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									Beauty with elegance – diamond pendant in gold

Pendant is the most popular piece of jewelry. The word pendant has come
from the Latin word 'pendere' which means to hang. This is the most
preferred accessory and most salable and wearable one.

There are many different types of pendants available in the market but
most favorite one by the female is an initial diamond pendant. Every
woman love to have it. It is rich, beautiful and the luminous of diamond is
very hard to resist from buying it. Diamonds are best friends for woman and
it is very much seen while they fall in love with the initial diamond
pendant. These pendants are being considered as a life long jewelry.

Diamonds do not have any effect of stock exchanges and that is the reason
that there is no fall in the price of the diamonds. Economy of any single
country do not hold any power over the prices of diamonds. That is why the
price of diamonds are similar across the globe. This makes it a real good
investment option. The diamond pendant becomes a classic piece of
jewelry and one can pass on to the younger generation. The value of
diamond always increases and who does not love to add on the beautiful
jewelry as a wealth.

These pendants are available in different metals like gold, silver, platinum
and white gold. These are available in the various designs also. 14K gold
initial pendants are the most preferred ones who wants to buy the classic
piece of jewelry with the combination of gold and diamond. 14K gold initial
pendants are also available in the variety of designs in yellow gold. Mainly
people who want to buy it as an investment also prefer to buy in the yellow
gold. White gold also has its own richness and mainly preferred in the
modern design.

Few fusion designs have classic combination of white gold, yellow gold and
diamonds. These types of diamond pendants are available in plenty of
designs like round shape, square shape, in natural motifs like leaf shape, in
the shape of animals or the designs of the zodiac signs. One different style
of design is with religious motifs and spiritual symbols. These are also very
popular type of diamond pendants. No matter what type of diamond
pendant is but it is always a style statement for the wearer. Anyone can
flaunt the style and attitude of richness with the brightness of diamonds.

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