Chapter 9 Section 2 by juanagao


									Chapter 10, Section 2

  Review Notes For Quiz
    Chapter 10 Section 2 Notes
II.Protest, Resistance, Violence
   A.Fugitive Slave and the Underground
       1.Fugitive Slave Act and Personal
         Liberty Laws
       2.Underground Railroad-Harriet
       3.Harriet Beecher Stowe-Uncle Tom’ Cabin
B.Tension in Kansas and Nebraska
     1.1854-Stephen Douglas-proposed
       splitting the Nebraska Territory.
          b.reaction to the proposal
     2.The Kansas-Nebraska Act
C.”Bleeding Kansas”
   1.Proslavery and antislavery people
     rushed into Kansas
   2.John Brown
   4.Summer-Violence in the Senate
Underground Railroad
Fugitive Slave Act
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Stephen Douglas
Bleeding Kansas
John Brown
1.   How had the Missouri Compromise proposed to limit
2.   How did the Kansas- Nebraska Act propose to deal with
     the issue of slavery?
3.   Why did Douglas believe that popular sovereignty would
     solve the problem of slavery in the Nebraska Territory?
4.   Why did popular sovereignty, in fact, lead to “Bleeding
     Kansas,” instead of settling the issue of slavery in the
     Nebraska Territory?
5.   Who was one of the most prominent conductors on the
     Underground Railroad?
6.   What did the novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” attack?
7.   Who was the main force behind the Kansas- Nebraska
8.   What would the Kansas- Nebraska Act repeal?
9.   Who did Preston Brooks attack? Why?
      Character Development
What does the expression "walk your talk"
 mean? Do you know people who walk
 their talk? What do you think of them?
 Do you know people who don’t walk
 their talk? What do you think of them?
 How do you feel when you hear people
 say one thing and do another?

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