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									IEEE-CS Standards Activity Board (SAB) Action Items

Revised at conclusion of the Winter Mar.2006 Meeting ITEM # ASSIGNED ACTION ITEMS TO Fall04.05 John Daniel to include the vitality attributes in the revised Sponsor Annual Report template OPEN Wint05.03 Sponsors to identify and solicit new standards communities OPEN: going well Wint05.09 Robby to modify the P&P to define type of sponsor and new policies in support of SP5 Robson OPEN Wint05.11 John Daniel to provide a web site of the 12 IEEE-CS representatives to IFIP OPEN; provide list of repr form IFIP web site Wint05.14 John Daniel to provide list of IEEE-CS Volunteers who are Senior Members and involved in Standards OPEN: will get from IEEE-SA Wint05.21 John Walz to provide requirements to CS IT expansion of TECA to include Sponsor Executive Committees & WG m & John CS members) for TAB to follow-up on recruiting new and current TC/TF members Daniel OPEN: see Alfredo Benso work on Unified database; Bob Care reported some good data already exist in T conference attendees. Phase 1 due June-06 will replace IEEE membership process and database. Phase 2 p web services and on-line portal. The TECA topics of Interest are TC memberships and Conference involvement (papers, chairs, SMB). Its from 50K records for both members and non-members. Data quality is an issue as Members should log in Chairs have to upload involvement after Conference completes. The upcoming Unified DB will have a “36 involvement. Wint05.24 Rohit Kapur to propose a standards promotion including reduced standards rates for participates from Russia, India, Ch OPEN: revised to exclude membership issues. Spr05.05 Claire Lohr to collect from Susan Tatiner, the vitality issues and questions from the IEEE-SA Staff OPEN: Spr05.08 Robby to distribute final SAB Sponsor P&P to SAB and IEEE-SA AudCom Robson CLOSED: see Spr05.09 SAB Chair to arrange a Intellectual Property Rights telecom with Judy Gorman, Robby Robson, Don Wright, and Kat OPEN: Claudio M. Stanziola, Manager, Standards Intellectual Property, has Robby Robson’s paper and re IEEE-SA Senior Management. Background: Software standards are intended for users to make derived works. The IP rights are being use model, while these rights could be used to create more demand for Standards. Bob Davis mentioned the IEEE-SA has solved an IP issue with the “bio” Sponsor. Bob Davis confirmed th a single Standard could needs to bring in $45K over the life of the Standard. Recently HLS wanted to pay become free. Spr05.10 Don Wright to forward to the IEEE-SA NesCom the request to amend their PAR form to allow another Project Type “A document” CLOSED: NesCom will be adding this to the 2007 PAR form after discussion in the fall of 2006. Robby r know the Standard’s Scope & Purpose. Spr05.12 Paul Croll to start a study group to look at establishing partnership with commercial consortium OPEN: looking for volunteers to join Study Group; looking at OMG which has modeling standards; Nov05.01 John Walz To send reminder note to action item holders one month prior to next meeting CLOSED: completed in Feb06 Nov05.02 John Daniel to add two news items on SAB News web page for EPEAT and FIPA. CLOSED: done Nov05.03 Robby Robson, Don Wright, Katherine Morse Don Wright Jack Cole

to draft SAB recommendations for IEEE-SA in support of Intellectual Property rights associated with stan CLOSED: Claudio Stanziola email states that he will present a revised white paper to IEEE-SA senior staf

Nov05.04 Nov05.05

to provide a draft WG model P&P to Jim, John, Paul Croll, Robby CLOSED: Sent on November 16, 2005 to discuss how the SAB / TAB Mapping table can help IEEE-SA NesCom understand where PARs will ha


SAB 9dc65931-c4e4-4f03-a3b8-45a2af84a805.doc

IEEE-CS Standards Activity Board (SAB) Action Items
ITEM # ASSIGNED TO /John Harauz / John Daniel Susan Tatiner ACTION ITEMS

OPEN: Mapped TAB TC conferences to SAB Sponsors; need to add scopes of both Sponsor and TC; som or elaborate scope to report back to the SAB for a presentation of typical timeline for standards development. OPEN: see 8.2 presentation



SAB 9dc65931-c4e4-4f03-a3b8-45a2af84a805.doc

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