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Author Style Sheet.doc - The Institute of Navigation


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									                       THE INSTITUTE OF NAVIGATION
                           8551 Rixlew Lane, Suite 360, Manassas, VA 20109
                               Phone: 703-366-2723 Fax: 703-366-2724
                           E-mail: meetings@ion.org Web Site: www.ion.org

                                          ION GNSS 2012
                              September 17-21, 2012, Nashville, Tennessee

                          PAPER PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS
                                    FOR CD-ROM PROCEEDINGS

Final copy should be styled according to the template provided. Papers should be in 2-column format, in
10 pt Times Roman or Calibri font styles (you must obtain ION approval prior to utilizing another font
size or style). All text should be single-spaced. A double space may be used when beginning a new

For your electronic version: use as many as possible of your word processing software's automatic
features. Input your text continuously; in other words, only insert hard returns at ends of paragraphs or
headings, subheadings, lists, etc. Do not use space bar to make indents (e.g., to indicate paragraphs or in
lists). A tab or an indent command should be used for this purpose.

Submission of Electronic copy: Submit one electronic version (preferably by e-mail meetings@ion.org)
or on CD-ROM (by mail). Authors who submit their papers by e-mail will receive a confirmation notice.

Your paper should be organized in the manner specified on the sample provided. Use a 1" margin on the
first page of your paper followed by the title, authors, and affiliations. Use a .75" margin on each page
thereafter. Begin your paper with a brief biography (100 words or less) and abstract (approximately 300
words). Your paper should conclude with acknowledgments and (or) references.

Please utilize color where appropriate. Incorporate tables and graphs in the body of the text, centered
within the column. If a figure must span across two columns, try to place these figures at the top or
bottom of the page. If a two-column figure must go in the middle of the page, please make sure the text
preceding the figure has wrapped from the left column into the right column and then insert the figure.

We encourage you to incorporate any images which may be used in your oral presentations into the body
of your paper when appropriate.

When possible, use a table editor to create tables for your electronic version. Do not use spaces to align
the columns of your table. Do not use the "columns" feature to create tables. Identify each table with a
bold numeric reference and center it at the top of your table.

Figure captions should be centered and placed at the bottom of the figure.

Do not insert page numbers to your paper.

Your paper must be in English.

2-column format
Margins: 8.5" x 11" paper
       right & left margin, .75"
       bottom margin, 1"
       top margin on first page, 1" (title and author list centered at the beginning of the paper)
       top margin on following pages, .75"

        A4 paper
        right & left margin, 0.59"
        bottom margin, 1.18"
        top margin on first page, 0.83" (title and author list centered at the beginning of the paper)
        top margin on following pages, 0.79"
        Each column is 3.25" wide with a spacing of 0.59"

Use 24 point Bold Times Roman or Calibri font styles with initial capitalization only.

Use 10 point Times Roman or Calibri font style with affiliation in italics.

Use left justification, all title case, and 10 point bold lettering.

Do not adjust line spacing.
Disclaimers or notes should be placed at the end of the article just before the references.
Do not use footnotes.
Columns should have full justification.

Electronic files may be submitted by E-mail or turned in on CD-ROM by mail or onsite. VERY
IMPORTANT: label your disk with the operating system, word processing software, version number of
the software, title of the paper and your name. Filename should be the author's last name. For PC files,
follow with an extension appropriate for the word processing software (i.e., .doc for Word). Please make
sure you turn off the Track Changes feature before submitting your paper.

Check that your files are complete and that you have removed any files that do not pertain to your paper.


Is submitting your paper by mail, make sure your disk is adequately packaged to protect it during mailing.


ION prefers Microsoft Word for either PC or Mac.

Acrobat PDF files are also acceptable - be sure to embed fonts. (If you use LaTeX to create your PDF file
please be aware that this is not a program we use or support. If there are problems with the PDF file the
paper will most likely have to be scanned). ION cannot accept LaTeX files, all LaTeX documents must
be converted to PDF file prior to submission. Make sure the file is formatted according to the ION

Common Problems With PDF Files:
      Non-English fonts (Asian fonts), if not embedded correctly will be substituted automatically by a
       different font and possibly cause inaccuracy in the content of the document. Moreover, files that
       contain Asian fonts are usually not searchable in the CD-ROM. We recommend Asian authors
       turn in Word files rather than PDF files.
      Documents converted from the LaTeX or TeX typesetting language into the Adobe’s Postscript of
       PDF files usually contain fixed-resolution bitmap fonts that do not print or display well on a
       variety of printer and computer screens.
      The Maximum PDF version must be 1.5 (or Acrobat 9.x compatible).
      All fonts must be accurately included in the PDF file as an “Embedded Subset”
      Secure files can cause problems with: opening the document; printing the document; indexing for
       searchability on the CD-ROM. Please do not secure your files.

Graphic files must be in GIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX, EPS, PICT, JPEG or WMF.

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