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									Nihal Mehta
Co-Founder & CEO ipsh!

The North American leader in messaging platform and services designed for the mobile generation.

December 2005

the wireless landscape
ipsh! has a unique niche.


fits here

brand, agency, and content owner facing rather than wireless operator facing leading to more creative, innovative thinking & campaigns… that drive ROI.

Source: iLoop Mobile

market snapshot
nearly 200 MILLION mobile phones in the US (198 million in Nov 05*)
 64% of ALL US Households, 65% of US adults*  100 MILLION Americans use text messaging 1x/wk ! America the ‘sleeping giant’ as compared to Europe & Asia, is finally starting to wake up :

 US Phones sent 22.8 Billion SMS text messages in 2004 – up 3X from one year
 Today in the US alone, over 2.5 Billion text messages get sent PER MONTH!  By 2009, US mobile handset users will generate 49.8 billion SMS messages and 4.4 billion MMS messages!

Sources: *CTIA, **Wireless Market Forecast 2004-2009, Jupiter Research 2005, Page 6

 Mobile subscribers will steadily increase to 212 million in 2009, representing 69% of the US population.

 25% of handsets were MMS capable in 2004.

 Will grow to 72% of the installed base in 2009. MMS penetration will not be limited by audio functionality: while only 12% of handsets are capable of music/voice recording and playback in 2004, 100% will be capable by 2009.

Source: Wireless Market Forecast 2004-2009, Jupiter Research

 SMS is by far the most prevalent non-voice function on cellular phones

Source: Wireless Market Forecast 2004-2009, Jupiter Research

market snapshot
… and today, all demographics have embraced text!

“Mothers, similar to how they first learned to use email, are quickly catching on to text to communicate with their kids.”

60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 18-27 28-39 40-49 50-59 >60

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, March 2005

the benefits of mobile marketing
 

ubiquitous. Mobile devices are an always-carried, highly visible social communication tool. VIRAL! on average, 6% of messages are forwarded, and 20% are shown to a friend.
Little waste.

 

Unsaturated medium: nearly 100% of SMS messages are viewed by receiver.
71-96% recall rate by consumers to mobile marketing campaigns. Highly personalized and localized opt-in user base utilizing demographic, psychographic and geographic targeting.


Consumer intent to follow a brand prompt produces an overwhelming response with over 40% of respondents agreeing that they would visit a website or view an ad.

the benefits of mobile marketing

decoding mobile JARGON

SMS  Short Message Service / text-only / limited to 160 characters/msg
MMS  Multimedia Message Service / ringtones, wallpapers, logos, themes, animated ringtones, mobile video WAP  Wireless Application Protocol



Shortcode / 5 numbers creating the „mobile URL‟  $1k/month for vanity code (i.e. „VODKA‟)  $500/month for random code 
J2ME/BREW  Java-based applications for rich media on mobile phones, i.e. mobile games


American Idol set the bar
 Vote Reminder – text message listing all the Idol’s codes right before voting opens
Text the word VOTE to your idol’s number



In 2005, 41.5 million “American Idol” voting messages were sent This represents a 600 percent increase over the 2003 showing of 7.5 million text messages.


why magazines ?
 Customer acquisition  Shortcodes -> user opt-in -> magazine subscriptions  Customer retention (CRM)  Creating & maintaining mobile databases to communicate with your customer  Creating real-time interactivity through print  trivia, polling, quizzes  Auxiliary revenue streams  selling ringtones, wallpapers, video

FHM in the UK
 FMH, a British men's monthly published by emap, is using mobile voting for the first time to garner votes for its 10th annual FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World feature. "Readers can send an SMS message with the names of all the women they wish to vote for to a five-digit short code printed in the magazine. Readers can vote for any women. They pay 50 cents to send in a vote. This is a mobile operator cost and not one charged by FHM. Mobile voting will take place until results are announced in May".




Sports Illustrated goes mobile
 Browse through the full collection of the 2005 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photos  choose your favorites and download them as wallpaper to your cell phone.  There’s a new model featured every month, and there are exclusive photos not available anywhere else.

The Wall Street Journal Mobile
 "The Wall Street Journal Mobile" provides business news and personalized portfolio information along with market and stock data to wireless phones.
Customers can subscribe to the downloadable application for $3.99 per month.


Mizz magazine spreads to SMS
 Another Teen magazine goes texting in the UK .


Teen magazine Mizz will be launching a new range of SMS services for readers, including 'text in your story ending' and 'your most cringe worthy moment'
SMS subscribers can also form a 'Mizz Crew', an online community built through text message subsciptions, and the largest crew will win a prize. Readers sign up to send and receive Mizz text messages on their mobile phones, charged at 25pence each.



Mizz has a print circulation of more than 100,000 in the UK with a core audience of female 10 to 14-year olds.

Source: Jemima Kiss, Dot Journalism

Try it out now!
 Text in to receive your “ipsh! magazine cover!  Create a new text message  The “to” field should be the shortcode 65579  The keyword (message body) is COVER (for treo/blackberry use “cover1”)  Press send – you’re done!

ipsh! overview
 

ipsh! produces more mobile marketing campaigns than any other US-based firm (over 400 campaigns since June 2001) ipsh! patent-pending “PRISM” technology works seamlessly across all carrier and handsets globally allowing brands maximum access to their consumer base
ipsh! prides itself on the „ipsh! bear hug‟, providing full-service, creative and strategic mobile solutions as well as implementation, project management, reporting.. instead of just another technology license ipsh! is known for flawless execution because of our team of expert project managers and IT staff. Brands work with ipsh! for our extraordinary creativity, our suite of turn-key products and our experience



Award-winning : ipsh! won MediaWeek‟s 2004 Best Non Traditional Advertising Award, MIXX 2005, and nominated as a finalist for ADTECH/05

ipsh! Messenger : ’the ipsh!’
 Web-based, real-time messaging platform gives the power of mobile marketing at your fingertips. Interact with your target audience through one integrated platform via text messaging, WAP Push (delivery of multimedia content), mCoupons, polls and quizzes.

ipsh! Messenger
 Comprehensive, realtime reporting to monitor & tweak your campaign.  Dynamic keyword control to modify shortcode campaigns “on the fly.”  Future versions allow users to upload a JPEG or MPEG and convert automatically for mobile wallpaper/video

ipsh! Clients (Partial List)

Presented by:
Nihal Mehta – CEO, co-Founder 415-355-9313 / San Francisco

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