapter we are going to put it all together for you and create your 30 day
Cellulite Free Plan.

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                      3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

                                           The 30 Day Cellulite Free Plan
A step-by-step...
If you take our advice seriously, you can be cellulite free in the next 30 days. But you
have to be willing to declare war on your ugly cellulite and be able to do what it takes to
get it done.

Follow the steps closely and don’t skip any of them, as they are all part of the pie...

Step 1:

Start using an anti-cellulite treatment cream. This will immediately introduce high
amounts of nutrients to your skin and also lots of bloodflow. Which will quick start the
healing process.

If you haven’t yet, get yourself a free supply of Cellulean. They will send you enough to
run through our 30 day plan, all you have to pay for is shipping.

Click here to get your free cellulite cream

Step 2:

Add in some of the foods, your skin needs to repair itself, into your daily diet. Get rid of
the foods that are processed or high in sugars.

Stick with dark green veggies, organic fruits, fatty natural meats like grass fed beef,
salmon, snapper. As well as snack foods like seeds and nuts.

You will find that the compounds in all these foods will immediately start giving your skin
what it needs.

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                           3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

Step 3:
Get yourself on a regular exercise routine that includes weight lifting and intense cardio.
Most people will need a gym to accomplish these type of workouts, so don’t feel bad
spending a couple bucks.

If you are really serious about removing your scaly bumps, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Get yourself in there at least 2 to 3 times a week, at 1hr per session. Also, make time to
get in intense cardio either before going to the gym or after.

Step 4:

Make it all a daily habit!

This will be the hardest thing in the world at first, especially if you have lots of responsi-
bilities. Like a family, kids and a full time job.

But once you are in the groove its easy.

Get your cellulite cream in every morning, make good meals to eat instead of grabbing
something fast and hit the gym right before coming home in the evening.

It’s really easier than you think.

All together, these habits might sound simple in nature but done over the course of
30days you will finally be able to kick your ugly cellulite.

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                       3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n

                                           In closing...
Take it serious...
Our 30 day plan has been able to help tons of women and men get back their self confi-
dence with their bodies.

Kicking cellulite is not complicated, it just takes a few things done over a short period of

Please, take our advice and start using these tactics.

You’ll then start seeing that smooth airbrushed skin you used to have in your teens.

T h e C e l l u l i t e S o l u t i o n!                      3 0 D a y s To S m o o t h C e l l u l i t e - F r e e S k i n


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