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TOM'S SHOES Marketing Environment


									    A Little Bit of Tom’s Shoes History
 Who: Andy Mycoskie
 What: a “One for One Movement”
 When: 2006
 Where: started in Argentina
 Why: shoes for developing countries
Why did Mr. Mycoskie pick shoes as his “One for One

Many children in developing countries grow up barefoot. Whether at
play, doing chores or going to school, these children are at risk:
 A leading cause of disease in developing countries is soil-
   transmitted diseases, which can penetrate the skin through bare
   feet. Wearing shoes can help prevent these diseases, and the long-
   term physical and cognitive harm they cause.
 Wearing shoes also prevents feet from getting cuts and sores. Not
   only are these injuries painful, they also are dangerous when
   wounds become infected.
 Many times children can't attend school barefoot because shoes
   are a required part of their uniform. If they don't have shoes, they
   don't go to school. If they don't receive an education, they don't
   have the opportunity to realize their potential
What are the Microenvironments that are involved
with Tom’s Shoes?

        In the reading at and
listening to video that was provided to me, I feel that
there a lot of actors with microenvironments at play
within Tom’s Shoes. In the next slides, I will try and
configure what actors I feel are at work for Tom’s
Microenvironment #1;-
      “The Company”

 Mr.Mycoskie describes Tom’s Shoes as a
  “One for One” company.
     Every pair of shoes that is sold, one is given
       Thislogic was made so that Mr. Mycoskie
        would not have to depend on investors for
        the company or donations.
Microenvironment #1;-
      “The Company” Continued

 Tom’s Shoes is made up of Mr. Andy
  Mycoskie and 45 employees.
 Tom’s Shoes has a research team - Mr.
  Mycoskie, his 45 employees, and
Microenvironment #2
      “The Suppliers”
      The suppliers are the part of the
company that are basically in charge of
the customer value delivery system. The
suppliers are the part of the company that
resource the needs by the company to
produce its goods and services.

Marketing: An Introduction, Global Edition, Custom Edition. Copyright © 2011 by Pearson
Learning Solutions, A Pearson Education Company
Microenvironment #2
      “The Suppliers” Continued
 The companies that supply all the
  materials to make the shoes.
 The companies that provide the
  transportations to get the shoes to other
 The companies that provide all things that
  Tom’s Shoes needs to promote this
  wonderful thing they are doing.
Microenvironment #3
      “The Marketing Intermediary”
      Mr. Andy Mycoskie stated in the
movie regarding Tom’s Shoes that his
company would not survive without the
Internet. Tom’s Shoes is marketed the most
on social networking sights such as
Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Tom’s
Shoes Official Online Store.
Microenvironment #4
      “The Competitors”
       To me, I would think that any shoe line
would be a competitor to Tom’s Shoes,
especially those shoes that are a canvas
style shoe. However, Mr. Mycoskie only
mentioned two competitors – Converse
and Vans.
Microenvironment #5
      “The Public”
     There are many different types of this
microenvironment. Some “the public”
actors are working within Tom’s Shoes, and
some are not. I will do my best to cover
each and every public as I see it for the
Microenvironment #5
      “The Public” Continued
 The“Financial              The   “Media Public”
  Public”                       Tom’s Shoes relies
     Tom’s Shoes does           on the actors of
      not have an actor          this public a great
      within this public,
                                 deal. The social
      he relies on Mr.
      Mycoskie only uses         networking sites
      is 45 employees            are their main
      and his generous           source of
      volunteers.                marketing.
Microenvironment #5
      “The Public” Continued
   The “Government                 The “Citizen-Action Public”
    Public”                             All companies, again,
                                         have some sort of actor
       All companies, not               within this public – the
        only Tom’s Shoes, has            public relations
        at least one actor in            department. I feel Tom’s
        this public – the                Shoes has many actors in
        company attorney.                this public. What Tom’s
                                         Shoes does is a kind and
        The attorney is to be            gracious act to the
        able to make sure                public. However, some
        that all aspect of the           may think different, so this
        company are legal,               public would make sure
        and on the up and                that all is being done
                                         correctly in society.
Microenvironment #5
      “The Public” Continued
   The “Local Public”                   The “General Public”
        Tom’s Shoes does have a
        hand within this public.             Tom’s Shoes has to
        Tom’s Shoes has a lot of              have an actor within
        volunteer who go with the
        company in shoe
                                              this public, because
        distribution, they have               they need to keep
        volunteers who help                   up their great image
        research the countries who
        are in need of shoes, and
                                              of the company.
        they have volunteers who              They have to let the
        just want to be there and             “general public”
        help where ever they are
        needed. With that, they
                                              know what is going
        have to an actor within the           on inside, as well as
        company who can be in                 outside the walls of
        charge of the volunteers.             Tom’s Shoes.
Microenvironment #5
      “The Public” Continued
 The   “Internal Public”
     Every company that is a company has to
      have actors in this public. At Tom’s Shoes,
      the actors are few, but it works.
       Andy Mycoskie, Owner
       45 Employees
       Volunteers
Microenvironment #6
      “The Customer”
      To me, this Microenvironment is the most
important. I find that the customer is really
what makes the company. The customer is
what makes the a company succeed.
      The customers od Tom’s Shoes is mostly
the young adults. Pre-teen to late 20’s. The
college ages people seem to be the ones who
purchase the shoes mostly.
      Tom’s Shoes does target market only
those people, if just seems that that age group
seem to be the ones who enjoy that style of
       Honestly, I have never heard of Tom’s
Shoes before this assignment, and I am now
really interested in them. I look forward to
learning more about the reasoning behind
what they are about and more, I am really
excited in purchasing my first pair of Tom’s


Marketing: An Introduction, Global Edition, Custom Edition. Copyright © 2011 by Pearson Learning
Solutions, A Pearson Education Company

Mycoskie, Andy


Tom’s Shoes

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