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SCIENCES                                                                           Excellence in Action

The School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences supports the university and college mission statements. The school sees
its strengths in its high-quality teaching, engagement with the education and human service community, and scholarly activity leading
to knowledge and skills for the attainment of a professional career in the fields of counseling and counselor education, educational and
school psychology, instructional technology, human development and family studies, gerontology, rehabilitative counseling and special
education. The school is committed to enhancing the quality of social and personal life for the citizens of Ohio, the nation and the world
through the professional preparation and development of competent scholars and practitioners within a range of specializations. In
addition, the school is committed to the nurturance of creativity, inquiry and breadth of perspective in students.

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS                                                      Case management For individuals and Families:
                                                                            Provides training for performing assessment, advocacy and case

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND                                                       management in a variety of social services settings such as county
                                                                            departments of job and family services, rehabilitation centers,
FAMILY STUDIES (HDFS)                                                       juvenile court and area agencies on aging.
The Human Development and Family Studies Program offers an
interdisciplinary approach to individual and family development
                                                                            A concentration in gerontology prepares graduates for professional
across the lifespan. We focus on child and adolescent development,
                                                                            positions in the diverse filed of aging. The gerontology curriculum is
adult development and aging, biological/social/psychological aspects
                                                                            designed to provide students with a solid understanding of typical age-
of human development, family processes, intervention research and
                                                                            related changes and how those changes affect a person physiologically,
developmental research methods.
                                                                            psychologically and socially.
The baccalaureate degree program in human development and
family studies provides students with an understanding of human             nursing home administration:
development and family relationships across the lifespan. The human         The nursing home administration program at Kent State is focused
development and family studies curriculum prepares graduates for            on preparing you to become a successful professional in the field of
professional careers related to working with children, youth, adults        long-term health care. The job market for graduates is very strong due
and families in social and human service settings.                          to the rapidly increasing number of aging Americans. The number of
                                                                            older adults living in nursing homes, assisted living and retirement
Core coursework focuses on lifespan development (from infancy
                                                                            communities is predicted to double in the next 10 years.
through old age) and family issues and processes. All students complete
an internship or practicum as part of their academic requirements.          Visit our website:
Each student selects one of six available concentrations: child and youth   human serviCes teChnologY:
development, family life education, case management for individuals         This concentration is available only to students who have completed
and families, gerontology, nursing home administration and human            the associate degree in human services technology at Kent State
services technology (available only for associate degree students).         University at Salem.
Visit our website:

Child and Youth development:                                                SPECIAL EDUCATION
Prepares students for working with children and youth in nonschool          The Special Education Program is dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s
settings, such as: residential treatment, group care, community youth       teachers of exceptional learners. The program consists of three teacher
services, foster care and after-school programs. The curriculum is          licensure areas for ages 5 through 21: deaf education, mild/moderate
aligned with professional competencies established by the Child             educational needs and moderate/intensive educational needs. We
and Youth Care Certification Board Inc. and prepares students for           also offer the baccalaureate degree in educational interpreter. The
provisional certification as child and youth care professionals.            educational interpreter curriculum is designed to prepare interpreters to
                                                                            work with children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH)
FamilY liFe eduCation:                                                      in an educational setting. The program prepares graduates to interpret in
Prepares students for providing educational programming to parents,         both classroom and nonclassroom settings and to perform related student
couples and families in settings such as domestic violence and              support activities including subject-matter tutoring and other tasks under
homeless shelters, social services agencies, Head Start and Help Me         the supervision of a licensed or certified classroom teacher.
Grow programs. The curriculum was developed using the standards
                                                                            The National Center on Personnel Studies in Special Education reports
set by the National Council on Family Relations to enable graduates
                                                                            a critical national shortage of special education teachers, administrators
to apply to become Certified Family Life Educators (CFLE). The
                                                                            and related personnel. More than 50,000 teachers are needed to solve
CFLE designation provides documentation of the high-quality of the
                                                                            this shortage, with 98 percent of the nation’s largest school districts
academic and professional preparation that graduates of the Human
                                                                            reporting shortages. Jobs await you in Ohio and across the country.
Development and Family Studies Program receive.
                                                                            Visit our website

SCIENCES                                                                          Excellence in Action

GRADUATE PROGRAMS                               academic area are qualified to complete
                                                the requirements for certification. The
The School of Lifespan Development and
                                                certification can be completed entirely
Educational Sciences offers graduate degree
                                                online with the exception of the 300-
programs leading to master’s degrees in
                                                contact-hour internship, which must be
the following areas: clinical mental health
                                                completed at a nonprofit organization.
counseling, gerontology, human develop-
ment and family studies, instructional          COUNSELING AND HUMAN
technology, rehabilitation counseling, school   DEVELOPMENT CENTER
counseling and special education. The           The Counseling and Human Development
educational specialist degree is available in   Center provides personal counseling and
counseling and human development services,      human development services to members of
school psychology and special education.        the Kent State University community (students,
The Doctor of Philosophy degree is offered      faculty, staff and family members) and to area
in counseling and human development             residents. Services provided include individual,
services, educational psychology, school        couple, family, child and group counseling
psychology and special education.               for developmentally-related concerns.
                                                Counseling sessions are FREE to the Kent State
Visit our website for information on            community; a nominal fee is charged to the
our graduate programs:            public. The fee can be waived if necessary.
ehhs/ldes                                       Services are provided by master’s- and
                                                doctoral-level graduate students preparing for
SPECIAL PROGRAMS                                professional licensure as clinical counselors.
TRANSITION AND EMPLOYMENT                       The Human Development Center provides
The Center for Innovation in Transition         graduate and undergraduate students the
and Employment provides leadership              opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary
in the College of Education, Health and                                                              School of Lifespan
                                                research and community service projects.
Human Services and across the region for        Projects sponsored by the Human                      Development and
developing successful transition practices      Development Center focus on all stages               Educational Sciences
which lead to positive outcomes for people      of the life span.                                    405 White Hall
with disabilities.
                                                The Center for Disability Studies is an              330-672-2294
Organizationally, the center administers        interdisciplinary institute whose mission is
transition, personal development and            to promote a full understanding of the lived
demonstration grants and serves as an           experience of disability across the life span.
interdepartmental collaborative that supports   The center is composed of 16 federal and
interdisciplinary activities across special     private foundation projects, with a budget
                                                                                                     Admissions Office
education, career and technical education       of approximately $2.7 million. Faculty
                                                                                                     Kent State University
and rehabilitation. With almost 20 years of     members, graduate students and project staff         P.O. Box 5190
experience in providing interdisciplinary       in special education, school psychology and          Kent, OH 44242-0001
programs in transition, the center developed    rehabilitation counseling are currently affiliated   330-672-2444
many collaborative relationships for            with the center. Projects include research,          1-800-988-KENT
developing new and experienced teachers,        personnel preparation, demonstration and   
coordinators and leadership personnel.          community service initiatives, and they feature
CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN                          such topics as deaf education, inclusion of
NONPROFIT/HUMAN SERVICE MANAGEMENT              children with disabilities in public schools,        For information on all of Kent
Nonprofit organizations play an increas-        early childhood special education, multiple          State’s degrees and majors, go
ingly important role in society at the local,   sclerosis, job development and placement
national and international levels. Those
                                                                                                     online to
                                                services, psychiatric rehabilitation, educational
organizations need employees who are            and vocational assessment, interpreter train-
prepared and certified to meet the needs        ing, transition from school to work, and             Kent state university, Kent state and Ksu are registered
                                                                                                     trademarks and may not be used without permission. Kent state
of the diverse population being served.         postsecondary education and disability. For          university, an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, is
                                                more information, contact Dr. Phil Rumrill           committed to attaining excellence through the recruitment and
Students pursuing an undergraduate degree                                                            retention of a diverse workforce.
or post-undergraduate study in any              at                                ps-4248 1/11

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