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Emergency Response Procedures General ... - SchoolRack by juanagao


									                    Emergency Response Procedures
General Procedures for an Emergency at Chateau Elementary School

First Person on Scene:
       Verify information
       Notify 911 (if necessary) and the principal
       Administer first aid (if necessary)
       Take charge of area until incident is contained or relieved by Emergency
       Incident Commander (Principal) or designee
       Seal off high risk area
       Preserve evidence
       Refer media to Public Information Officer

Crisis Management Coordinator/ Principal and/or Assistant Principal:
        Verify information
        Call 911 (if necessary)
        Convene crisis team and implement crisis response procedures
        Notify East Bank Superintendent and Administrator for School Safety
        Notify teachers
        Notify students & other staff (depending on emergency; students may be notified by
        Evacuate students and staff if necessary
        Seal off high-risk area
        Refer media to Public Information Officer if necessary
        Notify community agencies (if necessary)
        Implement post-crisis procedures
        Keep detailed notes of crisis event.

      Verify information
      Lock classroom doors
      Warn students, if so advised
      Account for all students
      Maintain calm and as much of a sense of normalcy among students as possible in the
      Follow standard evacuation procedures, or other instructions if given
      Stay with students during an evacuation
      Refer media to Public Information Officer
      Keep detailed notes of crisis event.

Responsibilities of Staff (all employees on campus):
     Minimize stress and anxiety situations. Stay calm.
     Announce events to students according to principal’s instruction.
     Remains with assigned students at all times.
     Assists counselor in identifying students in need of support services.
     Follows plan for securing classrooms.
The following is taken from the JPPSS Crisis Plan:

    Announcement will be made that a Lockdown is in effect.
    Administrators report to the office.
    Students are to remain in class. Teachers will clear the hallways of students by gathering
      them into the nearest classroom and closing the doors behind them. If possible, send an
      email to the teacher’s classroom where they should be with the class. Students in
      restrooms should be escorted to the nearest classroom. Classroom doors must be locked.
      PE students will enter through the Pre-K area and take students to one of the Pre-K
      classrooms. Take a class roster and account for all students.
    No one is to leave a classroom until an all-clear announcement is made.
    All teachers in the faculty lounge will report to the front office will remain in the front
      office until instructions are provided. Teachers must remain calm and quiet.
    All clerical staff, cafeteria workers, custodial workers, and visitors will report to the
      closest area having doors that can be closed.
    Ignore the fire alarm. If an evacuation is required, an announcement will be made.
    Keep self and students calm.

Teachers are to do the following:
               Shelter your students and any student in the hallway by your classroom.
               Lock the classroom door.
               Tell the students that an unidentified Emergency is in progress.
               Check email for messages.
               Stay away from doors and windows.
               Stay in classroom until an announcement is made.
               If crisis occurs during lunch, all students will be escorted behind the accordion
               Students will be under the direct supervision of teachers in the classroom,
                  library, or
               Cafeteria until notice is given that all is clear.
               Do not allow students to leave the area you are supervising under any
                  circumstance until
               The crisis is over. Students will then move to the correct classroom or follow
                  other instructions.

During a crisis, students at PE and lunch are NOT to report to their teacher’s classroom. They are
to report to the designated areas. Please review this procedure with your students.

Fire Drill
When the fire alarm signal sounds, each teacher will
                Immediately stop whatever the class is doing and have the students line up
                   quietly and quickly at the designated door
                Pick up your emergency bag with a “current roster” and take it with you. The
                   bag should be hanging by the door.
                Step into the hallway to make sure the designated evacuation route is fire and
                   smoke free and have students evacuate the building (the teacher should be the
                   last to leave after checking the room to make sure all students are gone).
                If the designated route is not safe to use, select the closest alternate route to
                 evacuate the building
                Call roll at once to make sure all students that were in your class are with you.
                If a student is missing, signal or send for the assigned administrator in your
                 area and report the missing student immediately
                Remain in your assigned outside area until a clear signal is given or an
                 announcement is made.
                Once you are back in you r room, check to make sure all students have
                 returned to your class. Report any missing students immediately.
                If a student is in the restroom when the fire alarm sounds, that student should
                 immediately follow a class outside. Students should not try to find their class
                 until everyone has exited the building.

Drop and Tuck:
      Protect yourself:
              Lie face down.
              Draw your knees up under you.
              Cover the back of your head with your hands.

No funnel clouds have been sighted, but weather conditions exist that are conducive to their
Teachers are to do the following:
            Any students outside must be brought inside immediately.
            Review the “drop and tuck” command and the designated areas of shelter* with
            Close windows and blinds.
            Be prepared to drop and tuck under desks if the immediate command is given or if
              there is an immediate need to do so.
            PE students will enter the nearest windowless hallway and seat their students
              facing the wall. Drop and tuck

A funnel cloud has been sighted or indicated on radar. The approximate location and direction is
usually broadcast during the warning.

Teachers are to do the following:
           Escort students to the designated areas of shelter*.
           Take a class roster and account for all students.
           Ensure that students sit quietly against a wall on the floor and that they understand
              the “drop and tuck” command.
           Close all fire doors to minimize injury from flying debris.

*designated area of shelter = along an interior wall, away from windows
(If in library, exit and sit along walls on both sides of the hallway.)
(If in computer lab, exit and report to the Stage area in cafeteria.).
If in PE, move to the nearest windowless hallway.
    Staff members try to detain the assailant, short of risk of personal injury.
    Call office for assistance. Lock down the school.
    Administer first aid
    Staff monitors and clears to area of students.
    Principal notifies victim’s family.
    Secretary calls region and 911. 736-7340
    Counselor calls coordinator of Social Work Services 349-7935.
    Office completes Accident/Incident report.

    If normal route is blocked, staff determines the safest route and initiates the evacuation
    Everyone leaves the building and reports to assigned designated areas. Teacher takes
    Secretary calls the region and 911. 736-7340
    Custodial staff secures the building.
    First Aid administered in the parking lot or safest location.
    Complete Accident/Incident Report.

    Secretary calls 911 and regional office 736-7340
    Principal sounds “lock down” and signals for teachers to secure their classrooms. Do not
      let any in or out for any reason until the “all clear” is announced.
    All custodians are to report to the office.
    Principal does whatever to protect his/her students and staff.
    Principal and assistant monitor the situation until the authorities arrive.
    Witnesses provide statements to assist the proper authorities.
    Complete Accident/Incident report.

Abuse/Severe Neglect
All employees of the school system are obliged to report suspected or known abuse or neglect in
the Office of Community Services (OCS) within one hour of learning or suspecting the abuse or

Information requested, but not required, by OCS when reporting abuse/neglect.
       Child’s name
       Phone number
       Date of birth
       Parents’ names
       Work phone number
       Mother’s age
       # Of children in the school
       Complete Accident/Incident report
Bus Accident (Field Trip)
    Two rosters are required: A list of riders and their phone numbers must be current and
      taken on the trip and one roster must remain at school.
    Destinations, routes, and emergency information on all participants are provided to
      school authorities and field-trip coordinator.
    Principal or Assistant Principal notifies parents of the situation.
    Principal or Assistant remains at school to maintain communication links while the other
      staff go to the site and to the hospitals.
    Emergency information needs to be readily available for emergency personnel.
    Coordinator of Social Work Services is called.
    Notify transportation- 349-7729
    Complete Accident/Incident report.

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