POC req's by juanagao


									Use Case Requirement        Details - Bothell
Ch_1,     Chat              Follow the model of Live Chat Support

DC_13,    Organization      We would need to migrate the data we have now.
DC_14,                      We need to replicate the functionality from recruitment
DC_15                       plus for entering, viewing, editing, etc. organizations

DC_6      Custom Fields     We need to be able to easily add a field, format, customize
                            the type of field e.g., date, number, length of answer. Etc.
                            Move it anywhere on the page. Easily manage security for
                            the field.

FA_2      Financial Aid     Has the student applied for aid for a particular year,
                            indicate if they have need. Transfer of data from SDB.

EP_6      Travel            We would need to migrate the data we have now.
          Management        We need to replicate the functionality from recruitment
                            plus for entering, viewing, editing, etc. Add Google Maps
                            or similar feature.

C_4       Text              Ability to text applicants. Handle the response from a
DC_16     Purge             Ability to handle our retention schedule based upon a
                            setup feature.
CI_1      Web Portal        Build forms that allow students to request information
                            and to sign up for events. Capture the student
                            information and auto feed into the CRM. Possibly show
                            status and missing required information if an
                            account/username and password is built.

R_1, R_2, Query/Views       Established views based upon information used on a
R-4, C_8                    regular basis. Have canned reports that end users can run.
                            Make sure that all data fields are available to query. Have
                            a query wizard. Ability to preview data prior to exporting.

DC_2,     Import/Export    Build canned import packages for normal imports like SAT,
DC_2a                      ACT, NRCCUA. Wizard for building new imports and
C_14      Document Builder Ability to use existing packages like Word, Excel, to build
                           communications and merge functions. Wizard.

C_7       HTML Builder
C_5        Communication      Build calendar to view daily, weekly, monthly outgoing
           Output             communications. Wizard. Easy to setup, follow, and
                              maintain communication flows based upon dates, number
                              of days, etc.
C_2, W_2 Activities           Unlimited number of activities to be created and recorded.

CI_2       Data View (end-    The pages must be logical, clean, visual pleasing, have the
           user)              ability move fields. Drag and drop feature. Tab function,
                              keystroke shortcuts, and mouse functionality.

DI_1       Integration        Needs to have data to and from SDB and document
                              imaging. Web services to and from software.
S_1        Roles &            Security must be at field level and be easy to setup and
           Permissions        maintain by the end user.
DC_4,      Duplicates         Auto identify dups and have setup rules for merging
DC_5                          duplicates. Ability to delete a record.

C_15       Telerecruiting     Ability to query and have list auto feed into a phone
R_1, R_2, Reports             Canned reports and report wizard. Easy to build and
R_3                           export options to Excel, etc.
EP_1,     Event               Use web portal to create an event, capture participant
EP_2      Management          information, auto load into CRM, ability to communicate,
                              setup limits and track registration. Capture event history
                              for rooms, equipment needed, cost, etc.

C_1        Email Statistics & Ability to email mass groups, click statistics, white list,
           Management         ability to add videos, emessages, etc. Email statistics easy
                              to view and understand by end user.
C_17       Incomplete letters Requirements checklist that auto generates missing
                              document letters, emails, texts, etc. Checklists should be
                              assigned manually, by major, and level of student
                              (freshman vs junior).
DC_12      Document           ? Document imaging
DC_1       Request            Ability to easily build a web portal to gather information
           Information        on prospects.
DC_3,      Manual Entry       Quick form to add only the desired fields. Wizard. Load
DC_3a                         into appropriate fields on the various screens.
W_1        Workflow           End user friendly to build, maintain, security, and wizard.

C_5,       Mail Merge         End user friendly to merge documents. Similar to Word
DC_15                         merge.
R_7        Filters            Similar to query.
           Data Sets          ?
DC_17      Applications       ?
                                                                              In POC        Priority
Details - Seattle                                                Missing Grad Undergrad Grad Undergrad
Ability to provide live chat sessions, as staff are 'online'                 Yes
and available. Record the chat activity and transcript into
students record. Ability to host chat rooms, where
multiple participants are invited to chat together at a
certain time when the room is open. Transcripts are
available for a given time/room. Record if a student
participated, but not the entire transcript record in their
Ability to store all info regarding any school, college or                   Yes
organization. Linked to student record. Linked to Travel &
Recruitment Trips. Provide statistics by org regarding
events, prospects, applicants, etc.

Ability to add, delete, change any field, lable, attributes or               Yes
position. "Canned" views can be created and applied
based on permissions. Any field can be integrated into
importing, exporting, reports, etc.


Ability to create trips, related to organizations, related to                Yes
students. Historically record and analysis of trip
effectiveness over time. Provide counsler with support
(maps, navigation, contact info) on the road

Ability to set up text message based workflow                                Yes


Ability to self edit certain demographic and interest                        Yes
information. Customize view based on student profile.

Ability to search across all entities in the CRM (student,                   Yes
high school, college etc.) Assigned restricted view by

Ability to import into/export out any data fields                            Yes

Ability to build and edit word documents within the CRM                      Yes
to be used in mail merges. Letters, Labels, Lists

Ability to create HTML and plain text emails within the                      Yes
CRM. Edit, preview, test. Ability to tracket email campaign
statistics. Related to a students record. Results are able to
be used in future communications
Ability to set up any number of workflows and trigger           Yes
them based on any time periods or criteria

If an activity involved sending an email or other               Yes
communcation, the content of that message would be
part of the activity

Ability to fully integrate with UW IT systems, now and          Yes
future. Two way web services

Ability to flag possible dups based on customized criteria      Yes
and attach to a workflow. Automatically running daily.

Multiple users calling from one call list, without              Yes

All data is tied directly to the student record, available to   Yes
workflow engine

Copy of each message part of students record. Bounce            Yes
backs and removes automatcially processed


Ability to upload documents to a student profile                Yes

Directly synced to CRM                                          Yes

Ability to manually enter a new student record, customize       Yes
data entry screen.


Ability to store multiple applications per student record.      Yes
Ability to store application related data and customized
Convert? Data Details

Yes      Data would have to be imported from R+ or another source

Yes      To some degree. We need to make all the fields we use in R+ are available in some way







Yes      Packages


















#      Requirements                            Use Case Name      Use Case Details                                                 Actors             Score
C_1    Email Statistics & Management           Track              An admissions rep would like to create and send a communication Admissions rep
       • Open rates                            communication      and be able to see statistics about the communication, including
       • Bounce backs                                             who opened it, who responded to it, who asked to be removed
       • Click rates                                              from further communications, etc.
       • Per individual or mass campaign

C_10   Communication Output                    Communications     A group would like to see a history of all scheduled               Admissions rep
       • Output history                        history            communications that have run over a specified period of time (i.e.
                                                                  between certain dates, over the last X period of time, etc.).

C_11   Document Builder                        Preview document   A user is looking to send a communication to one or more          Admissions rep
       • Preview & test                                           prospects using a document template and merge process. Before
                                                                  the document is sent they would like to be able to test and
                                                                  preview the results of the merge.
C_12   Communication Output                    Approve            A group would like to schedule a communication, but would like to System,
       • Run/Manage schedule                   communications     have it approved by an employee before it actually sends. The     admissions rep
       communications                                             employee should be able to review what is going to be sent and
                                                                  who it is going to be sent to before approving the communication.

C_13   HTML Builder                            Preview email      A user is looking to send an email communication to one or more Admissions rep
       • Preview & test                                           prospects using an email template and merge process. Before the
                                                                  email is sent they would like to be able to test and preview the
                                                                  results of the merge.
C_14   Document Builder                        Create document    A user would like to create a document in Word that can be used Admissions rep
       • Create template doc                                      to send communications to one or more prospects. The document
       • Create ad-hoc docs                                       may have one or more with dynamic replacement fields that can
       • Word                                                     be filled in with a mail merge. They would also like to save the
       Mail Merge                                                 document as a template that can be used at a later date.
       • Ad-hoc jobs
       • Email, Letters, Lists, Labels, Text
C_15       Telerecruiting                       PBX integration     A group would like to be able to create a calling list from within the Admissions rep
           • Mass phone campaign                                    application then through integration with a phone system call the
           • Integration with PBX                                   people on the list and track those calls in their record in the
C_16       • Handles international addresses    International       Groups need to send mail to international addresses and need to Admissions rep
                                                addresses           ensure that the addresses are formulated properly to ensure they
                                                                    reach their destination.
C_17       Incomplete letters                   Requirements        A group would like a document to be sent to a student                  System tool?
           • Send Email/Letter to student       checklist           automatically upon a status change - when a status of applied is
           • Requirements checklist for                             received from SDB for a student, a document should be sent to the
           applicants                                               student asking them to send in specific documents.

C_2, W_2 Activities                             Track interaction   A user would like to be able to (automatically where possible) track Admissions rep
         • History of activities per student,                       all interactions with a student, including emails, phone calls and
         organization, staff                                        postal correspondence. In addition the user would like to see a list
         • Ability to create, delete and                            of all contact points with a prospective student and click to view all
         organize                                                   documents sent to student e.g., click on the accept letter to view
                                                                    actual contents of letter

C_3        Incomplete letters                   Missing documents   The University needs to get certain documents from a student but System tool?
           • Capture missing items              checklist           they have not sent them all in. A communication needs to be
           • Send Email/Letter to student                           created automatically and sent to the student that indicates
                                                                    exactly what documents are still required e.g, Bellevue College
                                                                    Transcript, Woodinville High School Transcript, etc.

C_4        Text                                 Send text           A user wants to send a text out to single or multiple students.      Admissions rep
           • Send text messages to CRM                              They would like to be able to select those students using a filtered
           contacts                                                 report then be able to send the text to all of the students on the
C_5    Communication Output                    Communication       An admissions rep would like to setup and manage a calendar that Admissions rep
       • View communications scheduled         calendar            contains all communications that are to be sent and then use the
       to run                                                      calendar to trigger workflows. In addition they want to be able to
       • Run/Manage schedule                                       click on each communication to view and make corrections or
       communications                                              adjustments. The calendar should also show a historical list of
       Mail Merge                                                  communications that have been sent.
       • Scheduled Jobs (based on rules,
       documents, queries)
       • Email, Letters, Lists, Labels, Text

C_6    Email Statistics & Management           Mass                An admissions rep would has a communication that they would         Admissions rep
       • Send mass emails (effectively,        communication       like to send to a large number (up to 60,000) of recipients and
       spam controlled)                                            ensure they are spam controlled.
C_7    HTML Builder                            Create dynamic      An admissions rep would like to create an HTML or text email        Admissions rep
       • HTML Emails (graphics, flash)         email               template with dynamic replacement fields and be able to use this
       • Text Emails                                               to email a group of contacts. They would also like to be able to
       • Create templates                                          save the template for future use. Email template and emailed
       • Create ad-hoc emails                                      contacts have organizational unit scope.

C_9                                            Coordinate program Advisor coordinates prospect interactions with other programs.       Admissions rep

Ch_1   Chat                                  Live chat             A group would like to indicate on a website that there are live       Admissions rep
       • Live Chat (available when staff are                       people available to "chat" with prospective students. The students
       online, via website)                                        would be able to click on a link or button on the website to initiate
       • Ability to capture, store,                                the chat with the live person. The contents of the chat session
       communication all chat history and                          would be stored with the student record if they alread have one,
       all records of those participants who                       or there would be the ability to create a new record and associate
       will be attending and who attended                          the chat session with the new record.
       chat sessions
Ch_2   Chat                                  Schedule chat        A group would like to create an webinar/online chat event and        Admissions rep
       • Scheduled Chat Sessions (Chat                            allow students to sign up for the event. If the student has a record
       rooms for large groups)                                    in the CRM system it should update their account to show they are
       • Ability to capture, store,                               scheduled to attend. If they do not have an account it should
       communication all chat history and                         create on and indicate in the new account that they are scheduled
       all records of those participants who                      to attend.
       will be attending and who attended
       chat sessions

Ch_3   Chat                                  Chat attendees       A webinar/online chat event occurs and a group would like to be Admissions rep
       • Ability to capture, store,                               able to capture who attended and then use this information to be
       communication all chat history and                         able to follow-up with the attendees.
       all records of those participants who
       will be attending and who attended
       chat sessions

CI_1   Web Portal                             Customer portal     A student wants a web-based portal that is customized to their       Student
       • Allow prospects/suspects to                              needs (program data, school information, etc.) they can use to
       update their contact Info                                  view and update their contact information, register for events, etc.
       • Register for events
       • Portal is customized based on
       information in prospect record, i.e.
       major, interests, etc.
CI_2   Data View (end-user)                                       NOT SURE WHAT THE USE CASE IS FOR THIS…
       • Student Profile
       • Organization
       • Customize fields in view and
DC_1   Request Information:                   Request information A potential student would like more information so they fill in a Student
       • Web based form students fill out                         web-based form with their information which auto loads into the
       • Linked directly into CRM                                 CRM and indicates how they would like to receive the information.
DC_11                                           Unique             User would like to create a form that includes UW wide questions, Admissions rep
                                                form/questionnaire Grad School questions, and unit-level questions and make it
                                                                   available for prospects to fill in
DC_12   Document Capture                        Add communication A user has a communication or document from a contact (e.g.         Admissions rep
        • Record actual original                                   email, scanned document, etc.) that they would like to add to the
        communication sent                                         contact record. The item may be linked to a specific activity or
        • Retrieve via student record                              interaction with the student. In addition for scanned documents,
        • Linked to activity                                       the user would like to be able to search within the document using
        • OCR search in upload of                                  OCR.
DC_13   Organization                            Add institutions      A group would like to add an institution, e.g. high school,           Super-user,
        • High School, Colleges, and other                            community college, and all related information about the              application
        orgs                                                          institution, i.e. address, primary contact, etc.                      administrator,
        • Contact Info                                                                                                                      admissions rep
DC_14   Organization                            Relate institutions   Users would like to relate the following with an organization:        Super-user
        • Activities (history of events with                          1. Students
        that org)                                                     2. Events one or more students to an organization.
        • Statistics                                                  This would be a many-to-many relationship and they would like to
        (Prospects/Applied/Enrolled)                                  be able to gather statistics about the relationships, i.e. how many
                                                                      students from an instituion have applied to UW, how many were
                                                                      enrolled, etc.

DC_15   Organization                            Contact               A user would like to create a communication then using a mail       Admissions rep
        • Email and mail merge ability          organizations         merge send it to one or more organizations.
DC_16   Purge                                   Purge contacts        A user would like to be able to create customized rules for purging Application
        • Retention Rules                                             contacts from the DB                                                administrator
        • Purge batches
DC_17   Applications                            Track applications    Admissions reps would like to be able to store all details of all of a Admissions rep
        • Store multiple applications                                 students applications with their contact record and be able to
        • Communications by application                               categorize them by primary, secondary, etc.
        • Ability to categorize applications,
        i.e. Primary, Secondary, etc.
DC_2    Import/Export:                          Import data         A file of student data from an external source is received via         Application
        • Import all common data types                              various data formats and needs to be imported into the CRM             administrator
        • Import common import packages                             database, with duplicate record detection, so it is available in the
        • Descriptive error reports                                 CRM tool. The import process should provide descriptive error
                                                                    reports. Auto communication flow occurs once the data is
DC_2a   Import/Export:                          Save import types   A group regularly imports data from the same source. They would        Application
        • Saved import/export packages                              like to create an import process that allows them to specify the       administrator
        • Descriptive error reports                                 type of import they were doing and have the import automatically
                                                                    match fields from the file with fields in the CRM application. The
                                                                    import process should provide descriptive error reports.

DC_3    Manual Entry:                          Manual entry         Student data is collected manually (i.e. verbally from the student,    Admissions rep
        • Ability to enter in a student or org                      sent in an email, written on a contact card, etc.) and need to be
        record manually                                             entered into the CRM application. Auto communication flow
DC_3a   Manual Entry:                           Data Entry          A group collects a specific subset of data from the standard           Admissions rep
        • Data entry card (efficient for just                       student record and wants a data entry form in the CRM tool that
        manual data entry)                                          matches contains all of the fields in the subset and no others.

DC_4    Duplicates                            Find duplicates       User would like to be able to see a list of system generated         Admissions rep
        • Custom duplication rules                                  duplicates, based on factors chosen by the user, i.e. address, name,
        • Report by duplication rules                               phone number, etc.
        • History of merges – audit trail
        • Filter duplication rules by student
DC_5    Duplicates                            Merge duplicates      User gets a list of suspected duplicate entries and would like to      Admissions rep
        • Merge records (selective or rule                          merge the ones they confirm are duplicates into a single entry.
        based)                                                      They would also like to be able to see a history of which records
        • History of merges – audit trail                           and what data in those records was merged.
DC_6   Custom Fields                    Add field             A user needs to start collecting a new piece of information about        Admissions rep
       • Add/Delete/Update any number                         students or some other population. They want to add a field to a
       of custom fields                                       form and the database without having to do any programming or
                                                              requesting programming support.
DC_7                                    Send information      After a student has filled in a web-based form to request                System
                                                              information, the information should be automatically sent to
                                                              them, either through email, regular mail, or by notifying an
                                                              admissions rep that they need a call back.
DC_8                                    Assign tag            An advisor would like to create and assign one or more tags, which       Advisor
                                                              can be visible across the whole organization, an organizational unit
                                                              or team, to a contact record.
DC_9                                    Create note           An advisor needs to add a rich text note to a contact record. The        Admissions rep
                                                              note can then be searched by who made the note, when, and the
                                                              note content.
DI_1   Integration                      See external status   Users would like to see a student’s status from SDB in the CRM           Admissions rep?
       • Web services                                         tool. In addition, when that status changes in SDB, they would like
       • In and Out                                           to see it automatically updated in the CRM tool

DI_2   Integration                      External triggering   An external process (e.g. granting degree) happens and then              System
       • Web services                                         triggers data change in Dynamics (e.g. alumni status).
       • In and Out
DI_3   Integration                      Export data           System automatically exports Dynamics data to an external                System
       • Web services                                         application (e.g. graduate application) when a prospect applies.
       • In and Out                                           Duplicate names are resolved.
DI_4   Integration                      External forms        Student complete leave request outside of Dynamics UI (using             Student, system
       • Web services                                         ASP.NET form), advisor approves, student receives approval email.
       • In and Out                                           Data is changed in CRM tool
EP_1   Event Management                 Create event          A user would like to create an event and add various parameters to       Admissions rep,
       • Create/manage events                                 it including limiting the number of attendees, local information (i.e.   students
                                                              hotels, transportation, etc.)
EP_2   Event Management                     Allow registration    A user has an event they have created and they would like to allow Admissions rep,
       • Create/manage registration                               people to register for it in a number of different ways (via email, students
                                                                  direct entry into the CRM system, online form, etc.) and then send
                                                                  a confirmation to the person that they are registered and a
                                                                  reminder as the event draws near

EP_3                                        Event follow-up       After an event has happened a user would like a way to see who    Admissions rep
                                                                  attended, send a survey to attendees and follow-up in other ways.

EP_4                                        Online events         A user wants to setup an online event (webinar, conference call)       Admissions rep,
                                                                  that people can register for and attend.                               students
EP_5                                        Event details         A user who has created an event would like to capture information      Admissions rep
                                                                  about the event that can be searched and queried. This includes
                                                                  address, notes, recommended hotel, recommended restaurants,
                                                                  travel arrangements, return recommended or not, number of
                                                                  participants, etc.
EP_6   Travel Management                    Trip planning         A user is planning on taking a trip that may involve one or more       Admissions rep
       • Create/Manage travel                                     events. They would like to be able to create the trip in the the
       • Report effectiveness of trips                            CRM tool and add one or more event to that trip. They would also
       • Counselor trip tools (maps,                              like to be able to add additional information to the trip, including
       locations, outlook calendar)                               hotel information, trip success, etc.
       • Integration with Event
       Management – e.g. travel may
       contain multiple events
EP_7   Travel Management                    Trip notification     A user has a trip planned and would like to notify organizations and Admissions rep
       • Send notification to prospects and                       prospects about the trip.
       organizations about trips
EP_8   Event Management                     Track registrations   If a prospect or student registers for an event this information       Admissions rep
       • Registration is linked to prospect                       should be stored in their record and be available to search, filter,
       file or creates new prospect                               etc. on.
FA_1   Financial Aid                          Track scholarships   A user would like to track all available scholarships and the details Admissions rep
       • Create, manage and track                                  of those scholarships, then be able to associate the scholarships
       scholarship and award information                           with one or more students.

FA_2   Financial Aid                          Financial aid        A user would like to store information about a students financial    Admissions rep
       • Place to store selective Financial                        aid in their CRM record.
       Aid information in student record

R_1    Reports                                Create report        An admissions rep wants to create a report that provides a list of Admissions rep
       • Canned reports                                            students that have particular SAT scores who are from a certain
       • Ad-hoc reports                                            area (zip code, country, etc.) and save it to be run again at a future
       Query/Views                                                 time
       • Create & Edit
       • Share & Categorize
       • Extensive options for complex
       • Canned & Ad-hoc
R_2    Reports                                Create report        An admissions rep wants to create a report that shows all students Admissions rep
       • Canned reports                                            who have not yet been contacted by phone, along with their
       • Ad-hoc reports                                            educational information and phone number and save it to be run
       Query/Views                                                 again at a future time
       • Create & Edit
       • Share & Categorize
       • Extensive options for complex
       • Canned & Ad-hoc
R_3    Import/Export:                         Export report        An admissions rep wants to export a previously created report to     Admissions rep
       • Saved import/export packages                              an external format (xls, PDF).
       • Export all data fields
R_3a   Import/Export:                         Schedule exports     A user would like to receive the results of a query/report emailed   Admissions rep
       • Schedule exports                                          to them on a regularly scheduled basis.
R_4, C_8   Reports                                Review                Advisor wants to see how successful an email campaign or                Admissions rep
           • Canned reports                       communication         recruitment has been by creating a reporting that provides
           • Ad-hoc reports                       effectiveness         effectiveness data (e.g. how many attendees became students,
           Query/Views                                                  etc.)
           • Create & Edit
           • Extensive options for complex
           • Canned & Ad-hoc
R_5                                               Create dashboard      System or unit-level administrator needs to create a dashboard          Super-user /
                                                                        that shows goals.                                                       administrator
R_6                                               Review dashboards     Unit level advisor needs to review a dashboard that incorporates        Admissions rep
                                                                        institutional and unit-specific metrics and goals as well as
                                                                        organization-wide metrics/goals, and be able to drill to unit-level
R_7        Filters                                Perform global        An advisor needs to find some information, so needs to performs a       Admissions rep
           • Searches (saved and not saved)       search                global free-text search of contact data, tags, notes, and document
           Customize Filters fields                                     content

R_8        Reports                                Use SQL Reporting     User would like to use SRS to create reports                            Admissions rep
           • SQL Reporting Services               Services
R_9        Reports                                Reports with          A group has a report that calls for a variable. They would like to    Super-user /
           • User reports with parameters, i.e.   parameters            have the base report created and allow individual users to enter      administrator,
           pivot tables                                                 the variable, i.e. a report that filters all students from a certain  Admissions rep
                                                                        state, then allow users to enter a year students applied to start, or
                                                                        a specific school in the state, etc.

S_1        Roles & Permissions                    Secure application   Groups would like to be able to secure specific records and fields in    Systems
           • Multiple Roles                                            the application based upon pre-determined roles that users can be        administrator
           • Field level security                                      assigned to.
S_2        Roles & Permissions                    Security integration The security in the tool should integrate with existing security tools   Systems
           • UWNetID authentication                                    in use within UW, UWNetID for authentication and ASTRA for               administrator
           • ASTRA                                                     managing groups.
           • Audit capabilities under security
S_3   Roles & Permissions                   Security audit    Certain users and groups would like to be able to audit activity in   Systems
      • Audit capabilities under security                     the application and show who made changes and when they made          administrator
W_1   Workflow                            Create workflow     An admissions rep needs to create and start a workflow that           Admissions rep,
      • Communication workflow – labels,                      contacts one or more students through a variety of means (email,      student
      documents, emails, lists, text                          text message, etc.). The workflow should be able to consist of
      messages, etc.                                          some or all of automated tasks, i.e. sending an email, and process
      • Processing workflow – tasks                           tasks, i.e. informing an admissions rep to call someone or generate
      • Create, manage, display workflows                     a list. They need to be able to create, view and edit the workflow
      in a single location                                    in a single, easy to view workflow generator.

W_3                                         Update workflow   Administrator reconfigures leave workflow to add an approval          Super-user /
                                                              note for International Services only for international students.      administrator

W_4   Workflow                           Adaptable workflow   Workflows should be able to adapt based on input/responses from Admissions rep,
      • Communication workflow – labels,                      students, internal employees, etc.                              student
      documents, emails, lists, text
      messages, etc.
      • Processing workflow – tasks
W_5   Workflow                           Workflow calendar    A user has several workflows that are triggered by a specific date.   Admissions rep
      • Workflow calendar – what items                        They would like to see a calendar view that shows when these
      are going to be triggered on what                       workflows are scheduled to begin.

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