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					[12:01] You: Please IM me to get in the queue - I know you all have things to report or announce :) [12:01] You: Happy New Year everyone! [12:02] Leeorie Alter: and to you!!!!!\ [12:02] Leeorie Alter: Great things in 2009!!!!! [12:02] Troy McLuhan: My my! Where did 2008 go? [12:02] Dulcie Mills: Hi, everyone. Happy New Year [12:02] Valibrarian Gregg: Happy New Year, Abbey and everyone :) [12:02] You: Let's see... we have a Tech Fair coming up on 1/31 and I hope you will help us to spread the word about it. Creators of tools that help librarians and educators will be exhibiting and speaking :) [12:02] Troy McLuhan: / Time for the annual jokes about signing checks with 2008 [12:04] You: We are starting a new series of discussions "Real Life Librarians in SL" Our first speaker will be Biblio Latte - military librarian. [12:04] You: That is on 1/20 at 6 PM SLT. [12:04] Leeorie Alter: o cool!!!! [12:04] Dulcie Mills: sounds great [12:04] You: We'd like to get the word out to LIS students for these so please let them know :) [12:05] Adra Letov: What is a god way to get the word to LIS students? [12:05] Adra Letov: good that is [12:05] Leeorie Alter: list serves [12:05] Adra Letov: are there specific ones you recommend? [12:05] Leeorie Alter: nope [12:05] Leeorie Alter: lol [12:05] Leeorie Alter: blogs too [12:05] Adra Letov: LOL [12:06] You: We have two buzz sessions in Jan - on the 13th Dulcie will talk about getting published and on the 15th Jenaia Morane will talk about telling our stories and why it is important :) [12:06] Troy McLuhan: Maybe some Facebook group for such students?

[12:06] Nire Kiranov: blogs work well [12:06] Bookie Balogh: Put up a sign at the reference desk [12:06] Leeorie Alter: good idea troy [12:06] Can't move object 'GTS Balloon' to { 230.658, 135.93, 45.9863 } in region Info Island International because your objects are not allowed on this parcel. [12:06] Can't move object 'GTS Balloon' to { 230.59, 135.636, 45.9734 } in region Info Island International because your objects are not allowed on this parcel. [12:06] You: We'll use the usual channels but word of mouth is often better than anything :) [12:06] You: We have a group creating a LIS student union on Infotainment as well [12:07] Leeorie Alter: col! [12:07] Leeorie Alter: lol [12:07] You: we'll let them know :) and all the schools we know of here... [12:07] Adra Letov: That's my group and I'd like to get more students into it [12:07] Leeorie Alter: excellent! [12:07] You: yes Adra :) [12:07] Adra Letov: so we can do useful things and they can learn to work here [12:07] Adra Letov: if nayone has project ideas send them to me [12:07] You: Ok.... first up to speak is Leeorie, and everyone...let me know when you are finished so I won't talk over you, please :) [12:08] Leeorie Alter: thanks abbey [12:08] Leeorie Alter: just a quick announcement...... [12:08] Leeorie Alter: Topeka shawnee county public Lilbrary [12:08] Leeorie Alter: thats cindy's library [12:08] Leeorie Alter: and my library, Olathe Public [12:08] Leeorie Alter: have moved to Cybrary City II

[12:09] Daisyblue Hefferman: wtg, Lee! [12:09] Leeorie Alter: we are almost neighbors [12:09] Dulcie Mills: yaaay! [12:09] Leeorie Alter: and very close tot the State Library of Kansas [12:09] Leeorie Alter: Rocky's library [12:09] Leeorie Alter: also the Nicodemus Historical Society [12:09] Leeorie Alter: is planning to move to the sim [12:09] Leeorie Alter: Nicodemus Kansas [12:09] Leeorie Alter: Historical site [12:10] Leeorie Alter: African american community settled at the end of the civil war [12:10] Leeorie Alter: please, every one plan to stop by and see our new digs! [12:10] Leeorie Alter: and there will be announcemtnts about programs, exhibitis etc. [12:10] Dulcie Mills: We will, Leeorie. Good luck in your new home. [12:10] Leeorie Alter: thats all abbey [12:10] Leeorie Alter: thanks [12:10] Bookie Balogh: It's a beautiful space [12:10] Dulcie Mills: YW [12:11] You: Thanks Leeorie, great news indeed :) [12:11] Leeorie Alter: :) [12:11] You: Dulcie, you are next :) [12:11] Dulcie Mills: Thanks, Abbey [12:11] Leeorie Alter: invasion of the Kansans!!!!! [12:11] Dulcie Mills: The January issue of RezLibris, the library magazine,, will be out some time today. [12:11] Dulcie Mills: We will post announcements when it's officially off the presses.

[12:11] Dulcie Mills: We want to thank all of you who contributed this month or helped us last month for our first issue whether it was to write or participate in an interview. [12:11] Dulcie Mills: Our next issue is scheduled for February 1, and the deadline for stories is January 18. [12:11] Dulcie Mills: Although we are happy to say we now have a full staff of editors and assistant editors, we can still use writers, columnists, photographers, and other contributors. [12:11] Leeorie Alter: eeeek [12:11] Leeorie Alter: coming up quick [12:12] Dulcie Mills: lol, Leeorie. Sorry if that was a surprise [12:12] Dulcie Mills: We are also still in need of a bookkeeper. [12:12] Dulcie Mills: If you are interested in helping us, please contact me, Dulcie Mills, or our publisher Clark Abismo. [12:12] Dulcie Mills: We will refer you to an editor who handles the section of our magazine that covers your interests. [12:12] Dulcie Mills: Thanks again for reading and supporting us. We are happy to bring SL library and related news to you. [12:12] Dulcie Mills: That's all, Abbey [12:13] You: Thanks Dulcie :) That is wonderful! [12:13] You: We're really thankful for the great press we get from Dulcie and the group at RezLibris. [12:13] You: Hi Mari :) [12:13] You: Ok, Katt you're up :) [12:13] Katt Tomsen: Hello everyone =^.^= [12:14] Marimar Berchot: Hi Abbey [12:14] Leeorie Alter: :) [12:14] Dulcie Mills: Hi, Marimar [12:14] Katt Tomsen: As many of you know I moderate the Hot Topic and Stonewall discussion series here on Info Island. [12:14] Marimar Berchot: Hi dulcie

[12:14] Katt Tomsen: We're planning to keep those up throughout the new year. [12:15] Katt Tomsen: We're open to suggestions for future sessions and panelists at existing ones. [12:15] Katt Tomsen: What we have upcoming is: [12:16] Katt Tomsen: Hot Topics: Romance (1/7), Weddings (2/11), Breaking Up (3/4), and Counseling Groups in SL (4/1)....sense a theme? [12:16] You: :) [12:16] Adra Letov: :) [12:16] Leeorie Alter: :) [12:16] Dulcie Mills: lol [12:16] Halfwraith Caerndow: haha [12:16] Katt Tomsen: Stonewall: Bisexuals (1/28), Transgender (2/25), Straight (wierd folks, 3/25), and "Only GLBT in SL?" (4/22). [12:17] Adra Letov: RL/SL confusion [12:17] Leeorie Alter: lol [12:17] Katt Tomsen: We always hold these at 6pm on Wednesdays. [12:17] Katt Tomsen: So please do come. [12:17] Leeorie Alter: :) [12:17] Katt Tomsen: And if you think you've got something to contribute to one please IM me and we'll see about you as a panelist. [12:17] Katt Tomsen: Thanks for the chance to share Abbey. Back to you. [12:18] You: Welcome, and thank you! [12:18] You: JJ would like to speak next :) [12:18] JJ Drinkwater: Hi everyone! [12:18] Bookie Balogh: Hi JJ [12:18] Dulcie Mills: Hey, JJ [12:18] Leeorie Alter: :) [12:18] Adra Letov: :)

[12:18] JJ Drinkwater: Someone is making me an "inventory scanner" that will read the name and description of an object, and email it to you. not quite ready for primetime yet, but check with me in a month of so if you want to know about it [12:19] Leeorie Alter: wooot! [12:19] Dulcie Mills: cool! [12:19] JJ Drinkwater: We're using it for our big "cataloging" effort [12:19] JJ Drinkwater: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it [12:19] JJ Drinkwater: Anyway, ask me in a month or so if you want one [12:19] Leeorie Alter: great! [12:19] JJ Drinkwater: Also, touch my hat if you want to subscribe to our library notices - community library doings in Caledon, Steelhead, Winterfell, New Toulouse, New Babbage, Amatsu Shima, West of Ireland, and, coming soon, Steeltopia and Edison [12:20] Daisyblue Hefferman: very, cool, JJ, of course I want one. lol [12:20] JJ Drinkwater: Heh [12:20] JJ Drinkwater: I'm not surprised, DaisyBlue [12:20] Bookie Balogh: Could you IM the group when it's available? [12:20] JJ Drinkwater: er [12:20] JJ Drinkwater: I can try to remember, anyway! [12:20] Leeorie Alter: lol [12:21] JJ Drinkwater: Back to you, Abbey [12:21] Leeorie Alter: we might be able to do a notice in RezLibris [12:21] You: Thanks JJ :) Glad you could join us today! [12:21] Leeorie Alter: see me about is JJ [12:21] Leeorie Alter: :) [12:21] You: Cerulean is next :) [12:21] Cerulean Vesperia: Thanks AbbeY!

[12:22] Cerulean Vesperia: To promote the YALSA Tech Playground and Social Mixer at Midwinter, I'm putting up an exhibit on Tech Gadgets to use for teen programming. [12:22] Cerulean Vesperia: At our RL event on Fri Jan 23 from 8-10pm in Denver, we are featuring gaming with Nintendo DS units, playaway digital audiobooks, [12:22] Cerulean Vesperia: scavenger hunts via text messaging, booktalks recorded with Flip cameras, a digital photo station, and a people scavenger hunt, avatar creation, [12:22] Cerulean Vesperia: make your own ringtones A Teen TEch Week Booth, and more! [12:22] Cerulean Vesperia: The idea is to expose YA librarians to stuff they can use during Teen Tech Week '09, celebrated March 8-14, 2009 - the theme this year is Press Play @ your library. [12:23] Cerulean Vesperia: For those who won't be making it to Denver, we are creating a scaled down Tech Playground in SL. [12:23] Cerulean Vesperia: The exhibit, which will run Mon Jan 5 through the end of this month, features large size models of some of the gadgets, with a notecard on each. [12:23] Cerulean Vesperia: And, you can take part in an SL version of the people scavenger hunt, by collecting notecards from SL Avatars who have done the techie things on the list, [12:23] Leeorie Alter: very cool! [12:23] Cerulean Vesperia: like created an avatar, listened to a podcast, commented on a blog, etc - I'll have a prize for the first person to turn in 25 answers ;) [12:24] Adra Letov: Nifty! [12:24] You: Cerulean, that's fantastic! Did you let Kay Tairov know? She's putting together a list of events happening for MW in SL. [12:24] Cerulean Vesperia: I'll write up a press release and send it to the appropriate venues as soon as I'm done withthe building, most likely tonight. [12:24] Cerulean Vesperia: and I'll put Kay in the loop :)

[12:24] Adra Letov: My group will definitely attend [12:24] You: Good, thanks... [12:24] Cerulean Vesperia: The RL event IS a ticketed event [12:24] Cerulean Vesperia: $40 [12:24] Cerulean Vesperia: no open bar :( [12:25] kiss [script:Outy's Vector Master v1.6]: Script run-time error [12:25] kiss [script:Outy's Vector Master v1.6]: Too Many Listens [12:25] Leeorie Alter: lol [12:25] Cerulean Vesperia: if you are not a YALSA member, and join before midwinter, you can get a free ticket :) [12:25] Cerulean Vesperia: Landmark for the build in progress is ALA Island (60, 222, 56) [12:25] Cerulean Vesperia: so far, I have a giant iPhone, DS Lite, Flip Video, and Playaway [12:26] Cerulean Vesperia: that's all, unles folks have questions :) [12:26] You: Thanks Cerulean, it sounds great! [12:26] You: Bud, you're next :) [12:26] Cerulean Vesperia: :) [12:26] BuddhistLibrarian Ballyhoo: Hi Everyone!! Please send me your copy/mod textures and notes for placement into the libshows. You can send them to me inworld or email me at Thanks!! [12:27] BuddhistLibrarian Ballyhoo: that was it Abbey, thanks!! [12:27] Adra Letov: Thanks Bud [12:27] You: Thanks Bud, for those of you who are puzzled about libshows, those are the objects in the welcome centers that rotate textures and give out notecards. [12:28] You: We have one for events happening on the AVL islands and another for non-profit or educational/library events happening elsewhere in the main welcome center :) [12:28] You: Bud is doing a great job as our new marketing coordinator and you can help promote your events by contacting her :) [12:28] You: thanks Bud.

[12:29] Leeorie Alter: yeay bud!!!! [12:29] Leeorie Alter: WOOT [12:29] BuddhistLibrarian Ballyhoo: awww thanks Abbey...I'm having a great time doing it!! [12:29] You: Daisy your'e next :) [12:29] Daisyblue Hefferman: We held a Christmas dance on Bradburyville last month, where a great time was had by all. We also held a Victorian Christmas Ball at the White House on Lincoln.. [12:29] Daisyblue Hefferman: On Feb 4, from 2-3:30slt, we'll hold an event there for the Smithsonian/Learningtimes online conference, Gabi Riel providing music. [12:29] Leeorie Alter: wow [12:29] Daisyblue Hefferman: February will be a big month on Lincoln, as will the rest of the yeear, to celebrate Abe's 200th. [12:29] Leeorie Alter: neat [12:29] Daisyblue Hefferman: Will schedule some events for January, but took some time off for the holidays, so behind. and that's all. [12:29] Leeorie Alter: happy birthday Abe! [12:29] You: Thankd Days, great work :) [12:30] You: Ok.. let me type that again.. THANKS DAISY, great work :) [12:30] Leeorie Alter: lol [12:30] BuddhistLibrarian Ballyhoo: lol good thing we all speak fluent typoese [12:30] You: Ok, a couple of things I forgot to mention - and if anyone else wants to speak please IM me, the queue is empty. [12:30] Daisyblue Hefferman: typonese is an accepted language now. lol [12:30] Dulcie Mills: lol [12:30] Adra Letov: :) [12:31] You: The AVL Volunteer Orientation Center is getting near completion.... Ka is going to manage this area and Cindy is going to help finish the resources. [12:31] You: It has a space for display of free tools that volunteers can use, so if you have something to include please let me know.

[12:31] You: It also has a small sandbox. [12:32] You: Ka will be doing the monthly AVL volunteer orientations and also managing SL SKill classes, so if you would like to volunteer to teach something, please contact her :) [12:32] Leeorie Alter: EXCELLENT!!! [12:32] Adra Letov: Great! [12:32] You: Lori just emailed me and SL is not letting her in :( [12:33] You: She sends Happy New Year wishes to you all and wants you to know that... [12:33] You: Would you pass on to people, we will have an awards event on Feb. 7 to honor people for all their work in 2008 - more info to come soon.

The Stepping into science in virtual worlds conference is January 30. [12:33] You: Seems that there was another announcement, but I've blanked... I'll move on to the next speaker :) Troy? [12:33] Troy McLuhan: / Thanks. The Science Center group now has over 1870 members. It maintains a database of science-related places in SL at [12:33] Troy McLuhan: / That website also has a calendar of upcoming science-related events in SL [12:34] HVX Silverstar: Tech fair? [12:34] Troy McLuhan: / and more. Check it out [12:34] Troy McLuhan: That's all [12:34] You: Thanks Troy :) [12:34] You: Yes, I mentioned it earlier HVX :) HVX is going to have a booth there! YAY. [12:35] Adra Letov: Great! [12:35] HVX Silverstar: sorry.. was late with trying to get in [12:35] HVX Silverstar: thx [12:36] You: Ok.... I know people are curious about the re-organization, and I really don't have any news, but I can give you a little progress report. The AVL Advisory board is working to consolidate what we have on 5 sims to just 3 sims. We've received reports from most of the groups/venues on these sims, in January we will be

[12:36] You: talking about how we can squeeze things in. [12:36] You: Rocky and his collections crew did a great job in consolidating the collections here on Info to make room and prims. [12:37] You: We are planning one public meeting to talk about the changes each month, look for notices on those if you are intersted in coming. [12:38] You: There is another board that is looking at the ALS sims outside the core library islands.... again, it is early to make any announcements.... but both groups are working hard to preserve what we have and still allow room for new exhibits and events :) [12:38] You: Daisy, do you want to say anything - I think you are the only member here from the other group besides me. [12:39] Daisyblue Hefferman: Not much to report. If we get another grant for Smart Investing, that island will stay [12:39] Leeorie Alter: fingers crossed Daisy! [12:39] Daisyblue Hefferman: Therefore we'd maybe keep one other to add all the rest of what stays. [12:39] Leeorie Alter: cool! [12:40] You: Thanks Daisy :) [12:40] Daisyblue Hefferman: That is, we also have a grant out for a companion island to Lincoln. It makes sense to use Only Yesterday for that, if we get the grant [12:40] Daisyblue Hefferman: So a lot is up in the air for a few months yet. [12:40] You: Ok, anyone else? [12:41] You: Thanks everyone for all you do here - and if you want to volunteer for anything, please contact Marimar Berchot, she coordinates volunteer activites. [12:41] You: If you have an idea for an exhibit or collection or event, let me know...we'd love to have your ideas and help :) [12:42] Leeorie Alter: :) [12:42] HVX Silverstar: can I ask a question about the open space sims that are here in the info archipelago... are they still limited to 10 avatars or will they be up to 20 when LL turns them into homesteads tomorrow? [12:42] You: You are not only volunteers here (and much appreciated volunteers) you are ambassadors for AVL and the IA.... don't forget to put us in your picks :)

[12:42] Daisyblue Hefferman: / [12:43] JJ Drinkwater: Homesteads get 20, right? [12:43] You: I think they stay just as they are until the lease expires. [12:43] HVX Silverstar: yes.. but not sure if it applies here [12:43] You: there was a blog post today.. [12:43] You: let me get the URL [12:43] HVX Silverstar: thanks.. i just saw the LL one [12:43] Daisyblue Hefferman: oh my, tomorrow already? Have they announced script limits also? [12:44] HVX Silverstar: Yes... [12:44] You: [12:44] You: yes it is in this post [12:44] 50 Winx: whew it took 45 mins to log on [12:44] Leeorie Alter: wiw [12:44] Leeorie Alter: wow [12:44] Leeorie Alter: lol [12:44] HVX Silverstar: Yes, over 71,000 online [12:44] Daisyblue Hefferman: Since our opens were paid for in advance, the tier, we should be ok. [12:44] Dulcie Mills: oh, gosh. Lots of SL issues today [12:44] You: Sundays are tough :) [12:45] HVX Silverstar: thx Daisy/Abbey [12:45] You: Yes, as far as I know everything stays the same for the pre-paid ones. [12:45] BuddhistLibrarian Ballyhoo: If you'd like to add AVL to your profile picks, it's just a couple clicks while you're sitting here [12:45] You: I think Hypatia put a voting object in Reference, I haven't seen it yet... so use it to vote for us too :) [12:46] BuddhistLibrarian Ballyhoo: Yes it's there!! You can vote once a day

[12:46] Daisyblue Hefferman: we could all make a point of stopping there every day. [12:46] Adra Letov: tried it but got no message that it took the vote [12:46] You: I'm glad to see you all and to hear what everyone is doing...we have great things planned for 2009 already :) [12:46] Leeorie Alter: :) [12:46] Abbey Zenith applauds you all! [12:46] bucky Barkley accepted your inventory offer. [12:47] You: ANy other news or questions? [12:47] Adra Letov: GThank you Abbey [12:47] Leeorie Alter: Applauds Abbey and AVL!!!!! [12:47] Dulcie Mills: Thanks, Abbey [12:47] 50 Winx: Will this transcript be posted? [12:47] You: yes! thanks for reminding me! [12:47] Valibrarian Gregg: Thanks so much, Abbey! [12:47] You: Thank you all for coming :) Have a great Sunday and great 2009! [12:48] Mel Krupinski: happy new year all! [12:48] Bookie Balogh: Thanks, Abbey [12:48] Dulcie Mills: You, too, Abbey :) [12:48] Katt Tomsen: Thank you Abbey! [12:48] Daisyblue Hefferman: thank YOU, Abbey!

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