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									                                                                Gillette Brand Analysis 1

       This project is directed at analyzing the marketing mix of Gillette brand. In doing so, I

will be going over each element in their marketing mix, discussing their target audience,

packaging, pricing and distribution. I will also be making suggestions for possible changes.

       Gillette merged with Proctor & Gamble to become one company in 2005. Proctor &

Gamble sells their products in over 140 countries, with local operations in over 80 countries.

       Gillette is a family brand, whose product line consists of oral care products, shaving

products, deodorants and antiperspirants, skin care products, batteries and home appliances.

They have a wide variety of styles and brand names under each product line. These brands are:

Braun, Duracell and Oral B.

       Gillette operations are divided in five segments: Blades and Razors, Duracell, Oral Care,

Braun and Personal Care. In the Blades and Razors segment they have a group of razors and

cartridges. These razors are: Mach3, Sensor Excel, Sensor, Mach3Turbo, M3Power, M3Power

Nitro, Gillette Fusion, Gillette Fusion Power, and Gillette Phantom Power, for men. Also for

women they have: Gillette Venus, Gillette Venus Divine, Gillette Venus Vibrance, and Gillette

Venus Breeze. They also have a line of disposable razors: Sensor3, Custom Plus, Good News,

and Gillette Venus Disposables. In the Personal Care segment, Gillette offers a variety of

shaving creams and gels, after shaves, deodorants and antiperspirants and other skin care

                                                                  Gillette Brand Analysis 2

       As a result of the merger with Proctor & gamble, by the end of the second fiscal year,

Gillette had posted an 11 percent increase in net sales or $1.28 billion, this in part due to the

success of Mach3 and Fusion brand razors.

       Gillette’s main competitor is Wilkinson Sword. To compete with Gillette’s razors,

Wilkinson Sword launched: the four-blade Quattro razor, Quattro Titanium, Quattro Titanium

Energy, Protector 3D Diamond, and Xtreme3 for men. To compete with Gillette’s razors for

women they have: Intuition Plus, Lady Protector, Quattro and Quattro Travel. Also to compete

with Gillette disposable razors, they launched Xtreme3 Beauty, Extra 2 Beauty, and Pronto

Sensitive for women, and Xtreme3, Extra 2, Protector Express, Duplo and Pronto, for men.

       By looking at the two brands side by side and comparing, I noticed how Gillette out does

its rival in the quality of the razors, packaging and style. The price range for the Fusion Power

razor is between $9.99 and $11.99, depending on where you buy it. The cartridges are priced

between $13.99 and $15.99 for four replacement cartridges and $21.99 to $25.99 for packages of

eight. Their competition is priced between $1.00 and $2.00 less, to try to compete with Gillette's

pricing. In one case I found the Schick Quattro Power razor priced $1.00 more than Phantom

Power, but the cartridges where $1.00 less.

       Gillette uses prestige pricing to show the quality of their product, being that they

emphasize that to get the best shaving experience you have to use Gillette razors. They use odd-

even pricing, with their prices always ending in “9”. Their slogan, “The Best a Man Can Get”,

helps position their shaving products in the mind of men as having no equal. Gillette has always

stood out for higher quality products and innovation. Taking all this into consideration, I

consider Gillette’s pricing to be consistent with their product. Gillette is a premium brand whose
                                                                   Gillette Brand Analysis 3

high equity standards on the market result in a great number of loyal customers, who like me,

insist on Gillette brand shaving products. I believe that a products image can affect their sales

very much. If the products image is of good quality and consistent, it will have a positive effect

on their sales. On the other hand, if the image is negative, or if the customer satisfaction is low,

and it is advertised in a way that is not pleasant to the consumer, it will lower sales drastically.

        Packaging is very important to Gillette, because they like to emphasize on using the

latest technology and offering the best products in each category. Part of making a product

successful on the market is to make it attractive to the consumer. Gillette uses innovative

packaging to make their shaving products stand out among the competition. Their razors are sold

separately with one cartridge included. The cartridges are sold in packages of four or eight.

They also have promotional packages which include 1 razor and cartridge, 1 shaving cream or

gel and a travel case.

       Gillette uses intensive distribution to get their products to all the different outlets that sell

their products. By using various marketing channels, Gillette products can be purchased

anywhere from small open markets to big store chains. This makes it easy for consumers to have

access to the products to fulfill their needs. By Proctor & Gamble having local operations in

over 80, they are to get their products distributed all over the world with ease. Their strategically

planned use of physical distribution and outsourcing helps fulfill their distribution needs.

       Gillette uses multifaceted marketing initiatives when promoting new products,

competitive advertising as well as integrated marketing communication and long term image

building to attract consumers. They have a highly innovative website that features, “Gillette’s

Lab”, with its host Cassandra. In this lab you will learn all about their products features,
                                                                 Gillette Brand Analysis 4

compare the different razors that they offer, there money back guarantee, as well as tips for better

shaving. Gillette became one of the first to advertise using Google’s Gadget Ad, when they

launched an advertising campaign in Australia (Livesley, 2007).

       Gillette shaving products are marketed towards teens, adult men and women and the

elderly. As part of their marketing strategy Gillette has sponsored many sporting events to make

people aware of their products over the years. Gillette has also joined forces with Major League

Baseball to help in the battle against cancer. Since 1910 sports have played a big role in the

marketing of Gillette products, when they featured Honus Wagner among other popular baseball

players in advertising their first razor known as, “Gillette Safety Razor” (Gillette, 2006). They

also sponsored sports on the radio, starting with boxing in 1935 and the World Series in 1939.

Today they also sponsor World Cup Soccer, NCAA basketball, NCAA football, NASCAR, the

PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR, LPGA TOUR and the National Hockey League (Gillette,

2006). “In 2002, Gillette became the exclusive naming sponsor of the home stadium and sports

complex of the New England Patriots of the National Football League and the New England

Revolution of Major League Soccer” (Gillette, 2006). The name of the stadium is “Gillette


       In their most recent campaign, launched on February 4, 2007, known as “Gillette

Champions”, they used three of the most successful sports figures today, Tiger Woods, Roger

Federer and Thierry Henry, to promote their shaving products. This program included

sweepstakes, consumer promotions, global print and broadcast advertising, public relations and

point of sale materials (P&G, 2007).
                                                                 Gillette Brand Analysis 5

       After evaluating and analyzing Gillette brand products and their marketing mix,

promotion mix, and researching how their product is being distributed to at least 130 countries, I

find that there are no changes that I can recommend for this brand, that haven’t been covered by

Proctor & Gamble. Their success on the market, both economically and their high equity

standards show that they have everything pretty well covered and organized. They have done a

great job directing their advertisements and promotions to all of their target audience. They have

also chosen a good strategy for getting women to try Gillette products for their shaving needs as

well. Their slogan, “Reveal the Goddess in You”, helps to position Gillette in the minds of

women as something they need to help them look and feel better about themselves.

       The only thing that I found, at least here in Puerto Rico, that I would consider trying to

improve, would be the way Gillette razors are on display in some stores. For instance, in Kmart,

I found Gillette razors displayed in clear showcases at the checkout counters, without prices or

any kind of advertisement near them to attract the consumer. Yet to make things even worse, the

cashiers didn’t even know the prices for the different razors and cartridges. This could make for

loss sales due to the inconveniences presented to the consumer. Other stores, such as Walgreens

have the razors locked in clear displays, in one of the aisles. To purchase one of the razors, you

would have to go to the cosmetics counter and find someone with the key, in order to receive

what you wanted. They also didn’t have any advertisement anywhere in the store.
                                                              Gillette Brand Analysis 6


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