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									 Filing Instructions for Forms For Small Business Entities (April 2008)

                     by Clifford Ennico

Enclosed is the spring 2008 supplement of Forms For Small Business

Filing Instructions

1. Turn to the SUPPLEMENT tab.
Title page through page 138.             Title page through page 223.

The Spring 2008 Update of Forms for Small Business Entities
contains new commentary and forms that will prove to be invaluable
to busy practitioners. Author Cliff Ennico (www.cliffennico.com) is a
nationally recognized expert on the legal problems facing small
companies. In addition to practicing law, Mr. Ennico writes the
nationally syndicated newspaper column “Succeeding in Your
Business” (www.creators.com), and is the Legal Editor of the Small
Business Television Network (www.sbtv.com).

New checklists include:
•     Advice and directions on how to deal with clients who want to
      form nonprofit organizations but wish to save money by doing
      as much of the document preparation themselves [§14:1.50];
•     A checklist of things counsel should pay attention to when
      reviewing a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) on behalf
      of a client who wishes to buy a franchise [§24:2.50].

New forms include:
•      Associate’s Agreement between purchaser of franchised
       business and the selling franchisee [§19:28];
•      Escrow Letter by which attorney representing seller in asset
       sale transaction agrees to pay off certain indebtedness of seller
       before disbursing closing proceeds to client [§19:29];
•      “No Jerkaround” clause for Employment Agreement giving
       employee right to terminate employment relationship and

        receive benefits in situations where there is reason to believe
        employer is engaging in “constructive termination” activities
•       agreement between small business and artist regarding
        company’s use of artist’s artwork as company logo [§23:25];
•       Franchise Assignment and Consent Agreement [§24:7];
•       License of Food Recipe [§25:12];
•       agreement between software developer and small business
        providing for assignment of developer’s rights to software
        product [§26:28];
•       Terms and Conditions of Use for “social networking”
        Website targeting adult users [§26:29] and minors[§26:30];
•       Privacy Policy for “social networking” Website [§26:31];
•       Termination Clause for shopping center lease where tenant’s
        gross sales fall below certain specified minimum level
•       A “Percentage Rent” Clause for shopping center lease
•       A Food Court Addendum for shopping mall lease [§27:26];
•       An Optional Renewal Clause for shopping center lease
•       Purchase Option and Right of First Renewal clauses for
        lease of retail space in standalone building [§27:28]; and
•       Engagement Letter for attorney or law firm providing
        entertainment law services to film or television industry client

         Thank you for your subscription to Forms for Small Business
Entities. Should you have any questions concerning this update or the
publication, please call us toll-free at 1-800-328-4880 for assistance. If
you would like more information on other West publications, please
call us at 1-800-344-5009, or visit our website at

                                   610 Opperman Drive
                                   Eagan, MN 55123

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