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					MINUTES FROM THE February 13th, 2007 REGULAR BOARD MEETING The meeting of the Mille Lacs Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) was held in the Mille Lacs SWCD office, Milaca, Minnesota. Members Present: Chair, Kurt Beckstrom Treasurer, Gene Gerth Secretary, Marcella Hoefert Member, Barb Eller Members Absent: Vice Chair, Ray Schultz Visitors: Roger Tellinghuisen, Commissioner Liaison Bob Hoefert - citizen East Central Minnesota Organic Residuals Consolidation Study presentation by: Eric Larson, Shelley Larson and Steven Hasty of Septic Check, Inc Meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by Chair Beckstrom APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion/Second Gerth/Hoefert to approve the agenda. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none

Staff Present: District Manager/CAI, Susan Shaw Conservation Technician/Asst. CAI, Lynn Carter NRCS District Conservationist, Shannon Bengtson

Motion carried.

PRESENTATION ON EAST CENTRAL MINNESOTA ORGANIC RESIDUALS CONSOLIDATION STUDY A presentation was given to the Board on the East Central Organic Residuals Consolidation Study. The purpose of the study will be to gather data on types, volumes, locations, and current disposal methods of organic residuals in East Central Minnesota. The study will identify the volume of waste that exceeds the limits of available disposal methods and research options for economical consolidation, handling, and reuse. Priority will be given to solutions that turn “waste disposal” into “resource recovery and reuse.” Eric Larson, Shelley Larson and Steven Hasty of Septic Check, Inc. are asking for SWCD Board support for their feasibility study in order to apply for a grant through the Initiative Foundation. They would like the board to partner in applying for the grant though there would be no monetary contribution required. Onanagozie RC&D will be the fiscal agent of the grant project. Septic Check Inc. may ask for a letter of support in the future if the Board agrees to support the project. Board members discussed the presentation and all agreed that it was a project that would benefit the public.

Motion/Second Gerth/Eller to offer what ever support the Board can toward the East Central Organic Residuals Consolidation Study. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried. APPROVAL OF THE January 9th, 2007 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES: Motion/Second Hoefert/Eller to approve minutes of January 9th, 2007 regular meeting. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried FINANCIAL: TREASURER'S REPORT AND APPROVE BILLS: Susan Shaw reported that the NRBG Block Grant money for 2007 was here already and we have received the final payment from the DNR Shoreland Grant. Motion/Second Hoefert/Gerth to approve treasurer’s report for January and file for audit. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried Motion/Second Hoefert/Eller to approve payment of checks #4133 - 4167 written and electronic payments. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried Motion/Second Hoefert/Eller to approve payment of employee expenses for Susan Shaw in the amount of $7.17; and Lynn Carter in the amount of $31.50 Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried Motion/Second Hoefert/Eller to approve payment of $165.00 for NACD Web Services. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried The District currently has two credit cards under the Mille Lacs SWCD. Susan Shaw is the signer on one card and Barb Zeroth has been removed as a signer on the other card. The District credit cards are used for reserving hotel rooms for conferences and the purchase of approved District supplies. Credit limit for the account is $1000.00. Lynn Carter needs to be approved as a signer to use a District credit card. Motion/Second Hoefert/Eller to approve Lynn Carter to use and sign for a District credit card with the $1,000 account limit. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert. Eller Opposed none Motion carried PUBLIC FORUM: The Public Forum was opened at 6:20pm. Shannon Bengston spoke. She is the president of the Soil and Water Conservation Society and there will be an up coming meeting on March 2nd in Morris. The topic will be renewable energy sources such as using CRP grasses for energy. Chair Beckstrom closed the Public Forum at 6:25 pm. PROGRAM ACTIVITIES AND STATUS: SWCD Cost Share City of Milaca has submitted an application for cost share for Riverview Park streambank protection – NRCS WHIP funds may partner project. Approximately 100 linear feet of eroded riverbank will be stabilized using rip rap with a geotextile underlay. Approximately 2500 sq ft of buffer will be planted in native grass, forbes and shrubs. Native shrubs, grass and forbes will also be planted into and above the rock rip rap along the shore line. Cost Share funds for this project will be encumbered as follows: $1358.75 from FY06 and $2975.36 from FY07.

Motion/Second Gerth/Hoefert to approve state cost share funds for Riverview Park streambank protection for City of Milaca (FY07-8) not to exceed $4,334.11 or 75% of the total eligible cost, whichever is less. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried AgBMP Loan Program Toth Farms submitted three Ag BMP loan applications for conservation tillage equipment. One application was for a disc ripper that will be used to address soil compaction and increase surface water infiltration. The other applications were for a GPS yield monitor and a GPS guidance system. The yield monitor will be used in conjunction with the nutrient management plan through NRCS to adjust nutrient needs within fields based on yields. The Guidance system will be used during chemical spray applications to prevent over application of chemical and protect groundwater. Susan Shaw contacted Dwight Wilcox with MDA to verify that these applications fall within accepted conservation equipment parameters for AgBMP fund uses. The Board discussed the limit to cost effectiveness of such technology in Mille Lacs County but agreed that the equipment could be used to protect water quality and wanted to support the effort to do so. The board wondered if the landowner would be willing to provide some type of tour or use this as a demonstration project to test the technology in Mille Lacs County. Motion/Second Eller/Gerth to approve three AgBMP loan applications from Toth Farms for a disc ripper ($8,000), a GPS Guidance System ($3,000) and a Yield Monitor with GPS ($6,000) for a total amount of $17,000 and send on to Mora. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried Tree Program Motion/Second Hoefert/Gerth to approve use of petty cash account with a starting balance of $20.00 Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried Snake River Watershed Member-at-large report was received from Ross Habeck stating that involvement with the Snake River Watershed is a very worthwhile activity. 2007 Annual Plan of Work The Board reviewed the annual plan of work. Kurt Beckstrom commented that he thought it would be worthwhile for staff to look into involvement in the NPDES program with PCA. Kurt also asked staff to work on a power point presentation on District activities that could be used with interested groups. Motion/Second Gerth/Hoefert to approve 2007 Annual Plan of Work Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan update The plan went to full BWSR Board who approved plan and complimented the presentation and work that was done. Next it will be brought before the County Board for formal adoption on Feb, 20th. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: East Central Ag Expo was canceled. IMPORTANT CORRESPONDENCE: MASWCD Legislative Day at the Capitol is on Feb, 26th – 27th, 2007 Motion/Second Gerth/Hoefert to send Kurt Beckstom to MASWCD Legislative Day at the Capitol on Feb. 26th – 27th, 2007 Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller Opposed: none Motion carried

Wetland Enforcement Flight Detection/Enforcement Questionnaire Susan Shaw & Kurt Beckstrom have filled out a questionnaire from DNR regarding the outcome of the 2006 DNR wetland flights. Kurt expressed that he is not opposed to flyovers but it should be noted that it does significantly increase the work load for local government units. Susan Shaw noted that she had requested no flyovers in 2007 because we are still working on 2006 violations. Barb Eller noted that we need more public education on what constitutes a wetland. 17th Annual Energy Design Conference and Expo is Feb. 26th -27th at the DECC in Duluth, MN Office of the Legislative Auditor – Watershed Management evaluation report Report came to the conclusion that BWSR may not have enough over site or authority to effectively administer its money and projects.

NEW BUSINESS: A performance evaluation survey was received for BWSR Board Conservationist, Jason Weinerman. Staff gave Jason a positive review. The Board commented that they would be interested in seeing Jason visit another board meeting, possibly in March if we can arrange a tour of the Mille Lacs Waste Water Treatment Plant. The District will participate in the Princeton Business Expo – March 24th and offer the free Nitrate well water testing clinic again. SWCD will share a large space with Zoning/Env. Services. STAFF REPORTS: Susan Shaw, Lynn Carter and Shannon Bengtson reviewed highlights on written staff reports. BOARD COMMITTEE REPORTS
a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) RC&D - Beckstrom – no meeting Impack 6/SRF JPB– Schultz – Water plan meeting Water Plan – Schultz – no report Snake River CAC – Schultz – no report Projects - Beckstrom, Schultz – no report Mille Lacs Watershed & GKWMLL– Eller, Hoefert – Lynn Carter will attend next meeting Forestry – Schultz – no report Audit – Hoefert, Eller: reconciliation was accepted Financial - Beckstrom, Gerth – no report Personnel - Eller, Gerth – no report IRVM – Gerth (Alt. - R.S. & K.B.) – no report Weed Appeals – Gerth (Alt. - R.S. & K.B.) – no report Public Relations Officer – Beckstrom – no report Legislative Affairs Representative –Beckstrom – no report

a) b) c) d) Mille Lacs Lake Watershed Meeting: Snake River Watershed CAC & Bd meetings: Water Management Plan Advisory Committee Next Regular SWCD Board Meeting: Mon, Feb. 26th, 1pm, Onamia Depot Monday, Feb. 26th, 8am, Mora Wed., May 2nd 8:30am SWCD Office possibly March 21st, after GWKMLL tour at 1pm-3pm

NEXT MEETING: Next Regular SWCD Board Meeting is currently scheduled for March 13th but will need to be rescheduled due to conflict with the annual Township meeting. Staff are making arrangements to possibly hold the

meeting in the north part of the County which might make be of interest to citizens from that part of the county. The meeting may be held to coincide with a tour of the Mille Lacs Waste Water Treatment Plant. The meeting date will be posted when determined. ADJOURNMENT: Motion/Second Gerth/Hoefert to adjourn. Affirmative: Gerth, Hoefert, Eller, Opposed: none The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm . Respectfully submitted,

Motion carried

_____________________________________________ Marcella Hoefert Date Mille Lacs SWCD Secretary