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  • pg 1

Post  User  Gamble codes
     1 User2   [e,a,g,s] (See the note on line 8, asking
               them to do something comes under the
               original motivation, which I put as
               encouragement, especially since it stays
               with the same concept.)

    2 gamble none

    3 User1    [null,a,g,null]

    4 User1    [null,p,g,s] (one concept with focus on
               competitors and surrounding
               information, no imparting of knowledge
               but signficant planning toward the
               group. "feel free to share" was
               considered an emotion in the last
               indicators, so I consider it

   26 User1    [i,a,null,null] (he's just imparting his
               ideas in the red - I agree with the
               separation)        [null,m,g,s] (I don't see
               any KS, nor discouragement)



So I dug around the google calendar features... we can share view rights to our calendars via email
address. I've sent invites for my Utulsa calendar and made sure that its accurate for the next two
weeks. Can everyone else do the same? If you need help finding out where to do so, let me know.

The first poster on SEREBRO for the class! Way to go!

I set up a calendar and added both your utulsa emails to my share with specific people list. I didn't
see any invite though, probably because I haven't ever used google calendar before.

Reposting this from the event I added to the schedule, since I don't think it can be replied
to."Assuming we have building passes we will meet in Kep.But before then, do some individual
brainstorming for the feasibility document and vision and scope. Try and come up with, at a
minimum, descriptions for two competitors, two product qualities/offerings, and two potential
customers and characteristics. We can discuss and select what to include in the document during
the meeting. I think we can come up with these individually before discussing them, but feel free to
share them on serebro of course.We can (and should) be discussing the other expectations for
both the feasibility document and vision and scope in serebro. I would like for us to have most of
the research and detail gathering for the feasibility document done prior to the meeting. Then we
can discuss in person, choose what to include and hopefully have enough information to draft the
document, and make some progress on the vision and scope document as well.We will probably
need to meet at least one additional User4e to discuss and finalize both documents, and put
together the presentation. We can discuss this further Sunday evening.See you then."Also I think
we should be adding the qualities/competitors/customers to the wiki page, just add more numbers if
there are three and you have more. We can narrow them down as needed at the meeting (and the
rubic does say 3 or more for each). Since there is a wiki history after all, feel free to add to or refine
anything anyone has on the wiki, go crazy!


I've been getting the wiki started and came up with dividing customers into Home Users (mostly
hobbyists with small gardens), Small Commercial Gardeners (Small Business works too but I feel it
implies too much about the customer to call it that), and Commercial (farms, etc). I'm not sure if
these could be considered too general but I think it not only divides up potential users nicely, but
also user needs and preferences. I also believe it provides a good foundation for addressing the
problem of creating something that can be effectively and painlessly used by all three groups. Do
we like these customer categories or not?I am asking you to agree/disagree and NOT comment
unless it is unrelated to answering my question or asking for clarifications before responding.
Please don't disagree unless you think its a bad/flawed idea and can state why. If you like where its
going but have something better feel free to agree then put the idea out there ;-)No hard feelings for
disagreeing either. But please do respond based on my suggestion's merit alone and not how it
compares to something else.


Final                                                Dat Head
                                                     e er     Tuple

[e,a,g,null], [e,p,g,null]                           201   Shari
                                                     0-    ng
                                                     09-   throu
                                                     23    gh
                                                           Utuls    [I,A,G,Null]
                                                           a        [Null,M,G,Null]
ignore                                               201   Cong
                                                     0-    rats
                                                     09-   to
                                                     23    Christ
                                                           en       [null,null,L,S]
[null,a,g,null],                                     201   calen
                                                     0-    dar
                                                     09-   shari
                                                     23    ng       [null,A,null,null]
[null,p,g, null], [null,p,g,s]                       201   Meeti
                                                     0-    ng
                                                     09-   and
                                                     23    addin
                                                           to the


[I,a,null,null], [I,m,null,c]                        201   custo
                                                     0-    mer
                                                     09-   categ
                                                     25    ories



Notes                                                  MLH Round 2 Tuples

                                                       [E,A,G,S] - combine red and black



                                                       [null,p,g,s] - s for encouragement
                                                       as you say as well as the "go
                                                       Crazy!" - to me expresses
                                                       satisfaction with his panning

                                                       [I,A,null,Other] (User9) - I agree
                                                       with you he is not targeting the
                                                       group but I think other still for the
                                                       histence "I feel…Im not sure…I
                                                       believe" all to me mark some sort
Other included here as an element of the emotion       of hesitence [null,m,g,S] - I see
domain meant to capture hesitence in the               what you are using S for -            add conflicted instead
statement.                                             encouragement and I like it.          of other


   28 User2   [I,null,null,s] (just kS with a 'good job'
              thrown in - could be individual as in
              targeted toward User1's post, but not

   29 User2   I don't agree with your color distinctions.
              I underlined the first part where I
              believe it stops to produce [E,M,null,null]
              The rest is one concept as well - the
              flow concept - to produce [I,M,G,null]

   31 User1   I think that red and black are the same
              and that it is not planning, but
              monitoring because of the question and
              the opinion. I think planning should be
              distinct to goals and scheduling and the
              question isn't either. It's more "what is
              your opinion" Plus, since it's
              'understand' it should be an I and not an
              E. My combined tuple for red and black
              is [i,m,g,null]. I agree that blue and
              green are two different concepts, but I
              don't agree with planning or group. I
              think he is just sharing knowledge and
              asking knowledge based questions as
              part of that sharing. If we feel like it's an
              opinion that he's asking then it would be
              monitoring from the old codes
              (evaluation). Depending on what we go
              with, we have to bring more detail to the
              definitions of planning and monitoring to
              make them clearer. For green, I have [I,
              null, null, null]. For blue, I have [I, M, G,
              null], so I don't have the same patterns.



I like the categories, and I don't think they're too general. The only suggestion I might make as to
keep it from being too general is to separate Home Users into perhaps an amateur and
professional group. It could be assumed that Small Commercial and Commercial know the basics,
but a Home User could be completely new to gardening or could have been gardening their entire
lives. Dividing them up would allow for better coverage of their needs without giving them things
they don't need.

Here's what I have from the software requirements that the class came up with:*Personalized in
some way Login (access controls) Customization*Flow from seed to harvest Change over
User4e Seasonal changes with specific seed*Uses current and historical data Sources
Plant/do not plant Plant specifics (input)*Uses agricultural extensions Forum to ask questions
of the ag. extension? Directed search Links to extensions*Edible landscaping?*Looking at all
four seasons Something edible all the User4e Greenhouse growing? *Range US Zones?
(We are in zone six) Global Zones?Thinking about this all from a feasibility perspective, I think
we should focus on zone six, if not this region of Oklahoma specifically, to keep things from getting
too complex. I think the flow from seed to harvest and usage of historical weather and growing data
would be highly beneficial. Long story short, would everyone chime in with which of these they think
would be the best features to offer? The most important and feasible to me are the personalization,
flow from seed to harvest, and using current and historical data. Expanding the product to other
zones seems too much at this User4e, as does covering greenhouses, agricultural extensions
(other than linking to them), and covering non basic fruits and vegetables.

Obviously with the zones it comes down to requirements. From what I understand, zones are
differentiated mainly by weather. The largest factor in enabling coverage of one or many zones is
data collection. This brings up questions such as: how will we get all the data we need to make our
application useful and usable? I think what we can cover in regard to zones rests entirely on other
more broad design decisions that we need to address.Collecting data is, in my opinion, the biggest
problem that needs to be addressed. We need to determine what options are available and which
are feasible.I do like personalization, but I also feel we should offer a product that is simple and can
be useful as a information tool and not just as a Web 2.0 app. It should be that too, but only if a
user wants to have that experience. I think the personalized experience should enhance the
unpersonalized experience rather that being something completely different.The competitors I have
seen are generally somewhat disorganized and unpleasant to browse. Even just imitating many of
their features with an improved, slicker interface and addition of some Web 2.0 would make a
viable competitor. This brings us to another major design decision: should it be more of a local site
for the community (state/zone 6) or a broader site that appeals to a much wider base of users? I
think the ideal application would be the latter that can still effectively cater to the former.I like the
idea of historical data. I like including a links page. I also want to include a forum, however. Again,
how much plants we can cover is an issue of data collection. Including information comparable to
some of the competitors we have looked at is ambitious but what is the point of including useful,
potentially complex features if we are only working with what amounts to a toy data set?


[I,m,null,s]                                                 201   Good
                                                             0-    categ
                                                             09-   ories,
                                                             25    thoug
[e,null,null,null], [I,null,null,null], [I,m,null,null]      201   Discu
                                                             0-    ssion
                                                             09-   on
                                                             25    the


[I,null,null,null], [I,null,null,null], [I,null,null,null]   201   discu
                                                             0-    ssion
                                                             09-   of
                                                             26    requir



                                                         [I,M,null,S] - Monitoring because
                                                         she is reviewing someone else's

                                                         I still agree with my original break
                                                         down here. With the changes
                                                         [E,M,null,null] instead of EA for
                                                         red and [I,M,null,null] for black (no
                                                         group involved). The justification
                                                         for red and black are black is
                                                         implicit KS ("I think" then her
                                                         opinion embeds her experiences)
                                                         while red is a factual KS.. I stil
                                                         prefer my breakdown for green /
                                                         blue but green now [null,M,G,S]
                                                         for the encouragement as you
                                                         have used it

                                                     not sure what I was going for with
                                                     P for red - Should be
                                                     [E,M,null,null] for red (sharing a
                                                     researched fact. Then the
                                                     transition to implicit [I,m,g,null] for
                                                     black. I maintain my green
                                                     because he is laying out a plan for
                                                     the team product "even just
                                                     imitating…would make a viable
first real example of repeating the same tuple for   competitor" and G because of "we
distinct occurances of the same type of tuple (green need to determine what options
and blue are two distinct occurences of the IPGnull are available". I agree with your
tuple). - dividing them will be important            blue [I,M,G,null]


   50 User3   (AGREE - [null,a,g,null] and [null,p,l,null]
              because there is an action and a plan,
              there probably has to be both patterns.
              But we need to keep track of how often
              this happens because it may mean the
              need for a different indicator when both
              apply to the same concept in the same
   51 User3   I don't see these as two different
              concepts. And I don't think that
              disagreement is discouragement or
              dissatisfied. I see 'great idea', opinion
              and inplicit KS. [I,m,null,s]

   52 User3   Here we have to determine if "I think
              you are correct" is monitoring (me -yes)
              or satisfaction (me -no) or both (me -
              no). I have to check my own
              consistency on this. So my tuple is
              [I,M,L,null]. I agree there are two
              concepts, but again, I disagree that
              emotion is involved and I assume that
              by saying "we" group is involved. [I,M,G,

   62 User1   I don't think any KS is conveyed by
              agreement. We have to discuss this. So
              either the black text is [null, M, null,S] or
              it is as you have it [E,M,null,S]. Of
              course, who is he agreeing with - an
              individual or the group decision,
              because for consistency, this might
              need an L or a G give the pattern at line
              20. I think the green and blue should be
              Because the blue is talking about the
              green plan. My [I,P,G,null] agrees with
              your blue.

   65 User1   I see one concept and no emotion. I
              don't think agree or disagree represent
              the emotion as it should be defined. I
              think it is knowledge sharing and
              opining but not a feeling, per se. Here,
              the group is involved because of the
              targeted disagreement, which is
              consistent with 23 blue. My choice is


Alright, I see both of your calendars and I've just shared mine. I haven't really added stuff to it, but
I'll work on getting my schedule moved into there.

I think that dividing the Home Users into an amateur and professional group is a great idea. On the
other hand, I don't think we necessarily need two groups for Commercial. I would hope that the
only commercial users using this would be small businesses and that large farms would have their
own system to manage their produce and growing. If we think they're a reUser8ant audience
though, then by all means, I have no issues keeping large Commercial in there.

Regarding your design decision of a local site for the community or a broader site that appeals to a
much wider base of users, i think you're correct in that the best application would be a broad one
that carters to all the zones in the US for instance. the personalization aspect would be the most
convenient here where, based on the information they fill out for their profile, the website can be
tailored to their needs.I think this is especially important for amateur gardeners who do not want the
confusion of searching through plants and guides to find something they can grow in their zone
right now. Assuming they are amateurs, they probably would like to quickly know what can be
grown in their area and when they can start planting things. I think delivering this personalized
approach will be something that sets us apart from most competitors and is a key portion of our
project. I agree that the best application would be a broad one, but also think that if we can't offer
this personalized approach for each zone, then maybe we should just stick with zone 6 for
Oklahoma with the potential for expanding in the future to offer our customers the most accurate
and pertinent information.

I think allowing users to easily see what they can start planting right away is an excellent idea. The
zone issue really depends on how we gather data and how it is classified. Is there a list of plants
for zone 6 for each month or some period of User4e. I don't know the all the criteria that separate
zones but the big one is temperature. Plants that can be planted in zone X at User4e of year Y is
probably determined by the temperature the plant can tolerate. If that is the criteria, then we can
extrapolate what zones a plant would be good to plant in using historical weather data. The same
approach could work even only supporting zone 6, leaving the app easily expandable. I should
probably have done some research on zones before replying but I have a class at 11. We can look
into these sorts of details this afternoon.UlUser4ately, this could amount to a cUser8er use of
filtering. By aiming to include powerful filtering capabilities in general, this and similar features
could be easily implemented (by having a selection of template filters visible to the user with more
powerful filtering available through an advanced option, pretty much like most search engines, etc).

They aren't particularly reUser8ant unless the site could function as a competitive resource for
looking up gardening data. Really for commercial, I think the only real demand for a site like this
would be as a resource and I think I got that impression into the wiki. I don't mind combining
commercial into one and splitting the home category, we just need to differentiate features
amateurs will look for from features knowledgeable gardeners want (i.e. what you suggested in the
other topic and maybe some basic information and how-tos).My main reason for dividing it as I did
was to cover all potential users and not focus in on a smaller group. I have no objection to doing
this, but the choice should probably be made after making any reUser8ant design decisions that
affect what we want to include as potential customers.


[null,a,g,null], [null,p,l,null]                        201   Shar
                                                        0-    ed
                                                        09-   My
                                                        27    Calen

[I,m,null,s]                                            201   Agre
                                                        0-    e with
                                                        09-   the
                                                        27    Expa
                                                              , but

                                                                       [I,M,G,S] [I,M,G,D]
[I,m,null,null], [I,m,null,null]                        201   discu
                                                        0-    ssion
                                                        09-   of
                                                        27    requir

                                                                       [I,M,L,S] [I,M,G,S]

[I,null,null,null], [I,null,null,null], [I,p,l,null],   201 requir
[I,null,null,null]                                      0- emen
                                                        09- ts

[I,m,l,null],                                           201   about
                                                        0-    com
                                                        09-   merci
                                                        28    al




                        I agree one concept but think it
                        targets the group since he uses "If
                        we think" and "I don't think
                        we..need" agree on lack of
                        discouragement [I,M,G,S]

                        I agree with you yes/no/no
                        [I,M,L,null] and [I,M,G,null]

                        I agree KS should not necessarily
                        include agreement, unless they
                        add something to the agreement
                        (e.g. "I agree and ….") so
                        [null,M,null,S] for black, [I,P,G,null]
                        for red. I agree combine blue and
                        green to [I,P,G,Null]

                        I previously thought his language
                        in black was discouraging hence
                        the D. Not sure why I had null for
                        KS in red should be [I,M,G,null]
                        and combine them if you don’t
                        think black is discouraging.


   71 User2   Now she is agreeing with User1 - so is
              the target of the agreement an
              individual, just like the target of the
              disagreement was the group in 24? If
              so, then it would be [I,M,L,null].Or are
              we saying that the target must be
              explicitly stated as -- we, I, or him/her? If
              so, we need to document it and then
              make it all consistent.
   72 User3   I see one concept and no action. He
              hasn't said he's done anything. He uses
              'we' so if that is the group target
              parameter, okay. But I would say
              [E,M,G,S] . The S is for the "luckily …!"
              as in a "yay" emotion. Now you can
              dispute that there is some combination
              of E and I in there because of the filter.
              If that's the case, then the split would be
              at the underlined part which would
              produce the pattern [I,null,G,null].

   75 User1   Agree! [E,R,G,null] (G because of 'we'

   86 User2   Agree! [null,M,G,null] (G because of 'we'

   87 User3   I'd rather it be one concept, but I see
              your point and Agree! [null,P,L,null]

   92 User1   Agree! [null,P,L,null]

   96 User1   I think it's only one concept - "nice find"
              contributes the S along with 'good
              feature'. I don't see final review, but
              basic opinion. I would say [I,m,g,s]
              where g only comes in because of the
              "we" which is starting to seem silly. Of
              course they are talking to the group. I
              think we need a better definition of the
              target. Maybe scope had a different
              connotation and we accidentally altered



I think combining the commercial customers is a better idea as I don't see a lot of differences
between a small and large farm other than scale.

This definitely would make use of powerful filtering features. The hard portion of this is the data
collection regarding when to plant and what can be planted for your zone. Luckily this has been
done for us for the various zones! http://www.thevegetablegarden.info/resources/planting-
schedules/zones-5-6-planting-schedule If we can take this information and filter it based on the
users location we can provide reUser8ant information to him. Additionally, we can filter harvest
User4es based on what the user has planted so they will know when they need to harvest or replant
their vegetables.

We will do this, customers will be divided into amateur and experienced home users and
commercial users (what was previously small commercial).

Don't forget to start thinking about what we want to include for the vision and scope for the project.

I'll be working on it some before our meeting tomorrow so it shouldn't take us too long to get our
presentation together and wrap up our meeting.

I will try to think up some suggestions and post them this evening.

Nice find with that website! As we discussed the filtering features would definitely be a feature /
information objective. Having the user tell the app what they have planted and filtering data based
on that is definitely a good feature. Sort of what I proposed with an overview list of what the user
has planted (plants user has "subscribed" to) that intelligently displays (filters) shortened list of plant
details based on user's location and User4e of year.


[I,m,null,null]                                        201   Com
                                                       0-    binin
                                                       09-   g
                                                       28    Com
[I,null,null,null]                                     201 Filter
                                                       0-  s
                                                       09- Woul
                                                       28  d
                                                           de a
                                                           Interf [I,M,null,null]
                                                           ace [E,A,G,S]
[e,m,null,null]                                        201 custo
                                                       0- mers
                                                       28         [E,R,G,null]
[null,p,g,null]                                        201 To
                                                       0- brain
                                                       09- storm
                                                       28 befor

[null,p,l,null], [null,p,g,null]                       201 Meeti
                                                       0-  ng
                                                       09- Tomo [null,P,L,null]
                                                       28  rrow [null,P,G,null]
[null,p,l,null],                                       201 vision
                                                       0-  and
                                                       09- scop
                                                       28  e
[I,m,null,s]                                           201 filters



                                                              I think you are right [I,M,L,null]
                                                              didn’t catch the target the first
                                                              User4e I think it is better to
                                                              include explicit and implicit targets

                                                              I agree with your breakdown
                                                              [E,M,G,S] for factual then I think it
                                                              should be [I,M,G,null] since the
                                                              underlined portion is still part of a
                                                              monitoring review of the idea.

final review because it is the finalization of an idea        agree!



                                                              I still think they are separate
                                                              because of the target. black is
                                                              directed at User3 and red is group
                                                              directed. but M instead of R giving
                                                              [null,M,L,S] and [I,m,g,s]. Scope
                                                              originally was meant to have
                                                              meaning for planning evaluation
                                                              or monitoring statements as in
                                                              "We need to do X" "User2 you
                                                              need to do Y" or "We did a good
                                                              job" "Good job on the website
                                                              find" etc


 167 User1   Two many concepts. Black text - Agree -
             [E,a,null,null] User9 text and green text
             should be combined. It's clearly not final
             if it needs more. I would say [I,m,g,null]
             for the combined. Now, the first part of
             the blue sentence could go with the
             green because it's still in the "look it
             over" concept and it fits the pattern. I
             underlined what I thought was the
             group. However," See you both this
             evening" is planning all alone: [null, P,
             G, null] note that there is no 'we, us' but
             'you' yet we have a G in the tuple. The
             purple and orange should be grouped,
             but it is the action comment that keeps
             them separate as you have them. But
             he's not adding knowledge. In fact, he's
             monitoring, then acting, the monitoring
             again, so it's potentially three patterns
             because of the intermediate review and
             the asking of opinion. We could
             eliminate concern for 'i did it rushed'
             since we already have logged the action
             earlier in the post and just put [null,
             M,G,null] to cover both or have 3 tuples
             [null,m,g,null], [null,a,null,null],

 217 User2   I don't think it is final review. Liking them
             is agreement and is still monitoring. I
             see [null, m,null,null] (black text) and
             [null,a,null,null] (red text)


I have went through the wiki pages and turned a fair amount of it into paragraphs, adding some
details in many places as well. Look over it and see what you think. I think we need another
information objective and another feature. Or we could classify the activity feed (formerly RSS
Feed) as an info objective and come up with two features. If you like or don't like one of my
changes go ahead and agree/disagree. Otherwise start some new topics if you have ideas in
regard to additional info objectives or features, or further additions to any category rather than
changes. See you both this evening.Edit: Also some of the items (qualities in particular) need
expanding. I did a lot of this a bit rushed so feel free to add more or reorganize/rephrase anything
I've done.

I like those ideas; I've worked on expanding some of the items in vision and scope on the wiki now.


[null,a,null,null], [I,m,g,null]                    201   thing
                                                    0-    s to
                                                    09-   do
                                                    29    befor
                                                          e the

[null,m,null,s],[null,a,null,null]                  201 Look
                                                    0- s
                                                    09- good
                                                    29       [null,R,null,S]


                        [E,A,null,null] black. Group
                        underlined into [I,m,g,S], s
                        because of the encouragement
                        for the group to do work. Leave
                        last part of blue as [null,p,g,null]
                        as you say. I think the g is fine -
                        implicit we. I think three tuples for
                        purple and orange as you say
                        [null,m,g,null] [null,a,null,null] and
                        [null,m,g,null] for the current

                        agree with you [null,m,null,null]
                        and [null,a,null,null] (red)


                       Titanium Team_c1
     Post ID           User
                   27 User11

                   30 User12

                   32 User12

                   33 User12

                   54 User12

                   61 User13

                   73 User12

                   76 User13
                   84 User13

                   88 User12

                   89 User11

                   90 User12
                   97 User12

                  100 User11



Now normally, I would leave this sort of thing up to the invisible hand of the market, but it apparently
has come down with carpal tunnel syndrome recently, so we are going to have to do this
ourselves.The way I see it, we have 4 main tasks We need to:- find and analyze competitors'
offerings (we've already done this some in class, but we need to go more in depth)- create our
scope and vision statements based on what needs we find aren't being filled- create a vision and
scope document that neatly summarizes our work- combine all of our research into an interesting,
exciting, exhilarating, breath-taking Powerpoint presentation by ThursdayNow, these are by no
means hard and fast, and people definitely can (and should) help review each other's work before
we submit it. However, I think we should make each person in our group ulUser4ately responsible
for one of these tasks. Sound like a plan?

Sounds good to me, I'd happy to start writing up everything we talked about in class as well as
digging deeper on competitors--Didn't mean to make this in flashback; My bad hadn't had any
caffeine yet.
So I was talking with a couple gardeners today trying to figure out what we could add that would
make this web app useful. One of the things I thought of is you normally get a lot of XYY veggie /
fruit at a User4e. So if we could build in a way to let know who is around them that wants to trade
fruits and veggies, basically a virtual farmers market so they have a reason to use our product
everyday even when there plants are growing fine.
Another thing the people said would be nice would be some type of esUser4ator of general
gardening supplies. Obviously this would be more useful for people that are not doing window
boxes but bigger yard plots. So if user A who (who is a amateur gardener) wants to make a garden
in there backyard and knows the general dimensions, our app would provide them things they are
going to need, like how many cubic feet of mulch, garden tarps, fertilizer, and things of that nature
and then pull the prices off home depot / Lowe's or something

Just Spit-balling but if we had a mobile app we could integrate a bar code scanner to do:a) Detailed
information look up while shopping/ comparing different plant/seedling in the store by just scanning
in the barcode b) A quick way to add which plants you are currently growing by scanning barcode of
the product after you bought them.
I like the task division, but aren't tasks 2 and 3 basically the same?We could probably have one
person create the scope and vision statements, and maybe add another task that specifies
someone to work on the wiki.
It might be a good idea meet in person to get the ball rolling on this challenge now that the
compilers test isn't an issue. I'm free till 5:30 and after 7:30My Cell is 405-277-0303
I'm free after 3:15.My number is 918-606-9921.
One of the parts of the challenge is to define our customer base. I've come up with three types of
customers for our site:1. The new gardener - This person knows nothing about gardening and
needs the very basic information on where to begin and what plants to pick.2. The experienced
gardener - This person has been growing fruits and vegetables for a while, but would like to add
some new plants to their garden. They might even want to sell some of their harvest at the local
farmer's market or trade it for someone else's crop.3. Local produce sellers - These people grow
lots of fruit and vegetables and sell them at farmer's markets every week. They can use the
website to advertise their crops and sell even more.
Nice work.We might add in size of garden the gardener is trying to grow or merely outdoor/ indoor;
or maybe just for the new gardener.1a) New indoor gardener - what grows well in pots inside /
window box. How to setup a window box. picking proper window. water / draining issues. 1b) New
outdoor gardener- Basic information on setting up a an outdoor garden from tilling the soil to picking
the location and then crop information.
Definitely a good idea. I'm free anyUser4e after 3:15. My cell is 319-GET-BENS (438-2367).Where
do you guys want to meet?
How about atrium of kep top Level at 3:30
Do you know if we are supposed to follow the format structure she gave us for the vision and
feasibility pages? Or was that just her telling us what she wanted in each again?
I think it was meant to be an outline, but I don't think she'd be upset if we deviated from it a bit as
long as we had a good reason to, and we're still clearly addressing each portion of the assignment.



[e,p,g,null] e- repeats assignment, p -all about scheduling, g - group scheduling, null - he sounds        2010-09-25
negative, but nothing explicit.

[null,p,l,S] no knowledge imparted, writing plan, he'll do it, 'sounds good'                               2010-09-26

[I,null,null,null] he did research and provided information from that research, but nothing else           2010-09-26

[I,null,null,null] he did research and provided information from that research, but nothing else           2010-09-26

[I,null,null,null] barcode idea and its use                                                                2010-09-28

[null,p,g,null] I'm not putting individual unless it is clearly looking at one person for something. But   2010-09-28
this one is tricky. Do I look for an explicityly named individual or is "one person" in the post what is
needed to mark it as individual?
[null,p,g,null] no knowledge, emotion, or defined target                                                   2010-09-28

[null,p,l,null] no knowledge, emotion, or defined target                                                   2010-09-28
[I,null,null,null] customer base idea                                                                      2010-09-28

[I,m,null,null] size of garden ideas plus "nice work"                                                      2010-09-28

[null,p,g,null] no knowledge, emotion, or defined target                                                   2010-09-28

[null,p,g,null] no knowledge, emotion, or defined target                                                   2010-09-28
[I,null,null,null]                                                                                         2010-09-28

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                         2010-09-28



       Division of Labor

       Division Of Labor

       Virtual Farmers Market

       Cost EsUser4ator

       Mobile App

       Division of Labor


       3 Types of Customers

       3 Types of Customers

       Meeting 09/28

       Meeting 09/28
       Default Wiki Docs

       General Outline


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This is what I have so far for what the problem, how we are solving it, and our major features. What
I don't have is it refined into nice bulleted points yet; If you feel like taking a crack at that would be
great. Haven't proofed it much so I'm sure theres typeo's and what not Problem:Getting started
gardening for the first User4e can be a difficult process. There are many problems you are forced to
overcome on your own. Finding unbiased information that fits your climate, location, User4e of year,
as well as being in line with your over all gardening strategy; i.e. Are you looking to feed a family of
four year around or are do you just want a single tomato plant to look after.Even after you have
been gardening for a few seasons and are starting to get comfortable you can always gain tips,
tricks, and short cuts when it comes to growing, picking, or preparing your harvest. Perhaps you are
a master gardener and have a thumb greener than the green giants, but have the problem of too
much of the same produce at one User4e and have no one local to barter with.Perhaps you are
local vendor of fresh produce or seeds and are looking to connect on a closer Level with local
communities and see how your products are doing or even do direct marketing to supply a local
This is what I have so far for what the problem, how we are solving it, and our major features. What
I don't have is it refined into nice bulleted points yet; If you feel like taking a crack at that would be
great. Haven't proofed it much so I'm sure theres typeo's and what not Problem:Getting started
gardening for the first User4e can be a difficult process. There are many problems you are forced to
overcome on your own. Finding unbiased information that fits your climate, location, User4e of year,
as well as being in line with your over all gardening strategy; i.e. Are you looking to feed a family of
four year around or are do you just want a single tomato plant to look after.Even after you have
been gardening for a few seasons and are starting to get comfortable you can always gain tips,
tricks, and short cuts when it comes to growing, picking, or preparing your harvest. Perhaps you are
a master gardener and have a thumb greener than the green giants, but have the problem of too
much of the same produce at one User4e and have no one local to barter with.Perhaps you are
local vendor of fresh produce or seeds and are looking to connect on a closer Level with local
communities and see how your products are doing or even do direct marketing to supply a local

I set it up that way purposefully. I would suggest minimal deviation. You don't want to take the
chance of not following the rubrics.
http://myfolia.com/This site has pretty thorough information about many types of plants in every
zone of the U.S.They also have a journal section where you can tell other people about your
garden. They have groups for people interested in growing the same thing and a question and
answer section. This wouldbe a big competitor for us if we tried to implement any social features
into Seed, Sow and Grow.
Nice find. Guys have any idea how we could change the social aspect of ours to be better than
what is already out there? Sidenote:Has gwest even logged in yet? I don't think he's even set his
profile to Analyst yet... has anyone talked to him to see whats going on?
So under the major features I attempted to create a sub bulleted list but couldn't convince the wiki
to display it the way I wanted. The Cheat sheet says *< but it also doesn't display correctly in the
cheat sheet so think bullets with letters mixed looks okay / anyone know how to fix is please do?

I haven't tried emailing him, so I'm not sure what's going on with him.I think the marketplace is a
good social part of our application. Adding more social aspects would create a whole new section
that would have to be implemented, and our application would become a really big project. Not that
that's a bad thing, since we can always cut parts out if they are too difficult or User4e-consuming to
create. If we want to go further, we could have a local directory for people who are in the same
area and want to trade/get advice from others.
At this late date of the project, you need to finish up as best you can. I will email Sterling.
This sounds more like a marketing pitch than a scope, but here goes:We are creating a product
called Seed, Sow, and Grow that will make it easy and fun for new gardeners to grow their fruits
and vegetables. Even more experienced gardeners can find important information to help their
plants and get in touch with fellow gardeners in their community. Our product gives vital
information about your growing zone and the current crops to grow. It will tell you the esUser4ated
cost of supplies and your expected yield based on how much you are going to grow. It also has a
virtual farmer's market that allows users to get in touch with other gardeners to trade produce,
inform others of upcoming events, and share ideas. We are also creating a mobile application that
allows you to compare prices on gardening products and store information about your garden at


[I,m,null,null] problem, solution, major features - asks opinion but doesn't target group   2010-09-28

repost - not scored                                                                         2010-09-28

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[I,m,null,s] ignored the gwest comment about the team member that never logged in           2010-09-29

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i,m,g,null] ignoring the reference to gwest                                                 2010-09-29

ignore                                                                                      2010-09-29
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       Problem, Solution, and Major

       Problem, Solution, Features




       Sub bulleted list

       Social Aspect

       Missing Teammate


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Value added to our organization: This product allows us to reach local gardeners from their homes.
It can provide information about the local gardening communities and their consumer preferences
as well. Value added to our customer: This product gives valuable information to our customers
allowing them to make informed decisions about their gardens. It also provides a good way to keep
in touch with the local gardening community.
So what will set our application apart from this site? In other words, what do you think they aren't
giving their customers?I think the mobile app idea is definitely a good one, since it may be useful to
have the information our site has with you on your person, rather than back on your computer when
you're out gardening (or shopping for gardening supplies). As social features go, do they have any
kind of marketplace concept? I didn't see anything on first glance.

A couple more pieces of software that would be competitors, just for future
10285889.html]Garden Planner[/url]They're both more of a landscaping tools than fruit and
vegetable garden planners, but have information on a wide variety of plants, which could make
them a competitor.There's also this site: [url=http://www.plangarden.com/]Plan Garden[/url]. This
seems a more direct competitor, as it has things like a forum and a way to plan your vegetable
garden, as well as information on many vegetables. However, their UI is terrible, which could
definitely be improved upon.
Great start! IMO, it should sound like a marketing pitch; our goal is to sell this to our class, and our
organization/customers.Small quibble, I think that we should use "We will create" rather than "are
creating", since I think this project is about justifying our initial design concept and selling it to
people before we actually start development.Other than that, it seems to have most of what we're
doing. I'll think for a bit and see if I can come up with more to add.
I like everything so far. Ben you make a good point and I think after we get things up for every part
of the document we need to make sure are verb usage for what is to be with this project is synced.

Also good work User13
Ya plan garden should definitely be in our competitors section. It shows something that we can
definitely improve on.
Alright, I added the scope and change all the verbs to future tense. Thanks for the advice!
My understanding of that is its things we are going to have to do / over come to put this plan into
action. Is that what it means to you guys?If so the first thing is going to be to get the data and then
figure out how to make it reUser8ant to the end user. 1) Obtain a large data set of gardening
information that can be presented in a meaning full manner to our end users
I really liked this vision statement, but I felt like it needed some context regarding the problem at the
beginning, as well as a little more colorful language. Let me know if I took it a little too far,
haha:Gardening is hard. For those of us not born with green thumbs, or the ability to communicate
with plants, it can be incredibly difficult to create and maintain a healthy, fruitful garden. Even those
among us who do have these wondrous abilities don't, as of yet, have the ability to easily share
their knowledge (and their harvests!) with the people around them.It is for these people that we
have started plans for our new product: Seed, Sow, and Grow (SSG). SSG will not only make it
easy and fun for new gardeners to grow their fruits and vegetables by providing them useful and
reUser8ant information on how to improve their gardens, but will also provide more experienced
gardeners access to the same important information. In addition, it will foster a healthy community
of garden enthusiasts, working together to share their collective knowledge on how to get the most
out of their small piece of the Earth.Our product will give vital, up-to-date information about growing
zones and the current crops that can be planted. It will tell you the esUser4ated cost of supplies, as
well as the expected yield of the seeds that you planted. SSG will also, in the process, keep track of
the type and amount of crops you have planted, when you planted them, and what you need to do
to keep them healthy and thriving.If that wasn't enough, SSG will also build a thriving community
through a virtual farmer's market. This market will allow users to share their tips and their harvests,
to inform others of upcoming events, and to provide a collective knowledge base that will enable
new gardeners to become successful, and experienced gardeners to become even more so.Finally,
our application will provide a mobile interface that will allow users to compare prices on gardening
products and store information about your garden at home, as well as access all of the useful
information available on our main site. This means that even when users are out in their gardens or
browsing in their local store, they will have access to the wealth of information contained on our
Your hired


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[i,m,null,null]                                                         2010-09-29

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[e,m,null,s]                                                            2010-09-29

[null,m,l,s]                                                            2010-09-29

[null,m,l,s]                                                            2010-09-29
[e,m,null,null]                                                         2010-09-29

[null,a,null,s]                                                         2010-09-29
[i,m,null,null]                                                         2010-09-29

[e,m,null,s]                                                            2010-09-29

[null,null,l,s] tough one                                               2010-09-29


       Value Added


       Client-side software

       Great start

       Document Language

       Plan Garden

       Added to Wiki
       Major information objectives

       Some rather major updates /
       changes to this



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You have the right concept. Basically, it is what you expect the user to provide (information wise) to
store in or to operate the software (input) and what you expect the software to store, provide access
to, and present to the user (output).The 'alpha event' would loosely be considered an information
objective in the Iron Man HUD as well as what was in the expansion of the information 'circle' that
the guy with the striped gloves talked about.
Looks good, throw it up over the old scope in the wiki
Hey, can you copy this into the scope for me? Your updates keep blowing mine away:Gardening is
hard. For those of us not born with green thumbs, or the ability to communicate with plants, it can
be incredibly difficult to create and maintain a healthy, fruitful garden. Even those among us who do
have these wondrous abilities don't, as of yet, have the ability to easily share their knowledge (and
their harvests!) with the people around them.It is for these people that we have started plans for our
new product: Seed, Sow, and Grow (SSG). SSG will not only make it easy and fun for new
gardeners to grow their fruits and vegetables by providing them useful and reUser8ant information
on how to improve their gardens, but will also provide more experienced gardeners access to the
same important information. In addition, it will foster a healthy community of garden enthusiasts,
working together to share their collective knowledge on how to get the most out of their small piece
of the Earth.Our product will give vital, up-to-date information about growing zones and the current
crops that can be planted. It will tell you the esUser4ated cost of supplies, as well as the expected
yield of the seeds that you planted. SSG will also, in the process, keep track of the type and amount
of crops you have planted, when you planted them, and what you need to do to keep them healthy
and thriving.If that wasn't enough, SSG will also build a thriving community through a virtual
farmer's market. This market will allow users to share their tips and their harvests, to inform others
of upcoming events, and to provide a collective knowledge base that will enable new gardeners to
become successful, and experienced gardeners to become even more so.Finally, our application
will provide a mobile interface that will allow users to compare prices on gardening products and
store information about your garden at home, as well as access all of the useful information
available on our main site. This means that even when users are out in their gardens or browsing in
their local store, they will have access to the wealth of information contained on our site.

Yeah my bad, just noticed that our updates were killing each others.#FeatureCollaborative wiki
would be a cool feature or at least more notification / options so you don't post over other peoples
Since Wes seems to be plugging away at the Vision/Scope wiki, could you look at the Feasibility
stuff User13? We need to do away with some of the bullet points on there (specifically stated in our
assignment). We also need to fill out our product quality and offerings stuff.I will be working on the
Powerpoint, but I can come back after you guys and do some final editing.

I hate wiki's that don't warn you about that stuff. It's frustrating.
Wes,if you can try and transition most of our Vision and Scope document away from bullet points.
It's specifically stated in our guidelines that we shouldn't use too many, and it seems like most of
our document is made up of them.
Oh okay, not sure why I was doing that.
It's a good way to organize your thoughts, just don't want us to run out of User4e and then realize
we still have everything in bullet points.
I was just working on that section. Here's what I got:Gardening basics: Detailed information about
starting a garden including tools, fertilizer, what plants to grow, and how much yield to expect.Local
community support: Access to information about events, local produce sellers, and local gardener's
tips and stories.Planner: Keeps track of all your gardening details and allows you to access it
anywhere at any User4e. Also does cost esUser4ation for tools and shows how much money you
save over buying produce at the market.


ignore                                                                        2010-09-29

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[null,null,null,c]                                                            2010-09-29
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[null,m,null,null]                                                            2010-09-29
[null,m,l,null]                                                               2010-09-29

[I,a,null,null]                                                               2010-09-29


       On the right track

       Copy into wiki


       Feasibility Document

       Bullet Points

       On it
       It's cool

       Product Qualities and Offerings


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For users of SSG to get the most out our software will need to tell us a things. First thing SSG need
to know, is what Level of gardener are you. Are you an amateur or are you a seasoned or perhaps
somewhere in between. With this information we can make sure that SSG provides you with just
the right amount of help and doesn't bore you with what a trowel is or frustrate a first User4er by not
expressing the dangers of over watering.After SSG knows what Level you are on, it needs to know
your goals and location. Are you looking to replace your local grocery store? Or do you just want to
get your fingers dirty a couple days a month. Once SSG knows these three facts you and SSG can
work together to answer a few more questions like: inside or outside, crops, and best crops for your
area I didn't mention anything about the mobile app. should I? if so what?

I guess just leave it out, since we have to finish in about 30 seconds

Isn't this due 11:59 PM? so Midnight tomorrow?
Definitely a good start.From what Professor Gamble said, I think we need to be quite specific here
on where we are pulling our information from. For example, how are we going to gather all of the
gardening info we're advertising? Are we going to spider other websites or are we going to have
users enter it, collaborative style? Or are we going to attempt a dual approach?I like the idea of
keeping things simple for the end user, asking certain questions to try and provide the more
reUser8ant data (and pair you with similar gardeners). Don't forget to mention that it will be keeping
track of things that you buy/plant, hopefully.The mobile app should definitely be mentioned as part
of our "system output". Emphasize that no other major competitor is doing this, and it allows you to
access the useful information while gardening / shopping for supplies.

Wes is right, it isn't due for 24 hours
Ya you're right, I read that wrong
oops, These are our Major functions.. and I don't feel like moving them so here they stay. Heres
what I have done for the major info objects, Hate to bail but I'm gonna go study for my test and
other presentation tomorrow tho. SSG will have four major pillars, Custom gardening information
based on a users profile, Garden Planner, Virtual Market and a mobile application.3.1. Custom
InformationThe custom gardening information will not only provide users with information on which
crops grow well in there climate but tell you how other SSG users did with a certain plant. 3.2.
Garden PlannerThe garden planner is a useful feature for the first User4e gardener, it lets you start
at either end of the problem. You can either specific a rough idea of how much produce you want to
generate from your garden or by how much space you have to in your backyard. The garden
planner will let you select your square footage and then give you a cost esUser4ation of materials it
will take to start and maintain the garden(Mulch, fertilizer, etc) . Once you have the size and type of
plants entered into the garden planner it will even calculate how much money growing your own
food will cost!3.3. Virtual MarketOne of the truly unique feature of SSG will be our virtual market.
The virtual market will connect users in a local area that wish to sell/trade there excess produce
with other local SSG users. This feature allows to make sure you never have to waist perfectly good
produce again just because you couldn't eat it fast enough. The virtual market will be a great way to
stay in touch with local gardeners to exchange ideas, experiences, and anything else.3.4. Mobile
AppSSG will also be able to be accessed on the go from your Mobile devices. The Mobile version
of ssg will have the ability to scan bar codes while you are in the store to pull up detailed
information of the plant and to see if it has done will in your area in the past. Perhaps you are
worried about always getting the best deal while shopping in brick and mortar stores SSG mobile
app solves that too. One quick scan of the barcode ssq will do a price check to see if you are
getting the best deal. Scanning bar codes of purchased plants allow you to quickly and easily add
them to your virtual garden. Throughout the course of the growing season you can rank it and
comments to anything in your virtual garden for future growing seasons. 3.5. HistoryFor repeat
users of SSG historical facts and figures can be tracked(if the user wants)on vendors they liked,
plants that have had great success with as well as ones that haven't done so great. All of this
information will be pleasingly formatted and displayed to the users so they don't forget anything
year to year.

I have uploaded the presentation for you guys to review. Find it under "Uploaded Files".
So, What do guys still think need to be done? It seems pretty close to me. I need guidance if you
want me to start editing
I'm just going through the presentation and adding anything from there that we don't have to put a
little more detail into the wiki. Other than that, I'm not sure what else needs to be done.


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[I,m,l,null], [I,p,g,null]                                                       2010-09-30

[e,p,l,null]                                                                     2010-09-30
[e,m,null,null]                                                                  2010-09-30
[I,a,null,d],[null,p,l,null], [I,null,null,null]                                 2010-09-30

[null,a,null,null], [null,m,null,null]                                           2010-09-30
[null,m,null,s]                                                                  2010-09-30

[null,a,null,null], [null,m,null,null]                                           2010-09-30


       Major information objectives

       Mobile App

       More specific data examples

       Current Major functions

       Presentation Uploaded
       Whats left that needs to be done

       Use the Presentation


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We were meeting today, right? At 2?

My understanding was that we were meeting today at around class User4e to work. I've got from
around 1100 until 1630 free.
Ignore this.
I think our biggest competitor right now is www.garden.org.They have a lot of the functionality that
we'd like to eventually implement into Seed, Sow, 'n' Grow.They have staff writers that write
interesting amateur gardening articles for them.They have a forum for people to talk.They have a
seed swap.They have an expert advice section.However, they also cover non-edible portions of
amateur gardening.
Unless someone else wants to take it, I'll handle the presentation portion - it seems to be the part
that's the most annoying. We'll have to work together on serebro to figure out the rest - and I'll post
ideas for the presentation as well - but unless there's a conflict, Sean wants to do the vision
document which leaves the feasibility document for User5.We need to try to use serebro as much
as possible on this one so we can all reach the rank and rep goals for the challenge, so... yeah.
Also, tags.
That's fine for me. I've been brainstorming the feasibility stuff anyway.
Don't forget about www.gardenology.org, that wiki that also has a forum and guides.
I'm just throwing out ideas for our customers here:Amateur gardeners: we're kinda building the site
with these guys as our focus.Gardening supply vendors: Ad space, links to their websitesI could
use a couple more ideas for customers so I can refine exactly what we want to present.

Here are some of my ideas for our problem to solve:Few tools exist to help an amateur gardener
create and implement a gardening plan.Lots of information, but scattered all over the web.No real
central place for amateur gardeners to discuss their hobby that includes individual planning.We can
provide the forum for amateur gardeners to amass their collective knowledge by:building a
community of amateur gardeners via a forumhouse a collection of amassed knowledge via a
wikiprovide individual customization to help for individual planning profile system calendar
system notification system
What about academic researchers? If we have a large database of plant species with enough
information to successfully grow them, that's a reasonably good resource for information in
academic applications. A paragraph or two about the nutritional needs and benefits of a species is
basically a prerequisite for deciding to grow it, and has research applications in everything from
sustainable farming practices to nutrition.Also, a couple of articles on genetics and different
methods of crossbreeding can go a pretty long way, particularly for a layman who wants to make
some new variety of daisy or somesuch.
We've got plenty of ideas for how to grow things: deciding what to grow and when, different kinds of
advice, but nothing that explains why someone might want to take this up as a hobby. It's not likely
to be a big part of the site, or even a big article by itself, but maybe just a single link at the top of the
page that's a cost-benefit analysis for growing things as opposed to buying them, and a discussion
of other factors that someone might want to know about. Sort of like a "who is this website for?"
kind of thing...We can do calendars that keep track of stuff and highlight specific dates or User4es
of day when it's best to plant or harvest or water or suchforth, but what about checklists of things
someone should buy or find before they start a garden - like a list dependent upon their own input
about their schedule, desired garden style, and plants they want to grow that they can print out and
take to a home depot and make sure they get everything.

If we set up a calendar for people to auto-determine what days they should plant/weed/harvest/etc,
it would be easy enough to just e-mail them a couple of days in advance to remind them that
important dates/weeks are coming up and they should schedule User4e to do whatever to their
garden. E-mail becomes a little more annoying, though, if we're sending them out every couple of
days to remind people that it's User4e to water their plants or something. What about if we offer a
cheap monthly fee "premium" service that uses the Skype SMS protocol to text them instead, with
the fee covering the cost of using Skype? Variably, it could just interface with a Google calendar
and then most smartphones will automatically poll that information and give a notice.



[null,p,null,null]                                                                                       2010-09-27

[null,p,null,null]                                                                                       2010-09-28

[e,null,null,null]                                                                                       2010-09-28

[null,p,l,null], [null,p,g,null], [null,p,l,null], [null,p,l,null], [null,p,l,null], [e,p,g,null] I co   2010-09-28

[null,a,null,s]                                                                                          2010-09-28
[e,null,null,null]                                                                                       2010-09-28
[I,null,null,null]                                                                                       2010-09-28

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                       2010-09-28

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                       2010-09-28

[I,null,null,null], [I,null,null,null]                                                                   2010-09-28

[I,m,null,null]                                                                                          2010-09-28




       Meeting today, 9/28


       Breaking up the assignment

       Feasibility Document

       Problems to solve

       Other stuff

       More problems

       Calendar/Notification system


                  102 User6

                  103 User6

                  104 User6

                  108 User6

                  119 User4

                  120 User4
                  121 User4
                  126 User5

                  140 User4

                  141 User5

                  142 User4

                  143 User5

                  147 User6

                  149 User6

                  154 User6

                  156 User4

                  157 User4


gardening123.com is also a competitor in this market.They have forums, seed exchange,
newsletters, and articles, and a personalized account profile much like we want. They also have
information about a variety of plants. They have a journal with monthly reminders for the plants you
are interested in, as well as a "garden layout tool".It does not look like they have a very good
calendar tool, however. We may want to implement some weather-related things as well.

As far as watering schedules, it would be kind of neat if we could look at the chance of rain, amount
of sun, etc. that a region will get to better advise the user about when to water their plants. Knowing
how much sun a crop needs could also be important. Advice about how much sun plants need
would be important during the planning process as well, since some plants would grow better on
the side of a house while others would be better off in the open.
I will try to have the vision document done by tomorrow mid-afternoon at least so you will have
some User4e to prepare for the presentation.
We could just have a list of things that they want to be emailed about, and if they wanted to know
about watering then great. They could also filter out certain plants that they felt like they could tell
on their own and such. For example, if a certain plant had to be watered every day and another
one had to be watered once a week, they may still want to be reminded of the weekly one but be
annoyed by the daily reminders. This seems like an easy way to notify people about the information
they want without causing annoying spam.
Taking the region's average weather into account is a cool idea that has implications for what kind
of things a person can successfully grow and should be a factor in determining what kinds of plants
as well as their placement when we make suggestions to a newbie. We'd never want to turn off
notifications automatically based on a weather report, though - at most, we could change the
notifications to advise different courses of action depending upon whether the guy's house actually
got rain or not. On the other hand, if the weather report says it's going to freeze tonight, that might
be something that should trigger a special notification...
Because we all know how annoying it is to get an e-mail about every little thing. Bazing!
That's three.
I can definitely see taking this into account, but only if we limit the scope in one of two ways:-We
limit the scope of the entire website/tool to a single region-We require the user who wants to use
certain features to input their region         +Possible caveat to add a region finder.

I just uploaded an outline of the presentation. Look it over real quick and let me know if y'all've got
any ideas for improvements. I've shuffled the order of the subsections in vision and feasibility
because it makes more sense to me to explain what we want to do, what the problems are, how we
plan to deal with the problems, what the competition has to offer, how ours is better than theirs, and
then how ours is beneficial in general.Give me any feedback you can on font, color, background,
bulleting, titles, organization, content, etc. If you want to, fill stuff in and upload a new version if you
want or need to to explain an improvement.
The problems we're supposed to be solving, at least in the feasibility section, are problems or
issues that exist in the world that our software has an opportunity to address and that we are
So what would you suggest?Are these shortcomings of our competitors that we are covering, or are
we talking more generally in a shortage of food sense?
We're talking like there is a need for this software because of X, Y, and Z.As in, There's no tool we
could find that will automatically notify you when you should start planting Tomatoes based upon
your region, weather, etc.
It would also be nice to add that our product will focus on a personalized profile to keep track of
which plants the user is interested in growing. I know it is kind of implied in the calendar and
notification thing, but it is one of the major advantages our site will have over competitors. Other
than that, it looks like a pretty good overview.
Using the person's city/state or zip code would make it feasable to scan weather sites and see what
the chance of rain is, whether it will be sunny or cloudy, and whether it will freeze or be extremely
hot. This part of the project may be hard to implement, but I don't think it's impossible.

I worked on the vision document up to the informational objectives. Hopefully this will help to refine
the presentation. I plan to finish it before my class at 3:30
...we don't actually have to implement any of our ideas - at least not yet. Until we get further down
the road, all we have to worry about is coming up with cool ideas, impossible or otherwise.

That'll still give me plenty of User4e to work on it before databases at 6.


[e,null,null,null], [I,null,null,null]                                                                     2010-09-28

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                         2010-09-28

[null,p,l,null]                                                                                            2010-09-28

[i,null,null,null]                                                                                         2010-09-28

[i,m,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-28

[I,null,null,d]                                                                                            2010-09-28
can we have all nulls?                                                                                     2010-09-28
[I,m,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-28

[null,a,null,null], [null,m,g,null], [null,a,null,null], do we have a second [null,m,null,null]. I think he's 2010-09-29
talking about the same opinion request. Is there just one [null,a,null,null] and not two? Just a note,
it's my opinion that we should only use two or more patterns in a post if there are competing values
given the same concept. So if presentation is the concept, then there would only be two pattern
applications here. -mlh no one null,m,null,null two actions imo

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                         2010-09-29

[I,m,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-29

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                         2010-09-29

[I,m,null,s]                                                                                               2010-09-29

[I,m,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-29

[null,a,l,null] , [null,p,l,null]                                                                          2010-09-29

[I,m,g,null]                                                                                               2010-09-29

[null,p,null,null]                                                                                         2010-09-29


       Another Competitor

       Account for Weather?

       Sounds good

       Notification List


       I like it
       Scoping issue


       Problems to Solve

       I see

       Problems to Solve

       The vision looks pretty good

       Region Finder

       Uploaded part of vision document




                 158 User4

                 159 User5

                 161 User6

                 163 User4

                 164 User6
                 165 User6

                 166 User4

                 169 User6

                 170 User6

                 171 User4

                 173 User6

                 174 User6

                 175 User4

                 176 User4

                 177 User4


I was thinking of changing some of the colors so that it's not just black text on a white background:
not straight up white on black, either - maybe like very light yellow on a dark blue background?Also
there's clearly some changes that need to be made to the organization, but it should be a lot easier
to figure out once I see what you guys have done and I have a clearer picture of what all the weird
random terms like "information objective" mean.
I've drafted the first couple sections of the Feasibility Document on the challenge wiki. Hopefully, I'll
have it completed before my class at 1530, but if not, it should have it done shortly after I get out of
class at around 1700. Let me know if you have any feedback.
I guess you could also include how more experienced gardeners could use the website for
clarifications too, or to sell extra seeds that they may have. There really doesn't seem to be more
than the two obvious customers and then a few other groups who may use the site occasionally.

So long as there's a good set of articles with a broad range of topics and a good amount of depth,
we'll always have people coming to check on something...Experienced gardeners who spend a
couple of hours a day weeding and watering may not use most of the ease-of-learning features, but
how many of those people are very sophisticated about automatic drip/spray watering systems, or
the advantages of building a greenhouse, or a comparison of different brands of pesticide or
fertilizer, etc. So yeah, you're absolutely right that people who aren't amateurs or very passive
hobbyists won't use the really cool features we offer, for everyone else our only draw is content.

I am done with the vision document unless someone has any ideas I should add.
To get 10 points the Rubric says: "At least 3 clear information objectives explained that
demonstrate understandable and thorough consideration of user input and system output in general
terms." I assumed this means things like when you put in a plant it searches the database, etc., but
it doesn't seem completely clear if that is what these actually are.
Unless there are any objections, I'll pretty much just take the full text from the wiki pages and
paraphrase for the presentation. If I need any more information that isn't already there, I'll let you
guys know.
My vision document has 3 so unless anyone disagrees with those I guess that's how we'll leave it
According to the Rubric:- Reach Badge III for full 30 points and prorated from there.- Reach Novice
role Level for full 30 points and prorated from there.- Score 15 reputation posts for full 15 points and
prorated from there.I know you get reputation points from rating other people's comments, and I
have 15 on that (shown in your profile).All 3 of us have Badge III.So I guess the problem is, I have
no idea how to get Novice role.None of us have it yet as it says we're all "Green", so I am kind of
interested in how we get to this point. I hope it's not just making a ridiculous number of posts on
I may have some changes later, but I'll take some User4e to think about it first and we can talk
about it tomorrow after class to hammer out ideas before we finalize the reports.
So I made a few more posts and got it...I hope that helps? I wish these ranks were a little more
I figure we'll probably want to do some revision anyway based on how the other reports define
"information objectives" and any questions we get tomorrow during the presentation.
I've been trying to figure it out, but as far as I can tell we all ranked up at the same User4e,
regardless of badges, medals, or reputation. I'm sitting at 114 rep with five medals and three
badges, so it doesn't appear to be based on milestones or something.Wait, lemme try rating a
bunch of posts up and see if that helps...Hrm. That didn't change my "reputation scoring" value at
all, but it drove you guys both up by like 50 rep points. As far as I can tell, it seems like the
threshold of "Novice" is badge three, 50 rep, and 15 rep scoring. How did you get your rep scoring
value up to 24? Just one point for every post you rated?
Yeah, it's weird. Anyone else notice that this interface is perilously slow?Also, if it helps, agreeing
15 User4es is worth a silver medal. If the pattern continues, it'll be either 25 or ~50 that's worth a
Just updated my profile and now I'm at 21/15 scoring but I'm still "Green" rank. Obviously, my
previous guess at the rank threshold is wrong, or maybe the rank calculation is just slow. Next
theory: you have to make an edit to the wiki to hit "Novice."Let's see if THAT works...


[null,p,null,c]                                                                 2010-09-29

[null,a,null,null], [null,p,null,null], [null,m,null,null],                     2010-09-29

[I,null,null,null]                                                              2010-09-29

[I,m,l,null]                                                                    2010-09-29

[null,a,null,null], [null,m,null,null],                                         2010-09-29
[I,m,null,null]                                                                 2010-09-29

[null,p,null,null]                                                              2010-09-29

[null,m,null,null]                                                              2010-09-29

[e,null,g,c]                                                                    2010-09-29

[null,p,g,null]                                                                 2010-09-29

[null,a,l,null]                                                                 2010-09-29

[null,m,null,null]                                                              2010-09-29

[e,m,g,c]                                                                       2010-09-29

[e,null,g,c]                                                                    2010-09-29

[e,null,l,c]                                                                    2010-09-29



       Feasibility Document

       Well that's 3 at least

       All about the articles

       What does this actually mean?

       Looks good

       Alright well I have 3

       Serebro Requirements

       Good for now

       Randomly got Novice now

       Fair enough



       Ok, so that's clearly not it


                  184 gamble

                  185 gamble

                  191 User5

                  192 User5
                  193 User5

                  197 User5
                  198 User4

                  199 User5

                  201 User4

                  203 User5

                  204 User4

                  216 User4

                  310 User6

                  325 User4

                  332 User6

                  333 User4
                  334 User4


As I explained in class, role scoring is based on weighted activities according to your role across all
aspects of SEREBRO. In this case, it is based on posting (both brainstorms and agree/disagree
nodes) and wiki activity. It has nothing to do with reputation (this comes later), the number of
medals (remember I said they were inconsequential), or the number of reputation posts you score
(that is a separate accounting). Badges are purely based on posts, BTW. Everyone should be
posting AND working on the wiki to achieve the role score. Likely you are not far away.

I'm just now getting to the posts. Basically, it is what you expect the user to provide (information
wise) to store in or to operate the software (input) and what you expect the software to store,
provide access to, and present to the user (output). The 'alpha event' would loosely be considered
an information objective in the Iron Man HUD as well as what was in the expansion of the
information 'circle' that the guy with the striped gloves talked about.
I included the expert gardeners as our third customer in the wiki page and gave my interpretation of
why they'd be there. If you have anything to add, please do so.
The initial draft of the feasibility document is finished and uploaded on the wiki. We can make
changes and such after class tomorrow before submitting the final version
I have noticed that.
The website overall is fast enough - each individual page loads in about two seconds when called -
but someUser4es you make a new post and it "updates" the site and shows an old version of the
thread from like an hour ago with posts missing. And oddly the reputation counter will update
globally in the User4e it takes to reload the page, but anything else in the profile might take several
minutes to update... I dunno.
DISCLAIMER: I have no objection to using Serebro to facilitate the teamwork for the challenges.
Nor do I have an objection to using this class as a test bed for the software.I really feel that the
Serebro requirements are an unfair portion of our grade. I understand Dr. Gamble wants to use the
class as a test-bed for the software, but basing part of my grade on an arbitrary* system inside the
software seems wrong to me, regardless on how small that portion of the grade is. Maybe I work
better offline, working on paper, and upload all of my changes at once. There's no caveat for that in
the grading system. I feel like I should bring this up in the general forum, but I figured I'd bounce the
idea off you guys first.*I say arbitrary because the exact requirements are hidden from the users.
There's likely a distinct formula weighting each action and when the score reaches a certain Level,
your rank updates. I understand that has to be the case to not have to crawl through every post and
make sure it's legiUser4ate.

But even more so, I feel I should point out that there's no way that this system could go unexploited
for very long. Even with all the medals, badges, and ranks concealed, everyone knows that the
best way to do things is agree to everything, give thumbs-ups, and rate every post at five stars in
the interest of the group as a whole. And, even though everything IS concealed, in many cases it's
not difficult to determine the criteria, and then people just share the information and everyone builds
ranks.There is no neutral middle ground in which people will play by the rules of the system: either
everyone realizes that playing the system for points is a good plan for everyone, or two people
decide they hate each other and they both fail. I have no ideas to improve this dilemma,
unfortunately, it just is what it is.Also, did anyone else notice that even though you can't rank your
own posts, you CAN thumbs-up yourself?
Your reputation has to have something to do with it. I posted my Serebro rant and went to get foods,
still 'green'. I came back, had 4 more rep points and had made novice. The threshold is somewhere
between 81 and 85?
You had also just added a new post, and you've already made a handful of wiki edits. It's possible
that the rank system just look a few minutes to realize that you'd hit the next Level after the last
Was there any kind of dress code for the presenters? I don't remember...

The rubric says we can't use bullets on the documents so I guess we may have to break it up
I uploaded a new draft of the presentation as an attachment on the wiki. Unless anyone has last-
minute corrections, this is the version I'll present in class.
Since they are still there as of 9 pm I will switch the bullets to numbered subsections.

I'd say just convert each bullet item into its own paragraph.
I just looked at it, and it looks great.


ignore                                                                          2010-09-29

ignore                                                                          2010-09-29

[I,a,null,null], [I,m,null,null]                                                2010-09-29

[null,null,null,s]                                                              2010-09-29
[null,m,null,null], [null,a,null,null], [null,p,null,null]                      2010-09-29

[null,m,null,null]                                                              2010-09-29
[I,null,null,c]                                                                 2010-09-29

[I,null,g,d]                                                                    2010-09-29

[I,null,g,d]                                                                    2010-09-29

[I,null,l,null]                                                                 2010-09-29

[I,m,l,null]                                                                    2010-09-29

[null,m,l,null]                                                                 2010-09-29

[e,m,null,null]                                                                 2010-09-30

[null,a,null,null]                                                              2010-09-30

[null,a,null,null]                                                              2010-09-30

[I,p,null,null]                                                                 2010-09-30
[null,m,null,s]                                                                 2010-09-30


       Role Scoring

       Information Objectives

       Expert Gardeners

       Feasibility Document

       Slow interface is slow
       Mostly it's the updating

       Serebro Requirements

       Totally agree


       Well... maybe

       Dress code


       New draft

       Alright well I guess I'll remove the
       bullets myself then
       That's the same thing
       Actually, nevermind


                  338 User6

                  340 User5


I could see how they could be considered the same, so in the interest of not losing points I changed
them to paragraphs. Honestly the headlines are unnecessary as it's pretty obvious which
feature/customer/etc. we're talking about in each paragraph.

I followed the template Gamble posted in the wiki by simply replacing her headings with mine.
Assuming the template was what she wanted, I don't see a problem, but I don't really care one way
or the other.


[null,m,null,null], [null, a, null,null]                                        2010-09-30

[null,a,null,c], [null,m,null,c]                                                2010-10-01


       I kind of agree



                       Platinum Team_c1
     Post ID           User
                   35 User8

                   36 User8

                   37 User7

                   38 User7

                   39 User7

                   40 User8

                   41 User8

                   42 User8

                   43 User8

                   45 gamble
                   46 gamble

                   47 User10

                   48 User10

                   49 User10

                   57 User8

                   58 User8

                   59 User8



One of the first things we do should be do throw out some features we think this should have and
what customer requirements they would fulfill.

Feature ideas from the meeting:Individual profilesPlant tracking (when to plant, harvest,
etc.)ForumsE-mail alertsLink to reUser8ant articles based on the user's plants/locationAnother one
I just thought of:Historical weather data (how hot/cold the growing season has been in recent years
for that location)
So at the meeting we decided that Dustin was going to do the PowerPoint and the presentation, but
we never decided how/if we're going to split up the rest of the project. Does anyone want to work on
a specific part of the Feasibility Document or the Vision and Scope? Or do we want to just all work
on everything together? Either way, make sure to post in the forum whenever you find some new
info or add to the documents so that we can discuss it.
I added a rough outline for the Feasibility Document in the wiki. If anyone has any comments or
ideas, or if anyone adds to the document, please post about it here.
We could probably split things up most evenly if we each did a part of one of the documents. One
thing I'd be cool with doing is looking at some specific competitors and writing about them. As far as
vision and scope, we might need to get a few more ideas down before we can break it up.

Like I said over in the other thread, I'll be adding some info about competitors in the near future.

If any of you guys find stuff that seems unclear in the rubric, feel free to post about it in here.I had
no idea what "Information Objectives" were, so:"Information objectives - What customer-visible data
objects are produced as output from the software? What data objects are required for input?"

I added an information objective to Vision and Scope. I wasn't really sure what a vision and scope
element was supposed to look like, but what I put in was based pretty closely on the definition so it's
probably fine.

Looks like good features
Bascially, it is what you expect the user to provide (information wise) to store in or to operate the
software (input) and what you expect the software to store, provide access to, and present to the
user (output). The 'alpha event' would loosely be considered an information objective in the Iron
Man HUD as well as what was in the expansion of the information 'circle' that the guy with the
striped gloves talked about.
I wouldn't mind taking a couple of parts, but I'm going to be pretty busy until Wednesday, so I'm not
sure how much of the load you want to give me. I think this early on it won't be that big of an issue
I'll take a look at it during class User4e on Tuesday. I may just pick up whatever you guys haven't
done from that depending on how far we get.
I mentioned this the other day, but it may be worth thinking about: For common categories, get the
materials one would need to start a garden. Stuff like what size pots, what kind of soil, fertilizers,

We should figure out under which conditions we should email users. Right now I'm figuring on:-
Harvest- Weather Alerts (e.g. an approaching freeze would trigger a warning to cover plants)-
Optional periodic events, e.g. reminders to water plantsIf you all can think of anything else, feel free
to post here or update the wiki.
Ok, let's think about the specifics of some of out features. A few questions came up while I was
working on the wiki:-What information do we want to have in the profiles?-What features should the
plant tracking facility include, other than when to harvest?Feel free to post up any other questions
(or answers) or take a look at/edit the wiki page.
Go ahead the throw it into Vision and Scope!



[I,p,g,null]                                                                   2010-09-26

[null,null,null,s]                                                             2010-09-26

[I,null,g,null] I put g because it was mentioned that it was from a meeting    2010-09-26

[null,p,l,null], [null,p,g,null]                                               2010-09-26

[null,a,null,null], [null,m,null,null]                                         2010-09-26

[null,p,l,null], [null,p,g,null]                                               2010-09-26

[null,p,l,null]                                                                2010-09-26

[e,m,g,null]                                                                   2010-09-26

[e,a,null,null]                                                                2010-09-26


[null,p,l,s]                                                                   2010-09-27

[null,p,l,null]                                                                2010-09-27

[I,null,null,null]                                                             2010-09-27

[I,m,null,null]                                                                2010-09-28

[I,m,null,null]                                                                2010-09-28

[null,a,l,null]                                                                2010-09-28



       Let's figure out a list of critical
       functions for the product
       I'll throw some features we
       discussed up on the wiki
       From the meeting

       Individual Roles

       Feasibility Document

       Sharing the load

       Adding competitors

       Figured out what information
       objectives are!

       Post about changes to Vision and
       Scope in here!

       Moving forward
       More on information objectives

       Willing to help

       Will look into it

       Planting materials

       E-mail Alerts

       Narrowing down some features

       Good Idea!


                   60 User8

                  101 User9

                  114 User10
                  115 User10

                  116 User10

                  118 User9

                  122 User9

                  129 User10

                  130 User10

                  133 User8

                  137 User8


I put a write-up about Gardenology.org under competition, hopefully I'll have another one about
Garden.org up this afternoon/evening.Also, though the structure of Gardenology would really lend
itself to indexing, the information there is mostly from an early 20th century Horticultural
encyclopedia. So, we could totally index and recommend articles, but they wouldn't be very good.

I might have missed the boat somewhere, but what is the assumed business model that we're
operating on? The options I can think of are:* pro bono - noblest of all, but probably not feasible*
the user pays a fee to get access to our site or service or information or whatever. this might solve
the problem of where to get the information in the first place if we can assume a stream of income
that can be invested in employing content experts (which we might need anyways). Generally,
though, I think this is a pretty dumb business model in this day and age (partly because if I were
starting a garden, I wouldn't pay $5 a month or whatever for some internet service when I could go
to the library and borrow 'Gardening for Dummies.' Actually, I'd probably just hang out with my
grandfather for a summer or two and learn how to garden from him.. Now that I'm thinking about it,
if we did have a forum or whatever where the novice and the experienced gardeners intermingle
and an expert gives one schedule for planting and it differs significantly from the prescribed
schedule, wouldn't it make sense that the user can modify the schedule?).back to business
models:* free to user, revenue from advertisements or whatever fb, google, and their ilk do. The
idea here isn't so much centered on advertisements, but on cultivating (hey look! a pun!) a strong
community because interacting with real people is going to be more broadly edifying than listening
to a piece of dead software. Also, as many websites have shown, it's not hard (or at least not
impossible) to get together a community which builds up your information source for you - for free
(though you're going to need an initial body of information to build on and maybe other incentives).

We should also give the user to control what information they receive e-mails on as well
I went ahead and updated the 'What to express' section on the Vision and Scope document to
cover a lot of what we talked about. Make changes where you see appropriate.
I'd say free to users, almost like an online community style thing with advertisements. The only
thing is, there are quite a bit of people who use ad blocking software. If we made a mobile
application of some type, I'd say make money off of that too.
Somehow it seems like a mobile phone would be a better vector for notifications than email would.
For example, I just blacklisted serebrain because all those 1-way emails annoy the crap out of me.
Then again, being inundated with text messages would probably have the same effect..And I
wouldn't worry about adblock. It's not like our target user is competent with computers (or
gardening, for that matter).
It might be helpful if we included how to go about planting various crops somewhere on the site or
whatever.Another thought I had was concerned crop rotation etc - what if you had some sort of
visualization thing where you had a top-down view of your garden and you could experiment with
various crop arrangements and get some kind of feedback on how good each arrangement is?

Remember that we talked about doing this for people that aren't necessarily garden savvy. Are we
extending this project past that? If so, I think the crop rotation would be a great addition, but I
thought we were keeping it simple.
[quote]And I wouldn't worry about adblock. It's not like our target user is competent with computers
(or gardening, for that matter). [/quote]Haha, that's true...
Aside from difficulty in implementation (which I don't care much about, I think it would be cool),
would something on the scale of a garden benefit from crop rotation?Not really a 'disagree', but
SEREBRO doesn't have any 'I legiUser4ately don't know this' nodes and you can't respond to
You're right, nobody pays for web services anymore.I'd say you also have a pretty good idea with
getting users invested in and creating content for the site. There is at least one fairly large
gardening forum, http://www.helpfulgardener.com/phpBB2/, with a super-active community.From
looking at Gardenology, you can tell that trying to do something like a gardening wiki is a pretty risky
idea. They did a lot of things right and got zilch. Since we're already implementing a lot of
personalized, profile-based features, our site would really lend itself to social elements as long as
we kept things simple.It's probably too much complexity in the interface that kept Gardenology from
getting of the ground.


[I,a,null,null]                                                                                  2010-09-28

[I,null,null,null], [I,null,null,null] He appears to be rambling about two different concepts.   2010-09-28

[I,null,null,null],                                                                              2010-09-28
[null,a,null,null], [null,m,null,null]                                                           2010-09-28

[I,null,null,null]                                                                               2010-09-28

[I,null,l,d]                                                                                     2010-09-28

[I,null,null,null], [I,null,null,null] two different concepts.                                   2010-09-28

[I,m,g,s]                                                                                        2010-09-29

[e,null,l,s] the L is for the 'quote'                                                            2010-09-29

[e,null,null,c]                                                                                  2010-09-29

[I,m,l,s], [I,null,null,null]                                                                    2010-09-29


       Post about Vision and Scope in

       business model

       What to express Updated




       Too Complex?



       I would say free is the way to go


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                 152 User10

                 153 gamble
                 155 User7

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                 183 User8
                 186 User10

                 187 gamble

                 188 User10

                 206 User7
                 207 User8
                 209 User8

                 210 User7

                 211 User10

                 212 User8

                 213 User7

                 215 gamble
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                 257 User8

                 259 User10


As long as it's easy to control the number of emails you get from us and the default isn't excessive, I
think people would pay attention to them.
If we can get all the documents done by about 10:00 PM tonight, that would be helpful so I can get
the presentation done.
I'm pretty sure the "What to express" section is not actually part of our challenge. It's just
instructions for the different parts of the document we need to make copied from the challenge
Oh? Cause I went ahead and did it for the feasibility document as well. I can filter those into the
different sections I guess.
Yes, it is just the note that the directions are to follow.
With regards to less tech-savvy users, I bet that there are a lot more people who use e-mail
regularly than use text messages. Regardless, we can always offer both; we just need to make sure
to include clear, simple options to control when you're notified and through what means.

Does the 'schedule' entry in the wiki look ok for an information objective?It needs a little cleaning
up, since it still has some question marks in it, but how is the basic format and info?
Unless anyone else feels like they have a really clear idea of information objectives, I'll volunteer to
do those and competitors.I have an essay to finish, but hopefully around ~7:30 I'll be able to get
some more work done on these. Dustin, I'll get some outlines made up first so you'll have
something to put into the presentation.Right now, the information objectives I have in mind are:-
Schedule for harvesting, watering, other care (based on what's already on there)- Materials needed
for starting a garden- Weather alerts- Possibly a profile displaying elements including: + Personal
information the user chooses to display + Past crop yields + What they're currently growingThe
profile could also include the user's ranking among members in categories like biggest crop, most
types of plants, etc. What do you all think of that? Of course, the user would be able to hide any
information they didn't want shown.I'm /pretty/ sure the profile counts as an information objective,
even though we're not processing the data.

I'll go ahead and put that into Information Objectives as well.
I like the user profile idea. Ranks are bit of a touchy subject among forums. In some cases they
work, in some they don't. It would probably work better like medals.
If you claimed that the system would use the some of the profile data for suggesting materials for
starting a garden, then it would solidly be an information objective. Just a suggestion.
Given if I understand it correctly, I'll to the Value Added in the Vision and Scope. I already did the
Problem Scope earlier today.
I'll expand more on the problem statement and the product qualities and offerings.
So what all is left for Ellery?
I don't know if you realized this, but I just noticed that to get full points on the assignment we're not
supposed to be using bullet points. Just figured I'd pass it along.
We still need to do the customers section of the feasibility document and some general cleaning up
and polishing to make parts of the documents a little clearer and more in depth.
That could be a little problematic. I can start writing out sentences of stuff and I'll save as I go so if
someone wants to help, they can.
I'm in the process of removing all the bullet points from the work I've done so far in competition and
information objectives. When I've got all my stuff done I'll start looking around for any points that
may be left.
Yeah, that's what I've been a little worried about. It seems weird to say that we can't use bullet
points at all when some parts of the document would be a lot more readable with bullets. Either
way, I think bulleted stuff is fine for now to get the presentation together, and we can always change
it tomorrow if necessary.
You can use them in the presentation
I just wrote up the customer section.novice gardeners,experienced gardeners,advertisersanyone
else?justifying our value to the experienced gardener is going to be kind of a sell.

If you leave a window open with the wiki editor for an extended period of User4e then submit your
changes, it will overwrite any changes made in the interim with the old version. Would it be cool if
the wiki was smarter about that? Yes.
Or I thought it was brought up in class on the first day. That works for me.


[I,null,null,null]                                                                                     2010-09-29

[null,p,g,null]                                                                                        2010-09-29

[I,null,g,null]                                                                                        2010-09-29

[null,a,null,null]                                                                                     2010-09-29

ignore                                                                                                 2010-09-29
[I,null,null,null]                                                                                     2010-09-29

[null,m,null,null]                                                                                     2010-09-29

[null,p,l,null], [I,m,null,null]                                                                       2010-09-29

[null,p,null,null] .                                                                                   2010-09-29
[I,m,null,s]                                                                                           2010-09-29

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                     2010-09-29

[null,a,null,null]                                                                                     2010-09-29

[null,p,null,null]                                                                                     2010-09-29
[null,m,l,null]                                                                                        2010-09-29
[e,m,g,null] I put a 'g' because of the 'full points' where the group is the target of that            2010-09-29

[null,p,g,null]                                                                                        2010-09-29

[null,p,null,c], [null,m,null,c] The c stays because it is the same concept. I hope I've been consistent 2010-09-29
with that.
[null,a,null,null], [null,p,null,null]                                                                   2010-09-29

[I,m,g,c]                                                                                              2010-09-29

ignore                                                                                                 2010-09-29
[null,a,null,null], [null,m,null,null], [I,m,null,null]                                                2010-09-29

[e,null,null,d]                                                                                        2010-09-29

[e,m,l,s]                                                                                              2010-09-29


       We just need to keep it under
       Complete Documents



       What to express

       How is what we have so far?

       I'll do competitors and Information

       Okay then
       User Profile

       Profile data

       Value Added

       Problem Statement


       Nice Catch

       I'm working on it



       Type up your wiki edits in an
       external editor and paste them in

       I thought we mentioned this


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                  314 User10
                  315 User8


I think I alluded to this somewhere else, but should it be possible for the user to modify their
schedule?ie. the computer gives sort of a suggestion schedule, which for whatever reason may not
be entirely appropriate (unless perfection is one of our design requirements), but other users can
maybe see the schedule and/or suggest modifications which the user can then make.Another case
is where the software gives a broad schedule and the user narrows it down to a more specific
User4eline of exactly when they want to do this or that.
I assumed the wiki was smarter. Wow.
I'll update information objectives
I grabbed it out of the history. The diff features made it really easy.
I think competition is done as far as the presentation is concerned. Since the wiki documents aren't
due till tomorrow, I'll just expand on my bullets then.
I probably won't have the presentation completely done until tomorrow where I have dead User4e
between my 8:00 and 11:00 class, but I'll put up what I get done so you guys can look at the
formatting and slide layout to make any comments or change suggestions you may have.

Maybe they could appreciate our community-based features? Turns out Garden.org has over 10k
facebook fans.
Check out what I put in the Vision and Scope, but I basically said that experienced gardeners could
help make sure the information for the service is accurate and that the personal tracking tools work
the way they should. That's the way I saw it.

I've got everything into Information Objectives that's going into it tonight. Tomorrow I'll review it, and
if possible add some bullets describing the profile feature. If I understand correctly, profiles are only
an information feature if we perform some kind of processing on the user's inputs, so it isn't strictly
necessary to have it in that section.
I posted the Value Added earlier. Just thought I'd note it here.
My idea is that experienced gardeners might want to use the plant scheduling to help them stay
organized when growing many different types of plants. They could also take advantage of the
weather alerts to know when bad weather is coming.
I think every one will be able to utilize the tool, but novices are the primary focus. Depending on
how well the tools are done, experts might utilize it more than novices.
I've gone ahead and attached the presentation to to the Presentation Wiki. The Feasibility
document is in there along with the theme/layout I've chosen. I'll add the rest of the Vision and
Scope in the morning and go over it with Elery someUser4e before class. Let me know what you
guys think and suggest changes if you have any in mind.
Since when was I the presenter?It's fine, but I have class from 9:30 till crunch User4e, and I've only
seen the presentation just now
You said you could do it at the first meeting. I can do it if you need me too (since I wrote it).P.S.
please change your profile pic. It's confusing me.
I did the Problem Statement and Making a Difference sections last night. I'll flesh out the product
qualities and offerings later today. Any comments/ideas?
Looks good to me. About what I put up there before. I updated the presentation accordingly.
Under 2.2 Buying guides, is historical weather data really a depending on buying things? I thought
that was already addressed in scheduling.
It seems that a lot of the user requirements are the same throughout each of the objectives. It
would make sense to group all those requirements into it's own subsection. I'm going to do it that
way for the presentation right now, but it makes the most sense to not duplicate data.
I was thinking you might need to buy supplies in advance to be prepared for an early frost, etc, but
you're right. I'll take that out.EDIT: Oops, I meant to agree.
In the rubric, she does make a pretty big deal about specifying user inputs for each objective. It's
probably fine to group them in the presentation and mention objectives that use them though.

I would thing that zone information would actually provide that data. There seems to be a blurry line
between zone data and weather data.
Yeah, I agree, that was my bad. Like I said, I meant to agree in that other node.
It just seems overly redundant, but if it's part of the specification, then I guess I can't do anything
about it
I know, double negative equals positive though, so yea...
If we aren't, I'll take out the stuff that mentions it in my write-ups.


[I,null,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-29

[I,null,null,d]                                                                                               2010-09-29
[null,p,l, null]                                                                                              2010-09-29
[null,a,null,s]                                                                                               2010-09-29
[null,m,null,null], [null,p,l,null]                                                                           2010-09-29

[null,p,l,null]                                                                                               2010-09-29

[e,null,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-29

[I,a,null,null], [I,m,null,null]                                                                              2010-09-29

[null,a,null,null], [null,p,l,null]                                                                           2010-09-30

[null,a,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-30
[I,null,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-30

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-30

[null,a,null,null], [null,p,l,null], [null,m,null,null]                                                       2010-09-30

[I,p,l,s]                                                                                                     2010-09-30

[e,p,l,null] [null,m,l,c]                                                                                     2010-09-30

[null,a,null,null], [null,p,l,null], [null,m,null,null]                                                       2010-09-30

[null,a,null,s]                                                                                               2010-09-30
[I,m,null,null]                                                                                               2010-09-30

[I,m,null,null], [I,p,l,null] Now I'm wondering if I'm being consistent with the g/L. In the cheat sheet, I   2010-09-30
have that it is allowed for planning.

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-30

[I,m,null,null]                                                                                               2010-09-30

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                            2010-09-30

mis post                                                                                                      2010-09-30
[I,m,l,c]                                                                                                     2010-09-30

? Comment to the mispost?                                                                                     2010-09-30
[null,p,l,null]                                                                                               2010-09-30


       user editable schedule

       did I kill your stuff?
       Sounds Good
       It's all good
       Competition is done


       Experienced Gardeners


       Information Objectives is done

       ... Done
       Experienced gardeners like
       organization, too

       Useful Tool

       Initial Thoughts


       Decided at first meeting

       Problem Statement

       Presentation Updated
       Aggregated/Scraped Data

       Information Objectives Reworking

       I guess you really only need
       It's a little repetitive, but...

       Agree to Disagree

       Yep, you are correct
       Doesn't make sense, but OK

       Do we want to recommend articles
       based on users' plants?


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                 329    User8
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                 331    User7
                 337    User7
                 339    User7


That works, I don't need to change anything.

I thought one of the primary objectives was to give user content based on their profile, which would
include their garden.
It isn't mentioned under "Product Features", so I thought I'd missed the boat on something.

I see what you mean. I can squeeze it in there. It might not have been in the feasibility document
when I wrote that slide.
The Weather Alerts objective does not need the User4e of year.
How does this affect the presentation? As far as I'm concerned, a user's going to input a set of
data, and with that set, you can get these different objectives. That's how I'm looking at it from a
presentation standpoint. I would agree to the change in the document though.
That part isn't in the copy of the presentation I have, so I just figured I'd let you know in case it made
a difference.
I figured it fell under "personalized content" in the product qualities. I'll expand it more later today.

I uploaded the new one. It's final in terms of content.
Remember that we aren't done and need to finish writing up the documentation (no bullets and
such). I've already uploaded the latest version of the presentation, so if you need to pull stuff from
there, feel free. I'll be working on it on and off throughout the rest of the day.
I've been writing things offline, I'll put it all in one upload tonight.
OK, just wanted to make sure everyone didn't forget.
I'll get the product qualities done later tonight.
I've finished the product qualities, so the feasibility document looks complete.
I noticed that the major functions section still had bulleting, so I fixed that. It looks like everything's
finished. If you have any additions or changes to make, you better do them soon.Also make sure to
turn in the team evaluations that Gamble e-mailed us.


[null,m,l,s]                                                                                      2010-09-30

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                2010-09-30

[I,m,null,c]                                                                                      2010-09-30

[null,p,l,s]                                                                                      2010-09-30

[I,null,null,null]                                                                                2010-09-30
[I,m,null,null]                                                                                   2010-09-30

[null,m,l,d]                                                                                      2010-09-30

[I,m,null,null], [I,p,l,null]                                                                     2010-09-30

[null,a,null,null], [null,m,null,null]                                                            2010-09-30
[null,m,null,null], [null,a,null,null] (they are kind of mixed together so I didn't color code)   2010-09-30

[null,a,null,null], [null,p,l,null]                                                               2010-09-30
[null,p,g,null]                                                                                   2010-09-30
[null,p,l,null]                                                                                   2010-09-30
[null,a,null,null], [null,m,null,null]                                                            2010-09-30
[null,m,null,null], [null,a,null,null] [null,p,g,null]                                            2010-09-30


       Wait, I guess we're recommending
       guides and howtos

       Kinda the point

       Well then we should probably put it
       in the presentation
       Ah ha


       Just making sure


       Just Uploaded
       Due tonight!

       I'm on it
       Don't Forget
       Will finish tonight
       Feasibility Document finished.
       Major functions done


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