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					Florida Adventurers
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             Family Reunion
I heard a loud voice speaking from the throne; “Now God’s home is with
mankind! He will live with them, and He will be their God.
                                 Rev. 21:3
   A DV E N T UR E R

FALL 2010

Dear Adventurer Directors, Staff and Families

The words – work and service – quite often make us have unpleasant thoughts and dread, but when
they are attached to working and serving in the Adventurer Ministries – WOW – they take on a
whole new meaning. How exciting that we get to work and serve our Lord in such a fun way. Thank
you for all you do to make the Adventurer Ministry so much fun as God’s kids and we adults become
closer and closer to Jesus. What a “work and service” we get to do!

This year we will have two Fun Days – one in the southern end of Florida on November 14, 2010 at
Phyl’s Academy and the other in the north/central area of Florida at Camp Down on March 6, 2011.
The theme for these Fun Days is “God’s International Family”. The following patches will be offered
at both Fun Days - Awards – NAD - Olympics FL - Speeches of the World
Chips – NAD – God’s World FL – Little Music Maker (International music)
Stars - NAD Healthy Foods (International foods) FL – Travel

Each club will get the opportunity to choose a country and have an exhibit that showcases that
country by a craft, game, food tasting, etc. Each country can only be showcased by one club. Clubs
can register for the country of their choice on a first come basis starting on September 1 for
South Fun Day and starting December 15 for the North Fun Day. Clubs can attend either one or
both Fun Days.

Our “One Day Church” Mission project was very successful. Our Florida Adventurers raised funds to
build 3 One day Churches in areas that are in need of a place to worship.
We want to thank you all again for your “work and service” for the Adventurer Ministry program.
Because of you it continues to grow not only here in Florida, but the North American Division and all
over the world. Jesus is coming SOON and we want to help all of God’s kids and their families be
ready to meet Him in the air. God Bless you as you continue to serve Him.

Lisa and Brad Gary – Florida Adventurers

Contact information – 312-254-2098 home 321-242-8765 fax
321-626-9351 Lisa’s cell
321-537-8929 Brad’s cell
email –

T a b l e o f C o n te n ts
5…..Starting Next ADV Year / New Club      30…Induction
6…..Club Administration                    37…Adventurer Sabbath
7…..Club Uniform                           40…Investiture
8…..Adventurer Membership Application      42…Family Blessings
9…..Medical Consent Form                   43…Baptism Recognition Service
11…Basic Adventurer Meeting                45…New Adventurer Award, Chip
12…Fire Drills & Safety                        and Star Submission
13…Share Your Faith Project Suggestions    47…Can Collecting
                                           49…ADRA Annual Appeal
14-15…. Pathfinder Ministries Department   CONFERENCE PROGRAMS
                                           51…Fun Day/ Super Fun Day
FLORIDA LEVEL STUDY                        52…Red Zone
17…Little Lamb
18…Eager Beaver                            CONFERENCE-LEVEL AWARDS
19…Busy Bee                                54…Evangelism Award
20…Sunbeam                                 55…Good Conduct Ribbon
21…Builder                                 56…Adventurer of the Year
22…Helping Hand                            60…Parent Pin
23…Advanced Helping Hand                   61…Club of the Year
   (Higher Hand)
24…Adventurer Master Guide                 CONFERENCE ADMINISTRATION
27…Adventurer Leadership Growth            64…Rationale for Activities
               (ALG)                       66…Philosophy and Objectives
                                           68…Risk Management
                                           77… PAC Constitution
                                           79… Churches by Area
 Starting Next Adventurer Year / New Club

 Club Administration

 Adventurer Club Uniform

 Adventurer Membership Application

 Medical Consent Form

 Basic Adventurer Meeting

 Fire Drills & Safety

 Quarterly Reports   (See Director’s Packet)

 Share Your Faith Report     (See Director’s Packet)
           Starting Next ADV Year/New Club
1. Recruit old and new staff.
2. Have a few staff meetings to accomplish the following:
    PRAY, PRAY, and when you’re done, have more PRAYER!
    Review last year (the good and the bad) and set goals for the coming year.
    Survey your staff’s availability and limitations, and keep these in mind when planning out
      the Adventurer year. Do not bite off more than your staff can chew!
    Decide when, how often, and for how long the club should hold meetings.
    Plan the club calendar. Reference the following: Calendars for Conference events,
      Holidays, Church events, and School events; and the “Club of the Year” requirements.
      Make sure to include meetings, Induction, Adventurer Sabbath, Investiture, fundraisers,
      projects, Conference events, etc…
    Designate responsibilities and do any training where needed.
    Encourage all staff to attend LEADERSHIP CONVENTION.
3. Have a club registration event with the following:
    Snacks, drinks, and games for the kids.
    Give out packets with (at least) the following: Club Membership Application, Medical
      Consent Form, Club Rules, Club Staff List with phone numbers, requirements for
      Club/Conference awards.
    Have Staff fill out the “Volunteer Staff/Volunteer Service Form” and the “Volunteer Driver
      Form”, make copies of each for your records, and send the originals to the Conference
4. Register your Club with the Conference!

1. PRAY, PRAY, and when you’re done, have more PRAYER!
2. Someone expresses the desire to start a ADV Club to the Pastor.
3. Pastor presents idea to the church board for approval.
4. Club Director is selected by church board or nominating committee.
5. Leadership Manuals are purchased from the Conference Office, and are reviewed
    by Club Director and Pastor.
6. Club Director & Pastor recruit staff.
7. Conference representatives meet with the interested parties to help them organize.
8. The Director, Staff, and Pastor meet to organize the club’s philosophy and leadership
9. The club is officially announced to the church by the Pastor. Parents and other interested
    adults are invited to planning meetings.
    A. First meeting – What is Adventurers? How does it work?
    B. The next few meetings – See “Next Adventurer Year” #2 above.
10. Adventurer Club officially begins!
                     CLUB ADMINISTRATION
The Adventurer Club gives the adult members of the church an excellent opportunity to work with their children.

The Adventurer Club staff is responsible for planning the program of the club. The director is chairperson.
Suggestions are welcomed from all sources. For best results the staff includes the parents of Adventurers in
planning the club's program. It is realistic to think of the Adventurer year as paralleling the school year; however,
the calendar year January to December may also be used.

                                                    CLUB STAFF
DIRECTOR: The Adventurer Club director is responsible for leading out in providing a program for the club that
reaches the objectives successfully. The Adventurer Club director presides at the staff meetings. He/she keeps in
touch with the conference Adventurer director and sends in reports as required. He/she should be a person who
understands kids, works well with a staff, carries responsibility, possesses an eagerness to recognize new ideas,
and shows initiative in implementing those ideas. Above all, the director is a sincere Seventh-day Adventist
Christian whose life demonstrates what God can do. The Adventurer Club director is a member of the church

ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS: Associate directors accept assignments from the director and share in the leadership
responsibilities of the club. The associate directors keep records and compile regular reports for the conference.
They can assume the responsibilities of the finance officer, secretary, and chaplain. In larger clubs an associate
can be added to plan activities and nature projects, supervise crafts, and plan special events.

COUNSELORS: The Adventurer counselor is a key member of the staff. He/she is assigned to a unit of four to
eight members, a male counselor for boys, and a female counselor for girls. The counselor becomes acquainted
with each member and shares with the unit in the various activities. The counselor knows the parents and home
conditions of each unit member and talks to unit members about social, emotional, and spiritual needs. The
counselor is present at each club meeting and activity and plans unit events that the staff authorizes. The adult
counselor is responsible for the attendance of the unit membership and the Adventurer class curriculum
requirements completed by the Adventurer and parental support of the Adventurer member.

CURRICULUM & AWARD INSTRUCTORS: Instructors for Adventurer classes and awards can be drawn from the
church, but specialists in certain fields may be selected from the community to conduct courses. The instructor's
responsibility is to teach the class and reflect Seventh-day Adventist ideals.


The NAD Pathfinder and Adventurer Advisory Committees encourage all conferences to process a
Pathfinder/Adventurer Staff Volunteer Service Information Form for all regular Pathfinder/Adventurer staff in their

The purpose of this form is to provide the club director with a wealth of information about staff and potential staff.
As a nation and as a church, we are facing an epidemic of child abuse, and Adventurer clubs are not exempt.
                                ADVENTURER UNIFORM

The uniform makes the organization real and visible. It becomes emblematic and representative of an
ideal, a standard. One of the ways to set up a standard and bring the members of an organization up to
that standard is through the uniform. It should stimulate loyalty toward that standard by building morale
and binding members into closer fellowship. It also appeals to those not already members to join. The
uniform becomes a builder of club spirit.

GIRLS UNIFORM                   BOYS UNIFORM                    STAFF UNIFORM
White Shirt                     White Shirt                     White Shirt

Navy blue pleated jumper        Navy blue pants                 M: Navy Blue Slacks
                                                                W: Navy Blue Skirt

Black shoes                     Black shoes                     Black shoes
White Socks                     Navy Blue Socks                 Navy Blue Socks (Men)
                                                                Natural/Nude Hose (Women)

*Adventurer scarf with Slide    Adventurer scarf with Slide     Adventurer scarf with Slide
Eager Beaver scarf with slide   Eager Beaver scarf with slide   (May wear Master Guide scarf/slide)
Little Lamb scarf with slide    Little Lamb scarf with slide    Eager Beaver scarf with slide
                                                                Little Lamb scarf with slide

Sash: Navy Blue                 Sash: Navy Blue                 Sash: Navy Blue

                                              UNIFORM INSIGNIA

Right sleeve                    Left Sleeve                             Left Front Pocket / Flap
Club Name Crescent              Adventurer “World”                      Pocket Tab (above pocket)
Office Strip (Staff)            Master Guide Star/Combo (Staff)         Level Pins (adults only)
                                                                        Parent Pins
                                                                        M.G. Pin
Sash                                                                    Baptismal Pin
Little Lamb Stars
Eager Beaver Chips                                                     Sleeve (one of the following patches)
Adventurer Awards                                                      Little Lamb Patch
Level Pins (children)                                                  Eager Beaver Patch
NO PATHFINDER                                                          Adventurer Patch

*Club may choose to put all in Adventurer scarves or put those in the LL and EB classes in class
designated scarves.
I would like to join the _________________ Adventurer Club. I will            Because Jesus loves me, I will
attend club meetings, hikes, field trips, missionary adventures, and          always do my best.
other club activities. I agree to be guided by the rules of the club and
the Adventurer Pledge and Law.
                                                                              Be obedient     Be attentive
                                                                              Be pure         Be helpful
                                                                              Be true         Be cheerful
Phone (_____) _______________________ Grade________
                                                                              Be kind         Be thoughtful
Street Address                                                                Be respectful   Be reverent

City ________________________________________________ State ________ Zip code ________

School __________________________________ Church __________________________________

I have been an Adventurer: _____ Yes        _____No      Where ________________________________

My parents are Master Guides: Father: Yes ______ No ______                 Mother: Yes ______ No ______

Check level(s) you have been invested in:

____ Little Lamb ____ Eagar Beaver ____ Busy Bee ____Sun beam ____ Builder ____ Helping Hand

                          APPROVAL OF PARENTS OR GUARDIANS
The applicant is in Pre-K through grade 4 at the time of registration. We have read the Pledge and Law
and are willing and desirous that the applicant become an Adventurer Pathfinder. We will assist the
applicant in observing the rules of the Adventurer organization. As parents, we understand that the
Adventurer Club program is an active one for the applicant. It includes many opportunities for service,
adventure, and fun. We will cooperate:
1.     By learning how we can assist the applicant and his/her leaders.
2.     By encouraging the applicant to take an active part in all club activities.
3.     By attending events to which parents are invited.
4.     by assisting club leaders and by serving as leaders if called upon.

We hereby certify that _______________________________ was born on _________________

       ______________________________                        ______________________________
             Father's Signature                                    Mother's Signature

e-mail address: ____________________________ e-mail address: ____________________________

Guardian's Signature

E-mail Address: __________________________________________

                       MEDICAL CONSENT
In these days of lawsuits, medical consent forms are a necessity on every
outing. The basic idea of the form is that it gives parental authorization for a
doctor to treat a minor. It, also, provides information on where the parents
and family doctor can be located.

The consent form provides protection for the doctor, the child, and the club

       1.    The doctor - a doctor who would give medical assistance to a
       child without the knowledge of the parents would take a
       tremendous risk. If the results are serious or even fatal, the
       parents may sue. A signed consent form may be enough to
       persuade a doctor that the parents are unlikely to sue. (Many
       young people have been given medical aid at a remote hospital or
       office after the leader produced a consent form. Other times the
       form has not helped at all.)

       2.    The child - leaders who take a child on an outing have an
       obligation to provide the best medical care. Not having a form
       would severely reduce that chance.

       3.   The director - if a child is injured and is not able to get
       proper medical care because the director did not bother to
       require medical consent forms, that director would certainly be a
       handy target for a liability suit.

       Medical consent forms may be dated in such a way that they are good for the whole year.
       This has the obvious advantage of saving a lot of work in collecting new forms for each
outing. There are two disadvantages to year-long consent forms. First, a form signed
several months ago will not be as impressive to a doctor as one signed yesterday. Secondly,
the form won't have current information on the location of the parents. They may be out of
town the weekend of the particular outing on which their child is injured. Use your
                  MEDICAL CONSENT FORM
Child’s Name: _______________________________ Birthdate:____________ Sex_____
Social Security #___________________________ Phone _________________________
Address: _________________________ City ________________ State ____ Zip ______
Medical Insurance______________________________ # ________________________

Father’s Name ______________________________ Home Phone ____________________
Social Security #___________________________ Office Phone ____________________
Address: ____________________________City _______________State ____Zip______
Medical insurance______________________________ # _________________________
Physician’s Name ____________________________________Phone _________________

Mother’s Name _____________________________ Home Phone _____________________
Social Security #___________________________ Office Phone _____________________
Address: __________________________ City _________________ State ____ Zip _____
Medical insurance______________________________ # __________________________
Physician’s Name ____________________________________Phone __________________

Weight ____________ Height ____________ Last Tetanus shot ____________________
Medication allergies_______________________________________________________
Medications receiving now___________________________________________________
Medical history (i.e., recent surgery, diabetic, chronic illness)
Person to notify in case of accident or illness if parents are not available
Name_________________________________________ Phone ____________________

I, _______________________, (parent/guardian) give the following emergency medical
treatment consent for the above named child. Effective from date of ______ to ______.
      ____Emergency Surgery
      ____First Aid                        (One of the types of treatment
      ____Both of the above                     must be marked.)
      ____None of the above

Signature of Parent/Guardian _____________________________________________

Subscribed and acknowledged before me this _____ day of __________, _______
by ___________________________, who is personally known to me or who has
produced _______________________ as identification.

(Notarial Seal)                    ______________________________
                               Notary Public, State of Florida

Theme: Nature

10 min Opening Exercise: i.e.
       Pledge of Allegiance
       Adventurer Pledge and Law
       Pledge to the Bible
       Adventurer Song

3 min   Attendance Record

17 min Ice Breaker Activity
       Unit Activity

15 min Nature Game/Chips, Stars, or Awards

30 min Adventurer Level Work

14 min Closing Exercise
       Object lesson

1 min   Prayer and Dismissal

                  IN CASE OF FIRE:
1.     Get away!

2.     Yell for help!

3.     STOP-DROP-ROLL-- If you or someone's clothes catch on fire, roll on the ground
       to smother flames. DO NOT RUN!

4.     Help extinguish fire by smothering it with appropriate method-such as:
                           fire extinguisher for kitchen fire, blankets, shovel,
                           buckets of water or sand for ground fire.

5.     Follow directions of person in charge.

                               CLASSES OF FIRE
Class A = Ordinary combustibles e.g. wood, cloth, paper, only
Class B = Flammable liquids e.g. gas, oil, oil based paints
Class C = Energized electric e.g. Circuit breakers, fuse boxes, appliances

Class ABC - fire extinguishers will extinguish all of the above.

Extinguishers containing water are unsuitable for grease or electrical fires!

                              FLORIDA STATUTE
Requirements of Fire Extinguishers: While camping it is recommended that no Pathfinder use
more than or less than a 5 lbs. capacity. The extinguisher must be inspected and tagged yearly
by the Fire Inspector or the Fire Marshall. It is also recommended that each club have their fire
extinguishers inspected at the same time their church has their annual inspection. Each club
must have an ABC (multi-purpose Fire Extinguisher).

                             FIRE SAFETY DRILL

Review above procedures and know how to use the fire extinguisher!

Our club held a successful fire drill on_______________. All members of the club participated.
          Club/Church Director___________________________________________
                             “Share Your Faith”
                            Project Suggestions
From the beginning of the Adventurer year, each club needs to determine what it will be doing for its
club’s major “Share Your Faith” project. Adventurer clubs are encouraged to use their imagination in
planning their projects. However, examples of good “Share Your Faith” projects include:

      Earn the Adventurer Evangelism Award
      Parade, including floats.
      Bible drama for community, area churches and others.
      Clean-A-Thon
      Aluminum can collection
      Historical site restoration
      Adopt-A-Club
      Flea market for needy project
      Birthday cards for people in nursing homes
      Raise money to send a child to camp
      Raise money to put a set of books in the library
      Parties for physically challenged and needy children
      Flowers for your town (beautification project)
      Make auto litter bags to pass out
      Make nesting houses, birdhouses, and feeders
      Environmental project
      Adopt a needy family
      Start a club
      Visit shut-ins
      Wash cars for the elderly
      Involve physically challenged in club (full activities)

It should be emphasized that at least 60% of the club be involved in this project. The club’s “Share Your
        Faith” activity should become personal to each Adventurer.
Pedro Perez,  
Micky Santiago, (407) 731-9401,

Calvin Brooks, (305) 773-4352,

Myrlin Brooks, (305) 439-0782,

Lisa Gary, (321) 254-2098,
Assistant Director
Brad Gary (321) 537-8929,
Lisa’s cell 321-626-9351

D’wayne Spence, (954) 614-3786,
Assistant Director
Scott Fortier, 863-651-3951,

Jose Diaz, 407-791-3018,

Dave Jones, 407-462-3880,
Kathy Adams, (305) 915-5543,

Alex Ramirez, (305) 824-3407,


Rachel Figueroa
Assistant Drill Instructor Advocate
Joey Figueroa
(321) 206-9709

Eric Stillwell
(941) 322-8780

  Carol Koch –
  (727) 868-1819


Central Area Administrator         South - Central Area Administrator
  Javier Santiago                   Martha Lewis
  2207 Grasmere Drive               6717 Camelia Dr.
  Apopka, FL 32703                  Miramar, FL 33032      
  321-356-1911                      305-607-4203

North Area Administrator           South - South Area Administrators
 Carol & Kevin Barnett               Arcadio & Altagracia Torres
 1236 SW Old Bellamy Rd              535 NE 73rd Street
 High Springs, FL 32643              Miami, FL 33138     
 352-214-4122                        305-409-0149

South - North Area Administrator   West Area Administrator
 Mauva McKenzie                       Linda Haines
 17603 90th Street                    5512 82nd Ave. E.
 Loxahatchee, FL 33470                Palmetto, FL 34221    
 561-204-4212                         941-962-1744

East Area Administrators
  Eleston & Deidra Taylor
  1990 Gould Ave., SW
  Palm Bay, FL 32908
            LEVEL STUDY
 Little Lamb

 Eager Beaver

 Busy Bee

 Sunbeam

 Builder

 Helping Hand

 Advanced Helping Hand (Higher Hand)

 Florida Adventurer Master Guide Requirements
                                       NAD LITTLE LAMB

1. Be enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten or be 4 years of age by September 1 of the year you begin the Little Lamb
2. Memorize and recite the Adventurer Pledge and Law.
3. Have someone read to you a story from each of the following categories:
           a. Bible story
           b. Nature story
           c. Character-building story
           d. Family story
4. Learn how to properly salute the American flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

1. Sing a song about Jesus.
2. Listen to a story about Jesus.
3. Say three things you’ve learned about Jesus.
4. Make a craft about Jesus.
5. Complete an activity about Jesus.

1. Sing a song about creation.
2. Listen to a story about creation.
3. Say three things you’ve learned about creation
4. Make a craft about creation.
5. Complete an activity about creation.

1. Sing a song about families.
2. Listen to a story about families.
3. Say three things you’ve learned about families.
4. Make a craft about families.
5. Complete an activity about families.
1. Sing a song about the body.
2. Listen to a story about the body.
3. Say three things you’ve learned about bodies.
4. Make a craft about bodes.
5. Complete an activity about bodies.

Earn 6 Little Lamb Stars

1. Recite the Eager Beaver Pledge
2. Recite Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem
3. Earn at least twelve Eager Beaver chips
4. Complete a minimum of six craft projects

1. Listen to one Bible story book
2. Listen to one nature story book
3. Listen to one story of the child’s choice
4. Listen to two stories about Ellen White’s life

1. Pray independently
2. Say the Lord’s Prayer
3. Say the Fourth Commandment
4. Say the Fifth Commandment
5. Recite Philippians 4:4
6. Recite three additional Bible verses

1. Help pack a lunch and then participate in an outdoor activity with family or friends
2. Do one of the following chores for a week:
       a. Wash or dry the dishes
       b. Empty the dishwasher
       c. Pick up toys
       d. Hang up clothes
       e. Make the bed or take out the trash

1. Learn to:
       a. Tie your shoes
       b. Comb or brush your hair.
       c. Brush your teeth properly.
       d. Dress yourself.

1. Take a food basket to a needy family or senior citizen
2. Make and deliver a card to a sick friend or a senior citizen

Earn 12 EB Chips
Do 6 craft projects?
                                                 BUSY BEE
I. Responsibility
    Recite and accept the Adventurer Pledge.
II. Reinforcement
    Earn the Busy Bee Reading Certificate.

I. His Plan to Save Me
    A. Create a story or booklet showing the order in which these events took place:
        •Sin and sadness begin
        •Jesus cares for me today
        •Jesus comes again

         OR the Bible stories you are studying in your classroom or Sabbath School.
     B. Use your story chart or booklet to show someone how much Jesus cares for you.
II. His Message to Me
     Earn the Bible I Adventurer Award.
III. His Power in My Life
     A. Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him.
     B. Ask three people what they pray about.

I. I am Special
     Make a booklet showing different people who care for you.
II. I Can Make Wise Choices
     Name at least four different feelings. Play the “Feelings” game.
III. I Can Care for My Body
     Earn the Health Specialist Adventurer Award.

I. I Have a Family
     Paint or draw a picture showing something you like about each member of your family.
II. Families Care for Each Other
     A. Discover what the fifth commandment (Exodus 20:12) tells you about families.
     B. Act out three ways you can honor your family.
III. My Family Helps Me Care for Myself
     Complete one requirement of the Safety Specialist Adventurer Award.

I. The World of Friends
     Tell how you can be a good friend. Use:
          •Your choice
II. The World of Other People
     A. Discuss the work people do for your church.
     B. Learn about one job by helping the person do it.
III. The World of Nature
     Earn a Friend of Animals Adventurer Award.
I. Responsibility
     Recite and accept the Adventurer Law.
II. Reinforcement
     Earn the Sunbeam Reading Certificate.

I. His Plan to Save Me
     A. Create a story or booklet showing Jesus’:
         OR the Bible stories you are studying in your classroom or Sabbath School.
     B. Use your story chart or booklet to show someone the joy of being saved by Jesus.
II. His Message to Me
     A. Memorize and explain two Bible verses about being saved by Jesus,
         •Matthew 22:37-39
         •1 John 1:9
         •Isaiah 1:18
         •Romans 6:23
         •Your choice
     B. Name the two major parts of the Bible and the four gospels.
III. His Power in My Life
     A. Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him.
     B. Ask three people why they study the Bible.

I. I am Special
     Make a tracing of yourself. Decorate it with pictures and words which tell good things about yourself.
II. I Can Make Wise Choices
     Play the “What-if?” game.
III. I Can Care for My Body
     Earn the Fitness Fun Adventurer Award.

I. I Have a Family
     Ask each member of your family to tell some of their memories.
II. Families Care for Each Other
     Show how Jesus can help you deal with disagreements. Use:
         •Your choice
III. My Family Helps Me Care for Myself
     Complete one requirement of the Road Safety Adventurer Award.

I. The World of Friends
    Complete requirements #1 and #6 of the Courtesy Adventurer Award.
II. The World of Other People
     A. Explore your neighborhood. List things that are good and things you could help make better.
     B. From your list, choose ways and spend time making your neighborhood better.
III. The World of Nature
     Earn a Friend of Nature Adventurer Award.

I. Responsibility
     A. Recite and accept the Adventurer Pledge and Law.
     B. Explain the Pledge.
II. Reinforcement
     Earn the Builder Reading Certificate.

I. His Plan to Save Me
     A. Create a story or booklet showing the order in which these stories took place:
         •Martin Luther
         •Ellen White
         OR the Bible stories you are studying in your classroom or Sabbath School.
     B. Use your story chart or booklet to show someone how to give one’s life to Jesus.
II.His Message to Me
     A. Find, memorize, and explain three Bible verses about giving your life to Jesus:
         •Acts 16:31
         •John 1:12
         •Galatians 3:26
         •2 Corinthians 5:17
         •Psalms 51:10
         •Your choice
     B. Name the books of the New Testament.
III. His Power in My Life
     A. Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him.
     B. Ask three people why they are glad to belong to Jesus.

I. I am Special
     Put together a scrapbook, poster, or collage showing some things you can do to serve God and others.
II . I Can Make Wise Choices
     Earn the Media Critic Adventurer Award.
III. I Can Care for My Body
     Earn the Temperance Adventurer Award.

I. I Have a Family
     A. Share one way your family has changed. Tell how you felt and what you did.
     B. Find a story in the Bible about a family that changed.
II. Families Care for Each Other
     Play the “I Care” game by having each family member plan a special way to show appreciation to each of the other
     members of the family.
III. My Family Helps Me Care for Myself
     Complete one requirement of the Wise Steward Adventurer Award.

I. The World of Friends
     A. Make friends with a person of another culture or generation, or someone who is handicapped.
     B. Invite that person to a family or church event.
II. The World of Other People
     A. Know and explain your national anthem and flag.
     B. Name your country’s capital and the leader of your country.
III. The World of Nature
     Earn an Adventurer Award for nature, not previously earned.
                                             HELPING HAND

I. Responsibility
     A. Recite the Adventurer Pledge and Law.
     B. Explain the Law.
II. Reinforcement
     Earn the Helping Hand Reading Certificate.

I. His Plan To Save Me
     A. Create a story or booklet showing the order in which these events took place:
         • Noah
         OR the Bible stories you are studying in your classroom or Sabbath School.
     B. Use your story chart or booklet to show someone how to live for God..
II. His Message to Me
     Earn the Bible II Adventurer Award.
III. His Power in My Life
     A. Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him.
     B. With an adult, choose one thing in your life which Jesus has promised to help you improve. With His help, pray, plan,
     and work together to reach your goal.

I. I am Special
     A. List some special interests and abilities God has given you.
     B. Share your talents using one of the following:
         •Talent show
         •Show and Tell
         •Earn an Adventurer Award
II. I Can Make Wise Choices
     A. Learn the steps of good decision-making.
     B. Use them to solve two real-life problems.
III. I Can Care for My Body
     Earn the Hygiene Adventurer Award.

I. I Have a Family
     Make a family flag or banner, OR collect stories or photographs about your family history.
II. Families Care for Each Other
     Help plan a special family worship, family night, or family outing.
III. My Family Helps Me Care for Myself
     Earn an Adventurer Award, not previously earned, in one of the following areas:
         •Indoor skills
         •Outdoor skills

I. The World of Friends
    Earn the Caring Friend Adventurer Award.
II. The World of Other People
     Choose a world culture to study. Find a way to share Jesus’ love with some of the people of that culture.
III. The World of Nature
     Earn the Environmentalist Adventurer Award.
                           ADVANCED HELPING HAND
                                  “Higher Hand”
This class was designed for the over-achieving fourth-grade Adventurers who need additional activities, and for fifth-
graders who just aren’t ready to move on to Pathfinders.


1. Have completed the Helping Hand Level requirements.

2. a. Earn the Home Helper Award.
   b. Plan a meeting with the family to discuss a topic important to the child.

3. a. By respecting your body, you should be aware of the food you eat by reading the first three
      ingredients of your favorite:
               Cereals
               Drinks
               Snacks
               Desserts
   b. Keep a Food Diary of the food you eat in one week.
   c. Sign a Health Pledge card.

4. a. Work with a staff member in planning one of the following:
               Adventurer activity or outing
               Club party
               Club opening exercise
               Assist in teaching an Award to either Busy Bees or Sunbeams
   b. Participate in a church worship service by doing one of the following:
               Scripture reading
               Prayer
               Ushering/Offering Collection
               Children’s Story

5. a. Use a compass to follow directions and reach a goal.
   b. Demonstrate how to stay safe in adverse weather conditions such as.
               Frostbite
               Sun stroke
               Black ice
               Heat stroke
               White-out (blizzard)
               Hypothermia

6. a. Help set up, serve, and/or clean up from a fellowship meal. OR Prepare sandwiches for a homeless
   b. Prepare a care package for someone in need.

7. a. Use food coloring to color a carnation to give to a special person. OR Start a vegetable plant.
   b. Find a creepy crawling creature of your choice. OR Draw and color pictures of the snakes in your area.
     c. Show and tell one of the above or an option of your choice.

                               Florida Master Guide Requirements

 The Florida Master Guide has 3 options: e-Tracker / Varsity (P); Adventurer (A); and Advent Youth (AY). One option
 must be chosen. The requirements are formatted in a core curriculum, option manner. The reading requirements
 marked with an “*” are listed on a separate document.

Core Requirements                                                      Master Guide training in a Worship or Group
I. Pre-requisites to begin the Master Guide Course of                  Discussion Setting.
Study:                                                             C. As you become ready for investiture as a Master
      A. Be 18 years of age.                                           Guide, identify three post Investiture goals for
      B. Be a baptized member of the Seventh-day                       your life. Include goals for your ministry,
          Adventist Church                                             spiritual life, family life and vocation.
      C. Complete a Basic Staff Training Course.              IV. Attend a Pathfinder conference in each of the
      D. Complete a Master Guide Inductee Application         following:
      E. Be Inducted as a Master Guide Candidate                     A. Leadership Skills
      F. If in High School, have completed Voyager,                  B. Communication Skills
          Navigator, Pioneer and Guide Levels (P) (A)                C. Creativity and Resource Development
II. Spiritual Development                                            D. Children and Youth Evangelism
      A. Read Steps to Christ *                                      E. Age Specific Ministry (P) (AY)
      B. Complete the devotional guide, Encounter                    F. Family Evangelism (A)
          Series I - Christ the Way *                                G. Attend a Conference sponsored conference
      C. Write, Share or Dramatize 4 lessons or                           of at least 8 contact hours pertaining to Youth
          experiences learned from the Encounter Series.                  Ministry. (AY)
      D. Demonstrate your knowledge of all of the 28          V. Child Development
          Fundamental Beliefs by completing one of the               A. Read 2 books. *
          following:                                                 B. 3 hour conference on childhood
          1. Give an Oral Presentation on each belief.        VI. Personal Fitness
          2. Give a series of Bible Studies covering each          Participate in a personal physical fitness plan for a
              belief.                                              minimum of three months, and evaluate and show
          3. Conduct a seminar, teaching each belief.              improvement. Use as a resource a current book on
      E. Enhance knowledge of Church Heritage.                     aerobics or physical fitness. *
          1. Read “The Pathfinder Story” by John              VII. Complete a Master Guide Investiture Application
          2. Earn Adventist Church Heritage Award.            Options
          3. Read a book on church heritage. *                I. Skills Development
III. Goals                                                           A. Have or earn the following honors:
      A. After Induction as a Master Guide, set forth 3                 1. Christian Story Telling
          goals to be obtained during your Master Guide                 2. Camping Skills I (AY)
          study. These goals should include spiritual,                  3. Camping Skills I – II (A)
          physical, mental and social goals.                            4. Camping Skills I – IV (P)
      B. Review the goals that you have set for yourself                5. Drilling and Marching (P)
          in C above. Share the successes and failures in               6. Outdoor Leadership Honor (P)
          achieving those goals during the course of your               7. CPR
                                                                        8. First Aid Honor
  9. Knot Tying (P)
  10. Orienteering
  11. 2 Nature Honors
  12. 4 Nature Awards/ Chips/ Stars (A)
  13. 4 Collecting Awards/ Chips/ Stars (A)
  14. 4 Activity Awards/ Chips/ Stars (A)
  15. 4 Spiritual or Service Awards/ Chips/ Stars
  16. Bible Evangelism (AY)
  17. 2 Health and Science Honors (AY)
  18. 2 Arts and Crafts Honors (AY)
  19. 2 Recreational Honors (AY)
B. Complete the requirements and be
    invested as a (A):
     1. Little Lamb
     2. Eager Beaver
     3. Busy Bee
     4. Sun Beam
     5. Builder
     6. Helping Hand
                                Florida Master Guide Requirements

II. Leadership Development (P) (A)                             II. Leadership Development (AY)
         A. Read 1 book. *                                              A. Read 1 book on leadership development. *
         B. Spend two years in Pathfinder Club Ministry;                B. Read and become knowledgeable on the
             spend one year in grade pre-K through 4th                      sections of the SDA Church Manual
                                           th             th
             grade clubs and one year in 5 through 12                       pertaining to AY and Youth Ministries.
             grade clubs. In each year assist the club in               C. Obtain a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order
             areas designated by the Club Director. To                      and become familiar with the protocols of
             develop your leadership skills, participate in                 leading a meeting. Learn the origin of
             the following:                                                 Robert’s Rules of Order.
             1. Develop and conduct three worship                       D. Spend two years in Adventist Youth Ministry
                services using the following:                               at the Leader or Assistant Leader position.
                a. Law and Pledge                                           At least one year should be in Sabbath
                b. Aim and Motto                                            School leadership (teens through adult) and
                c. Club Song                                                at least one year in AY / Youth Group
                d. Song Service                                             Ministry leadership. To develop your
                e. Worship                                                  leadership skills, participate in the following:
                f. Prayer                                                   1. Develop and conduct 18 Youth Bible
             2. Teach 8 Awards and/or Honors.                                   Studies in a participatory, rather than a
             3. Lead a group through a level of study                           “lecture” manner.
                ending with investiture.                                    2. Show interest in youth going away to
             4. Lead or be responsible for a Pathfinder                         college or academy by:
                Club or Unit at a Area, Conference,                             a. Communicating with the student 6
                Union, or Division sponsored event.                                 times within an academic year
             5. Assist in planning and leading a Club or                        b. Organize a social event concurrent
                Unit field trip.                                                    with the student’s visit back home.
             6. Be an active member in a Master Guide                       3. Plan, organize and execute 8 social
                Chapter and assist in a Area,                                   events exhibiting model Christian
                Conference, Union, or Division                                  recreation.
                sponsored event.                                            4. Plan, organize and execute 2 Youth
                                                                                Rallies, emphasizing attendance by
                                                                                community and non-local church
                                                                                attendees and participation of youth in
                                                                            5. Be a sponsor at a Conference (or
                                                                                broader) Youth Weekend / Retreat.
                                                                            6. Assist in planning and leading a Youth
                                                                                Group field trip.
                                                                            7. Be actively involved in an Adventurer,
                                                                                 e-Tracker, or Varsity Pathfinder club for
                                                                                  at least six months
                           Master Guide New Reading Requirements

5 Leadership Essentials For Women: Developing Your Ability to Make Things Happen
by Linda Clark

Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard

Leadership 101
Denise VanEck

Childhood Education in the Church (Hardcover)
by Joanne Brubaker (Author), Robert Clark (Author), Roy Zuck (Author)

Helping Our Children Grow in Faith: How the Church Can Nurture the
Spiritual Development of Kids (Paperback)
by Robert J. Keeley (Author)

My Body: God's Temple (Paperback)
by Joseph Christiano (Author)

Faith & Fitness: Diet And Exercise for a Better World (Lutheran Voices) (Paperback)
by Tom P. Hafer (Author)
           Adventurer Leadership Growth (ALG)

I.    Prerequisite
      A. Be a Master Guide
      B. Have an Adventurer Basic Staff Training certificate
      C. Be active in Adventurer ministry or other ministries to children

II.   New Skills Development                                      23 hours minimum
      Requirement #1

      Develop skills in Adventurer ministry by attending the scheduled minimum hours of
      those seminars conducted by the conference Adventurer/Children’s ministries personnel.

      A. Leadership                                                         (3 hours)
         1. Team Building
         2. Parent Involvement
         3. Learning to Lead
         4. Dealing with Diversity and Working Together

      B. Home/Parent                                                        (2 hours)
         1. Parents as Provider, Disciplinarian and Teacher
         2. Habits of Effective Families
         3. Purpose of Parenting

      C. Adventurer Child                                                   (6 hours)
         1. Building Self-Esteem and Confidence
         2. Learning Styles - *
         3. Modes of Learning - *
         4. Temperament - *
         5. Special “Needs” Child - *

      D. Program                                                            (4 hours)
         1. Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
         2. Curriculum Objectives through Active Learning
         3. Nature Study
       E. Administration                                                   (4 hours)
          1. Risk Management
          2. Organizational Vision, Values and Mission
          3. Conflict Resolution - **
          4. Project Management
          5. Child Abuse - *

F.       Adventurer is a Ministry                                         (4 hours)
          1. Faith and development in Life Stages - *
          2. Church Ministry Networking
          3. Outreach for Adventurers
          4. Teaching Christian Values

Training may also be received through (*) Children’s Ministries and (**) Pathfinder Leadership Awards

       Requirement #2

       During your involvement as a staff member of the local Adventurer club,
            select any two areas listed under New Skills Development (Requirement #1)
        and demonstrate those skills in the Adventurer club.

III.   Personal Growth

       A. Read the AY Encounter Series II. “Christ the Church”
       B. Read a book on self-esteem or early childhood development.
       C. Select and develop a personal skill through reading, listening to self-study audios, attending an
          adult training class, or joining a specialized adult professional group.
       D. Hold a current American or Canadian Red Cross Community CPR certificate or its equivalent.
       E. Receive the Adventurer Leadership Certificate of Recognition from your conference
          Adventurer/Children’s/Youth Ministries Department.
 Induction

 Adventurer Sabbath

 Investiture

 Baptism Recognition Service

 New Adventurer Award, Chip & Star Submission

 Can Collecting

 Family Blessing
      ADRA Annual Appeal

      Florida Adventurer Mission Project


The INDUCTION CEREMONY admits new Adventurers & Pathfinders of all ages into membership in
the local club and into the fellowship of the Pathfinder Organization all over the Florida Conference.
It is used to inspire Adventurers with the awesome responsibility of upholding the Adventurer ideals
that they have pledged to live by as well as presenting to them the serious aspects of being an
Adventurer. The program is meant to be a solemn occasion, however, not boring! The best way to
accomplish this it to instill in your Adventurers early on the importance of the Pledge and Law and
allow them to feel like they own a part of the service. This is their chance to SHINE in front of their
church family and boasts in a godly manner about the club which, for many, makes all the
difference in their lives.
       Most often, this is a candlelight service of dedication, but it does not have to be that way.
Gauge how receptive your home church would be to such a program and adapt the following to
meet your specific needs.

Center a large table with a smaller one directly in front of it at the Induction Ceremony site. Place a
large Adventurer emblem in the center front of the small table and center a large Pathfinder emblem
on the wall directly behind both tables. The Pledge and Law banners are located on the right and
left of the Pathfinder emblem respectively. Place a 15" candle representing the “Spirit of
Adventuring” and the “Spirit of Pathfindering” in the center of each respective table. In front of the
Adventurer spirit candle place six 10" foundation candles representing the progressive level colors.
In front of the Pathfinder spirit candle place eight 10" foundation candles representing the
progressive Pathfinder level colors. Two 8" white candles, representing the Adventurer Law and
Pledge, are placed, one on each side of the Adventurer table in front of the level work candles.
Eight white 8" candles are placed in front of the Pathfinder Law banner on the Pathfinder table, and
seven white 8" candles are placed in front of the Pledge banner on the Pathfinder
table. Display the American flag to the right of the tables and the Adventurer and Pathfinder flags to
the left of the tables. Have ready in holders on the tables a 4" candle for each person to be

      Setting up does not constitute total preparation! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE (!!!) If
you want to make this program run smoothly and be a total success.

Induction Theme – Outline to the candidates to be inducted and special guests the program
                    procedure and its meaning to the local Pathfinder Club.


Director:    “I hereby declare the induction ceremony of the _________________ club is
      now in order. The room is darkened as the Spirit candles are lit. For the light of our
      program we turn to the Spirit of Adventuring and Pathfindering, represented by the
      candles which have just been lit. They are the spirit of reverence, training, adventure,
      fun, learning, awareness, and awakening to God and man. These two candles in and
      of themselves are not complete, however. Will the following Adventurer Pathfinder
      staff please come forward.” The director then calls the names of the staff who light
      the six foundation candles while giving the appropriate meaning for the level
      represented by the candles lit.

Little Lamb          Little Lambs discover what a joy it can be to obey
(light blue)         Jesus.
Eager Beaver         Eager Beavers explore the love that pours forth from Christ
(green)           and family.
Busy Bee          Busy Bees learn how to stay “bizzzzy” working for Jesus.

Sunbeam           Sunbeams study courtesy and practice shining for Jesus
(orange)          everyday.
Builder           Builders focus on building Christian character and keeping
(blue)            their bodies strong for Jesus.
Helping Hand      Helping Hands lend a helping hand in service to Jesus at
(maroon)          home, school, and in their community.

Director:    “For further complimentary lights, we turn to the following e-Tracker & Varsity
 Pathfinder staff.” Once more, the director calls the names of the staff who light the eight
 foundation candles while giving the appropriate meaning for the level represented by the
                                        candles lit.

Friend            Friends learn skills that will help them be better
(Blue)            neighbors now and friends of God throughout eternity.

Companion         Companions explore ways to build a more
(Red)             meaningful and fulfilling companionship with Jesus Christ every hour of
                  the day.

Explorer          Explorers adventure into God’s Word and His
(Green)           created works.

Ranger            Rangers open up new areas of discovery in the
(Gray)            natural and spiritual world to secure true and genuine happiness.
Voyager           Voyagers acquire a wholesome self-concept and
(Burgundy)         Christian lifestyle by studying their personal physical, mental, cultural
                   and spiritual development.

Pioneer            Pioneers strengthen their faith in God by learning
(Orange)           about Biblical and historical pioneers for Christ.
Navigator          Navigators allow Jesus Christ to navigate them
(Teal)             through His truths about the Sabbath.

Guide              Guides grow in knowledge about the Spirit of
(Yellow)           Prophecy as they discover their place as leaders in society.

      Director:    These candles are symbolic of the good of the Pathfinder program
      emphasizing the high ideals for which it stands and the growth that the Pathfinder
      will make as a club member.

      Director:   The Pledge and Law propose a Christian standard of living which all
      Pathfinders should strive to uphold. The Induction Ceremony is meant to inspire new
      members and remind the old just what this means to them.

Have the Adventurers come to the front and recite the Adventurer Pledge as a staff member
lights the Adventurer Pledge candle.

Repeat the procedure, only this time single out 10 Adventurers to repeat the following as a
staff member lights the Adventurer Law candle from the “Spirit of Adventuring” candle:

“Jesus can help me to be...”
BE OBEDIENT:        I will obey God’s laws and cheerfully do what my parents and teachers
ask me to do. I will obey the laws of my country.
BE PURE:          My body is the temple of God, so I want to keep it clean. I will not swear,
smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, or do any other thing God says is disgusting.
BE TRUE:           I will always tell the truth and never try to deceive–even if I may get in
trouble for it.
BE KIND:           I will look for ways to make other people happy. I will never hurt a
person or animal intentionally. I will share my toys too.

BE RESPECTFUL: I will be courteous to those whom God put in authority over me (like
parents and teachers) and to those who are younger and weaker than me (like little brothers
and sisters). I will take good care of other people’s property, even something as small as a
borrowed pencil.
BE ATTENTIVE: I will listen when someone is talking to me at home, at school, and at
church. I will especially listen for God to tell me what to do with my life.

BE HELPFUL:      I will look for ways to help and not wait to be asked. I can help family at
home, teachers and friends at school, and other people other places. I can even help God.

BE CHEERFUL:        I will not grumble or complain when I don’t get my way or when I have
work to do. I will remember that God made me; God doesn’t make junk, so I’m not junk!
Knowing that makes me happy.
BE THOUGHTFUL: I will make courtesy a habit, both in words and actions. I will look for
ways to be nice to people. I will not be rude or irritating.
BE REVERENT:      I will listen carefully to God, His word, and His messengers. I will take
good care of my Bible and church property. I will never make fun of holy things.

In continuation, the procedure is repeated only with eight e-Tracker & Varsity Pathfinders
who salute and light their Law candle from the “Spirit of Pathfindering.” After he or she
replaces their candle, he again salutes the director and repeats,

      “Sir, on behalf of the candidates, we pledge to”–(repeats from the following
according to the candle he has lit):

I will have prayer and personal Bible study each day.
By the power of God, I will help others and do my duty and honest share, wherever I may
I will be temperate in all things and strive to reach a high standard of physical fitness.
I will not lie, cheat, or deceive, and I will despise dirty talk and evil thinking.
I will be kind and thoughtful of others, reflecting the love of Jesus in all my associations
with others.
During any worship services, I will be quiet, careful, and reverent.
I will be cheerful and happy and let the influence of my life be as sunshine to others.
I will always be ready to share my faith and go about doing good as did Jesus.

      Director:    Once the Law candles have been lit. On behalf of the candidate’s
                   representatives and on behalf of the candidate’s declaration, we accept
                   the pledge and vow to the Law

The Director then calls the lighting of the Pledge candles. The same procedure as used in
the lighting of the Law candles is followed by seven Pathfinders. After each candle is lit,
the Pathfinder repeats to the director,

      “Sir, on behalf of the candidates, we pledge”–repeats the following according to the
candle they have lit:

As I rely on God to help me, I can do His will.
I will rise above the wicked world in which I live and keep my life clean with words and
actions that will make others happy.
I will not only be considerate and kind to my fellow men, but also to all of God’s creation.
I will be honest and upright in study, work, and play and can always be counted upon to do
my very best.
I will seek to understand the meaning of the Law and will strive to live up to it’s spirit,
realizing that obedience to law is essential in any organization.
I will pledge myself to serve God first, last, and best in everything I am called upon to be or
I will live to bless others and do unto them as I would have them do unto me.

      Director:   On behalf of the candidate’s representatives and on behalf of the
            candidate’s declaration, we accept the vow to the Pledge.
Director:     Will all the new candidates for membership please step forward. Allow time for them
to come to the front, at all times facing them in attention. Please affirm your dedication to these
high principles here presented by repeating the Adventurer and Pathfinder Pledge and Law,
beginning with the Adventurer Pathfinder candidates. Following the repeating of the Adventurer
and Pathfinder Pledge and Law by all of the candidates, I hereby declare these candidates to be
accepted into the fellowship of the ________ Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs of the Florida
Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. You are now being presented a candle (have the deputy
director hand each candidate a 4" white candle) which you may now light from the “Spirit of
Adventuring” and the “Spirit of Pathfindering candles and place it in the candle holder on the front
center of the tables. Give them time to light all the candles and put in candle holders. Your light is
now added to our club, and we charge you in the presence of these Pathfinders to let your light
shine before others in the Spirit of Adventuring and
Pathfindering. Invite parents or guardians of each one that has been inducted into membership to
come forward to the front and stand behind their child. Give a challenge to the parents or guardians
to help these young people reach the high ideals of the club and to encourage them at all times in
whatever they try to do. Please bow your heads as we pray that God will give you strength to live
up to these high ideals and to be a faithful and loyal club member.

The Deputy director or pastor leads out in a prayer of consecration for the new members
and families while the club stands in prayer attention.

       Director:     These new Adventurers and Pathfinders are now full fledged members of
                     the _________________ Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs.

The new members then present themselves to the director to receive the hand of fellowship,
followed by the deputy director, counselors and captain of his/her unit. The secretary
presents the new member with a Adventurer or Pathfinder membership card and ushers the
new member to his/her unit.

The NAD Adventurer Manual has a beautiful Induction service that includes an Altar, and
parents lighting candles.

                           Adventurer Sabbath
Excellent material on step-by-step procedures for planning an Adventurer Sabbath can be found in
this staff manual or in the NAD Adventurer Staff Manual (this may be ordered through Advent
Source or call the Conference office).
Other suggestions include:

1.    Special speakers for Adventurer Sabbath (approval must be given by pastor):
                          Conference Pathfinder Director
                          Area Coordinators
                          Youth Pastor
                          Conference Youth Director
                          Church School Principal
                          Council Members
PLEASE!!!! Do yourselves the favor and call them with plenty of advance notice.
Also, remember that it costs to travel. Travel expenses for guests from out of town should be
reimbursed. Conference, Union and General Conference speakers need not be compensated.

2.    Display crafts and/or posters of what Adventurers do.

3.    Display items that need to be replaced (such as old tents) to the church on Sabbath. After new items have been
      purchased, show that to the church, also.

4.    Put into the church bulletin the Adventurer agenda for the year and news items. You may want to include a form
      with blanks for church members to fill out if they would like to help with the club. The needs mentioned on
      Adventurer Sabbath should include monetary needs as well as needs for staff, cooks, counselors, Sabbath School
      teachers on camp outs, chaplain, etc.

The offering taken on Adventurer Sabbath should be used for the Adventurer Club. However,
permission from the Church Board must be obtained first.

Remember, the real secret to a successful Adventurer Sabbath is planning ahead and plenty of
publicity. Make planning to include more than just the church service. Include Sabbath School,
fellowship dinner, afternoon specials, and vespers.
   Most important, make the day a spiritual blessing for both those attending and the
   Have a well planned program and start and end on time.
   Make sure all Adventurers and staff members are in FULL DRESS UNIFORM.
         Planning the Adventurer
            Sabbath Program
The NAD each year suggests a Sabbath in October or November as Pathfinder/Adventurer Day to be
observed in all Seventh-day Adventist churches with the following objectives:
1.    To give official recognition and encouragement to the Clubs in the local church.
2.    To acquaint the congregation with the scope of possibilities afforded by the Clubs in the
      development of our youth.
3.    To encourage greater cooperation and support of the local Clubs by the congregation.
4.    To recruit additional staff members.
5.    To give the Club members a greater sense of belonging to the church by the active participation in
      the worship hours.
6.    To give an opportunity for the church to provide more financial assistance for the clubs by giving a
      special offering during the worship hour. By vote of the local church board the church offering on this
      day may be appropriated to the local Clubs.

For the Adventurer/Pathfinder Sabbath to meet the above objectives, planning the program in every detail is
a must. Here are some hints and ideas to better the program.
1.     Most pastors are long range planners. Arrange with the pastor for an Adventurer/Pathfinder Sabbath
       weeks or months in advance.
2.     Discuss event with the club staff and decide on the best program. Work as a team.
3.     Present the program to the pastor with a complete outline. Ask for his suggestions and cooperation.
4.     Apply to the church board to have the Clubs receive the offering and do the ushering.
5.     Notify parents, church members, and the church press secretary.
6.     Begin training participants, color guard, speakers, etc. Remember the Clubs are on parade.
7.     Most church members do not know the Adventurer/Pathfinder songs, Pledge or Law. Therefore,
       make a bulletin insert with this information.
8.     Indicate in the bulletin when the congregation is to stand. Also, announce during the lay activities
       period that a change has been made in the order of service.
9.     Program should be snappy – no lagging. While the next part of the program is being announced,
       have the participants on the way.
10.    Practice at least one dry run of marching in, taking places, reciting pledges, posting colors, and
       marching out.
11.    Places where groups or individual participants stand should be marked with masking tape.
12.   Color guard ought to be dressed up with white gloves, belts, and leggings. (Only Pathfinders)
13.   Secure good equipment: flags, standards, banners, etc.
14.   Full dress uniform with sashes and scarves is a must. The more color, the greater the impression.

15.   The offering prayer should be written out to avoid meaningless repetition. Minds sometimes "jelly"
      when they get up in front. All presentations should be outlined and checked by the club director.
      Leaders, too, need outlines.
16.   Take music to the church organist or pianist at least a week in advance, preferably two weeks before
      the program.
17.   As the program develops, the pastor should be kept in touch.
18.   A good report on "Adventurer/Pathfinder happenings" should cover past year's activities and the
      Adventurers/Pathfinders themselves should be used to tell the story.
19.   Let the Adventurers/Pathfinders have full participation on the program. This is not an occasion to
      show off, but to present to the church what the Clubs can do for the youth of the church. They do not
      want to see leaders speaking , but their own children.
20.   The "needs of our clubs" section must have specifics. Tell them exactly what the clubs need by way
      of funds. A dollar per person will allow the club to do such and such. A campaign may be launched
      for a room, headquarters for the clubs, tents for camping, etc.
21.   Leaders should have confidence in the presentation of the program. Apologies reveal lack of
22.   Invite a good speaker to present the message, or better yet, have one or more of the
      Adventurers/Pathfinders present the sermon. The Conference Pathfinder Director or Youth Director
      will be thrilled to be invited. He probably schedules speaking appointments months ahead, so invite
      him six months or a year ahead of time. It may be necessary to hold Adventurer/Pathfinder Sabbath
      on another day. Work closely with your pastor on this part of the program.

Investiture is a cooperative program for club and church school.

Step-by-step instructions for Investiture programs can be found in the NAD
Adventurer Staff Manual available at Advent Source. (Or, contact the
Conference Pathfinder Department for information).

Be sure to order the supplies you will need from the Pathfinder Department
well in advance of Investiture and have them ready and sorted before the
program. A well-planned, appropriate program with active participation from
the Adventurers demonstrating their newly acquired skills should be part of
the service.

Arrange with the pastor and church board for use of the church. Notify Master
Guides ahead of time to participate.

Communicate with the church school teachers throughout the year to be sure
they are doing their part of the level-work and that it will be done on time for

Slide or video program of year's activities.
Practice for the program with the Adventurers ahead of time.
Display activities and crafts done during the year.
Give out the Awards earned during the year.
Put all Awards in one envelope for each Adventurer.
Call the Awards and class earned while all are being pinned.
Prepare a skit.

Don't miss any details of the program. Arrange for piano player, color guard,
and deacon to open up the church, turn on the air conditioner, etc.

Make sure your program moves along quickly. Begin and end on time. The
program should be no longer than 1 hour in length.

Full dress uniform is suggested for the Adventurer Investiture program.
                          INVESTITURE SERVICE
Sample Program Outline:

Opening Song "Onward Christian Soldiers"
Scripture Reading:     Psalm 19 - read by an Adventurer
Law and Pledge         Adventurer
Prayer                 Adventurer
Flag Salute            Everyone stands and is led by an Adventurer
3 Angels' Message      Adventurer
                       Identification of flowers       In the spring we take several field
                             trips within walking distance of school. There we look for
                             flowers and upon return we learn the name of each one.
                             One Adventurer has a bouquet of flowers and proceeds to
                             name them.
Report of Book Club    Adventurer
Special Song           Adventurer(s)
Special Speaker        Guest or Adventurers
Presentation of Level Insignia
Presentation of Awards, Chips, and Stars
Presentation of Book Club Certificates
(Or be creative and plan your own special program)

    See details in the NAD
     Adventurer Manual


    Call Lisa Gary, Florida
Conference Adventurer Director

       (321) 254-2098

The basic Adventurer philosophy requires that Adventurer leaders help the child to
understand that the Church loves them, cares for and appreciates them. Club leadership
has encouraged, as the basic purpose for the Adventurer Club, the importance of a child
understanding the great plan of salvation. The years of Pathfindering are the years in which
a young person needs to commit himself to a personal walk with God and make his
decision with a public declaration through baptism.

When this decision is made and after the baptism takes place, often times very little is said
to help affirm this positive important decision. Realizing that baptism and what it represents
is the most important decision of an individual's life, we recommend a two-step Baptismal
Recognition Service.

First, at a club meeting, as soon as possible after an individual is baptized, a special part of
the meeting time should be given to recognizing this decision. A "Recognition of Baptism
Certificate", available through the Conference Pathfinder Department, should be filled out
and presented with appropriate comments of approval.

Along with this, a permanent record of this decision should be recorded and displayed in
the club meeting room. A parchment scroll or special record book should be signed by the
Adventurer, using decorative special ink (gold) with a fancy quill pen (feather or ink pen),
used only for this solemn sacred service.

In addition, a wall plaque should be purchased and displayed where all church members
can see it. This plaque should read:

         ________________________________________ Adventurer Club
                    (Name of club/church)

Realizing the importance of the decision to follow Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, the
following Adventurers have been baptized according to the example of Jesus:
Secondly, Baptism Recognition should continue beyond the time of an individual's actual
baptism. In fact, since this is the most important decision in a person's life, recognition
should follow throughout one's life. It is recommended that each month during the club's
spiritual time, attention should be given to those who are celebrating their "Born Again"
Birthday. An affirmation of their decision should be made (along with a small gift) by the
club chaplain, recognizing those who are celebrating their baptisms--one year, two years,
and so on. An appeal to those who haven't given their lives to Christ to study and prepare
to do so should be made, and a commitment to those who have been to commit themselves
anew. This should be a very sacred and meaningful service (only last a few minutes).
Special lighting and background music would be nice.

At the end of the club meeting, a light refreshment could be served in celebration. It could
be called a "Re-Birthday Party" or something appropriate. This type of celebration is
encouraged in the place of regular birthday parties.
             Procedure for Submitting a New
                   Award/ Chip/ Star
Those wishing to submit a proposal for a new Florida Award, Chip,
           or Star must follow the steps listed below:

  1. Compile the following materials for the proposed Award, Chip, or Star:
       a. Name of the Award, Chip, Star
       b. Sample design of the Award, Chip, Star
       c. Statement as to the purpose of need for the Award, Chip, or Star (what benefit
          should the Adventurer receive physically, mentally, and spiritually)?
       d. Award, Chip, or Star requirements
       e. Answers (or descriptions) for the requirements
       f. List of resource materials

  2. Two different Adventurer groups from different churches must “test pilot” the
     proposed Award, Chip, or Star. (Contact your Conference Adventurer Director for
     possible test clubs.)

  3. Both test groups must send a letter of recommendation, with the conference evaluation
     form, to the Florida Conference Pathfinder Department, where they will be forwarded
     to the Florida Conference Adventurer Director.

  4. When a proposed Award/Chip/Star is submitted by its author(s) to the Florida
     Conference Pathfinder Department, it becomes the property of the Florida Conference
     of Seventh-day Adventists, and is subject to possible changes.
                 EVALUATION FORM
                     For: Proposed Award, Chip or Star

This Form is evaluating:   ____ Award ____ Chip ____ Star

Name of Award/Chip/Star: ___________________________________________________

1. How many Adventurers completed this Award/Chip/Star?           __________

2. How long did it take to complete this Award/Chip/Star? __________

3. Describe the interest of the Adventurers while completing this Award/Chip/Star:




4. Describe how the Award/Chip/Star met its purpose:




5. What suggestions would improve this Award/Chip/Star?




6. Would you recommend it for a Florida Conference Award/Chip/Star?
                                        Yes _____    No _____

7. Sketch your suggestion for the design of this Award/Chip/Star on the back.

Name of Your Club or Group _______________________________________________
Evaluator’s Name (Please Print) _____________________________________________

Every year Adventurers get involved in activities for sharing their
faith. The "treat-instead-of-a-trick" campaign, better known as
Halloween, is a perfect example. In October when other boys and
girls go around hiding behind masks and asking for candy,
Adventurers have nothing to hide. They do not come for tricks, but
to ask for food for those in need. While others may sometimes
come to scare, Adventurers come to share their time on behalf of
others. While there is so much hate and greed in the world,
Adventurers come to color the world with love!

Would you like to find a real interesting project for your Adventurers
at Halloween time?--something that would really turn them on?--yet
give good wholesome guidance in Christian living?--where they are
eager and willing to help you carry it out?
Club name: ______________________________________

Director: ___________________ Phone: ______________

1. Numbers of members working (Adventurers and Staff): _____

2. Total pieces of literature distributed: _____

3. Total number of cans collected: _____

4. Total number of non-canned food items collected: _____

5. Total pieces of clothing collected: _____

6. Total number of food baskets prepared: _____
              ADRA Annual Appeal Philosophy/Objectives



Seventh-day Adventists have conducted an ADRA annual appeal since 1908, called Harvest
Ingathering at the time, attempting to reach every home with their spiritual message. They believe
that Christ is the only hope for a world plagued with problems such as runaway crime, devastating
wars, polluted environment, and social ills. The Adventist objective of teaching all nations the
everlasting gospel of our Lord and the commandments of God sums up their reason for a steady,
consistent witness to the world.


Seventh-day Adventists believe in a holistic concept of man and attempt to minister to his social,
physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. Work fostered by Adventists includes more than
preaching the Word. It also comprehends such activities as a healing ministry for the sick, the
distribution of food and clothing, and the education of children and youth. To work for people’s
wholeness of life and being is the Adventist’s reason for existence.



The ADRA Annual Appeal is a part of a many-sided outreach ministry fostered by Seventh-day
Adventists. The objectives of this ministry are:

   1.   To bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.
   2.   To become acquainted with people who need spiritual and material assistance.
   3.   To bring to the attention of the public the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
   4.   To provide opportunity for people to enroll in free Bible and health courses.
   5.   To leave Christian literature with each person visited.
   6.   To give every individual an opportunity to contribute his time and monetary gifts to bring to
        the world the Biblical message of an unfailing hope in God. He invites others to join hands
        with Him in this humanitarian and spiritual undertaking.
 Red zone
     EV EN T S

     NOVEMBER 14, 2010

       MARCH 6, 2011
        CAMP DOWN

      RED ZONE

         LOCATION & DATE



 Adventurer Evangelism Award

 Good Conduct Ribbon

 Adventurer of the Year

 Parent Pin

 Club of the Year
                     EVANGELISM AWARD
The requirements for the Evangelism Award are as follows:

1. Be an Adventurer Club member or Staff Member.

2. Attend at least ten meetings (evangelistic meetings, Daniel and Revelation seminars, etc.). If less
   than ten are conducted, attend at least two-thirds of them.

3. Participate at each of the meetings attended.

4. Wear your Adventurer uniform (including scarf and sash) while participating.

5. Participate in at least four of the following:
   Be an usher.
   Pick up the offering.
   Have scripture or prayer.
   Assist in setting up/taking down a meeting hall.
   Hand out the evening programs, brochures, etc.
   Give a testimony of what Jesus has done for you recently.
   Be a greeter.
   Help operate an Adventurer booth showing what the church has for its young people.
   Invite a non-Adventist guest to attend the meetings and host them throughout the evenings.
   Contact at least ten individuals by phone or in person and invite them to attend the meetings.
   Assist in children’s meetings, if available.


1. Patches will be presented to each Adventurer and staff member who completes the requirements. This
   should be done at an appropriate time, such as:
    During the last evangelistic meeting
    A follow-up baptism Sabbath
    Another appropriate time

2. During this time, an invitation should be extended to all parents of young people of Adventurer age (Pre-K to grade
   4) to join the club.

Taken from the Adventurer Home Page on the North American Division Pathfinder web site,
                               GOOD CONDUCT RIBBON

1.    The Good Conduct Ribbon is a special award ribbon given to honor Adventurers. If the Adventurer
      does not uphold the standards that this ribbon represents, the privilege of wearing it is
      relinquished. This privilege is relinquished only by the decision of the adult staff and
      director. It is given for continuous good conduct over 1 year.

2.    The first year the Adventurer will receive a ribbon. The second and each succeeding year
      he/she will be given a star to place on the bar to represent each additional year. Only one
      ribbon is to be worn. The second year the Adventurer would receive a bronze star to put on
      the ribbon, the third year a silver star and the fourth year a gold star.

3.    The Good Conduct Ribbon should be given out carefully; not too many should be presented. Make
      this honor an outstanding prize to be cherished. It is recommended that this award be given
      at the club's Investiture Service.

4.    Basis for presentation of Adventurer Good Conduct Ribbon shall be the following:

             a.     Adventurer shall have been an active member for one year.

             b.     Adventurer shall be completely uniformed.

             c.    Adventurer shall have a record of 80% attendance in club meetings and attend
             80% of all other club activities.

             d.    Adventurer shall have a record of conduct consistent with the Adventurer
             Pledge and Law.

             e.     Adventurer shall have a record of achievement and complete an Adventurer
             level and honors.

             f.     Adventurer shall demonstrate in word and action a positive Christian attitude.

"Our ideas of education take too narrow and too low a range. There is need of a broader scope, a
higher aim. True education means more than the pursuit of a certain course of study...It is the
harmonious development of the physical, mental, and spiritual powers." (Education, page 13).
                      “Adventurer of the Year” Award

The Adventurer of the Year award is given to a child who falls between the Busy Bee to Helping Hands
levels only. The requirements are not intended to be easy and are designed to present a challenge to the
Adventurer who is exceptional in all aspects of life and desires in every way to be an "outstanding"

The director must realize that this is an award for an exceptional Adventurer. The program must be
explained and each Adventurer should be encouraged to participate. This award should be highly sought
after, and those receiving it must be deserving of it. It is the intent of this program to encourage excellence
among our children. However, this is not an award for an Adventurer who must constantly be reminded and
prodded to meet the requirements.

In reviewing the requirements for the Adventurer of the Year, you will note that two awards must be taught
to all Adventurers during the year. Also, note that an Adventurer level must be completed. Spiritual and
“Share Your Faith” activities must be performed.

Even if an Adventurer has met all the requirements of this award, but does not have a positive attitude
toward the Adventurer program/club, he/she should not be considered for this award. Throughout the entire
Adventurer year the director and staff should be looking closely at all Adventurers to determine what kind of
attitude the Adventurer under consideration might have.

IMPORTANT: To receive this award, the Adventurer must be approved by the local Adventurer Club Staff
by a SECRET BALLOT majority vote. This vote should be based on the Adventurer’s evaluation sheets, and
on the personal observations of the Club Staff. This puts the decision on the total staff so that no one person
must bear the responsibility.

Please understand that the Conference-level Adventurer of the Year award and an award for a local
outstanding Adventurer are not the same. You may have an outstanding local Adventurer who may not meet
the requirements for the Adventurer of the Year award. Any Adventurer who barely misses being Adventurer
of the Year certainly deserves some special recognition from the local club as compensation for his/her

The Adventurer of the Year award will be presented at the Florida Conference “Red Zone.”

The Adventurer of the Year program should be the central focus when planning for Adventurer activities. On
registration night, it should be explained to parents and to the Adventurers.

Forms need to be received by the conference office with the Quarterly Report by May             1.
                    Adventurer of the Year Requirements

    1. Be an active member since the beginning of the current Adventurer year.
    2. Be present and on time for no less than 85% of the weekly club meetings.
    3. Attend 85% of local club functions: hikes, trips, and projects.
    4. Attend one Conference Function (Fun Day). If your Club will not be attending any Conference functions, you must
       attend “Red Zone” (to receive your award) as your one Conference function.
    5. Have a complete, clean and pressed uniform.
    6. Wear the uniform when required, including the club field uniform (club T-shirt, etc.), and exhibit a positive attitude
       towards wearing the uniform.
    7. Know the meaning of the Adventurer Pledge and Law.
    8. Be invested in an Adventurer level (not including Little Lambs or Eager Beaver) completed during the year.
    9. The Adventurer must bring at least one visitor to a Club meeting, church service or other Adventurer event during the
            year (with parental permission).
    10. Must earn 2 Adventurer Awards (beyond the awards required for their level study) during the year.

    11. The Adventurer must take part in one “Share Your Faith” project with the club within that year.


    The Director should make sure that all eligible Adventurers (or their guardians) are given 3 Adventurer of the Year
    “Evaluation Sheets” and envelopes by mid-March. The Adventurers (or their guardians) must give the sheets to 3 adults
    who know them well. We strongly recommend the following people: Adventurer Counselor, Parent/Guardian, School
    Teacher, Pastor or their Sabbath School Teacher. The evaluators should complete the form, seal it in the envelope, and
    return it to the Adventurer (or their guardians), who then forwards all 3 sheets to their Director by April 1. The combined
    points average of all 3 evaluation sheets must total at least 7.00 points to be eligible for the award, and must be
    documented on the “Requirement Completion Form”. The Personal Evaluation will be based on the following:

               APPEARANCE: Personal appearance and hygiene; keeps bedroom neat; cleans up after him/herself.

                CONDUCT: Shows respect towards authority, elders, and all family members. Sets a good example to his/her
    peers by being courteous, kind and obedient. Takes active interest in school, enjoys Adventurers and encourages others
    to be a part of the program. Finishes chores without being excessively prodded.

                 SPIRITUAL: Adventurer must show that he/she is spiritually reverent, has positive Christian attitudes and
    manners, participates in family, club or personal devotions (Bible studies), and must be regularly involved in church
    activities (a non-Adventist child involved in his/her own church meets this requirement, and a non-churchgoer may rely on
    the Adventurer Club's spiritual activities).

    The candidate must be approved by the Club Staff (at a staff meeting) by a SECRET BALLOT majority vote. This vote
    should be based on the Adventurer’s Resume, his/her 3 Evaluation Sheets, and on the personal observations of the Club
    Staff. Document the results of this majority vote on the “Requirement Completion Form”.

        An Adventurer Club Leader must fill out the Adventurer of the Year “ Requirement Completion Form”
        and send it to the Conference office by May 1 (this is the only document we need to determine the
        award winners).
                                       Adventurer of the Year
                                  EVALUATION SHEET
NAME OF CANDIDATE (please print): _______________________________________________

The Adventurer of the Year award is given to only a few children throughout the state of Florida each year. The
requirements are not intended to be easy and are designed to present a challenge to the Adventurer who is exceptional,
and outstanding in all aspects of life. This includes a continuation and growth of these qualities throughout the year.
One of the requirements for this award is that the Candidate must (with adult help if needed) give this Evaluation Sheet
to 3 adults who know them well.

EVALUATOR’S RESPONSIBILITY: Please take the time to evaluate the above-mentioned Candidate to the best of
your knowledge. There may be questions that do not apply to you – LEAVE THOSE BLANK. Once completed, seal
this form in an envelope, and return it to the Candidate.

EVALUATOR’S NAME (please print): _____________________________________

EVALUATOR’S RELATIONSHIP TO CANDIDATE: ________________________________________

RATING:      10=EXCELLENT          7=GOOD       5=AVERAGE         3=POOR      1=VERY POOR

1. Personal appearance and hygiene:                              1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

2. Keeps bedroom neat:                                           1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

3. Cleans up after him/herself:                                  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

4. Shows respect towards adults and those in authority:          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

5. Shows respect towards all family members:                     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

6. Sets a good example to his/her peers
   by being courteous, kind and obedient:                        1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

7. Takes active interest in school:                              1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

8. Takes active interest in all aspects of Adventurers:          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

9. Finishes chores without being excessively prodded:            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

10. Is spiritually reverent and has
   positive Christian attitudes and manners:                     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11. Participates in family, club or personal devotions:          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

12. Is regularly involved in church activities:                  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

                                                                     FOR ADV LEADER ONLY
___________________________________________                    A) Total points circled: _____
                            Signature of Evaluator                                  60
                                                               B) Amount of questions answered: _____
                                                               C) Average (A divided by B): _____
                                 Adventurer of the Year
                                 FOR ADVENTURER LEADER ONLY

Church: ______________________ Candidate's Name: _______________________

Adventurer Leader filling out the Form: _____________________________________
___ Is an active member since the beginning of the current Adventurer year.
___ Was present and on time for 85% of weekly club meetings.
___ Attended 85% local club functions.
___ One of the following completed:
          A. Attended a Conference function (Fun Day).
          B. Will attend “Red Zone”.
___ Has a complete, clean and pressed uniform and wore it when required.
___ Exhibited a positive attitude towards wearing the uniform.
___ Knows the meaning of the Adventurer Pledge & Law.
___ Was (or will be) invested in an Adventurer level completed during the year.
___ Adventurer brought at least one visitor to a Club meeting, church service or other Adventurer
       event during the year (with parental permission).

      Name of Visitor: _________________________________________________

___ List two (2) Adventurer Awards (beyond the awards required for their level study)   completed
during this Adventurer year.

      1. _____________________________ 2. _____________________________

___ Adventurer took part in one Share Your Faith project with the club this year.
___ Please calculate the average of all 3 Evaluation Sheets (must be at least 7.00):

          A.   Average of Evaluation Sheet #1: _____
          B.   Average of Evaluation Sheet #2: _____
          C.   Average of Evaluation Sheet #3: _____
          D.   Total Evaluation Points (add A, B, & C): _____
          E.   Average of all 3 Evaluation Sheets (divide D by 3): _____

___ The candidate was approved by the Club Staff (at a staff meeting) by a SECRET BALLOT
majority vote. This vote was based on the Adventurer’s 3 Evaluation Sheets, and on the personal
observations of the Club Staff.

   _____________________________________                      ________________
        Signature of Adventurer Leader                              Date
          You must send this form to the Conference office by May 1
(this is the only document we need to determine the Adventurer of the Year award winners)
         The Adventurer Parent Pin

     A handsome series of small pins are available for the purpose of recognizing
parents who have demonstrated commitment through regular participation in the
Adventurer club.

     These four pins are crafted of brass and enamel fill in each of the four colors of
the adventurer classes. Parents of busy bees receive a light blue pin, parents of
sunbeams a yellow pin, parents of builders a blue pin, and parents of helping hands
receive a red pin. these pins may be awarded at investiture.

Criteria for receiving a pin is at the Director’s discretion, and may include:
    Regular attendance at Adventurer Club meetings.
    Supporting the Adventurer Club leadership.
    Participation in Adventurer Club functions.
    Child participation and investiture in the Adventurer Club class curriculum.
        Club of the Year/Honorary Club

The Florida Conference Pathfinder Department challenges all Florida Adventurer Clubs to work towards these
awards. They require a club to plan, organize, and execute a complete Adventurer year program.

CLUB OF THE YEAR: Complete all of Section A and Section B.

HONORARY CLUB: Complete all of Section A, and complete all but 2 of the requirements for Section B.


1. You must register your club with the Conference EVERY YEAR by November 1. You will find the
   “Club Registration Form” in this section of the manual.
2. You must have EVERY staff member fill out and sign the “Staff/Volunteer Service Information
    Form”. Make a copy of the front of the form for your club records, and send the ORIGINALS to the
    conference office by November 1. You will find this form in this section of the manual.
3. ANY staff member who will be driving Adventurers during the year must fill out and sign the
   “Volunteer Driver Questionnaire”. Make a copy of this form for your club records, and send the
   ORIGINALS to the conference office by November 1. You will find this form in this section of the
4. Club MUST be working on applicable Levels (Little Lamb, Eager Beaver, Busy Bee, Sunbeam,
    Builder, and Helping Hand).
5. Club must be working on Awards, Chips and Stars (as applicable).
6. Submit your first “Quarterly Report” to the Conference office by November 1.
7. Submit your second “Quarterly Report” to the Conference office by February 1.
8. Submit your third “Quarterly Report” to the Conference office by May 1.


9. At least one Adventurer club staff member must attend Leadership Convention.
10. Plan (with the help of your staff) your first semester club calendar (covering September-December)
    and submit it to the Conference office by November 1. You may elect to send the complete year
11. If the complete calendar was not sent in, submit to the Conference office your second semester
    club calendar (covering January-May) by February 1.
12. At least 60% of your Adventurers and staff must attend a Conference event (Fun Day or Red Zone)
    and be attired in the uniform of the day.
13. At least 60% of your club must participate in a “Share Your Faith” project during the year. Send in
    the “Project Completion Report” by May 1. You will find this form in this section of the manual.
14. Have an Induction Service (could be joint service with Pathfinders). One is not required if there are
    no new members this year.
15. Have an Adventurer Sabbath program (could be joint service with Pathfinders).
16. Have an Investiture Service (could be joint service with Pathfinders).
17. At least one Adventurer club staff member must attend a Conference-level Area Director’s meeting.

Adventurers and their staff – are NOT inspected during an Area Administrators or his/her
delegates, inspection of the Pathfinder Club from that church. Please remember uniforms during
the Adventurer years should not be the focus of the ministry.

Remember the Adventurer Ministry a NOT miniature Pathfinder Ministry. Do not embarrass your
Administrator by asking them for inspections, to critique the Adventurer’s uniforms or ask them to
watch drill performances for you. The Administrator are visiting your Adventurer Club as a guest.
 Rationale for Activities

 Philosophy and Objectives

 Risk Management

 Insurance

 Pathfinder Ministries Department

 PAC Constitution

 Churches by Area
                 Rationale for Activities
                   Conference Level
Article I:Leadership Convention

Section A: Rationale for Leadership Convention
The Pathfinder Leadership Convention is held each year in Florida for all Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Master
Guide workers, especially directors, deputy directors and counselors. This program is designed to inspire and

Section B: Guidelines for Clubs Attending
     1. The attendance at Leadership Convention by at least one club representative is required for
        "Adventurer Club of the Year".
     2. Personnel attending the convention should remember that this is a training course and not a family
        weekend. Club leaders should bring only those persons who will help in the club program during
        the year.
     3. Adventurer directors should register and pay for their convention attendees online
        ( well in advance of arrival to guarantee that their materials will be
        available. Reserving sleeping accommodations will depend on the location of the convention.
     4. Those attending should be encouraged to wear their dress uniform on Sabbath morning and/or
        proper Sabbath attire and casual wear for the balance of the weekend.

Article II: Conference Events
Section A: Fun Days & Super Fun Days
Fun Days & Super Fun Days are held in various parts of Florida and, when prepared for properly, provide
opportunities for the Adventurer to broaden his/her experience in several ways. Conference events can draw on
a far larger source of talent, skills, and knowledge than normally available to the club.
     1. Attendance at a Conference event provides Adventurers with a broadened concept of the Seventh-
         day Adventist Pathfinder/Adventurer movement.
     2. Club leaders and Adventurers have an opportunity to compare the progress of their own club with
         that of other clubs.
     3. Adventurers expand their personal friendships when they meet other young people.
     4. Adventurers are given a chance to demonstrate their special skills and achievements.

Section B: Guidelines
     1. All clubs, new and old, must attend a Fun Day to qualify for "Adventurer Pathfinder Club of the
        Year". (See Adventurer Club of the Year Requirements)
     2. Clubs should arrive early Sunday morning.
     3. Club leaders must supervise and be responsible for their Adventurers at all times. Every Adventurer
        should have a parent with them.
     4. All Adventurers are expected to participate in all events.
     5. Adventurers and club staff should wear their field uniforms during Fun Day, or as specified by
        the Conference Director.
    6. The Florida Conference Adventurer Fun Days are for Little Lambs through Helping Hand (or
        Higher Hand) and staff.

Article III.Area Events and Staff Activities
Section A: Area Events, Staff Activities, and Special Events are planned by area coordinators and staff to
allow clubs in their areas to join in Christian fellowship for short periods of time. It provides area coordinators
with the opportunity to have all clubs involved in activities unique to their local areas of the state. Area events
help clubs minimize the expense of traveling long distances. Area events are open to clubs outside their
specific geographical area. These outside directors are to contact the Florida Conference of their plans to
attend the event. Examples: Beach programs, bike trips, canoe adventures, nature field trips, Sports day.

Section B: Guidelines
       1. Area events and activities may be limited in size and scale. Area coordinators will specify the
          limits of the activity in correspondence to directors under their supervision.
       2. Area events and activities are not financed by the Florida Conference Pathfinder Department.
          Fees may be charged depending upon the extent of the event or activity.
       3. Seventh-day Adventist standards of conduct for area events are similar to those at Conference
          Events (See Conference Events, Article II). It is the responsibility of each club staff member to
          see that these standards are kept.

Article IV:Conference Invitational Events
Section A: Conference Invitational Events are special activities planned by the Florida Conference Pathfinder
Director and Area Coordinators to provide a unique activity for Adventurers. Examples: trips to historical
locations, recreational activities, special study programs in nature, etc.
Section B: Guidelines
       1. The Florida Conference Pathfinder Director or individual assigned by Florida Conference
          Pathfinder Director for the leadership responsibilities is in complete charge of the program and
          arrangements for the activity. He/she will dispense information to club directors well in advance
          of the program.
       2. The Florida Conference Pathfinder Director will establish special rules pertaining to safety of
          Adventurers and staff involved in the event. Adventurer clubs must send proper adult supervision
          with the Adventurers. The Florida Conference Pathfinder Director or event leader cannot assume
          disciplinary responsibilities. This is the responsibility of the adults who must accompany
          participants from the local club.
       3. The costs of invitational events are paid by staff and Adventurers and vary depending on the
       4. Adventurers and staff are responsible for transportation, meals, equipment and accommodations,
                 unless otherwise specified.

Article VI:Red Zone
Section A: Red Zone culminates the year's Pathfinder/Adventurer program. The current Pathfinder/Adventurer
year is not officially over until after this Program.
                         PHILOSOPHY & OBJECTIVES
                                     As found in the NAD Adventurer Manual

Philosophy of the Adventurer Program
        The Adventurer program was created to assist parents in their important responsibilities as a child's
primary teachers and evangelizers. The program aims to strengthen the parent/child relationship and to
further the child's development in spiritual, physical, mental, and social areas. Through the Adventurer
Program, the church, home, and school can work together with the parent to develop a mature, happy child.
        The church's greatest resource is our children; therefore, it is imperative that as a church we meet the
challenge to provide a program for our children during their early, formative years. We want right habits,
thoughts, motives, dispositions, and attitudes to be established. The Wise Man wrote, "Bring up a child in the
way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6 (NIV). This is more than a
cliché-it is a scientific formula.

The Uniqueness of the Adventurer Club
        The Adventurer Club was created to give children an opportunity to belong to an organized peer
group. To join, children are invited to participate in various activities, which will improve their social skills.
From the time children start school until they reach puberty, their need to be with and be accepted by their
peer group is increasingly strong.
       The Adventurer Club involves children in Pre-K to grade 4 and their parents. The programming and
planning for Adventurers should be simple and short, but creative. Parental involvement provides
opportunities for parents to participate in the learning experience.

       One of the Adventurer Club objectives is to provide a meaningful and exciting experience as the
children look forward with anticipation to some day being Pathfinders.

Adventurer Club Membership
        The Adventurer Club is a Seventh-day Adventist Church-sponsored ministry open to all families of
children in Pre-K to grade 4 who agree to keep the Adventurer Pledge and Law. The Adventurer children and
parents are encouraged to attend all designated meetings and functions sponsored by the Adventurer Club.

History of the Adventurer Program
        The Adventurer program was created to assist parents in their important responsibilities as a child's
primary teachers and evangelizers. The program aims to strengthen the parent/child relationship and further
the child's development in spiritual, physical, mental, and social areas. In this way, the church and school can
work together with the parent to develop a mature, happy child.
        In order to help children learn more about the Bible, health, and nature, and to help them develop
their people skills, the General Conference, in 1939, endorsed the idea of the Adventurer classes of Busy
Bee, Sunbeam, Builder, and Helping Hand.
        In 1972 the Washington Conference sponsored a club for children called "Beavers," the forerunner of
Adventurers, under the direction of Carolee Riegel. The Northeastern Conference is reported to have had a
children's club concept program by 1975. By 1980 many conferences were sponsoring a club for children.
        In 1988 the North American Division Church Ministries Department invited interested conferences
and child specialists to study and evaluate the Adventurer Club concept. A committee met in 1989 to update
the Adventurer curriculum, develop Adventurer awards, and write guidelines for the Adventurer Club
       The committee involved children's Sabbath School leaders, educational personnel, conference and
union Children's Ministries coordinators, and child and family specialists. The Adventurer program piloting
process began in 1990 in the NAD.

North American Division Adventurer Mission Statement
       The North American Division Adventurer program serves an intercultural community of children in
Pre-K to
Grade 4 and their parents and caregivers through a holistic ministry.
       The purpose of the program is to support parents and caregivers in leading and encouraging their
children in a growing, joyful love relationship with Jesus Christ.
       It offers instructional curriculum, family enrichment, supplementary resources, and volunteer training
from within the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy.
       The Adventurer program should work to fulfill the gospel commission (Matthew 28: 18-20) and
depends on the support of a congregation strong in mission and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

                                        GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

Why Have an Adventurer Program?
       The Adventurer program is designed to support parents in assisting children with the challenging task
of developing fully as followers of Christ in today's world.

What is the Adventurer curriculum designed to accomplish?
1. Children will, at their own level, commit their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ
2. Children will gain a positive attitude toward the benefits, joys, and responsibilities of living a Christian
3. Children will acquire the habits, skills and knowledge needed to live for Jesus today.
4. Parents and other primary caregivers will become more confident and effective as co-laborers with Christ
for their children.

The Adventurer Club provides fun and creative ways for children to:
1. Develop a Christ-like character
2. Experience the joy and satisfaction of doing things well
3. Express their love for Jesus in a natural way
4. Learn good sportsmanship and strengthen their ability to get along with others
5. Discover their God-given abilities and to know how to use them to benefit self and serve others
6. Improve their understanding of what makes families strong
                                RISK MANAGEMENT
I. Pathfinder Leadership in Risk Management (Applies to ALL ADVENTURER/PATHFINDER DIVISIONS)
        A. Objective
               It is the objective of the Pathfinder directors, counselors, instructors and all other staff to lead out
               in maintaining a consistently safe environment for all club activities and properties.
        B. Standards
               Standards should be set by the director and staff for each situation and adhered to by all club
        C. Educating Policy
               Creative and innovative techniques should be used to promote interest and a positive response
               toward consistency in risk management.

II. Risk Management Practices
         A. Procedural Sources
                 The General Conference Pathfinder Staff Manual is an excellent source for proper procedures in
                 all activities.
         B. Risk Inventories
                 Consideration should be made of all activities where there is an element of definite risk.
         C. Church Standards
                 Activities shall conform to the Christian standards of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Refer to
                 Church Manual).
         D. Insurance Coverage
                 All Pathfinders and staff are covered by an accident insurance policy from the Conference.
                 1. High Risk Activities--Judgment should be used in allowing participation in unauthorized
                       activities, such as:
                       a. Use of aircraft
                       b. Use of trampoline or any other device to propel the body, such as Reuther
                       Board or springboard.
                       c. Skateboarding
                       d. Tree climbing
                       e. Fireworks
                 2. Parental Permission Slip--A parental permission slip shall be obtained from each Pathfinder for
                       all activities.
                 3. Consent for Medical Treatment--A combined parental permission slip and consent for medial
                       treatment may be used.
                    a. This form shall be filled out annually and kept on file at each activity site.
                    b. The consent for treatment form shall only be resorted to when every means to contact
                    parent or guardian has been exhausted.

III. Risk Determinants and Safety Procedures
         A. Levels of Risk
               The level of risk shall be determined by the following factors:
               1. Instructor's qualifications and past experiences
               2. Type of activity
               3. Number of participants in class or activity
               4. Location of activity
               5. Quality of equipment being used
               6. Allotted time for activity
               7. Amount of adult assistance

        B. Supervision and Staff
              1. Staff/Pathfinder Ratio--The following is a guide to use in determining supervision
                   necessary for various activities:
                         High Risk Activity=1 staff to 4 Pathfinders
                         Mild Risk Activity=1 staff to 8 Pathfinders
                         Low Risk Activity=1 staff to 15 Pathfinders
                   Of course, the closer the ratio between staff and Pathfinders the better. For example,
                   high risk would be mountain climbing, mild risk would be camping, low risk would be
                   classroom learning situation.
              2. Qualified Supervision
                   a. Each director and counselor or other staff member should have a specific knowledge of
                   their particular area of endeavor.
                   b. The club may bring in teachers from outside the club when their element of expertise
                   is needed, and at the same time, our Christian standards need to be reviewed with these
                   c. The club should invite adults from the local church to help meet staff ratio standards.
                   d. The background of each Pathfinder director, counselor, teacher and adult supervisor
                   shall be thoroughly checked with the following in mind:
                       1. Morals
                       2. Criminal record of any type
                       3. Reputation
                       4. Christian standards
        C. Vehicles
              1. Only drivers with a known reputation for good driving shall transport Pathfinders.
              2. Vehicles used for transportation of Pathfinders and supplies shall be currently insured by
              3. The number of riders shall not exceed the seating capacity, including motor homes.
              4. Open trucks shall not be used to transport Pathfinders.
              5. The use of trailers and moving vans are prohibited for use in transporting Pathfinders or
              6. Each vehicle shall have adult supervision.
              7. Driver should complete a volunteer driver application.
D. Annual Inspections
      1. Meeting premises
           a. An annual inspection should be conducted by the Pathfinder director for the physical
           conditions of the Pathfinder meeting premises.
           b. Reports of these inspections shall be presented to the church board with corrective
           action noted.
           c. If corrective action is not assumed to insure a safe area, the club director shall notify
           the Florida Conference Pathfinder Department.
      2. Owned Properties--An equipment inventory should be maintained of all equipment,
           materials, substances, vehicles, boats, and chairs.
      3. Documentation on File--Documentation of #1 (Meeting premises) and #2 (Owned
           properties) should be maintained on file at the local club with copies submitted to the
           church board and made part of the board minutes.

E. Equipment Use
       1. Pathfinder equipment may be loaned out with care. It should be understood that the
             borrower will be responsible for any damage.
       2. All Pathfinder equipment should be inspected before and after each use by all parties
       3. It is suggested that a written policy governing use of Pathfinder equipment be written and
             then be approved by the church board so that it becomes an official church policy
             (sample follows).
F. Pathfinder Activities
       1. Camp sites and other activity areas should be thoroughly inspected with the following in
             mind and appropriate action taken:
             a. Fire danger
             b. Flash floods
             c. Land slides
             d. Dead falls (limbs, etc)
             e. Rocks
             f. Sanitation
             g. Night-time security
             h. Temperature conditions
       2. Fire Building
             a. Designated areas for fire building shall be marked.
             b. Fire shall be built at least 12 ft away from tents or combustible materials.
             c. Fires shall serve a specific purpose.
             d. Fires should be built only under the close supervision of qualified staff.
             e. Wood chopping shall be performed only by staff or Pathfinders under close
             supervision of qualified staff.
             f. Power saws shall be operated only by staff over 16 years of age.
             g. A bucket of water and a shovel, and 5# ABC fire extinguisher shall be maintained at
             each campsite.
       3. Swimming
             a. Swimming areas shall be thoroughly inspected for broken glass, swift currents and
             underwater snags.
           b. The swimming areas may be designated by the use of plastic floats and heavy twine or
           other clarified markers.
           c. At least one staff member with a current lifesaving card should serve a primary task of
           lifeguard for approximately every eight people that are swimming, depending on the
           water's turbidity.
      4. Sanitation
           a. Proper food storage procedures shall be adhered to strictly.
           b. The source of fresh water shall be checked thoroughly.
           c. Food handling and preparation shall be carried out with close supervision.
      5. Meals
           a. The standard of serving vegetarian meals shall be adhered to without exception on all
           club activities.
           b. The consuming of caffeine drinks should not be allowed during club functions.

      6. Gas Stoves
           a. Operation shall be carried out only by staff or supervised Pathfinders.
           b. Stove fuel shall be stored away from heat and flames
           c. When used, combustible items should not be stored in tents.
      7. Night Watch
           a. A rotation night watch shall be carried out by only staff, or older Pathfinders with staff.
           b. The night watch shall operate with the following in mind: fire, intruders, animals,
           checking food storage, inclement weather.

G. First Aid
       1. An adequate First Aid Kit shall be available at all times.
       2. Each club should have at least one adult with a current standard First Aid card
             for every 20 members.
       3. An annual course should be presented to the club staff on First Aid.
H. Fidelity Control
       1. A proper accounting shall be made of the collection of Pathfinder dues and other money.
       2. Verification of money count may be made by another counselor with a
             procedure of rotating this assignment.
       3. Proper deposits should be made as soon as possible.
       4. It is recommended that the club treasurer be discouraged from taking funds to his home
             unless there exists no other reasonable alternative.
I. Risk Management Audit and Education
       1.Each year the club is to review with the counselors and membership the vital importance of
             risk management.
       2. Each quarter one hour of club meeting time should be used to review the importance of risk
             management. This could include:
             a. Guest speaker
             b. Safety film
             c. Staff member presenting a safety talk
             d. Fire drills
       3. Methods of education of risk management may include:
                    a. Letters to parents
                    b. Announcements in church bulletins
                    c. Announcements on bulletin boards
                    d. Special meetings
               4. Risk Management practices should be encompassed in the rules of the club and adhered to
                    by all participating in Pathfinder-sponsored activities.
IV. Losses
    A. Emergency Procedures
         Each Pathfinder Club should consider emergency procedures for the following:
         1. Sudden illness                      5. Robbery
         2. Injuries                            6. Bomb threat
         3. Fire                                7. Civil unrest
         4. Flood                               8. Inclement weather
    B. Loss Procedure
         When losses do occur, be courteous and show concern, but at no time make a statement or an
         admission of responsibility or liability.
    C. Reporting Losses
        Any incident with a potential for present or future personal injury, property damage or liability loss
        shall be reported within 24 hours to the Florida Conference Pathfinder Department, or the first
        business day following the weekend.

   D. Loss Review
       The Pathfinder director, working in conjunction with the Conference Pathfinder Department, shall
       review periodically all losses in order to determine the corrective actions which should be taken in
       order to insure that these losses do not occur again.
         Pathfinder Insurance
                 (Applies to all Pathfinder Divisions)

ACCIDENT INSURANCE:                       Risk Management Services is handling the group accident
insurance for the Florida Pathfinder clubs. There is no cost to the Pathfinders or staff for this
coverage. It will cover any accidents occurring on a church or Pathfinder related activity. Make all
inquiries and reports to the Florida Conference treasury department and not directly to the
insurance company. The following page will list in detail coverage, claims reporting and
exclusions. Please read carefully.

INSURANCE: This is a matter of seriousness that must be followed. The driver of any
vehicle transporting Pathfinders to or from a Pathfinder activity, or during one, must be at least 21
years of age with proof of insurance in harmony with state requirements and General Conference
recommendation of $100,000/$300,000 liability. Denominationally owned vehicles must be insured
with Risk Management with liability limits of $1,000,000. Drivers must fill out the Volunteer Driver
Questionnaire (See Director’s Packet).

For more information regarding the church accident plan, contact the Rhonda Harper of the Risk
Management Department at the Conference. (407) 644-5000.
                    INSURANCE ACCIDENT PLAN
The Assistance
If an accident occurs during a denominationally authorized activity, Church Accident
Plan would provide this assistance for these related expenses.

Medical Expenses:
Primary assistance for the first $5,000 of medical expenses for related expenses incurred
within one year after the date of the accident. Optional sickness assistance is only
available for resident camps.

Dismemberment or Death:
Assistance of either $2,500 or $5,000 is provided for resultant loss of one or both eyes,
hands, and/or feet, or loss of life.

Minimize the occurrence of claims by pre-planning and implementing appropriate risk
control guidelines. When an accident occurs, complete the claim form accurately and
promptly. (sample follows).

This brochure is a summary prepared for your convenience. It is not an exact and binding
analysis of the Church Accident Plan contract. Care has been taken in preparing this
summary. However, in the event there is a discrepancy, the Church Accident Plan
contract for the current year will prevail as the sole binding document. A copy of the
contract for the current year is on file at your Conference office.

CAP covers losses resulting from accidents at denominationally authorized activities,
EXCLUDING those losses:
1.   Resulting from air travel, except as a fare paying passenger on a scheduled
    commercial airline.
2.  Resulting from the ownership, maintenance, operation, use, loading or unloading of
    any motorized vehicle while engaged in the practice, preparation, or conduct of any
    form of racing, speed or demolition contest, or in any stunt activities.
3.  Incurred while under the influence of drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, amphetamines,
    intoxicants, or other mind altering or controlled substances - this exclusion shall not
    apply to an individual’s proper use of medications, legally prescribed for their use.
4.  Resulting from or relevant to war, whether or not declared, civil war, insurrection,
    rebellion, revolution, riot or civil commotion.
5.    Occurring in the course of employment, or where there are any benefits payable or
      required to be provided to any person under any form of workers’ compensation,
      unemployment compensation or disability law or under any similar law.
6.    Requiring dental services other than on natural teeth, when assistance will be limited
      to no more than $350 per tooth.
7.    Resulting from practice or play of any non-denominational league sports, or for travel
      to and from such contests or practices.
8.    Resulting from an intentional self-inflicted injury including suicide or attempted
      suicide, while sane or insane.
9.    Requiring eye examinations, furnishing, fitting or replacement of eye glasses or
      contact lenses, except as a result of sudden and accidental injury to the eye(s).
10.   Of the aggressor resulting from any altercation, including but not limited to fist fights, or wrestling
11.   Resulting from infections, except for infections which occur with or through an
      accidental cut or wound.
12.   Resulting from hazardous activities like bungee jumping, fireworks, gymnastic
      rebounding equipment, skate-boarding, climbing walls and repelling, operating any
      dune buggy, go-cart, two,
      three, or four-wheeled motorized all-terrain vehicle, or any other similar vehicle.
13.   Requiring the treatment or repair of a hernia of any kind.
14.   Caused by the aggravation of a pre-existing injury or chronic condition under
      continuing treatment at the time of the accident.
15.   Incurred by enrolled students on school premises or engaged in authorized school
16.   Resulting from attending either a church or school sponsored day care center, after
      school care or nursery school program.
17.   Resulting from participation in a construction or building maintenance project or
18.   Resulting from participation in a building maintenance or clean-up project or activity
      covered by a volunteer labor policy.
19.   Resulting from sickness of any kind, unless specific optional coverage has been
      added to your CAP for resident camp programs.
20.   Resulting from accident or sickness related to a Division-wide Pathfinder Camporee.
21.   Resulting from an activity and related travel outside Bermuda, Canada, Mexico,
      Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Other Financing Solutions
There are other risk financing solutions available for exclusions and those activities not
covered by CAP. Adventist Risk Management, Inc. can help you find or design those
solutions. Contact our nearest office for assistance.

Risk Identified
In the process of its ministry, the Seventh-day Adventist church authorizes a variety of
activities. Conferences, churches, community service centers, and other denominational
organizations engage in these activities to accomplish the mission of the church.
Accidents do happen, even in well-planned activities with good objectives. The financial
impact of these accidents can be significant.

Risk Control
Pre-plan your church activity carefully. Implement appropriate control measures to
minimize the likelihood of an accident. Risk control guidance is available from Adventist
Risk Management, Inc. Secure adequate financing for the losses that will occur, because
accidents do happen!
       Risk Financing Solution - The Church Accident Plan (CAP)

The Church Accident Plan (CAP) is a no-fault financing solution designed to provide some
financial assistance for medical, dismemberment, and death expenses resulting from an
authorized activity.

Typical Covered Activities
These are examples of denominational organizations and their activities typically covered
by CAP, if the authorized activities occur in Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, or the
United States.
     Sabbath School
     Community Services
     Youth group
     Vacation Bible School
     Pathfinder Club
     Snow skiing and Snowmobiling
     Water skiing and Jet-skiing
     Events on and off premises
     Summer Camp - day or resident
     Conference and Union Pathfinder Camporee
     Conference youth rallies
     Miscellaneous conference trips
RETURN COMPLETED FORM                               Adventist Risk Management Inc                              To be used for Church
WITH ANY BILLS TO:                                   STATEMENT OF LOSS                                         Pathfinders, or Day
Florida Conference of SDA
              Name                                  Liability (Non-Automobile)
                                                                          Bus. Phone                           Camp Claims
                                                                                                                  Res. Phone
655 N. Wymore Road
  INSURED                                           (To Be Completed By Insured’s Representative)
Winter Park, FL 32789-1715                                                                                     Division ______________
                  Location of Insured Premises           ( ) Same as above

                  Date & Time of Accident
                                              ( ) A.M.            ( ) P.M.
TIME & PLACE      Location

     (3)          Name                                                                        Age
   PERSON         Address                                                                     Bus. Phone                    Res. Phone

                  Occupation                                                                  Relationship to Insured

                  Employed By

                  What Was Injured Doing When Hurt?

                  Nature & Extent of Injury
 THE INJURY       Where Was Injured Taken After Accident?                                             Name of Doctor

                  Why Was Injured on Premises?

                  Probable Disability                                                    Has Injured Resumed Work?
                                                                                         ( ) Yes          ( ) No
                  Owner                                        Address                   Bus. Phone                Res. Phone
 PROPERTY         List Damage                                                            Estimated Cost of Repair
                  Name                                        Address                    Bus. Phone                     Res. Phone

 Description of

                  Date, Location & Badge No. or Name of Police Authority to Whom Accident Was Reported
___________             ____________________________              __________________
Date of Signing         Signature of Insured’s Representative     Title
IO 229 3/8

                      PAC Constitution                                       (Excerpt)

Article II:       Statement of History and Purpose

Section A:           Authority - The existence of the Florida Pathfinder Advisory Committee is the
                     direct result of the Florida Pathfinder council system that was approved by the
                     Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Executive committee as recorded
                     in Florida Conference Executive Committee minutes 73-122. In 1973 it was then
                     voted to sponsor and support a Pathfinder council made up of Seventh-day
                     Adventist Pathfinder leaders with many years experience working with Pathfinder
                     youth. The Florida Pathfinder Council, in legal session, voted in June of 1994 to
                     proceed with the concept of the Administrative Committee. This was done for
                     many reasons; chief among them was to better manage the rapidly growing
                     Florida Pathfinder program. In December of 2000, the Executive Committee of the
                     Florida Conference voted the Pathfinder Advisory Committee as a subcommittee
                     of the Executive Committee with members serving a three year term and elected
                     by the first Executive Committee following the triennial constituency meeting.

Section B:           History - The first meeting of the Florida Pathfinder Executive Council was called
                     by Elder Norm Middag, Florida Conference M.V. Leader. It was held at Camp
                     Kulaqua during the month of July in the year 1973. At that time the 12 new
                     members drew lots for one, two and three year terms of service, thus beginning
                     the process of membership. The council also chose a chairman and secretary. In
                     later legislation they added a vice-chairman to take the position of the chairman
                     when the latter's duty was complete. The chairman's role was limited to one year.
                     That first July, the Council then drafted a Constitution to be later presented to the
                     Florida Conference of SDA for their executive approval. In July 1976, the Council
                     approved and voted the Florida Pathfinder Handbook as a guide for directors and
                     Pathfinder leaders.

                  1. In 1980, a Pathfinder Area Coordinator system was added to the Florida
                     Pathfinder program. Five volunteer area coordinators were appointed to serve as
                     field workers for the Pathfinder clubs. Their duties were to help form new clubs,
                     coordinate activities of existing clubs and provide assistance to local pastors and
                     leaders. Coordinators visit the clubs in their areas enough to become familiar with
                     local club programs.
Article II:   Statement of History and Purpose (continued)

              2. In recent years the value of a Pathfinder Council to the Pathfinder work has been
                 proven many times over. Other than its value as an advisory body to the Florida
                 Pathfinder Director, council members have formed clubs throughout this state.
                 This spirit of unity has spread over the borders of the Florida Conference into
                 other conferences. It has helped provide the continuing leadership for our
                 expanded mission program.

              3. In 1990, the Florida Pathfinder Council voted to authorize the existence of an
                 Administrative Committee which was to consist of area and program coordinators,
                 council chairperson, associate lay director, finance chairperson and the
                 Conference director who would also chair the committee. This committee only had
                 the power to refer items to the council, not to vote in policies.

              4. In 1994 the Florida Pathfinder Council voted, in session, that because of the
                 tremendous growth and accelerated integrating of various ethnic and cultural
                 groups, to implement the Pathfinder Administrative Committee as the governing
                 body of the Pathfinder Club program in the Florida Conference. The Council felt it
                 was also necessary to put more emphasis on the area councils and less
                 emphasis on top level management. Through the years the Florida Council has
                 served gallantly the Florida Pathfinder Club programs. The Council felt there
                 should be at least four area councils to implement this program. The Conference
                 Pathfinder director is to attend at least one area council meeting in each area per
                 year and more if feasible.

              5. In December of 2000, the Florida Conference Executive Committee, in order to
                 give the Pathfinder Advisory Committee credence, voted to reorganize PAC and
                 elect the members at the first Exec Committee following the Triennial session.
                 Members would be elected on position, function and area responsibilities. The
                 Executive Committee also appointed the Executive Secretary of the Florida
                 Conference as the Chairperson for the committee. PAC will operate as a
                 subcommittee of the Florida Conference Executive Committee and follow the
                 guidelines of the Florida Conference bylaws and constitution. PAC will also abide
                 by Robert’s Rules of Law. The area councils meeting twice a year will continue.

Central                  Orlando Central Korean   Jasper Spanish-           North West
Palm Coast Portuguese    Plymouth-Sorrento-       Company                   Crawfordville
Palm coast               Company                  Jennings Lake             Madison
St. Augustine            Seminole Meadows         Lake City                 Perry
                         Winter Springs           Lake City Spanish         Tallahassee
                         Winter Springs Spanish   Live Oak Company          Tallahassee Spanish-
Central East                                      Starke                    Company
East Orlando Spanish-
                         Central                                            South Central
Florida Hospital         Volusia/Flagler                                    Ambassador
Kress Memorial           Daytona Beach                                      Beth Tehillah Vetikva-
Orlando Spanish          Debary-Orange City                                 Messianic Cong
South Orlando            DeLand                                             Brazilian Temple
South Orlando Spanish    Deltona                                            Coral Springs Worship-
University               Deltona Spanish                                    Center
Vineyard Company         New Smyrna Beach                                   Covenant
Winter Park Spanish      Orange Cove                                        Eliathah
                                                                            Fort Lauderdale
                                                  North Coast               Fort Lauderdale
Central                  Central West             Interlachen               Spanish
Osceola/Polk             Orange/Lake              Palatka                   Hollywood Company
Buenaventura Lakes       Bethel L’Eglise                                    Hollywood Spanish
Spanish                  Haitenne
Celebration Health-                               North East                Lauderhill
                         Emmanuel Company                                   Macedonia French-
Company                  Orlando Brazilian        Jacksonville First
Haines City Spanish-                              Jacksonville Korean-      Company
                         Orlando Central                                    Margate
Company                  Orlando Filipino         Company
Harmony Spanish-                                  Jacksonville Mandarin     Margate Spanish
                         Orlando Vietnamese                                 Pem Mar
Company                  Pine Hills               Jacksonville Southpoint
Kissimmee                                         Jacksonville Spanish      Plantation
                         Sheeler Oaks Spanish                               Pompano Beach
Kissimmee Spanish        Silver Star Spanish      Renacer Spanish-
Mt. Zion                                          Company                   Royal Palm
                         Windermere                                         Shekinah French-
Poinciana Spanish
Shuler Memorial                                   North South               Company
                         EAST                                               Sunrise
                         Cocoa                    Advent Hope Company
Central Seminole         Melbourne                Belleview
Altamonte Springs        Melbourne Spanish        Clermont                  South North
Apopka French Haitian-   Palm Bay                 Dunnellon Company         Auditorium de la Bible-
Company                  South Brevard            Lady Lake                 Company
Apopka                   Titusville               Leesburg                  Beth Tehillah Vetikva-
Apopka Spanish           Vero Beach Spanish       Marion Oaks Spanish       Messianic Cong
Forest City Spanish                               Mount Dora                Boynton Beach
Forest Lake                                       North Lake                Brazilian Chapel
Lake Mary Spanish-
                         North Central            Ocala                     Communities West
Company                  Cross City               Silver Springs Shores     Fort Meade
Longwood Spanish-        Gainesville              The Net                   Fort Pierce
Company                  Gainesville Spanish      Umatilla                  Gethsemane Company
Markham Woods            High Springs                                       Indiantown Spanish
Jupiter- Tequesta         Northwest Miami-         Fort Myers Spanish
Lake Worth- Lantana       Spanish                  Lehigh Acres
Lake Worth Spanish        Opa Locka Spanish        Naples
Midport Road              Romanian Adventist-      Naples Spanish
Northwood Spanish-        Temple Company           North Port
Company                   Shiloh                   Sarasota
Palm Springs              South Dade Spanish       Venice Nokomis
South Palm Company        Temple of the Advent –
Temple Adventiste de -    Hope                     West
West Palm Beach –         West Dade Spanish        Beth-El Shalom- NPR
Company                   Westchester Spanish      Beth-El Shalom- St.
Temple Ariel Messianic-                            Petersburg
Congregation              West                     Bradenton
Treasure Coast Spanish    All Nations              Bushnell
Victory Company           Brandon                  Clearwater
West Palm Beach First     Brandon Spanish          Clearwater Spanish-
West Palm Beach –         Brooksville              Company
Spanish                   Carrollwood              East Pasco
                          Hernando                 Lakeland
South South               Homosassa                New Port Richey
Advent Praise &-          Inverness                Palm Harbor Company
Worship Company           Lakeview                 Palmetto
Antioch French            Pinellas Spanish         Riverview
Bradmore Spanish          Plant City               Spring Hill
Carol City Spanish        Plant City Spanish-      Spring Hill Spanish
Ebenezer Spanish          Company                  Wimauma Spanish
Eden                      St. Petersburg           Winter Haven
Hialeah Spanish           Tampa First
Hialeah Springs –         Tampa Spanish            West North
Spanish                   Wesley Chapel            North Tampa Spanish-
Homestead                                          Company
Homestead Spanish         West                     Palmetto-Tampa-
Kendall                   Avon Park                Spanish
Kendall Spanish           Avon Park Spanish        Tampa Korean
Key Largo                 Gosen Haitian-
Key West                  Company
Maranatha                 Lake Placid
Marathon                  Lake Wales
Miami Beach First-        Okeechobee               This word document was
Spanish                   Port Charlotte             downloaded from the
Miami Central Brazilian   Punta Gorda                       website:
Miami Central Spanish     Sebring                  http://www.wordwendan
Miami Korean Company      Sebring Spanish, please remain
Miami Springs             Wauchula                   this link information
                          Wauchula Spanish           when you reproduce ,
South South               West                           copy, or use it.
Con’d                     Arcadia                         <a
Miami Springs Spanish-    Bethesda Corkscrew-      href='http://w
Company                   Company
Miami Temple              Bethesda French-
                          Company                   .com/en'>word
Morija French Company
New Community             Bonita Springs            documents</a>
Norland                   Elim French Haitian
North Miami Beach         Englewood
North Miami               Fort Myers
Northwest Dade            Fort Myers Shores

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