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									EXIT INTERVIEW TEMPLATE Form Code: EXTINT Employee Name Employee Code Designation Joining Date Reporting To Interviewer Name 1 Interviewer Name 2 Date of Interview

1. Reason for leaving the job?

2. Did anything trigger the decision to leave?


Most satisfying thing about the job

4. Least satisfying thing about the job


5. If you can change something what would you change in your job?

6. Did your job duties turn out to be as you expected?

7. Did you receive enough training to do your job effectively?

8. Did you receive adequate support to do your job?

9. Did you receive sufficient feedback about your performance between merit reviews?

10. Were you satisfied with this company's performance review process?

11. Did this company help you to fulfill your career goals?


12. What would you improve to make our workplace better?

13. Were you happy with your pay, benefits and other incentives?

14. What could your immediate supervisor do to improve his or her management style?

15. Did any company policies or procedures (or any other obstacles) make your job more difficult?

16. Would you consider working again for this company in the future?

17. Would you recommend working for this company to your family and friends?

18. How do you generally feel about this company?

19. What did you like most about this company?


20. What did you like least about this company?

21. What does your new company offer that this company doesn't?

22. Can this company do anything to encourage you to stay?

23. Did anyone in this company discriminate against you, harass you or cause hostile working conditions?

24. Under what conditions would you have stayed?

25. If you had had a magic wand, what would you have changed?

26. Did you find any change in the people behavior after your resignation?

27. Would you like to be informed about the progress of Logesys in the future through email?

28. If yes please provide an email address for this purpose


29. Would you like to be an Alumini of this company?

30. If yes what would you like us to do for this relationship?

31. Any other comments

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Interviewer Signature:


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