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					            NAGDCA/Arthur N. Caple Foundation®
                                              Draft Minutes
                                      ANC Foundation Board Meeting
                                             Conference Call
                                       June 16, 2009 1:00pm EDT

       Members Present:
       Alex Turner, President
       Gay Lynn Bath, Secretary/Treasurer
       Julia Durand, Member-at-Large
       Janet Kendall, Industry President
       Tom Mueller, Member-at-Large
       Ed Lilly, Vice-President
       Betty Meredith, InFRE Representative
       Tim Rouse, Industry Observer
       Mindy Harris, Past President

       Others Present:
       Tracy Tucker, Association Director
       Kari Emmons, Project Coordinator

       Not Present:
       Cathie Eitelberg, Industry Representative

  I.         Turner called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. EDT.

 II.         Consent Agenda – Lilly made a motion to approve the consent agenda as presented.
             Harris seconded the motion. The motion passed.

III.         Fundraising Committee Update – Kendall reported that the fundraising committee will
             begin to make phone calls to industry members to solicit for financial contributions and
             gifts for the silent auction. Global Index Advisors contributed $1,000 which will be used
             to purchase items for the silent auction, and the State of Texas is donating a gift basket.
             The goal is for the silent auction to be successful and grow each year.

IV.          Old Business – Scholarship Update – Tucker reported that all of the scholarship
             applicants have been contacted and most of the winners have registered for the conference
             except the overall winner, Meghan Shepard. Tucker has been in contact with her and she
             is planning to attend. Tucker reported that she hasn’t heard back from Kristin Smith from
             the University of Georgia, but she will continue to attempt to contact her. Texas Tech
             University is sending 20 students to the conference this year. Headquarters is working to
      get mentors set up for the students. The Board agreed that submitting rankings instead of
      scores was a good process for picking the scholarship winners. Headquarters will make
      note of the process used.

V.    New Business - Tucker reported that AMR is working internally to prepare the 2010
      work plan and budget. As requested during the Board meeting in March, Tucker asked
      that the Executive Board send any suggestions for the work plan and budget to her as soon
      as possible because the draft is in the advanced stages. Tucker will be meeting with Scott
      Dick and John Ruffin and will be having a call with Bath and the officers to review the
      budget. The budget and work plan will be presented to the Board during the July Board

      Meredith stated that in an effort to reach out to students NAGDCA may want to consider
      using Facebook and Twitter. A financial planning student could possibly help maintain
      and set up the Facebook site. Another idea is to post the next student presentation to
      YouTube. Tucker reported that the Financial Planning Association (FPA) allows
      universities to have booths at their conference which allows people to talk to students and
      program directors. John Salter at Texas Tech University suggested NAGDCA have
      booths at its annual conference. There was concern that professors may not have time or
      money to travel and staff a booth at the conference. The Board agreed that the idea of
      NAGDCA having a Facebook page should be taken to the membership committee for
      further discussion.

      Meredith stated that a way to help students understand the career path for the financial
      planning profession would be to create job profiles. These can be a one- page job
      description of the primary jobs in the field. Salter can help drive the efforts because he is
      working on a career guide as a part of a project he is working on. This can be completed
      over the summer and be ready for the annual conference. Meredith will reach out to Salter
      to see if he is willing to start the career guide initiatives with NAGDCA. Salter has a
      survey that he has put together to help collect the data. A group of NAGDCA members
      will need to be organized to represent different parts of the industry. The Board agreed to
      move forward with the idea. Meredith will report back to the Board with a response from
      Salter and a possible timeline.

VI.   Adjournment – Turner adjourned the meeting at 1:34 p.m. EDT.

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