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									             First ideas for the proposal
                within the “CARE-Next”
                           of a

          Networking Activity
Beams for European Neutrino Experiments
      BENE-Next ….. MEGLIO?
         Motivation
         Work Packages
         Partners & resources

                          deputy coordinator (accelerators physics): M. Meddahi/CERN
                            deputy coordinator (particle physics): S. Pascoli/Durham
                                       coordinator: V. Palladino/INFN-NA
“BENE-Next” interests across “CARE-Next”

  Wider view of “BENE-Next” interests

                           CNGS                                 JPARCʋ

    Existing Facilities
                                                                         R&D      MTA
                                                                         US           MCTF
              FP7                       EU
BENE        CARENext                   R&D
Next          R&D
                                  HARP, HIPPI, MICE,                     R&D      FFAGs
                                  MERIT, EMMA …..                        Asia
Facilities under Design Studies
                            EU                         NuMi++      JPARCʋ +
                            DS                                       T2HK
         CNGS+                                                       T2KK          FNAL
         FP6 EUrisol WP                   ISS &IDS                                  To
         FP7 EuroNeutrino DS                                                  3
                      How far will BENE get?
            main result so far :
                       recognition by Council Strategy Document mid 2006

BENE integrates and co-ordinates the activities of the accelerator and particle physics
communities working together, in a worldwide context, dedicated to the study of a forefront neutrino bea
facility for Europe. The final objectives are

• to establish a road map for upgrade of our present facility & design and construction of a new one;
            rich landscape of multiple international projects,
                                             no final statement mature yet, nor necessary
• to assemble a community capable of sustaining the technical realization and scientific exploitation of these facilities;
                        more work essential , harmonize further legitimate national interests

• to establish and propose the necessary R&D efforts to achieve these goal.

                       excellent record: HARP, MICE, MERIT, FP6Beta Beam, ISS
                                                     FP7EuroNeutrino, ISS&IDS, JRAs? more?
A final report is due in December 2008.                                                                4
                                     FR2008 will be there, but time scale is really 2012, rather
               Motivation of BENE-Next
                                  for EU to keep a leading accelerator neutrino program
                                                   in line with CERN Council Strategy Document
   to improve EU infrastructure of neutrino accelerator sources
                                      ie CNGS, latest & most intense
                                                                         in 40 years or so at CERN
                                                  by conventional (M)MW upgrade
                                                                   (Superbeam: CNGS+ …. )
                                                  or novel approach upgrade
                                                             (Betabeam or ʋ-Factory)
                                while international context grows richer
                                            NuMI up & running, soon JPARCʋ
                                            R&D & DS increasing for novel and stronger ν beams
   an FP7 Networking Activity is felt crucial
               to pursue & enhance integration & coherence of all initiatives
               to assess & disseminate the knowledge
                                              continuing BENE line of successes
                                                (last EUROʋ Design Study
                                                      of the three leading options above)
   with main deliverable its 2012 road map Final Scientific Report
                                                   one year after completion of EUROν
                                                   most likely time for new EU5HEP initiatives
                       Resulting objectives
   Improving our EU accelerator complex for ʋ physics
                                                                             demands to

    –   Link & assess the experience of neutrino facilities, either operating – in construction- or study

    –   Perform the communication among the various R&D initiatives, both in the IA and in the wider

    –   Foster intellectual excellence, offer space to new ideas

    –                                                              ensure the dissemination.

    –   Consolidate the community that will be sustaining these facilities.

                                                                  cherish and promote consensus!

    – Contribute, to the optimal EU road map towards both improved and new accelerator
        neutrino facilities.
                    Work Packages

   WP1: Management of the network

   WP2: Accelerator Neutrino R&D (subsystems)

   .

   WP3: Accelerator Neutrino Facilities (end-to-end)

   WP4: Physics reach

          WP1: Management & Coordination
    overall guidelines
    contractual, financial and administrative aspects
    use, dissemination and protection of the knowledge

     Web Sites of the NA and WPs
     Yearly, 1 to 2 NA + 1 NF (the established International NuFact) Workshop.
                                            Proceedings and/or Web Sites.
    New R&D Proposals, if they prove necessary
    Mid-term Sctientific Report after 2 years
    Final “road map” Scientific Report

                       Year 1           Year 2            Year 3             Year 4

Coord. meetings
                  NA   NF       NA     NF        NA      NF        NA       NF        NA
/ workshops

                                NF               NF                NF                 NF
                                                 NA                                   NA
WP2: Accelerator ʋ R&D (sub-systems)
             covers FP7 activities & related worldwide efforts
                      (candidate WP Leader tbc)

Assessment & dissemination tasks for R&D on subsystems :

    High power proton injectors                [M. Zito/CEA]
    Multi MW target and collectors             [C. Densham/RAL/M. Dracos/IN2P3]
    High field magnets                         [TaskLeader tbd]
    RF techniques                              R. Seviour, Daresbury
    Ionisation cooling                         [[TaskLeader tbd]
    Radioactive ions technologies              [TaskLeader tbd]
    Acceleration & storage (FFAG & more)       [TaskLeader tbd]

Communication: IA, NA and WP Workshops

Deliverables: communication with all activities, assessments of the interests of the
findings of the IAs for neutrino facilities and foresight of studies towards new
technologies, summarised in Workshops Proceedings, Mid-term and Final reports.
WP3: Accelerator ʋ Facilities (end-to-end)
           Assess & disseminate “end-to-end” knowledge and experience
                          (candidate WP Leader tbc)

     1 Performance of CNGS and its upgrades          [candidate TL tbc]

     2 EUROʋ & other international DS               [candidate TL tbc]


 WP workshops within NA workshops or as necessary, in phase with other
 European and international partners.


 WP Workshops with web sites or proceedings. Link and summary of main
 findings in Mid-term and Final Reports.
                        WP4: Physics Reach
                      (A. Donini/UAMadrid, M. Mezzetto/INFN-PD)
NB Preliminary formulation, to be finalized by WP convenors and physics deputy.

The physics connection remains decisive in the neutrino sector,
                                                             as it is for BENE. Objectives will be

1) raising wide awareness of the main experimental, phenomenological and
   theoretical progresses
2) bringing about a consensual evaluation of the physics reach of existing and of
   currently proposed arrangements of neutrino beam & detector type.

     Physics and phenomenology connection                                          [task lead tbd]

     Experimentation at CNGS and its upgrades                                     [task lead tbd]
     Experimentation at Euroʋ facilities                                          [task lead tbd]
     Experimentation at other international facilities                            [task lead tbd]

 WP workshops within NA workshops or as necessary, in phase with other European and international partners.
 WP Workshops with web sites or proceedings. Link and summary of main findings in Mid-term and Final Reports.
Partners and resources

   kernel: 13 nodes in BENE
          All most important EU Labs/Agencies

                  PSI, GSI, Julich

            and a few consortia of universities in
                Belgium, CH, UK, Germany,
      (in addition to those around INFN, IN2P3, IFIC)

renewing or establishing partnerships now
  Partners and resources: tentative!
                        WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4              good value expected
INFN                     X   X   X   X
                                           15 nodes !
IN2P3                        X   X   X
                                           almost all grouping several labs
CERN                     X   X   X   X     participation is vital
SFTC                         X   X   X

                             X   X   X
                                           networking resources across
                                           the full CARE-Next initiative
MPI-Heidelberg & al D                X
IFIC Valencia & al S     X           X

UniGe & al. CH               X   X   X                    keep a large and
                         X   X   X   X
ICLondon & al UK
                             X   X
                                                              forum active
FZH (Julich)
GSI                          X   X
                                               assembling a community,
PSI                          X   X
                                                  attracting newcomers,
Louvain                              X

Sofia                                X               fostering consensus
Cracow & al ?                        X

TOTAL                                600
A highly preliminary 4 years plan


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