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					From: Stein, Jack
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 8:16 AM
To: Johnson, Bob; Smelser, Ron
Cc: Castaneda, Armando; Desgraves, Sean; Dyer, Rodney; Edgecombe, Jason; Rhodes, Terry;
Whisler, Dave; Verner, Andrew; Hatley, Nathaniel; Gortney, William; Hayes, Raven; Edwards,
Travis; 'Andrew Stein'; Plover, Mark; Speice, Bradlee; Poindexter, Andrew; Barton, Crystal;
Colson, Daniel; Wighton, Shane
Subject: Mosaic and PCS status for week ending June 20,2011 – June 26,2011

Mosaic and PCS status for week ending June 20,2011 – June 26,2011

Mosaic and PCS usage status for week ending June 20,2011 – June 26,2011 (5 minute increment; max
usage/total number of seats in lab):
                 Duke                  Woodward                 Cameron            Smith
                 242 (48/53)           208 (12/12)              213 (1/20)         260 (18/33)
                 323 (25/25)           237 (6/17: Linux)        109 (26/38)        249 (26/44)
                                            (14/17: Windows)
                                       243 (0/17) -closed       113 (10/19)        229 (0/30) closed
                                                                                   225 (43/43) closed

               Student work areas usage in Smith 3rd floor corridor and nook areas as well as the Duke
                242 lab showing moderate usage for the summer session.
            Mosaic labs usage is very low, as expected for the summer; Woodward 243, Cameron
                109, Smith 225, Smith 229 and Smith 260 are closed for the summer and will open up
                only on special request from a faculty or staff member.
            Mosaic Anywhere servers usage dropped (as expected with the end of the semester) and
                has leveled off to a peak of 28 out of 85 servers in use on 6/23/11 at about 4:30 pm.
            Linux X-server usage has increased slightly, as expected with the summer semester in
                gear (see graph below).
            COEConnect usage for May is higher –suspect that this due to summer schedules for
                faculty and staff where remote access is a viable alternative for computing (see graph
            Total Work Orders volume in PCS has increased in May. The graphs also show the split
                between WO for students and faculty/staff. Faculty/staff WO volume has increased (see
                graph below)
            Customer tickets volume has dropped for May 2011(see graph below)
       Migration efforts from Unix to Linux on our infrastructure:
         File Servers:
            Here is an update on data migration:
                      fs-ece2 data migration has been completed.
                      fs-ece2 has been shutdown

                 Remaining data moves:
                     fs-ece1             Printing & Data
                     fs-me1              Printing & Data

                        fs-me5           Disk Farm To Be Determined

                 Solaris Servers
                      fs-sm3             Printing
                      fs-arc2            Printing

                    Linux AFS Fileservers in production
                         fs-sm6
                         fs-sm8
                         fs-ece5
                         fs-ece6
                         fs-me6
                         fs-me7

            Web Server migrate off Unix:
               1. Transition to Linux web services complete. Unix web server is shut down.
               2. Reduced the number of Web Server in our pool from 5 to 2.

            Printing migrated off Unix:
                 1. Plan to have this done in the summer of 2011.

            Back End file servers support (VLDB, Kerberos) migrated off Unix:
                 1. Plan to have this done in the summer of 2011.
            Oracle servers migrated off Unix:
                 1. Plan to have this done in Spring 2012
            MySQL Serves migrated off Unix
                 1. Plan to have this done in Summer of 2012
            Tape data Backup server migrated off Unix:
                 1. Plan to have this done in summer 2012
    Update completed to Mosaic XP with the following:
           1. MS security patches
           2. ArcGIS 10
           3. Adobe PDF Reader Viewer security patches
           4. Flash player security patches
           5. Menus - Many applications removed from the Mosaic XP menus as these are no
                longer in use or the applications are available on Mosaic Linux
           6. The Mosaic Linux menu has been updated to make it easier to access Linux
    Travis is moving forward to have Office 2010 ready for an early release to the Mosaic staff
      on evening of June 30 so we can go thru a full test cycle internally; college wide release is
      scheduled for July 15-18. Installed Office 2010 on my laptop to see differences. Armando
      is handling publicity and FAQ document.
    We now have dates for Exchange 2010 upgrade for the college – July 25-Aug 7. Armando to
      handle the PR and hand holding of the faculty and staff for the college to support this change
      over. We will have to make sure we are also in synch with the Office 2010 update planned
      for the summer.
    We have the setting for the BIOS that are needed to address more efficient virtualization.
      BIOS has been checked and updated in all Mosaic labs. How we deal with office systems
      will be figured out between Armando and Terry Rhodes.
    We received from HP the HP 6000 AIO. Will be testing it as a Mosaic Windows and a
      Mosaic Linux build. HP announced a 9300 model AIO and we configured one to get as a
      loaner from HP. We should have it in here by end of June 2011. Keep in mind that all these
      systems claim no support for Windows XP, just Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    Andrew Verner is handling the install of Solidworks 2012 on Mosaic Windows. Released for
      testing to Ted Jarrel in ET – no faculty member in ME available for testing.
    Andrew Verner is working on the emergency notification plugin and app that have been
      tested by CSS on a Mosaic loaner system. Trying to figure out what is next.
    Andrew Verner is working with CTL on a Moodle plugin for Office. All issues resolved.
      Scheduled for fall release.
    Working with Pete Tkacik on Motion Central software- Andrew placed it on Virtual Mosaic
      XP for test. Additional workstations will be set up for testing.
       Assessing request for Trimble software install on Mosaic Windows XP from CE (John
       Mosaic Anywhere Monitor from Crystal is in beta with the Mosaic Help Desk. Beta will end
        June 30.
       Autocad BIM software installed on Virtual Mosaic Windows XP for 3 ET faculty desktops –
        evaluation completed. ET has agreed to roll this out in the virtual. Will go out to all Mosaic
        Windows systems on June 29
       Algor for Civil. Algor purchased by Autodesk. Andrew V installed the license file from
        Autodesk for concurrent use. Tested for laptop use and it is working. Dr. Shenen Chen will
        need to decide if he wants to have this software on Mosaic Windows at a cost of 1 token.
       Highway capacity (HCS Plus) – working to renew support contract with Civil. Working with
        vendor to get better way to manage deployment.
       New clickers from Turning Devices to replace PRS clickers. We have a pilot effort in Duke
        208 with Jeff Raquet. Andrew V is handling deployment of software in a single podium. We
        have a loaner receiver and transmitter to test on our own system in our office.
       I am working with for Jeff Raquet to get info on ProE and Solidworks products that provide
        Data Management when teams are working on projects (DMS) . Have also started a
        conversation with Steve Patterson. He is suggesting using Alfresco. Working with
        Solidworks re-seller vendor (Trimech) and Steve Patterson to get a proposal in place for
       Peter Tkacik requested that the application Pi Toolbox and Pi Workshop for my students.
        These are on the Virtual XP and the class is every Fall Semester.
       Gary Wilson requests XPROPS update on Windows planned for the summer = 1 token
       Gary Wilson requests Mathcad update on Windows planned for the summer = 1 token
       Got ok from Scott Smith to get Geomagic 12 rolled out= 1 token
       Worked with Cadence to get us a new license file for support of new version of SPB on Linux

Migration to Windows 7
     Efforts continue to determine our Windows 7/Mosaic II strategy.
     Looking at setting up systems to help test Windows 7 build and application install.

Other Initiatives:
 Eric Rhodes is helping out M-Thr for 2.5 hours in PCS
 Sean is working with ECE (Jim Conrad and Eddie Hill) to refresh the image of 23 systems in their
   lab. This effort is to be done on or before by July 4. Sean is overseeing this with weekly status.
 It appears that Dr. Lim’s stolen laptop is under investigation by LoJack. The computer name has
   changed which means the person that stole the device probably installed Microsoft Windows and
   the absolute client reinstalled itself.
 Andrew Poindexter demo’ed the HP WebJetAdmin software to monitor our printers and plotters.
   In use in the Mosaic Help desk from a laptop. Needs installed on Mosaic Windows in the Help
 Working with HP on how we can have PCS be a central warranty center for UNCC purchased HP
   laptops. Met with Kevin Oakley and his manager, Bryan Martin from HP. Action items to follow
   up were identified.
 Recommended HP laptops are coming soon. We received 4 HP laptops as temp loaners to
   display. These are the ones we are recommending to our students. The 3 we are getting as a
   donation will be coming after they are built. Expect these before end of June 2011.
 Working with HP on student Ambassador program for this campus. Met with Kevin Oakley of
   HP and reviewed the HP Ambassador program; Stephanie is the campus HP ambassador.
 Working with HP to get us a tablet system for demo purposes – uses WebOS.
 PCS updated the software on all the Mac Mini systems that drive our digital displays.
   Support for the Levine Scholars Program for fall 2011 is in place. We have a combination of Dell
    and Macbook (about 17) laptops that need to be configured and set up. 50 students are in this
    program so far.
   Working with OSDS on SPSS install on laptops, MVA software, LISREL software.
   Reviewed documents from Andrew P:
        1. Apple’s new offering - iCloud
        2. Installing Windows 7
        3. Malaware
        4. WinSCP
        5. COEConnect II for Windows, Mac (soon one for Linux)
        6. Amazon Cloud services offering
        7. Teamviwer for Help desk remote access (we are evaluating this product for purchase –
             ITS has purchased this for their support team) – so far this is a great productivity tool
             for the Mosaic and PCS help desk and we will purchase it.

 We went with Dan Rowe, Colby Hietbrink, Sean, Terry R, Eric R, Dave Young on a walk thru
    the EPIC building to review and address computing needs. A summary of the tour was compiled.
    We reviewed the lab locations and computer seats in each floor:
         1. No computer labs or classroom with computer on the ground floor.
         2. Room 1140 1st floor 44 seat teaching classroom with computers;
         3. Room 1223 1st floor 12 seat work space with computers.
         4. Room 2218 2nd floor 48 seat computer lab – no teaching lab
         5. room 3236 3rd floor 42 seat computer lab – no teaching lab.
 Worked with Colby Hietbrink (student hired by Dean to look after COE interests in the EPIC
    building). We have some more work to do to address LCD displays interface mechanism, location
    of power and networking; location of card access system.
 Working with ITS to make sure the EPIC wireless and wired networking plans are nailed down.
    A list of action items were defined with due dates by end of June. Working with John
    Saccomanno. Received the network topology for EPIC from John Saccomanno of ITS. We are
    reviewing this. Still need to see the wireless plans for the building.
 A meeting was held with Dan, Terry Rhodes and EPIC project manager for planning of the EPIC
     layout of Terry’s office and storage room.
 Smith 253 electrical panel work is under discussion with facilities and ITS. We reviewed electrical
    panel location in Smith 253 server room. A plan has been put together by John Blas and Terry

 Soar Sessions for freshmen (Monday and Wed); for transfers: ET and ECE.
 Moved from my office in CARC 224 to CARC 235 (student office) to get the room ready for
   Eugene Labko who will start on July 1. Floor to be cleaned Monday night June 27. Workstations
   will be installed; phone line will be installed.
 Toby Rufty paid our staff meeting a visit and offered the recognition to Mosaic for outstanding
   customer support and special recognition to Dave Whisler for the Admin Data Base project.
 Working with Scott Smith to assess the costs and process to acquire Ebsilon software for a new
   faculty that is being recruited in MEES.
 Worked on updated phone list for Mosaic with Bev
 Issues with missing hardware components for the Dell server for Dr. Hargrove – being addressed.
 Disk farm for Dr. Chen—need to collect fees for this year of $2500. Working with Robin Moose
   to resolve the fund transfers for the disk farm use by Shenen Chen project.
 In July will work with Robin Moose to get about $3600 credit from ITS for payment we made to
   license Matlab before the campus license was all worked out.
   The Lenel door access system software is being switched. Raised concerns about impact.
    Armando is monitoring this project as it may have an impact on our abilities to handle end user
   Weekly Staff meeting.
   The efforts with ITS to get us email addresses for the following has been completed:
          COE-Windows-system@uncc.edu
          ME_Chair@uncc.edu
          ME_UG_Coordinator@uncc.edu
          ME_Grad_Coordinator@uncc.edu
          ME_Office@uncc.edu

   Position 1794 reclassified downwards (EPIC based and was the one Travis held) has been
    reposted until June 24.
   EPIC server room equipment has arrived. Terry Rhodes handling deployment.
   Nathan Hatley’s position as temp ended May 2011 and then he has to take off all of June.
    Completed critical position justification and formal review for the year. Received approval for
    his position as a critical one. Working with Jane on pay rate for Nathan Hatley.
   The restricted data policy is now official and I will be scheduled for a training session so I
    understand what my role is for the college.
   Working with Classroom Support (Lee Perkins) to see if we can make the podium based Mosaic
    workstation lock out users from changing the audio controls.
   Working with Classroom support on possible new version (4.0) of PanOpto software.
   Following up on AIM Action Items:
              a. Provide a Linux Skills Workshop to faculty in the college for 45 minutes (will
                  schedule for June, July, Aug, Sep)
              b. Look at what it would take to have Pay for Print in the College to replace our current
                  printing model. Working with Rick Torres from Auxiliary Services on Pay for print
                  testing. Reviewed with other campus departments (CCI, CoEd, CoAS). Mixed
                  results from other departments. Pay for Print is stalled. Will present proposal at
                  CAC in June 2011.
              c. Invite to CAC Jeff Rabon from Computer Science to discuss experience with support
                  and service offering from ITS
              d. Extend the replacement period for desktop systems in labs, in offices to 4 years
                  instead of 3 years.
              e. Offer 2 models of desktops: Administrative system (lower cost by $200 from using
                  standard graphics); Engineering system (current high end model).
              f. Meet with residents of Smith, Duke and review how high a priority is pervasive
                  wireless access.
              g. Review with project manager for EPIC the plans that were proposed with Tom Lamb
                  for pervasive wireless access. Met with ITS and we will get the wireless and wired
                  network plans by end of June 2011.
   Windows application called Mosaic Health Check has been defined that will be available to all
    Mosaic users on their desktop. Crystal is working on this.
   Updated the summer projects tracker on Google doc.
   Podium systems will need replaced as follows:
          26 are out of warranty
          Only 3 will be replaced at end of semester by CSS
          12 will stay for an additional year or longer
          11 will be the burden of the COE
    Additional funding was available to replace the out of warranty older Mosaic workstation in the
    podiums in the following rooms in Smith and Duke:
                       Duke 342 – mws187
                       Smith 347 –mws8
                       Smith 328 –mws493
                     Smith 245 –mws149
                     Smith 102c –mws959
                     Smith 103 –mws103
    Also funding was made available to replace the stolen digital display in Motorsports.

   Will be meeting with the following new faculty members:
          Dr. Parminder Juneja
          Dr. Wesley Williams             (May 16,2011 - done)
          Dr. Rodney Handy             (in Dec 2011 or Jan 2012)
          Zia Salami
          Jianwei Wang
          Robert Latta                   (May 18,2011- done)
   Mosaic and PCS Welcome Package – Armando has completed this and is producing 20 of these in
    a binder with mouse pads that I will use for the new faculty/staff orientation in August 2011.
   Need to attend departmental faculty meetings once a semester to get more feedback from them on
    technical strategy.

 Web site review continues. Mike, Crystal and Dave are cleaning up all issues from use of QA scan
   that we have from WAC that we modified. The following checked off sites have been reviewed
   by the Software Solution Lab (SSL):
   √ cpm.uncc.edu
   √ eao.uncc.edu
   √ epic.uncc.edu
   √ ines.uncc.edu
   √ motorsports.uncc.edu
   √ seem.uncc.edu/clles
   √ smart.uncc.edu
   √ wise.uncc.edu
   √ coe.uncc.edu/flc
   √ coe.uncc.edu/maps

    These will be handled after those above have been QA'ed and addressed:

    √ ece.uncc.edu

       Continued working with Andrew Poindexter on the Mosaic Web enhancements; next will be
        the PCS;
       Newsletter released
      LiveHelp issues being addressed. Dave continues working to find alternatives to Live Help
      Met with Cindy Jones, Mike H, Dave W, Chris Eichelberger, Crystal to review the campus
       web standards and our suggested changes to these. Mike will be spearheading this lobbying
       effort with the Web advisory committee.
      Testing the print/plotter web application from Shane. He has been re-writing the code.
             Raven has completed the inventory of Mosaic network printers and plotters -
                 tracking this in a Google doc. This will be used in the printer management web
             Device Data Base will be updated by Armando to accurately reflect Mosaic printers
                 on the network that we support; All other printers will be reviewed before
                 removed. Dave Whisler to make changes to Device Data Base to capture more info
                 on printers.
              Researching use of SNMP for probing the Mosaic network printers. For release 2
      Testing the Senior Design Admin web app from Mark. Met with Bill Heybruck and Mark
       Plover to review the Senior Design Administration web application. Working to wrap this
       project up. Andrew Poindexter is helping with the testing.
      Worked with Andrew Stein on the enhancements to the ticket system
      Crystal has found a Google plug in to let you do language translation of your web site. No
       need to have a secondary web site for different languages. Released to several sites (Mosaic,
       PCS). Needs evaluated by Mike and Dave.
      Work is progressing on use of Wordpress for a Knowledge Base in Mosaic Help desk.
      Demo of Intranet to CAC – Mike is driving this – it is live at coe.uncc.edu/intranet
      ACL/Group Manager version 1.0004 from Travis. A comprehensive test plan is in Google
       doc. Project on hold due to other priorities.
      MRS fixes are awaiting web developer resource.
      Coordinating the work efforts of Andrew Stein for Shenen Chen on NCRST and ISRV
       research project. A Bridgeview Android based application is being developed.
      Work on COEConnect version 2 is moving forward towards a general release. Crystal has
       picked up the lead role on this.
      Dave is working with faculty who have a personal web site and assisting them with
       conversion to Wordpress.
      Andrew Stein has prototyped a flash based easy to use “Did You Know”, “FAQ” and “What

       The following programs have been upgraded and released on Mosaic Linux.
                1. Acrobat Reader 9.4.2
                2. Eclipse 3.6
                3. Inkscape 0.47
                4. Intel C/C++ compiler 19.1
                5. Intel Fortran compiler 19.1
                6. Maple 15
                7. Mathematica 8.0.1
                8. Python 3.2
    Linux 5.6 released to all Linux workstations.
    4 Linux x-servers (R410, 8 cores with 64 GB of memory) have been placed into the Linux x-
       server pool. we now have 5 general purpose Linux x-servers and 1 Linux compute server.
    Work effort is progressing on Xilinx on Linux
    Linux project that are underway:
       o NX USB Drives - sharing of USB devices when using X-Server
       o Working on preparation for Linux skill workshop for faculty/staff

   a.   Will need to set up a schedule to backup of all Active Directory, license, probe, and build
   b.   Will need to schedule an upgrade to our AD servers and other Microsoft Server to Windows
        Server 2008 64 bit
   c.   Need to determine why the afs folder appears mysteriously in directories.
   d.   Need to remove applications and volumes.
   e.   Need to plan for upgrade to MySQL
   f.   Need to plan for upgrade to Joomla

   RAM structural Steel a new version from Bentley that needs to be rolled out.
      Moving to support only Cadence Encounter 10.0 on Linux
   Many renewals are in the queue:
           a. BIOwin - Renewed license
           b. Synopsys and Synplicity– expires 4/26/11. EULA signed off; PO issued for $3000;
              will get the license file in late April. New license file installed.
           c. Bentley Microstation, Leap bridge – expires 5/1/11- have quote with 30 extra seats
              (to 50). Started the process to renew. Renewed. Expires 7/3/2012.
           d. ProE –expires 5/6/11; $2500 – have quote. Submitted for renewal. Agreements
              signed. PO issued. Updated license
           e. Timberline – expires 5/15/11; $400. Submitted request to vendor for renewal; got
              quote; PO issued. Vendor will not accept PO. Robin working to get this paid. Check
              issued. Service Plan renewed and ends 5/15/2012.
           f. Opnet – expires 5/16/11. New license file installation completed.
           g. Agilent – expires 5/18/11; $1407. Submitted request to vendor for renewal. Waiting
              on status of EmPro to be bundled in for an additional $600. ECE is testing a 30 day
              eval. ECE needs more time to decide. Got them an extended 30 days license to
              evaluate. Opted to go without the EmPro software. Requested quote. PO issued.
              New license file installed.
           h. StarCCM – expires 5/25/11 – Working to get the license renewed. EULA executed;
              waiting on PO. License renewed
           i. COMSOL – expires 5/31/11; $4600. Submitted request to vendor for renewal. Have
              quote. EPIC to pay. Gave to Robin for PO. PO executed. Support good until
           j. XPROPS – expires 5/31/11; Submitted request to vendor for renewal. Got quote.
              $500. PO issued. Support good until 5/31/2012
           k. Solidworks – expires 6/20/11; $2500. Submitted request to vendor for renewal; have
              quote; PO issued; Support good until 6/20/2012.
           l. RealVNC – expires 5/13/11; $886.50; Submitted request to vendor for renewal. Paid.
           m. Samwrap – expires 7/31/11 $2200. Submitted request to vendor for renewal;
              Received quote for 1200 seats and an additional 100 seats. Opted for renewal of
              1200 seats due to budget constraints. PO issued.
           n. Matlab – pro rated additional cost for campus license – $7000 to fund from May
              1/11 – Apr 30/12; will get credit of about $3500 in July 2011 for prepaid period.
           o. Ansys Research License for Nilabh Srivastava – PO done. Received temp license.
              Expires June 1,2011. Received permanent license; installed.
           p. JMAG software – expires 4/30/11 - received new license file; installed. Expires
              April 30,2012
           q. Decision Tools – expires 7/31/11; working with vendor for renewal; new license file
              received and installed.
           r. ETAP software license expired May 16,2011. Working with Maciej and vendor for
              renewal. Renewed. License installed.
           s. Oracle Kerberos support – expires 5/27/11; $1600; Submitted request to vendor for
              renewal. Working with Robin Weaver to sort this out.
           t. EXA Powerviz – expired 4/31/11 – contacted Mesbah Uddin. He is trying to get this
              in place at no cost.
            u.    CFD ACE (expired 1/15/11) - Mesbah Uddin OK’ed to remove it from the Linux
                  menu. EOL process started.
            v.    HCSPlus – annual support expires 6/2/11; working with Univ. of Florida for renewal
                  of support. With Lori Brown in Civil for renewal.
            w.    iSqFt- expires 7/15/11; working with vendor for renewal. Will get a new license on
                  July 1.
            x.    Mathtype; Ordered new version since this will be compatible with Office 2010.
            y.    Adobe Acrobat Pro; Ordered new version since this will be compatible with Office
            z.    Geomagic expires 8/17/11
            aa.   FBMultipier expires 8/26/11
            bb.   Hyperworks expires 8/31/11
            cc.   Solaris Maintenance expires 8/31/11
            dd.   Cadence, SPC, Pspice expires 8/31/11
            ee.   EES expires 9/1/11
   We are assessing how we handle remote access for Windows and Linux users. Proposal to
       modify Device DB and other back end processing.
   We will be evaluating a bug tracking system (web based). Bugzilla and JIRA are 2 of the

Customer Support:
      1. Set July 18 as the date we open up Mosaic for new accounts.
      2. Support meeting with Mosaic and PCS Help Desk. Action items listed.
      3. We got a demo of Teamviewer app to let us manage remote access from Mosaic to any
          pc. This is a great tool and productivity is increased from our support team. We have
          already started to use it in specific cases. Same tool is used by ITS. We will get this in
          July 2011.
      4. We are monitoring the COEConnect daily job and why there are duplicate entries in a
      5. Ansys Research license - work with Grant Ericson on issues with Mesh Editor and
      6. Working with Dean Johnson on Android email synch and Exchange 2010.
      7. ITS completed the work to create generic email ids for ME. Handed it off to Scott
          Smith. These will be inserted in the web and rules will be set up to forward the email to
          the current person who is handling this.
      8. Continued to work with ITS on a generic id for letting us test faculty/staff
      9. Travis and I worked with Robin Moose to reproduce the problem with ePrint failing to
          print PDF files. Problem resolved with latest patch to Adobe Reader/Viewer. Will let
          Robin run 2 week test cycle on the Optiplex 980.
      10. Working with others to address why some USB mass storage devices are not visible on a
          Mosaic Windows system. We thought it was the BIOS but that didn’t pan out.
      11. Work continues to address the ProE/Geomagic issues from Jeff Raquet
      12. Work continues to complete the project for ECE with 23 systems
      13. Handled an external request to get the source code for WebPE.
      14. Preparations are under way for the June 30 switch of NinerMail to Live@edu.
      15. Working with Andrew Poindexter to address Dean Johnson feedback on Linux on Mosaic
          web site
      16. We are awaiting the installation of 3 ADA desks (1 in Smith 260, 2 in CARC 109 )
      17. Working with Jeff Raquet on request for assist on using Geomagic to interface with ProE.
      18. Working with Chris Epting and our group to address the problems with the iMac heating
      19. Turmoil on campus with other IT leaders about how to get additional toolboxes for
          Matlab. It was bound to happen
      20. Working with CFAC and department chairs to solicit feedback on how CTL can be more
          helpful, integral to the college academic mission.
           21. Other customer issues were addressed.

Help Desk Support Management:

Workstations and Servers:

          Terry is coordinating the deployment of the Dell systems for faculty/staff desktop. 80
           Optiplex 980 systems for faculty refresh ($50,000 funded by ITS/Provost) = $50,129 by
           Mosaic; EPIC funded 13 systems.
                                                             Mosaic          EPIC
           Upgraded                                          55              5
           Faculty and staff remaining to upgrade            25              8
           Subtotals                                         80              13

           Need to test Cell Server DB outage and impact on Windows client (Terry and Rodney).
            Need most current version of AFS client [Need the most current version of AFS client on
           Large file copy in AFS needs tested (Rodney) [Need the most current version of AFS client
            on Windows on our AFS servers]
           Upgrade to latest OpenAFS client 1.5.7xxx.[ In Process]
           Rollout fix for OpenAFS client “write” performance issue. [On Hold]
           Need to figure out why AFS folders magically show up on our system.
           AFS testing with Outlook and OST files - installed latest client build [Need new client and
           Rodney is scheduled to work with ITS to make sure our Mosaic component for logging into
            Netware is covered. An email conversation with ITS has started. This project is delayed due
            to resources issues at ITS.
           Mosaic Application strategy efforts:
                 Rodney needs to fix a bug in the Mosaic Tool to analyze the data.
           Lab views charts on our web - need to see if we show the LWS and MWS usage
           Looking into adding more power strips in labs (where feasible) so students can take out their
            laptops and work right on the table where the workstation is located.
           Work on the Business Continuity Plan document continues but slowly.
           probe of cx-xxx needs support (Rodney, Dave)
           Digital Signage - add labmap and virtual tour to the slide show (Jack);
           Dept of Insurance Equipment coverage needs to be addressed on our vehicles. (Terry,
           Need to get added feature to Nagios – who to call for resolving problems
           Handling of special rooms in Device DB (Help Desk, Lecture Capture)
           Web Analytics

Linux Compute server usage (LXS-ME1):
Linux X-Server usage LXS-SM1; LXS-SM2; LXS-SM3; LXS-ME2; LXS-ME3 (without the Compute
COEConnect usage statistics:
Customer Support data ticket statistics:
Personal Computer Support Work Orders Statistics:
       ·      Updates to AppDB for all new software, upgrades.
       ·      Installed license for new Intel Fortran compiler and C++ for 64 bit Linux – 2 seats. Need to
           remove older 2 seat 32 bit Fortran
       ·      AppDB work:
                • Remove Centra

        ·     Apps that have no support/maintenance:
                • OriginPro
                • Tecplot

        ·     In limbo – no faculty sponsor
                 • Trip generation
                 • ArcPad
                 • GRL Weap
                 • FB Multipier

        ·     Linux Red Hat Support renewal

Planned Mosaic Windows Release Schedule:
          Application               Scheduled
AutoDesk BIM                                  06/28/11
Microsoft Office 2010                         07/15/11
Visio 2010                                    07/15/11
Project 2010                                  07/15/11
Sharepoint Designer 2010                      07/15/11
MathType 6.7                                  07/15/11
Acrobat X                                     07/15/11
Decision Tools Suite                          07/15/11
Turning Point                                 07/15/11
Turning Point Anywhere                        07/15/11
Turning Key                                   07/15/11
SolidWorks 2011-2012                          08/12/11
GeoMagic 12                                   08/12/11
EES License Update                     Before 9/1/2011
MathCad 15                                    09/16/11
Xprops                                        09/16/11
Visual Modflow Pro                            09/16/11
VirtualBox 4.0.8                              10/14/11
VirtualBox Guest Additions                    10/14/11
VirtualBox Extensions                         10/14/11
Office plug-in for Moodle                     10/14/11
Google Cloud Connect                          10/14/11
Emergency Notifications RSS Feed              10/14/11

Applications planned for Mosaic Linux:

  Application +                    Status                  AppID     Waiting on         Scheduled    Staff
    version                                                          whom?                Release

Comsol 4.2          contact Noras for testing             comsol42   Daniel          June 27, 2011   DC

Synopsys            depot'd, needs ACL's fixed                       Jason           June 27, 2011   DC

Firefox 5           Depot'd                                          Jason           June 27, 2011   DC
OpenOffice 3.3      release to linux guys for testing                Bradlee         June 27, 2011   BS
ilog cplex
                    Waiting on faculty testing. (due                 Dr. Lim         June 27, 2011   DC
                    July 8th)
NX client           to-be-released                                   Jason (rh5.6)   June 27, 2011   BS
                    released - needs motd, appdb -
                    error: Missing Dependency:                       MOTD            June 27, 2011   BS
                    libperl.so is needed by package
                    libpurple-2.7.7-0.el5.i386 (mosaic)
gnu octave          IP - compilation issues                          Daniel          June 27, 2011   DC
                                                                                                June 27, 2011    DC
                     waiting on octave install

Cadence SPB 16.5     Uploaded to afs. Waiting on
(aka PSpice aka      license and response from Cadence
                                                                spb1650       Daniel            June 27, 2011    DC
Allegro Design       about AMS simulator. - needs icon
Entry)               for Scm

                     RPM-based install abandoned. A
                     binary installation (/opt/coe) is in                     Bradlee           June 27, 2011    BS
kile                 released - needs MOTD, appdb                             MOTD              June 27, 2011    BS
                     got it installed. working on some                        Daniel            June 27, 2011    DC
                     runtime deps
                     ask Uddin to test - Bradlee                                                 July 11, 2011   BS
Ansa                 (Release on July 11)                                     Uddin
                     ask sponsor to test - Email has
ICCAP                been sent - release on July 11th                         Bradlee            July 11, 2011   BS
                     unless we hear otherwise
gtk                                                                           Bradlee           June 27, 2011    BS
gimp                 IP - gtk update needed                                   Bradlee           June 27, 2011    BS
                     gtk upgrade is a non-starter.                            Bradlee           June 24, 2011    BS
                     discuss it.
Java update 26
                     upgrade cfengine config - Has                            Bradlee           June 24, 2011    BS
                     been fixed in git.
powerviz             waiting on media/license from
                                                                                                June 24, 2011    DC
opnet modeler 16.1                                                            MOTD
                                                            opnet161                              July 8, 2011   DC
                     ready to release                                         announcement
K3B                                                                                              July 20, 2011   DC
Noatun                                                                                           July 20, 2011   BS
                     2nd icon/menu entry is now
Lyx                  removed. working on getting an                                Daniel                        DC
                     icon on the regular entry                                                  July 20, 2011
Netbeans                                                                                        July 20, 2011    BS
R                    (use the RPMs from EPEL)                                                 August 10, 2011    BS
Nano                 to-be-released                                                           August 10, 2011    DC

Thunderbird          Depot'd                                thunderbird3110           Jason   August 10, 2011    DC

                     In Progress - investigating
VirtualBox                                                                                    August 10, 2011    BS
                     extension pack install

                     Installing GCC 4.6 - Has support
                     for Go as a language - is needed by
GCC                  the octave install - Daniel is                                           August 10, 2011    DC
                     working on this for Octave. Trying
                     to resolve some compile issues.
KDE suite/KDE 4      might not be able to be upgraded                                             August 10, 2011   DC
                     Simple RPM install, just needs
Opera                                                                                             August 10, 2011   BS
                     Initial documentation complete,
Dropbox                                                                                                             BS
                     pending review by Jack & Jason
                     In progress on downloading
Xilinx 13.1          installation media and getting local                                                           BS
                     install done.

Application House cleaning:

Application clean up on Mosaic Windows XP. Many applications on Mosaic Windows XP will be tagged
for removal this summer. The more we clean up on Mosaic Windows XP the easier it will be to transition
to Windows 7. These products reside on Mosaic Windows XP and we just need to make sure they are still
needed. Received only feedback from SEEM and no other CFAC members so we plan to follow this plan
about removal of applications from Mosaic Windows XP:
         Atmel AVR Studio
         Civil Series
         CodeVision AVR
         Design Builder
         Digilent ADEPT
         FEM Lab
         FL Pier
         Gas EQ                            Dr. Jerre Hill needs this
         HEC-RAS                           Rob Swan need this for ETCE3242L
         IDE 68K
         Implan                            SEEM ok if this moved to Virtual XP
         Interwrite PRS
         LC3 Simulator
         MEMS Design Tools
         MineQL Plus
         PCA Structure on Windows
         Power prep GRE
         Pi ToolBox                        Removed from XP since it is on the VM
       Pi Work Bench                    Removed from XP since it is on the VM
       Qulacomm Eudora
       SPB Cadence
       STAAD Pro                        Stays on for Dr. Matthew Whelan
       Syncho Sim Traffic
       Trip Generation
       Ultiboard                        Maciej Noras requires this for Senior Design
       Van Dyke Sure Trak
       Win PAS
       Win STABL                        Rob Swan need this for Senior Design
       Win TR-55                        Rob Swan need this for ETCE3242L

The following plans are to be made public to all COE departments by the CFAC members.
Feedback from CFAC members to Jack is needed by May 13:

       Ansys 11 and Ansys CFX on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only
       on Mosaic Linux.
       COMSOL on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011–available only on Mosaic Linux.
       Abaqus on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       ANSA on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       Cadence SPB on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic
       CPlex Ample on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic
       EMACS on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       Ensight on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       Exa Powerviz on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic
       Intel Fortran Compiler on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on
       Mosaic Linux.
       Labview on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       Maple on Windows will be removed in June 2011 -–available only on Mosaic Linux.
       Mathematica on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic
       Mentor Graphics on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic
       ModelSim on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       Star CCM on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       Tecplot on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       The GIMP on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       VIM on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic Linux.
       Xilinx WebPack on Windows is planned to be removed in June 2011 –available only on Mosaic
Products or Application Projects that need to be addressed:
        a. LabView on Windows
        b. Cygwin on Windows
        c. Decision Tools 5.5
        d. Adams patch
        e. Netbeans Windows
        f. Latex issue with performance needs addressed
        g. LS-Dyna license needs installed (we are using URC)
        h. Implement the 30 days expiration notice when accounts are about to expire

 * These packages are used by different departments and we should reach out at CFAC to make them aware
of the coming upgrade.

Vacation: June 21;      July 25 – Aug 7

Jason Edgecombe:
Was on vacation (June 20-24)

Comp time: 0 hours

           Granted access to Linux software tracking spreadsheet to Will Gortney


Migrating our infrastructure from Solaris to Linux:
    RHEL5.6 workstation upgrade
             o More testing of the 5.6 bare-metal build
    File Servers:
             1. All AFS volumes migrated.
             2. Migrate Linux fileserver to YFS RPM’s – Planned for summer. Separate from RHEL5.6
             3. Update File servers to RHEL 5.6 with latest patches
    Web Server migration off Solaris: (Solaris server is off. Monitoring and fixing Linux issues)
             1. End goal: 2 Linux web servers, load balanced; 2 Linux test servers.
             2. Update Web servers to RHEL5.6 with latest patches.
             3. Monitoring the web servers, review logs for any odd errors that can be indicative of an
                  issue – ongoing
             4. Investigate load spikes that might be related to livehelp. Livehelp causes a high CPU load
                  because of mod_security. I have to isolate the rule or rules that cause the high load.
             5. Investigate how to use the PHP APC module without segfaults.
    Printing migrated off Unix:
             1. Plan to have this done by end of summer.
             2. (Eugene) Set up a Linux print server test by July 20
    Back End file servers support (VLDB, Kerberos) migrated off Unix:
             1. Plan to have this done in the summer.
    Oracle servers migrated off Unix:
             1. Plan to have this done in Spring 2012
    MySQL Serves migrated off Unix
             1. Plan to have this done in Summer of 2012
    Provide training and documentation for the college on Linux. - ongoing
    Install ESXi on the telehealth-host machine for Dr. Hargrove – waiting on hardware snafu

Plans for the coming week:
     Release java, pidgin, and NXclient upgrades
     Work on the rhel5.6 desktop build from bare-metal
     Write up the Linux print server requirements for Eugene
     Prepare for upgrading the Linux servers to RedHat 5.6
     Assign tasks for new 2nd Linux Admin

Plans for June/July:
     Prepare for upgrade of servers to RHEL 5.6
     Set up a test print server without accounting (Eugene)
     Finish the RHEL5.6 bare-metal build on the clients
     Upgrade to RHEL 5.6 on backend servers
     Upgrade the fileservers to use the YFS openafs RPMs
     Upgrade sqlplus (oracle driver) on Linux
     Port solaris printer accounting to Linux (Eugene)
     Create a Kerberos server build on Linux
     Create an AFS cell (VLDB) server build on Linux
     Look into bigfix alternatives (puppet?)

Dave Whisler:
        Attended weekly staff meeting
       Resolved Mosaic user account issues, disk quota, etc.
       Reviewed the results from the bad acl web-scanner script
       Reviewed the results from the web-scanner file change script
       Added several TA’s to the mosaic_help_editors pts group for Gourtney

         Livehelp is no longer chiming and sending pop-up notification that a chat is being requested
        Researching alternative open-source live chat solutions
        Installed and configured LiveAdmin. Did testing of this potential alternative system

           Working with Gina on making some changes to the ECE website
           Fixed some formatting of the photos and content in the ECE Faculty/Staff directory

Faculty/Staff Directories
          Rolled out a fix to MEES, ECE, CEE, ET, and SEEM so that alphacontent does not number the
people in the directory listing

Printer Mgmt App
         Discussed schema layout with Shane, answered his questions, made several table changes per his
         Many changes

Senior Design App
         Made some database changes for Mark Plover
          Regenerated the database schema image and doc to the documentation directory

COE Newsletter
       Made the new issue the current issue
       Migrated the past issue to the archive menu
       Made several improvements in the layout
      changed the redirect on coe.uncc.edu/NORM

         Granted Karina the “publisher” role for MAPS so she can update it.
         Made changes to the MAPS menus for Karina

          Granted Patty and Linda Thurman the “publisher” role for SPART so they can update it.

Google Translate
          Researched website translation tools for Joomla and for WordPress. Translators based on
google seem the best
         Found one called gtranslate that has an extension for Joomla and a plugin for WordPress
         Testing it out on the Mosaic site (Joomla) and on our Mosaic KB site (WordPress)

        Looking into doing a custom theme for our WordPress sites
        Working with Crystal on it.

Mosaic KnowledgeBase (KB)
        Created user accounts for all of the TA’s with appropriate roles.
        New KB go-live
        Upgraded several plugins

COE Student Orgs
          The departure of Jennifer B. has created a potential gap in keeping up with COE academic
student clubs
          Created a new WordPress network to host all COE academic student clubs websites
          Working on migration of a couple of sites to it for testing, etc…
          Upgraded several WordPress plugins

        Upgraded several WordPress plugins
          Created a site “mosaicta” for our Mosaic TA’s for internal TA and testing purposes
          Created user accounts in it for: Armando, Sean, Gorney, Jack, and Andrew P and made them
admin of the site

Mosaic Health Monitor
           App needs to retrieve the following info about a Mosaic acct: disk quota, print quota, print
history, etc…
           Will create an oracle package with several functions to return the needed information about the
current Mosaic user

          Research to mobilize all of our Joomla-based websites
          Found a proven Joomla extension that handles the majority of mobile devices automatically
          Will be testing it with various mobile devices.

       Waiting to move the enhancements to production
             Will run my SQL script to optimize the support database on production afterwards

              Need to look at the new features/benefits of MySQL version 5.5 and researching the migration
path to it

             Need to look at new features/benefits of Joomla version 1.6 and researching the migration path to
             Need to check all of our Joomla extensions to see which ones are already compliant with Joomla

Terry Rhodes:
•       Worked issues with 4 iMacs in Smith 229 & Smith 225 Labs
•       Worked issue with podium in CARC 109
•       Replaced defective power supply in mws701 in CARC 113 Lab
•       Replaced Optiplex 980 for Robin Moose with Optiplex 780
•       Reinstalled lws70 / mws1170 in Woodward 237 Lab
•       Working issue with Phy Plant for Smith 253 server room main
         AC unit compressor #2 High pressure
•       Communicated with Phy Plant about timeline for power outage in Duke on 06-17-11
•       Phy Plant responded that ATS switch time to generator if from 3 to 18 minutes and
         that we should have min 2 to 3 hours of run time on all UPS
•       Bad cooling motor on cooling assembly for Smith 253 AC unit. Motor has been replaced
•       Cleaned 11 Optiplex 745's to ready for redeployment
•       Registered 11 Optiplex 745's so they could be built as Mosaic XP machines
•       Installed 11 Optiplex 745's to replaced old GX280 in Smith 349 ENGR1201 TA Offices
•       Wiped 9 Optiplex 280's and removed info from DeviceDB and network registration
•       Delivered 9 Optiplex 980 computers to ET for redeployment to standalone labs in ET
•       Off Wednesday to work on storm damage from trees and lightning
•       Working on data migration from fs-me1 to Linux AFS servers
•       Investigated issue with unrecognized hard drive that Will has from Jeff Kimble
•       Follow up with Robin Moose about how Optiplex 780 was working for her
•       Continue testing Linux backup4 machine and tape drives
•       Building volumes and mounts in AFS as requested
•       Replicated volumes as requested by Mosaic Staff
•       Working to perform normal job duties
•       Performed weekly AFS backups to tape
•       Working to reorganize storage rooms

Vacation: Sept 6 - 9
         Oct 10 - 14
         Oct 25 & 31
         Nov 21 - 23
         Dec 19 - 23

Rodney Dyer:
week ending 6/26/11:

* AcroReader 10.1 testing.
* Work on incorporating the "WuInstall" program into the system
  patching process. This will take longer than expected, so the June
  patches were downloaded manually and the regular repackage process
  was used.

* Download, package, test Microsoft XP security patches.

* Discussion about "draft note about Microsoft Security patch MS11-043
  and the Open AFS software" problems.

* Testing and rollout of the June 2011 Mosaic XP Maintenance Update.

* Worked with Dave Whisler to incorporate a Device Database option to
  populate "testbuild" group with applications for a pre-update test.
  Dave is working on this.

* Helped Dr. Ray Tsu with a PDF issue, and a web-site auth problem.

* Discussion of iMac machine heat issues with Roy. Roy seemed to be
  of the opinion that there should be no effect by adding a third
  partition (MacOSX) to our disk partitioning scheme. Also discussed
  CPU "throttling" options. The discussion resulted in a change
  made, during the XP update, that sets the XP power option so the
  disk will "spin down" after 1 hour of non-use. This may or may
  not have any desired effect, or even work at all in our environment
  since our disks are almost always accessed (so they would never
  "spin down" anyway). The side point is that the disk should be
  able to spin constantly (no spin down) and run reliably in the
  iMacs. This "spin down" setting might also affect power usage.

* Altered drive designation for Jack's external USB disk. Added
  code into the XP logon and update scripts to prevent usage of the
  Mosaic drives by USB "devices".

* Added code into the Mosaic XP update script to use a file called
  "mosaic_update_stop_message.txt" to alert users that the Mosaic
  update is "uncorrectable" without the manual efforts of a Mosaic

* Status report, and Wednesday staff meeting.

Armando Castaneda:
    Vacation

        Close Mosaic tickets

        Meet with PCS to discuss workload/issues

        Opened work request for Smith 225. The room was warm again. (2012001193)

        Opened work request for Smith 260 to have bulbs replaced (2012001194)

        Opened work request for Duke 323 to have bulbs replaced (2012001195)

        Opened work request for Smith 225 to have bulbs replaced (2012001199)
   Opened work request for Smith hallway to have bulbs replaced (2012001200)

   Opened work request for Smith 202 to have bulbs replaced (2012001350)

   Met with Patty Tolley to discuss the option of placing the PCS laptop information on the desk the
    parents sit on during SOAR. This will alleviate the number of parents who enter the PCS office
    and get the material. Patty does not have a problem with this.

   Created guest account for Dr. Hildreth research student

   Resolved PC issue with Dr. Young

   Interviewed and hired Mr. Terry McNeill as a Mosaic TA

   Interviewed Mr. Andrew Dodds

   Extended an offer to Mr. Andrew Dodds as a Mosaic TA

   Confirmed summer appointment TA ‘s with Lee Ann Parker

   Assisted Qiuming Wei with Skype issue

   Closed ITS tickets assigned to Mosaic that have been resolved

   Scrubbed Mosaic tickets

   Continue to address door access issues

   Bi-weekly TA project meeting

   Staff meeting

   Assisted SOAR student with laptop purchase questions (Alex Vogl)

   Provided Asis Nasipuri with scanner and printer purchase advice

   Updated MOTD

   Met with Shane Wighton to speak about printer/plotter/supply database

   Started working on Microsoft Office 2010/2007 comparison document for faculty/staff

   Sent COE faculty/staff message concerning this weekend’s PC patch/updates

   Provided Peter Tkacik with 26 training account for an impromptu class

   Printed weekly Mosaic lab/classroom schedules

   Attended Team Viewer demo meeting

   Attended SOAR session

   Attended ET transfer SOAR
       Troubleshooting Live Help

Sean Desgraves:
 Weekly report for the week of: 6/20/11
     Went to Mosaic Staff Meeting on Tuesday
     Went to Mosaic and PCS Project Meeting
     Monitoring and working on Mosaic and PCS tickets and Work Orders
     Monitoring cameras, Live Help and Nagios
     Processing print quota and color printing requests as they come in
     In Progress – Images for the Levine Scholars Laptops:
        -   All Macs have been completely imaged and recorded in the spreadsheet
        -   Took pictures of all the iMac serial no. for our records
        -   The Dell image has been “syspreped” too many times to be uploaded to the server; working
            on recreating/fixing the Dell image sysprep issue
     Setup the PCS office for SOAR for June 20th and 22nd – put out more supplies and flyers as they
        were needed
     ECE Lab PCs Imaging Project: Action Plan – A July 4 date was given to get the following

        [Sean] Pick up the current master system with the current image.
        [Status: Done on June 3, 2011]

        [Eddie] deliver to Sean in PCS a new system from W204/232 to use as a test system.
        [Status: Done on June 9, 2011]

        [Sean, Eddie & Jim] Review all the software in the current image and what additional new
        software is needed, what updates are needed to the existing image. Make sure there is a final list.
        [Status: Updated: Here is a list of the software that was agreed to on June 3, 2011:

        Office 2007 (updated)
        Labview 2010 SP1 (2011 Release) with Lego Mindstorms add-on
        Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials
        OpenAFS – offered WinSCP as an alternative
        Bricx Command Center 3.3 (C Complier)

         6/22 – Waiting for the OK from Jim on the OpenAFS alternative.

        [Sean and Eddie] Get all 15 systems from W204/232 network registered with ITS. I’ve acquired
        all the information from the new computers except one. The last computer could not be located
        and Eddie will work with Jim to get the Mac address and serial no. for that computer.
        [Status: To Be Completed on June 20, 2011 – 14 of the PCs have been registered, one computer
        (location to be identified by Jim) remains.]

        [Sean] Build a new image from the current image. Install this image on the test system. Get this
        test system to Eddie for his review and testing. Need quick turn around on this.
        [Status: Done on June 10, 2011;

        Delivered a system with the new Master image to Eddie Hill on June 10, 2011; notified Jim
        Conrad of the delivery.
        To meet the project deadline we need for Eddie to test and give the ok on the master image to Sean
        by June 20th.
        [Status: Updated: Spoke to Jim and offered another solution to OpenAFS on Windows 7 64-bit.
        Provided 2 solutions to Jim (FTP and WinSCP).]
        [Sean and Eddie] Determine the best way to get the new image onto the 23 system (W231,
        W204/W232) – complete the set up by July 4 or earlier.
        [Status: Updated: Use external hard drives to image computers in the lab. Each PC takes
        approx. 15 minutes to pull down the new image.]
       Requested an update from Mike Carr as to the status of the stolen laptop (for SEEM – waiting for
        a reply)
       Requested a quote from Lenovo for Marion Cantor and Qiuming Wei; received a quote from
        Lenovo that was almost double the price Dr. Wei quoted on the Lenovo website – working with
        Lenovo and Dr. Wei to reduce the price
       Provided Jack with information from the replacement laptop received from HP along with the
        complete HP inventory in PCS
       Provided Patty Tolley with and update on how to get the MVA add-on for SPSS/PASW 18
        working on her laptop; the authentication code previously provided by IBM activates the add-on
        via the license management software
       Created a Web Work Troubleshooting Guide as a quick reference for the Mosaic Helpdesk; sent to
        Jack for review and made adjustments
       Requested additional PCS business cards through Beverly Guessford
       Reactivated the Mosaic account per ticket no. 8876 – issue is closed
       Assisted Deb Sharer with COEConnect – ticket no. 8882 – issue is closed
       Assisted Patty Tolley with COEConnect – issue is closed
       Provided Nan Bousaba with instructions on how to acquire Microsoft Office via the Home Use
       Reviewed and tested the LiveHelp replacement offered by Dave
       Assisted Kimberly Warren with information regarding a replacement battery for her campus-
        owned Toshiba laptop
       Followed up with Beverly Guessford as to the status of the PCS business cards; waiting for an
       Assisted Lee Ann Parker with reinstating a Mosaic account for her student worker (Orela Wayne)
       Contacted Mike Herman and Phillip Brown regarding publicity for an award received by Dave
       Went with Will to power on all Mosaic lab PCs due to the power outage over the previous
       Printed the updated lab schedules for the Mosaic helpdesk to post outside each lab
       Assisted Jennifer Shoe with troubleshooting a monitor issue over the phone
       Was out of the office on Friday

Andrew Verner:
-Added EReg to Autodesk license file for evaluation purposes.
-Resolved Nagios status issues on ls-me1 and ls-me3, OPNET licensing issue, and Tecplot licensing issue.
-Prepared Mosaic Virtual XP VM with Autodesk BIM software for distribution.
-Gave Crystal Barton access to COE Connect II code.
-Began communication with Geomagic regarding upgrading to version 12.
-Looked into Cadence licensing upgrade; handed this off to Jack.
-Investigated odd behavior from thrice-daily COE Connect update script.

Travis Edwards

       Daily meetings with Andrew to make sure we stay on schedule this summer.
       Investigation of Ticket 8607. Some progress has been made on the ticket.
       Investigation of Ticket 8883. Mosaicd.cmd startup script was not running. Had to force group
        policy refresh on machine.
        Contacted through email Palisade Decision Tools Suite support team. The applications inside the
         suite reported the license as being read correctly, but the license manager application could not
         read the license. Support team said this will not cause an issue because the individual applications
         are reading the license correctly.
        Updated Mosaic Windows Release Schedule.
        Replied to several questions from PCS about various errors or questions about the update.
        Investigated Pro E not communicating with Geomagic Studio 11. Was unable to find solution, but
         gave Andrew Poindexter some ideas to try next.
        Contacted Robin Moose to run an experiment with Adobe Reader on her machines. Her issue was
         printing PDFs from Banner or Outlook. Upgrading Adobe PDF Reader fixed her problems.
        Wrote ‘syssetup’ scripts for Adobe Acrobat X.
        Prepped the update (update baseline, application list, etc) with Rodney, and performed update of
         the labs on Friday afternoon – Saturday morning.
        Fixed issues on machines in which that update failed.

Nathan Hatley:
Out on leave

Mark Plover:
Last Week,

Jack and I met with Bill Heybruck to discuss the close of the Senior Design Administration project and the
import of the existing data from the old MS Access database. The majority of the work done last week,
however, was testing and bug fixing anything that was found in that testing. Three database changes were
made, first, the login field in the student table was extended to 50 characters, second, the same change was
made to the facstaff table, and third, the dept field in the dept table was extended to 50 characters. This
project is very close to completion.

Bradlee Speice
Lots done this week! Got some programming done, lots of research, and it's been going good so far! Done
this week:

Remctl - Plenty of work done here. Got some help from Roy mid-week to get this project rolling. I had
been making a few small mistakes that have since been fixed, and remctl is working as planned. Still
waiting to hear back from William as to their usage on pskill, as well as I need to plan out what all
functionality needs to be incorporated. As it stands I have a working proof-of-concept that allows you to
reboot, shutdown, kill a process/user, and list running processes. Additionally, a very basic ACL is in place,
again proof-of-concept.

Firefox - This is turning in to be quite a nightmare. As it were, Firefox 5 has been released, and contains
some very big security fixes. However, Firefox 5 does not include WebGL. Firefox 4 does, but doesn't have
these same fixes. Daniel was able to get both versions installed (I believe to AFS), but we'll need help in
figuring out which to deploy.

Mosaic VM Image - I've been able (finally) to get a VM image working. I was running into a lot of issues
with VirtualBox crashing on me - The new version (4.0.8) is much more stable than what we have currently

Gimp / GTK / Glade - Now that I've actually been able to get an image of Mosaic Linux running I should
be able to move forward with this installation. Previously I would run into issues that replacing the libraries
needed would cause serious issues to the operating system running.
Ansys - Working with Grant to figure out the Ansys CFX issue - so far it appears that we don't have the
features needed installed - there is an error log that I need to post onto the ticket yet.

Nagios - Been playing around and experimenting here in preparation for monitoring the /tmp partition on
many computers. It's been going great so far, and I should be able to deploy it as soon as I get cleared for it.

5.6 Build Media - As it turns out the X issue I was having previously is non-critical. While there is no
graphical progress bar, the installation does complete successfully, and I am able to use the machine

Chainsaw - Being that all of the RPM's I've found for this so far have serious dependency issues (needing
newer versions of RPM for instance) I've created an install in the /opt/coe tree of my local computer. I still
need to do a bit more testing before it goes to AFS, but it's been working fine so far.

DropBox - Got documentation in place on how to use this. I will likely be sending that in to Jack and Jason
to double-check today, but it's a fairly simple process.

OpenOffice - I haven't been having any issues using this (I used the newer version for designing the
DropBox documentation) so I am ready to push it out as soon as I can nail down a list of what RPM's we
need to install and remove.

Kile - The RPM I found seems to be working fine, though I personally don't know much about LaTeX to
test it.

And that's been it for the week, looking forward to the week ahead!

Andrew Stein:
* Numerous ticket system enhancements

Crystal Barton:
Weekly Report - June 20, 2011

Fixed several small bugs in the Mosaic Anywhere Monitor. Tested out several new plugins with Dave: a
livechat program and translation app. Assisted Dave in also tracking down an LDAP error in the student
orgs website. Finished the Joomla Image Sizer and resized all of the images on all the COE sites. Created
a mock-up for the new WordPress template and made the template Friday night. Assisted Mike with a few
changes on the newsletter site. Started working on COE Connect 2 but making a custom Help window that
autodetects the OS and displays the appropriate HTML help files.

Daniel Colson:
Lyx: Still trying to get the icon to show up. Duplicate entry removed though.

Fixed Comsol_Research

Put nano 2.2.6 into extra_update6/updates-testing.

Uploaded Thunderbird 3.1.10 to afs.

Made some progress on figuring out how to open thunderbird links in FF by default.

Found out from Cadence that AMS/Pspice is indeed only supported on Windows.

Worked on reinstalling Cadence SPB with new control file.
Uploaded Firefox 5 to afs.

Worked on compiling gcc 4.6.0 and deps. Working on some compile errors.

Octave: waiting on gcc.

VLC: made some progress by rebuilding the rpm to include a dep with Bradlee's help. Found that there are
several runtime deps needed.

Shane Wighton:
This past week I got the print quota application ready for beta testing. I fixed a major bug in the way the
application managed local and network printer supplies. I also fixed many display bugs in Internet
Explorer. I fixed the auto-notification feature exposed adding and deleting notification recipients from
within the application. I got the various user roles up and running(they were non-functional). I added the
ability to track the page count when a supply was replaced and the average number of pages a supply lasts.
I added the ability to view a user's network print history. I added the ability to set a printer supply
description. I added input verification to many of the inputs. I began implementing "individual" supply
collections. I got input from the people that would be using the application and made modifications as
appropriate. I also fixed many other small bugs in the application.

Jack M. Stein
Assistant Dean and Director of Engineering Computing

William States Lee College of Engineering
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

224 Cameron Research Center
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223
412-848-6534 (cell)
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