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									                  IRA Award of Excellence Frequently Asked Questions

What changes were made this year to the 2012– 2013 Award of Excellence?

1.   State and provincial councils are being asked to reflect on accomplishments from the previous fiscal year (July
     1 – June 30), rather than half of the previous council year and half of the current council year (February 1 –
     February 1).
2.   Award of Excellence applications are due on or before February 1.
3.   Councils only need to provide a brief summary of programs, projects, and activities to support each required
     and optional criteria. It is not necessary to scan newsletters, checks, or documents.
4.   Revisions were made to the required/optional criteria and additional examples provided to clarify expectations.

What span of time is considered a council fiscal year? Why is this year important to the Award of Excellence

IRA, as well as most councils, function on a fiscal year, from July 1 - June 30. New officers are often initiated in
the spring, begin their official term on July 1, and prepare to file taxes for the previous year by the November
deadline. The goal is to align the award process with this fiscal year cycle, rather than spanning half of one year
and half of another. Councils will reflect on completed programs, projects, and activities within the previous fiscal
year and have time to organize documentation before the submission date.

What is the deadline to apply for Award of Excellence this year?

It is necessary for completed electronic award applications to be submitted no later than February 1, 2012. This is
due to the change in the IRA Convention dates and in an effort to ensure that award winners are given ample
notification time. The LDAs and IRA HQ staff will be working diligently to execute a high-quality awards program
that properly recognizes the accomplishments of our councils and their leaders.

Are councils being recognized for their accomplishments from the previous year, as well as any additional
criteria met since last year’s submission deadline?

Councils may use documentation from the July 2011- June 2012 council year, including activities that may have
been submitted previously. Additional documentation occurring in the fall of 2012 may also be used to meet the
criteria for achieving the Award of Excellence if needed.

If a council achieved Award of Excellence status last year, will they need to resubmit the same documentation
from last year? What criteria must be updated and submitted this year in order to be eligible for Award of

Councils that achieved Award of Excellence last year do not need to resubmit documentation, as IRA Headquarters
can access that information. Councils will need to complete the online application and meet the following
expectations to earn Award of Excellence this year:

        10 IRA Members
        1 New IRA Member
        Submission of Officer Report Form for 2012 -13

AOE, 10/02/2012
In the Award of Excellence criteria it states that the Officer Report Form must be submitted to IRA
Headquarters by June 30, 2012. Does that mean that a council is ineligible if they have not submitted officers
by this date?

IRA is making a one-time concession, as long as the council submits a completed Officer Report Form by October
31, they are still eligible to earn Award of Excellence this year. The online reporting form will be removed from the
IRA website on November 1, thus any council that has not turned in Officers for the 2012-13 year at that point will
be ineligible for Award of Excellence.

How will this shift support state and provincial councils that did not achieve Award of Excellence last year?

If a Council did not apply for or achieve Award of Excellence last year, they still have a chance to continue to strive
for the award this year. They have the opportunity to include progress from last year along with the new
accomplishments this year to meet the required/optional criteria. Any council activities scheduled through January
31, 2012 may be used to fulfill criteria.

What is the required IRA membership increase from July 1, 2011- June 30, 2012 for councils to be considered
for the Award of Excellence?

The membership requirement indicates that the council must increase new IRA members. As long as the council has
recruited at least one new IRA member, they would meet this requirement. If a council did not meet this requirement
last year, but has added at least one new IRA member between July 1 and January 31, 2012 that is acceptable for
meeting the criteria this year.

What do we need to know about the online submission form available on the IRA website by October 1?

The online submission form is very similar to the one used last year. It is strongly recommended that a login account
be established so that the process can be finished in phases and accessed again at a later time. Please remember,
the entire form must be complete prior to submitting to IRA Headquarters. Applications are due by February 1,
2013. Please contact or 1-800-336-7323 if you have any questions about award eligibility or
the online application process.

AOE, 10/02/2012

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