Top Ten List of Interesting Things to Know About Me by juanagao


									                             Top Ten Things to Know About Me
      Directions: Take a few minutes and answer the following questions about yourself. Record your
      responses in the column titled ‘My Answers.” Next, talk with others in the room and see if you can
      find individuals who recorded the same responses as you. As you find matches, have the person sign
      their name in the corresponding box under the column titled “Matching Responses.” Try to find ten
      different people—a different person for each of the ten questions.

          Question                         My Answers                     Matching Responses
10. If you could be any
    animal, what would you
9. What is your favorite food
    to cook?
8. How long have you been
   in 4-H?

7. In what 4-H project or
   activity have you had the
   most experience?
6. What musical
   instrument(s) do you play?

5. In what sport(s) do you

4. What foreign country(ies)
   have you visited?

3. In what ways are you
   involved in your home

2. What are your plans once
   you finish high school?

1. How do you spend you free

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