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                     Spring 2012 Dean's List
First Name   Last Name    Major
Faissal      Alshammari   EEET-Electrical/Electronic Eng Tech
Anthony      Amato        ARST-Architecture & Sustainability
Kyle         Anderson     PLTE-Plastics Engineering Tech
Cody         Anderson     AMGT-Automotive Management
Jason        Anderson     AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Alyssa       Anderson     WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Eric         Anderson     HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Joshua       Anstey       WELT-Welding Technology
Jacob        Aranki       CONM-Construction Management
Dillon       Arends       HVAR-HVACR Technology
Derek        Bacigal      PFAC-Pre-Facility Management
John         Baker        WELT-Welding Technology
Andrew       Balke        MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Roger        Ball         PARS-Pre-Arch & Sustainability
Manuel       Banda        ARCH-Architectural Technology
Richard      Barrera      PHVA-Pre-HVACR Technology
Mark         Bates        CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Kachine      Bean         CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Brooke       Begley       PMGT-Printing Management
Casey        Beglin       CONM-Construction Management
Matthew      Beilfuss     EEIT-Industrial Electronics Tech
Aidan        Bell         HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Mary         Benson       FMAN-Facility Management
Andrew       Benson       PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Caleb        Berens       CETM-Civil Engineering Technology
Robert       Bergquist    HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Zachary      Beyer        MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Joshua       Bisanz       AMG2-Automotive Management (2+2)
Joshua       Bitson       FMAN-Facility Management
Justin       Bloch        AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Daniel       Bobola       WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
John         Bohnett      PDGI-Print/Digital Graphic Img Tech
Zachary      Bolyard      WELT-Welding Technology
Jeffrey      Bolzman      HEET-Heavy Equip Service Eng Tech
Thomas       Boris        AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Brittany     Borninski    NMPP-New Media Print and Publishing
Brandon      Borst        HVAR-HVACR Technology
Kristen      Botello      ARCH-Architectural Technology
Ryan         Bouman       AMGT-Automotive Management
David        Bourgeois    CONM-Construction Management
Derrick      Bouwma       AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Matthew      Brandt       WELT-Welding Technology
Steven       Brecheisen   HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Jeremy       Brewster     WELT-Welding Technology
Philip       Brown        WELT-Welding Technology
Zackery      Brown        WELT-Welding Technology
Joshua       Brown        PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Joshua       Bunker       PMGT-Printing Management
Evan         Burke        CONM-Construction Management
Travis       Burkey       WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Nathan       Cameron      FMAN-Facility Management
Tom          Campen       PWLE-Pre-Welding Engineering Tech
Antonio      Cardenas     HVAR-HVACR Technology
William      Carlson      WELT-Welding Technology
Jacob        Carney       CONM-Construction Management
Jonathan     Carney       WELT-Welding Technology
                      Spring 2012 Dean's List
First Name    Last Name    Major
Miles         Carpenter    PLTT-Plastics Technology
Derek         Carr         CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Samual        Cassel       ARCH-Architectural Technology
Chris         Cavnar       HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Peter         Chan         PAET-Pre-Auto Engineering Tech
Barry         Chapman      HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Zachary       Cheesman     WELT-Welding Technology
Anthony       Chrisman     AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Keith         Clark        WELT-Welding Technology
Dylan         Clark        PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Allison       Clark        CONM-Construction Management
Jerad         Close        AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Steven        Coen         HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Cody          Commons      CDTD-CAD Drafting/Tool Design Tech
Thaddeus      Cook         PAUS-Pre-Automotive Service Tech
Charlton      Craig        EEIT-Industrial Electronics Tech
Ryan          Crandell     WELT-Welding Technology
Rachel        Crane        ARCH-Architectural Technology
Roosevelt     Crawford     AMGT-Automotive Management
Zachary       Cross        ESEN-Energy Systems Engineering
Brienn        Crow         AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Ryan          Dagen        PWEL-Pre-Welding Technology
Jarrod        Daul         PLTE-Plastics Engineering Tech
Logan         DeClercq     PARS-Pre-Arch & Sustainability
Turner        Dehon        WELT-Welding Technology
Kyle          Dejong       WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Brian         Dell         MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Eric          Demerath     MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jason         Deneweth     AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Joshua        Dennett      ARCH-Architectural Technology
Devan         DePauw       WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Jacob         DeWit        HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Cameron       Diebel       PHVA-Pre-HVACR Technology
Peter         Diep         ESEN-Energy Systems Engineering
Sam           Dodds        MECE-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kenneth       Downer       EEET-Electrical/Electronic Eng Tech
Patrick       Dunigan      CMCT-Const Mgmt/Highway-Bridge
Gabriel       Dunsmore     HEET-Heavy Equip Service Eng Tech
Joel          East         SURE-Surveying Engineering
Luke          Edington     PLTT-Plastics Technology
Bradley       Edlund       PARS-Pre-Arch & Sustainability
Michelle      Edwards      ARCH-Architectural Technology
Mary Kateri   Eisenhut     PDGI-Print/Digital Graphic Img Tech
Matthew       Elliott      EEET-Electrical/Electronic Eng Tech
Brandon       Ellis        CDTD-CAD Drafting/Tool Design Tech
Calvin        Ellison      SURE-Surveying Engineering
Mark          English      HVAR-HVACR Technology
Richard       Fagan        AMGT-Automotive Management
Luke          Farrell      AMGT-Automotive Management
Lee           Farrelly     WELT-Welding Technology
Maxwell       Fasten       MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Alexander     Fay          CDTD-CAD Drafting/Tool Design Tech
Hannah        Feaster      FMAN-Facility Management
Dustin        Feldpausch   HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Joshua        Ferris       MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Myles         Fimbinger    WELT-Welding Technology
                      Spring 2012 Dean's List
First Name    Last Name    Major
Jonathan      Firman       CONM-Construction Management
David         Fisher       AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
David         Flanagan     HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Brooke        Flint        MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Robert        Fox          WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Jessica       Frank        PMGT-Printing Management
Jeremiah      Gallup       MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Caleb         Garner       MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kevin         Gaston       ARCH-Architectural Technology
Sheity        Ghotra       HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Kion          Gibbs        ARCH-Architectural Technology
Brandon       Giguere      AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Cody          Gilbert      AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Josh          Giles        MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Robert        Gingrich     WELT-Welding Technology
Christopher   Grajek       PHVA-Pre-HVACR Technology
Jacob         Green        WELT-Welding Technology
Tyler         Greenhill    AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Dale          Grigorenko   WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Brandon       Grosvenor    HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Nicholas      Grypma       CETM-Civil Engineering Technology
Stephanie     Guelette     NMPP-New Media Print and Publishing
Blaine        Guy          WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Cody          Haines       RUBT-Rubber Technology
Ransom        Hall         CDTD-CAD Drafting/Tool Design Tech
Cody          Hamersma     CONM-Construction Management
Jacob         Hamlin       PDGI-Print/Digital Graphic Img Tech
Eric          Hanchett     MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Eric          Hansen       PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Michael       Hansma       WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Keione        Hargrow      HVAR-HVACR Technology
Kevin         Harrington   MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Corbin        Harrington   PLTE-Plastics Engineering Tech
Keegan        Hartman      WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Luke          Hartwig      ESEN-Energy Systems Engineering
Leif          Haugen       FMAN-Facility Management
Mitchell      Hayes        HVAR-HVACR Technology
Kathryn       Heaton       ARCH-Architectural Technology
Justin        Hendges      HEET-Heavy Equip Service Eng Tech
Brent         Hillard      CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
David         Hillard      PBCT-Pre-Building Construction Tech
Jared         Hine         EEIT-Industrial Electronics Tech
Will          Hinkley      ARST-Architecture & Sustainability
James         Hocker       CONM-Construction Management
Bryan         Hofbauer     AUSV-Automotive Service Technology
Jacob         Hohisel      PLTE-Plastics Engineering Tech
William       Holdsworth   PLTE-Plastics Engineering Tech
Justin        Holmes       HVAR-HVACR Technology
Timothy       Holperin     SURE-Surveying Engineering
Fuad          Hossain      AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Daniel        Howell       HVAR-HVACR Technology
Drew          Hubach       HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Todd          Huzek        HVAR-HVACR Technology
Garrett       Hyde         CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Cameron       Jackson      HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
James         Jeffery      PDET-Prod Design Engineering Tech
                     Spring 2012 Dean's List
First Name   Last Name     Major
Rex          Jernigan      AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
David        Jimpkoski     CDTD-CAD Drafting/Tool Design Tech
Michael      Johnson       AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Lucas        Johnson       PWLE-Pre-Welding Engineering Tech
Ryan         Johnson       HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Clifford     Jones         CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Gregory      Jonker        WELT-Welding Technology
Andrew       Juback        PDET-Prod Design Engineering Tech
Kyle         Kain          HVAR-HVACR Technology
Austin       Kantola       ESEN-Energy Systems Engineering
Jared        Kasperlik     AMGT-Automotive Management
Kurt         Kaufman       PAMG-Pre-Automotive Management
Ryan         Keisling      WELT-Welding Technology
Ashley       Kelley        SURE-Surveying Engineering
Patrick      Kemp          PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Charles      Kempa         WELT-Welding Technology
Jenifer      Kempel        MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Otto         Keresztes     PDET-Prod Design Engineering Tech
Samant       Khanna        PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Gary         Kibler        MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Trevor       Kiley         CNS -Computer Networks and Systems
Aaron        Kipfmiller    FMAN-Facility Management
Carl         Klemp         HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Sierra       Knepple       ARCH-Architectural Technology
Brian        Konkle        MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Tyler        Koroleski     MECE-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michael      Kozakiewicz   BCTM-Building Construction Tech
William      Krafcheck     ESEN-Energy Systems Engineering
Brian        Krajniak      CMCT-Const Mgmt/Highway-Bridge
Brandon      Krebs         WELT-Welding Technology
Douglas      Kroeze        CONM-Construction Management
James        Kropp         WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Cameron      Kuperus       WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Joshua       Kyburz        MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Adam         Lampe         CONM-Construction Management
Thomas       Larsen        MECE-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Samuel       Larson        WELT-Welding Technology
Dakota       Lasslett      ARCH-Architectural Technology
Robert       Lathrop       HVAR-HVACR Technology
Lucas        Laughlin      WELT-Welding Technology
Simon        Lee           AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
David        Leestma       HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Jason        Leeuw         CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Brett        Lesiewicz     CONM-Construction Management
William      Lester        CONM-Construction Management
Thomas       Levalley      CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Jonathan     Lodden        CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Franklin     Loeblein      WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Ryan         Lorenz        CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Michael      Losinski      AMGT-Automotive Management
Melissa      Loutitt       SURE-Surveying Engineering
Richard      Love          PMGT-Printing Management
Andy         Luu           AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Timothy      Lytle         WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Andrew       MacIver       FMAN-Facility Management
Kit          Mak           AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
                      Spring 2012 Dean's List
First Name    Last Name    Major
Edward        Maloney      WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Matthew       Manchik      HEET-Heavy Equip Service Eng Tech
Peter         Manwiller    SURE-Surveying Engineering
Erin          Martin       ARCH-Architectural Technology
Carl          Martin       HVAR-HVACR Technology
Andrew        Martin       PDET-Prod Design Engineering Tech
Pascal        Mashami      AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Kyle          Maupin       HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Jason         Mauric       HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Anthony       McArthur     ARCH-Architectural Technology
Corey         Mccarty      MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Paul          Mcclung      SURT-Surveying Technology
Michael       Mcdonald     AMGT-Automotive Management
Andrew        Mcnally      BCTM-Building Construction Tech
Lindsey       Meachum      PMGT-Printing Management
Ruben         Medrano      ARCH-Architectural Technology
Kevin         Merkle       HEET-Heavy Equip Service Eng Tech
Carlton       Miller       HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Andrea        Mitrink      PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Christopher   Mix          CNS -Computer Networks and Systems
Thomas        Moneta       PLTT-Plastics Technology
Jennifer      Montgomery   FMAN-Facility Management
Tre'          Montroy      CONM-Construction Management
Kyle          Morris       PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Amy           Mowry        HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Danielle      Naffziger    MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Matthew       Near         HVAR-HVACR Technology
Jamie         Near         HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Lucas         Nelson       EEIT-Industrial Electronics Tech
Nicholas      Nequist      FMAN-Facility Management
Brent         Newby        RUBE-Rubber Engineering Technology
Alexander     Newman       CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Gilbert       Ngugi        MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Zach          Nitz         CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Joseph        Nodge        ARCH-Architectural Technology
Dane          Nowland      MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew       Nunn         CETM-Civil Engineering Technology
Daniel        Nuttle       WELT-Welding Technology
Ryan          Ogg          MECE-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Mohamed       Omar         HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Jeffrey       Oneill       HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Muheez        Opebiyi      EEET-Electrical/Electronic Eng Tech
Shawn         Orton        AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Blake         Parks        WELT-Welding Technology
Kumar         Patel        AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Ryan          Pendell      CONM-Construction Management
Jordon        Pesce        HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Craig         Peters       MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kristina      Peters       MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Justin        Petersen     FMAN-Facility Management
Andrew        Pfaller      WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Ethan         Phenicie     CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Daniel        Pickelmann   CDTD-CAD Drafting/Tool Design Tech
Scott         Postma       HEET-Heavy Equip Service Eng Tech
Heather       Poston       PDET-Prod Design Engineering Tech
Logan         Praay        SURE-Surveying Engineering
                      Spring 2012 Dean's List
First Name    Last Name        Major
Kimberly      Rademacher       FMAN-Facility Management
Jomon         Raju             HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Chetan        Rane             PAET-Pre-Auto Engineering Tech
Amanda        Ratajczak        AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Ian           Reed             WELT-Welding Technology
Dave          Reeves           CONM-Construction Management
Noah          Reyburn          EEIT-Industrial Electronics Tech
Brandon       Rhodes           CONM-Construction Management
Adam          Ridderman        ESEN-Energy Systems Engineering
George        Rishmawi         ARCH-Architectural Technology
Bram          Ritsema          WELT-Welding Technology
Andrew        Rivard           NMPP-New Media Print and Publishing
John          Roberts          PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Jose          Rodriguez        AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Jon           Rodriguez        AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Kevin         Romanko          PMGT-Printing Management
Behrouz       Roomiany         HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Zachary       Rosman           CONM-Construction Management
Colton        Rosman           PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Marshall      Rosselot         MECE-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Christopher   Roth             NMPP-New Media Print and Publishing
David         Rowse            FMAN-Facility Management
Ryan          Rozema           AMG2-Automotive Management (2+2)
Kevin         Rudy             RUBE-Rubber Engineering Technology
Kaysie        Rytlewski        PLTT-Plastics Technology
Corey         Sanders          AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Nikolas       Schafer          MECE-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Andrew        Schilling        CONM-Construction Management
Cody          Schmidt          CONM-Construction Management
Kyle          Schmiedeknecht   WELT-Welding Technology
Spalding      Schneider        AMGT-Automotive Management
Matthew       Schoner          HVAR-HVACR Technology
Evan          Schroeder        CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Jacob         Schwind          CNS -Computer Networks and Systems
Brandon       Scott            CNS -Computer Networks and Systems
Ryan          Shoup            AMGT-Automotive Management
Daniel        Sims             PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Karlie        Slabaugh         PDGI-Print/Digital Graphic Img Tech
Nathaniel     Smith            CETM-Civil Engineering Technology
Jordan        Smith            HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Cory          Smith            SURE-Surveying Engineering
Amanda        Snider           PDGI-Print/Digital Graphic Img Tech
Jessica       Socolovitch      FMAN-Facility Management
Chad          Sonderegger      SURE-Surveying Engineering
Leo           St John          MFT -Manufacturing Technology
Ariel         Star             PDGI-Print/Digital Graphic Img Tech
Casey         Starick          CETM-Civil Engineering Technology
Jarod         Steenwyk         MECE-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ralph         Stelter          PLTE-Plastics Engineering Tech
Travis        Stempky          WELT-Welding Technology
Luke          Stephens         MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ethan         Stiefel          PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Alaina        Stiles           FMAN-Facility Management
Daniel        Stinson          WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Maxwell       Stormzand        CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Jacob         Stratz           HVAR-HVACR Technology
                     Spring 2012 Dean's List
First Name   Last Name      Major
Russell      Stressman      MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Srikrishna   Sudhakaran     PPET-Plastics/Polymer Eng Tech
Thomas       Suhr           MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Xiaobao      Sun            AMGT-Automotive Management
Aaron        Swain          WELT-Welding Technology
Sara         Sweeney        EEET-Electrical/Electronic Eng Tech
Brian        Sweet          CNS -Computer Networks and Systems
Nicholas     Szkodyn        AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Jeffery      Tarnowski      CMCT-Const Mgmt/Highway-Bridge
Steven       Taschner       CONM-Construction Management
Euan         Taylor         AMGT-Automotive Management
William      Teifke         WELT-Welding Technology
Jordan       Terrill        WELT-Welding Technology
Rebecca      Thayer         ARST-Architecture & Sustainability
Dylan        Thelen         EEIT-Industrial Electronics Tech
Chad         Thum           WELT-Welding Technology
Josh         Thurkettle     PLTE-Plastics Engineering Tech
Jonathan     Tkac           HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Gregory      Toomire        AMGT-Automotive Management
Robert       Tran           EEET-Electrical/Electronic Eng Tech
Katrina      Truesdell      AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Mao-Ting     Tu             AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Jacob        Tucker         HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Justin       Tuinstra       WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
Adam         Udell          PDET-Prod Design Engineering Tech
Arthur       Ueck           ARCH-Architectural Technology
Ross         Ulberg         HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Matthew      Underwood      WELT-Welding Technology
Victor       Urban          ARCH-Architectural Technology
Dylan        Van Dyke       HEET-Heavy Equip Service Eng Tech
Joshua       Vanbruggen     HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Jonathon     Vance          MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Matthew      VandenHeuvel   NMPP-New Media Print and Publishing
Angela       Vanderwall     PDGI-Print/Digital Graphic Img Tech
Courtney     VanGarderen    ARCH-Architectural Technology
Marcus       Vanpoppelen    CDTD-CAD Drafting/Tool Design Tech
Joshua       Van-Y          CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Scott        Veich          MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Brent        Vetter         MECH-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas     Von Haden      PHVR-Pre-HVACR Engineering Tech
Jeffrey      Vroon          CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Kyle         Walch          HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
John         Walker         AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Todd         Wall           WELT-Welding Technology
Mauricio     Wallis         AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
Logan        Walsh          PLTE-Plastics Engineering Tech
Laura        Walton         PDGI-Print/Digital Graphic Img Tech
Joshua       Ward           WELT-Welding Technology
Garrett      Weber          PDET-Prod Design Engineering Tech
Daniel       Wede           MECE-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Mason        Weeks          MFGE-Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Scott        Wehrle         EEIT-Industrial Electronics Tech
Brandon      Wheeler        HEET-Heavy Equip Service Eng Tech
James        Whitwam        CDTD-CAD Drafting/Tool Design Tech
Andrew       Wiers          HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
Brandon      Wilke          WELE-Welding Engineering Technology
                     Spring 2012 Dean's List
First Name   Last Name   Major
Bryan        Williams    MECE-Mechanical Engineering Tech
Steven       Wilton      CETM-Civil Engineering Technology
Labon        Wolgamott   PLTE-Plastics Engineering Tech
Aaron        Wyse        CMBT-Cons Mgt/Commercial-Industrial
Jason        Young       HEQT-Heavy Equipment Technology
Keith        Zebell      WELT-Welding Technology
Lucas        Zellinger   HVAC-HVACR Engineering Technology
William      Zielinski   CDTD-CAD Drafting/Tool Design Tech
Tyler        Zmyslo      AET -Automotive Engineering Tech
James        Zurbo       AET -Automotive Engineering Tech

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