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					VAS: a new revenue generator

Alexandros Lazaridis Product Marketing Director VAS & BSS

The Group
INNOVA Group of Companies :  INNOVA S.A., located at Maroussi, Attica, Greece  INNOVA Solutions S.A., located at Bucharest, Romania  INNOVA Solutions LLC, located at Yerevan, Armenia  INNOVA Solutions A.D., located at Sofia, Bulgaria  INNOVA Solutions SHPK, located at Tirana, Albania

 INNOVAONETECH Ltd, located at Nicosia, Cyprus

International Presence
Current Greece Romania Armenia Bulgaria Future Belgium Russia



Our Vision

We envisage a natural Communication ecosystem where people socialize, collaborate and access information securely , real time, in a simple and transparent way.

Our Mission

We are committed to built trust among our customers, assist them to evolve into a natural Communications ecosystem and contribute in obtaining their business goals.



Value Added Services Solutions & Billing for Telecoms Services Providers Next Generation Networking Operation Support Systems and Information Technology Solutions Information & Network Security Network Infrastructure

Main Customers

VAS Market Trends
Declining ARPU

Brand differentiation needs

Focus on increasingly rich content

Familiarization/comfort with mobile devices New Devices

Content/devices personalization

Phone is a central HUB

Marketing Campaigns Management
Customer Segmentation

Segment A Keep
Customer strategies

Segment B

Segment C

Segment D


Increase data and VAS usage and ARPU Accelerate new-service introduction Increase loyalty of particular segment

Expand user-base of a particular service Promote handset upgrade

Re-engage dormant users to consume specific service

Video Ringtones
Video Ringtones – Choose what Others see when they call you First Video Ringtone Subscription Service Video Ringtone Studio – Users generate their own VRT Major handsets Supported - Symbian, Windows Mobile and many J2ME
phones (Sony ericsson, nokia, samsung, motorola)

Call from Andreas Andreou

Call from Andreas Andreou

Call from Andreas Andreou

Social Networking Services

Community Notice Board
- Poke to receive the latest announcement in the board - Web and Mobile management

Community SMS
- Create fun community groups and exchange ideas, socialize

Group Portal
- Fun Community Portal with different interest Groups based on common interest - Multi Channel Support – Advertising Enabler - Join the portal and receive benefits. Attract new users

Messaging Services
Voice2SMS/MMS The power of voice in a message
Premium service introduces voice as the means of exchanging messages and making the most of the advantages of both text messaging and Voice communication.

New usage opportunities and new users attraction.

- Send video messages to a subscriber or Group of subscribers (avatar/Lip Sync)

Video Portal
- User generated and Branded

Voice/Video Blog
SMS Alternative to text based internet blogging


Self Care
Prepaid Self Care
Balance/Account Query & Status Tariff Plan Query/Change Voucher Recharge Language Change

Postpaid Self Care
Postpaid Cost Control Postpaid Current Spending

Pre/Post2Pre Balance Transfer
Any Value Top Up Call me / Call Back Credit Extension

Pre & Postpaid Self Care
Provisioning (Missed Call notify, VMS, GPRS, MMS, VPN, Vodafone Passport) RingBack tones & Any Service Language Change

Friends&Family VPV / CUG

Advertising / Profiling

Mobile Advertising
- Attract the most relevant audience to each advertising campaign - Secure subscribers consent for a complete user experience - Inject ads on SMS, MMS, IM, USSD, during-call, depending on business needs

- Create specific segments based on demographics, previous usage and real- time behaviour - Dynamically follow the subscribers’ lifecycle and prioritize his possible needs/preferences

VAS Services
Subscribers Management
- Evaluation of services’ adoption and effectiveness for future business readjustments - Tool that gathers data from the entire operator’s network, generating reports from services’ usage

Mobile Transactions
- Transfer money easily utilizing the mobile phone, without the need to visit a bank or even have a bank account - Payments using the mobile phone as wallet - Mobile banking

Push Email
- Email anytime, anyplace - Device independent (supports handsets and keeps growing) - Runs in real-time rendering waiting times obsolete

at our booth to exchange ideas!

Thank you!
Alexandros Lazaridis

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